Former President gives first on-air interview... to Prince Harry

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 28th

Guest: Fox News Correspondent Rachel Sutherland


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk and what their station. Depends dogs. Good morning at 7 o'clock this is the case and assist sporting news was even dead I received Macintosh. Winter has arrived in sports across the united states of greed got this story we'll have wounded after firing at Wichita police officers during a pursuit has been identified. I'm battlefield. Shots fired during a robbery in south Wichita I'm it would reward those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday who looks like today and tomorrow may be or warmest days of the week but not for long because some of the coldest air we've had a long time arrives for the last couple days of the year our forecast is coming up. A suspect is hospitalized but expected to survive after being shot in the jaw by Wichita police. Stephanie police chief Troy Livingston says a man shot and officers responding to disturbance call. And a business on Wednesday. Which helps these harsh returned fire the suspect and we later learn the suspect was shot once in the lower jaw. Officers were not struck by the gunfire in the man took often stolen vehicle. Police say he shot at another officer during the chase and swerved the car at an officer to point stop sticks. The chase ended with a crash and the suspect apprehended he was hospitalized in fair but stable condition. The suspect was identified as he lies are marked as a known felon with a criminal history a woman who was with Martinez who is also in custody. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. An armed robbery was shots fired in south Wichita police officer Paul cruise. Does it happened early yesterday at the quick and easy washoe Matt and Perry and hydraulic. Unknown suspects armed with handguns in through the laundry mat and demanded money from the employees. How many was given to the suspects and as both suspects were leaving the business. The armed security guard began to fires weapon. At the suspects were far back as they fled this. The scene the two. Two suspects a woman and a man were dressed in all black clothing the man was wearing overalls. Early Wednesday emergency personnel were called to a fire and each switch atop the east of Douglas and green which local norms. Do you save lives our crews are dispatched who reported house fire. So 111700. East Waterman. First arriving crews found heavy fire smoke shorn from the front of the structure there homeowners were all evacuated. They were alerted by working smoke alarms that is what's save their lives. I lieutenant Jose -- he says one victim who got out was treated for smoke inhalation then released from a hospital fire. Caused by combustible material their an unattended space heater. Most of the northern half of the US going to be dealing with some brutal cold for the next few days National Weather Service meteorologist mark should art. I'm very cold weather's gonna continue pretty much stretching from Montana Wyoming all the way across the rest of the central and northern part of the country so across the plains midwest. And it bit north northeast and say well below normal. I'm a history of the week. Erie Pennsylvania digging out from under record breaking snowstorm which song more than five feet. Of snow a power outage at Disneyland left people stranded on rides. Disneyland is not happy is placed on earth today and people are getting on social media it's complained. During holiday weeks it's usually busier than Erin Wednesday was no exception the park was packed. A power outage impacted rides mostly in tune town and fantasyland. Officials blamed problems on a resort transformer. And by mid afternoon said they weren't accepting new guests. Twitter lit up a one person posted a picture of the crowd and said this is horrible I don't wanna be here anymore. Others asked for refunds my favorites or even with all of the overcrowding and there is still no line for the men's bathroom. And another post in all caps that read it why you playing with my emotions Disneyland. Desk at Rosenthal Fox News. Kansas senator Jerry Moran explained his vote for the tax cut bill signed by president Donald Trump in an interview this week. I've been down that path of trying to balance the budget by reducing expenditures. And having conversations about increasing revenues there's been no will to do that and it seemed to be the only way now that. Being possible. Improve by the physical condition the country is to have a growing economy. Take it SS news I'm now 7044. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Under hockey action last night on the road. And the better bowl games are on the way we'll talk about it all coming up in sports few minutes Americans choose their most admired men and women. Stephen did not on the list but it may surprise you that story coming up on McCain is as boring his feet dead. Applicator is this morning news Pristina dead. Now 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock here on a Thursday morning. A new report from the Kansas department of health and environment is raising concerns about the mortality rate for African American babies in the state. The report found that the overall infant mortality rate of five point nine per 1000 live births in 2016. Was unchanged from the year before but. The Lawrence journal world reports the death rate for African American babies was fifteen point two per 1000 live births. President trump spent some time thinking first responders in Florida. President