A former Wichita police chief made a visit to KNSS

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Friday, August 17th
Steve encountered Richard Lamunyon at the radio station on Thursday

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See and avoid nasty back adjusted Hibbert is 730 here on the Friday morning. The husband and father who reportedly confessed to murdering his family. Has appeared in a Colorado courtroom the judge you Weld County Colorado ordered Chris slot held without bond titans edges are. Who's. As well formal. Bill remember. He reportedly confessed to murdering his pregnant wife Shannon and their three and four year old daughter's Shannon's body was recovered on property owned by Anadarko Petroleum. Which is where Matisse to work. Wants even energy to Denver TV station Tuesday and said that Monday he and his wife had an emotional conversation. And then afterwards she and the kids failed to return home. Records indicate the family had financial troubles including death and a bankruptcy filing for 2015. Jack's got Rosenthal Fox News. The economy is expected to continue growing slowly in rural parts of ten planes in western states the on going trade disputes remain concerned Craig university economist journey across as grain prices have fallen even lower since the trade disputes erupted. The overall economic index for the region increased slightly to 54 point eight in August July's 53 point eight. That's scores still suggest growth because it's above fifty. Only score below fifty indicates a shrinking economy. Bankers from Colorado Illinois Iowa Kansas Minnesota Missouri Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota and Wyoming were surveyed. Bankers remain concerned about the economy. Confidence index remained in negative territory but climbed to 46 point five and August from July's 42 point seven Dan O'Neill came and SS news. All day tomorrow Saturday in north west Wichita love your community. Is hosting its annual free community event. Angel Martinez is president the blogger community he says the idea for this event began three years ago. We want nice things in our community and that's kind of what started to graffiti everywhere years you know there's gang activities drug activities. And you see it in the kids the hopelessness and lack of resources. Programming in the rec centers are down. Due to lack of funding due to lack of support so we wanted to create stakeholders. Saturday morning there will be a free neighborhood clean up of the evergreen neighborhood near Tony just like Kansas and the delay no neighborhoods well. Saturday afternoon tee into the 2 PM there'll be a parade from no margin evergreen. We want people to know that the stigma. At least be in the bad guy that's something that needs to change. We need to have a mutual respect mutual. Appreciation for one another. By working with the children is where I believe the start. The block party goes from three to 10 PM tomorrow at the evergreen recreation center 2700 block of north would land. Be sure your car show resource fair. Scavenger hunt talent show and dodge ball tournament. A new report by wallet hug names at Kansas community is a good retirement destination Jill Gonzalez's with. Wallace. Over the entire clip in the top thirty out of about 200 cities and it's it's it's still something to be excited about. It fare much better than pay Wichita which brings it down when 171. So a lot of good things going for it just when it comes to you overall affordability. Specifically the living on the fixed income also quality of life and health camera there as well. The affordability measure with just one part of the survey Wallach public Suze most retirees will be on a fixed income a Massachusetts man suspected of killing three women. Has been indicted on 52 the charges. Stuart Wheldon and Springfield Massachusetts indicted on charges of murder rate strangulation kidnapping and more after three bodies were found at his home. Wheldon was busted last may when he was pulled over for a broken taillight. The Boston Herald says a woman in the vehicle told police Wheldon held her captive for a month. Repeatedly rape beating and beating her. Soon after a call came in of that are rancid smell coming from well and house. The cops headed over and found the bodies in and around the property Wheldon has pleaded not guilty till NATO Fox News. A number of employees at a major tech. Giant expressing anger over a company moved to benefit China more than a thousand workers a Google sending a letter to higher ups protests and how the company's gonna make it customs search engine for China. That falls in line with the country's censorship laws. The signed a letter calls for a company revealed ethics and transparency. Because most employees claim they didn't find out about the purpose of the project named dragon fly until the media started reporting on it. The company faces similar backlash from workers over a US military contract called project made in. Google eventually let that contract expired back in June. And Duffy Fox News and the forecast with pianist is stampede on today and the quality good morning Dan. Good morning showers and a few thunderstorms will be on their way out here this morning today clearing skies sunny update 88 for the high this afternoon clearing 68 tonight. Tomorrow's high warms deny the and by Saturday night and Sunday another round of rain and thunderstorms. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now. 7:36 Stephens of the morning inching up. To watch some of the showers over in the area earlier this morning and I missed a minority looking up north it was lightning in the sky and there was some showers up of the north of Wichita. And they moved clear on over to Butler had another clear out of the eastern part of the state. And we didn't get anything here a couple of drops may be in which Doug that was about it. The look at the radar one point last night and see like there's a big storm. And open Harvey county and a big storm. I'm Huggins Sumner county and it loses Wichita was just nothing else Brandon they all kind of moved east and converge and there's a ton of rain and Butler county. Well and they've they had a couple of those severe thunderstorm warnings in that this part of the states now close to Wichita on Centre county but not in right now and hit the urban area and I did not. The president of the Mormon Church wants people to stop using Mormon or LB as soon as substitutes for the full name of the religion. Which is a church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. Russell M Nelson says the lord has impressed upon my mind the importance of the name he has revealed forties church. We gotta he's apparently heavenly message here. The face president are considered prophets who leads the church through revelations from god. Both terms Mormon and LBS have been frequently used for decades to refer to the Utah based faith that has sixteen. Million members and number of here in Kansas and which type area. Has defamed a Mormon Tabernacle Choir and change the name of that recently made a documentary about his members called meet the mormons. In his official website is Mormon it newsroom dot org. Churches. In blood they web sites materials to reflecting guidance this will. And don't forget right all the cost the cost some money. If you noticed changing you know any any kind of branding thing your logos are. Stationary hearing and then of course I don't know how much station or usually more but it's a cost the church of Jesus Chrysler received quite a bit. But the head guy says don't change. At 738 now Steve attendance tonight the I didn't know there's gonna happen but last evening. My area science guy who's in that account atmosphere. And space and Hutchinson. One of the great their actions in south central Kansas and he wasn't just a visitor there they have the and apparently the of some of the patrons and donors had a night where have they got together and and he gave him a long talk early. Yeah he gave a talk about where Von brawl on the German scientist who came to America and with the space program. And I largely talked maybe about the V two bombs that the Germans fired that England during apparently they've got to be twos up there and in those those the forerunner of the rocket ship for whatever right we got a couple of those at the customs clearance got a lecture last night. Very nice so he's gonna do that the only nation via the cut as was feared space that are gone up of that that would have been fun to watch. Okay and another thing to share a satirical and we had a Pete somewhere and not know apparently they're created Havoc they've got he had become always gets a beat them I'll end. That's I'm going to Hutchinson. Is a great places either and I sure didn't really do and you know. Or get carriage crossing you know that no I don't bet. This man since the early seventies late middle seventies Richard the onion was here yesterday he is the city administrator for May's. Which has to be may have some of the faster growing towns in America. When you make one point one eases city administrator and he is a former police chief here in Wichita. At a career in law enforcement and ended with a police here in bow out of chief when he retired a few years ago but I got this job. And he's out there he's been organized this for several years and said that he still we I think he said that to Adam when he took over out there they had. There administrative offices they had five employees announces teeny tiny little town delegate fifty. Yeah to dial up high schools and social he's been a guy is a city administrator working with their City Council and the mayor out there. Watching this this terrific growth and maintenance. And what have been great place is beginning to schools are doing we have what two or three high schools out there they. And got a lot of great things going on there so any easier for awhile like us and we. Have known each other since he was of police chiefs since he got the job as police chief in the semi so we have time these swaps and some some more stories and wanna museum. And the helix well the things you get a good deal conceive Richard Lamond and Monday and dropping by. The radio station that's that's good VIP visit right there EIPs as this is Stephen temple. On I don't think it was he is sorry he isn't kind of guy he wouldn't just say the act. Just to impress me I don't peso just didn't care or a faint you know but did that was pretty nice talkative newseum that. 741 now Stephen T and keep it here we got editor bill Roy. Of which is not business journal coming up and every talking about. Recognizing the folks who work in human resource today is HR that's on the way Stephens animal and human case in a sense.