trumpet his first public appearance since Christmas even visited first responders the West Palm Beach fire and rescue squad. They are the president touted his first year office is reversal of an Obama administration rule against police departments using older military equipment. Growing stock valuations reduce regulations and the recently signed tax law. He also celebrated opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for oil drilling. And the elimination of the obamacare individual mandate both items are in the tax law the president just signed. The president began the day as he spent yesterday at trump international golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida rich Edson Fox News. A quarter of Americans cannot name a man or woman they had minor. But those who do voted on the Tony seventeen winners Donald Trump wins the presidency but Barack Obama retains that title. America's most admired man thanks so probably Gallup organization's poll shows Obama's numbers down this year but he beat president charmed by three percentage points that's how we roll and the most admired woman. After a few weeks taking self fees in the woods I thought it would be. Now Hillary Clinton whose shoulders out Michelle Obama followed by Oprah senator Elizabeth Warren and Angela Merkel. Rounding out the most admired men in the Pope the reverend Billy Graham Senator John McCain and it too. Well SpaceX founder Elon Musk must even eclipse is Bernie Sanders. Threes. This has used time now 71010 minutes past 7 o'clock or Stephen dead and we did have that traffic incidents. Out there that was that a hairy. West of all of her. Car vs bicycle traffic accident watch real slow down their traffic update from Kate and SS radio I'm Janet chambers and now the kiss and storm tracker street forecasts. With Kansas and. A meteorologist. 80 western good morning case any good morning it's you don't want to and I know this but it's cold out there today. That's all I don't edit it. Ares and now which at apple which don't agree you go to all the compared to yesterday that what are we looking at for the rest of the day and tonight. A yet definitely yet like that all the disparity yesterday because yesterday we topped off at 22 degrees but they're already warrant and that. At this morning so where to start off a little bit about it the way we're yesterday or just keep climbing out at 38 degrees in which a cavity back up closer to normal this atmosphere. A lot of that China cannot adapter into used to that'll help make it feel illegally. And then tomorrow printed more of the same tomorrow but today and the other shoe drops right. He's a we can't let it I don't. Looking forward to it it can be brutal heat up this week with called just what they did for the week get you look at that high temperatures in the single digit low temperatures drop below. Bureau just in time for the new year. Well no thank you for that cheer for him. Aka. I noticed there I saw you on TV this morning and those who had your buttons in your in your great big floppy and honesty who's in Europe and gold right. Yeah exactly and aptly everywhere and it is millions based they have a space heater that studio or not Al I've got cute that arrests are your house. Don't you Larry operated back here but he dieters are ultra. Sound like you're a little bit of a wimp there in an Atlanta you know maybe a little if I. Katie thank you again a sandstorm practically forecast of Kansas today meteorologist. Katie westerners this morning again now partly cloudy and 21 degrees and the south wood to ten miles per hour giving us a windshield of ten. Witches and not normally anybody's standards medical Wednesday across Kansas which does high temperature yesterday 22 is keys and a normal life the date. 42. So yesterday we were only forty degrees below normal this time a year not. 713 now Stephen Ted in depth president former President Obama. Gave the broadcast interview yesterday. For the first time since he left office with prince Harry of Great Britain. Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland with us this morning good morning Rachel. What does this all about really ugly buddy yourself than. I believe and I believe that their friends in real life and it sat down president really the first interview that our president given the DMX. President. And it would be at a at a cool that he gave that the person you need to radio. Right TV and radio floor that's what we like rate. It was like we like to meet that end it on the pictures of effort grateful they're in there a couple black parents like of people tale. And they talked about a variety of issues slipping it's been hitting it. Headline that President Obama talking about the uses social media and leaders to be careful I didn't. Typically can't present at this tweeting he got the impression that's what he's talking about. Now the number I would imagine you build with those who it was pretty wide ranging they're probably a lot of different topics they talked about like you say media we're gonna seized on that want the but in Detroit talk about a lot of interest in things. They can't they talked about the day that president trumpet inaugurated shore in our. Barack Obama and mrs. Obama they were there in attendance that day and he without him how to deal. And he said he was worried about the direction of the country that this same time. He felt much more much more serenity and he expected to feel and tell you got that pressure that date Q he did mean to be lighter. But the way to the world off the official there's been president trot it'd take that weight on his shoulders. On inauguration day. One on the pastor of there have been when they do that transition added seizing on that in inauguration there are times when. Did to get incoming in the outgoing president don't have a lot to speed of each other thing about. Hoover Roosevelt and Kennedy Eisenhower there's a little frost between them but it seemed like yeah these two. Men were they were Eddie's with the each other that day. Pretty to acting at that Everett as they transition even though it could have been. Really contentious but he's back at and it's it was a pretty good news ago. And and then next in Rachel the next controversy I understand is who's going to be invited to prince Harry's wedding learning experience I'm sure that Obama is going to be but. You know you attend politically diplomatically could be a pretty tough thing if if if the president president drops invited. Time now while right now prepare it ain't pretty. All about technical issues that he's not saying much about it and not. I I don't know I don't happy and inside knowledge about that the but ever been lacking the book be in and most watched part that comes to motorcade to the apparently invited. You know you're not a FaceBook buddy with the with the with the Prince Harry and put. What are you okay Rachel I think three times when we appreciate it. Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland talking about the former President Obama doing a radio interview. With prince hairy she's right. We like to that it was on radio GAAP net. It says 716 now Steven and Ted four days left in 27 team. Wow what a year this has been we were just. A minute ago few minutes he'll talk with Tom left or left the commodities who desired commodity break every morning. And why I asked him point likes what Tenet years when he seventeen been for you and he said very good. He's been you know I haven't had a good year and I would have say they'll just looking back. On the each year that does Stephen Ted we've had a good year. Dead meat at a pretty dear and radio I'm no war of the Marconi award this year and saying some recognition on our what 5000 radio Sharia or marked our 5000 show. I anyway today's show is 50635063. M is counting and counting and here we ego. I 717 now Stephen said it is sports that would Ted Woodward and this is the season we used to have football bowl games. On New Year's Day now we got to although we still do yeah we do when we got the debt yeah all the earth 39 days ago about four bit bold gaze down a bit. There are 39 college football bowl game this year while most of them so far have been. However. Look like we're finally starting to get to some games with teams that are ranked. Teams that are pretty good in fact we have a couple of top fifteen teams going at it tonight. It down in San Antonio in the Valero Alamo Bowl a number fifteen at TCU are taking on number thirteen Stanford. TCU is favored by a field goal with a record ten in three Stanford with a record of nine and for a in fact they're four bowl games today three of them featuring rank vs ranked team. The Alamo Bowl listen to a live at 8 o'clock tonight Stanford and TCU that's on Sports Radio Kate at 81240. AM a 975. FM. In pro football the Kansas City Chiefs announcing that they're rookie backup quarterback Patrick my homes. Will get the start on Sunday afternoon in Denver in the regular season finale. The Broncos are also starting their backup quarterback Paxton lynch. Basically meaningless game for both Broncos and chiefs. Or listen to it on Sunday to finish up the regular seasons he supports getting ready for a playoff game coming up in two weeks. We'll hockey action last night which top under loses on the road at Allen falling behind four nothing early and losing by four goals 73 with final score. With that lost the thunder drops down in fourth place now in the mountain division. It was seven years ago on this day the shocker football team got on a train in Wichita. Fitting for Fresno to play in the New Year's Day bowl game the raisin bowl. Tolerate and the soccer football team heading out west seven years ago today that raising bullet to have prune bowl as well. There's a lot of different balls back in the day so I don't think so but. I don't I can't say for sure. One of the three bowl games as soccer's ever played in the NBA basketball last night. Let's go to Sacramento where the kings beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 10995. In a getting his first start in the NBA and former Kansas sail off the Ricky frank Mason. Had four points couple rebounds in his first career starts. Coming off the bench for the king's body heals played at sunrise Christian academy in Bel Air but he had eight points and four assists. The kings have won three of their last five games. And the Minnesota Timberwolves at home last night beat the Denver Nuggets 12825. In overtime. Getting the start of the T wolves former jayhawk Andrew wigand's 21 points. Five wins in a row now for the Minnesota Timberwolves. And they aren't number four spot right now in the Western Conference Soto played good basketball. Andrew wigand's helping out their cause sports was. Even Ted KM SS seven funny one now given it for Rush Limbaugh morning update a close look at the grocery GAAP. That's on the way Stephen dead. And it's time for our prairie fire coffee break 01 K in an ancestor out. Perry fire coffee is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans. Are roasted fresh right here in Wichita and you can get prairie fire coffee at your office. Just like Stephen Ted by calling 2673771. Or go online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Seventh when he won now Stevens in the morning on K and a sense.