Foul odors irk residents on Georgia island

Steve & Ted
Monday, December 11th

Utility officials point the finger at gases building up in the sewer pipes and leaking through a manhole in the road.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. News talk bad weather station depend on. 6:30 is even this morning he's back inside. Ted Woodward firefighters still trying to gain the upper hand on southern California's largest and most destructive wildfire. It's the Thomas fire burning near Santa Barbara and Los Padres National Forest. Bill Murray is Murphy that is who's cal fire public information officer on that incident and it's clear that. I am against them. So we continue to ask the public to pay attention to the dealers and others they receive. The Thomas fighters ransom 173000. Acres and is engaged more than 4000 firefighters and staff. Now look at forecast with K initiative staff beat you biologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. This morning a cold front is making its way into south central Kansas behind that system very strong west to northwest winds will gust up to forty miles per hour. And as dry as we are the fire danger or threat is extremely high at heart symmetry in the mid fifties by noontime low sixties this afternoon and a clear win the and 29 tonight. 51 Tuesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday picked and now partly cloudy 41 degrees west wind at fourteen miles per hour. One man is dead after a single vehicle crash in rush county in western Kansas sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning. The Kansas Highway Patrol reports 51 year old different styles of Hayes was traveling on state for east of lacrosse. When he hit a gravel shoulder and over corrected. Pick up he was driving under the ditch overturned in a field ended up on the passenger side Stiles was ejected from the truck. EO of the exact time of the crash unknown. The Kansas legislative task force on child welfare is meeting this week for the first time since a new top administrator took over the state agency it is examining. The child welfare task force is scheduled to have a day long meeting Tuesday at the Statehouse. And to discuss a preliminary report for lawmakers on its findings. Its members include Gina Maier home all of Lawrence she was director of children's shelter until she was named last month as secretary of the department for children and families. Meyer humble has replaced former secretary Phyllis Gilmore who retired December 1. Among other things the task force has been examining problems with the State's Foster care system for abused and neglected children. Some legislators had been calling on Gilmore to resign when she retired. Ronnie Price K in assets. News the university of cancers paid out a total of 395000. Dollars to settle lawsuits by two former rowers. We've had the school did not respond properly to their reports of being sexually assault on campus but Kansas City Star reports that the university admits no liability and agreeing to pay former rower daisy attack at 245000. Dollars and former -- Sarah McClure 150000. Dollars. Packet reported a Kansas football player raped her in 2014. And McClure allege she was assaulted by the same man a year later. The women claim the school violated title nine because official should have anticipated it heightened risk of sexual assaults at the apartments were football players live. The Associated Press generally doesn't identify victims of alleged sexual assault. But tack and McClure have both said they want their names he used the little the grand KE SS news. The American ambassador to the United Nations says regardless of what the world thinks the president's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital will stand. UN ambassador Nikki Haley says president trumps declaration on Jerusalem was more than two decades overdue president. Bush Clinton and Obama. All said they were for but never did a thing about it this president set it's time. But on FOX News Sunday here we said the backlash has been shocking the US though intends to stand firm we have the right to do whatever we want. And terms of where we put our embassies we don't need other countries telling us what's right or wrong but opposition to the declaration is evident with the Arab nations speaking out and Palestinian President Abbas canceling a scheduled meeting with the vice president Mike Pence colonel Scott Fox News. A group of lawmakers gets to work this week tasked with hammering on differences and a pair of Republican tax bills. The first open meeting in the house senate conference is set for Wednesday afternoon house and senate negotiators must blend each Chamber's tax bills with key differences over the number of tax brackets deductions and healthcare law provisions. Republican leaders when a final version passed by Christmas. But with narrow Republican majorities subtle details could become game changer with key lawmakers in the house and senate. Looking for their request to be answered. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. 635 now Stephens of the morning here on K witness test here on Monday morning December 11 when he seventeen on the state and 1980 president Jimmy Carter signed legislation. Creating a one point six billion dollar environmental Superfund. To pay for cleaning up chemical spills and toxic waste dumps. And it Magnum PI starring Tom Selleck premiered on CBS. You but he refuge should go in you know I'm I never got in the Magnum. That'd be another big people were huge on a night you'd never resonated with David Toms and no. 635 announced even Ted segments is gone on this morning here Monday morning did you ever all back together against him out. One thing and others come along and vacation and other thing for pulling in the united get a and mill near together for quite awhile yet Steve into the morning and one of debt backed full strength on the ice and her two weeks out from Christmas and we're gonna just go gangbusters and X two that's right Christmas is two weeks from today right at Christmas spirit and we're gonna leave my only you know the show is always good it's going to be even. That's quite a promise to deliver on and a and I think when you. The a man better step it up you go a man who swindled his standard eight out of 49000 dollars has been sentenced to two to six years in prison good. A Manhattan district attorney says Brendan team. Use a variety of scams and at least three women he met through the digging at peak claimed he urgently needed money for cancer treatment for modems now boy and one case his sister and another his mother. He can't one woman while he was out on bail. Team also stole thirteen thousand dollar from a man who hired him as a dog walker. At 800 dollars and only hire him as a dog walker a tender that's not a fitness work and all sorts angle of Brandon he's been a busy guy. Now he's going to be in jail for. Officials on the Georgia coast are trying to get to the bottom of a stinky problem. Residents of saint Simons island have been complaining of fowl orders around a major intersection. With utility officials pointing the finger at gases building up on the sewer pipes and leaking from an a hole in the road. Local water and sewer commission is working to snuff out the smell. The Brunswick news reports of workers are testing sewage in different parts of the system of public and find the source of the gas meantime. You mean times EU. Mean. And as the do the past to climb down and there. Investigate what's wrong not like it got medals World War I gas masks on us the most famous sewer worker at all. Art Carney and I did that. Says David sentiment. Ralph cram up Gretna that we don't. Aren't Norton Norton not Tim Norton but more. A case quick personal knowledge Ivins talk about how busy it was overly a lot alone in ball games and whatnot. Yesterday afternoon in me involving. Christmas step by step. And yeah preschoolers. But he gonna Christmas pageant. That's pretty primitive. Material right there Sammy yo Mike my granddaughter played Mary. He wanted to sheep are out starring role out of his sheep parts you'll argue that the late doctor to do and married so I watched the Weis and there was a white early six kids are missing a wise man. Before the show started. He'd he'd lay down on the on the station began to cry. Throw wow breakdown so he would have rarely has stage fright even you know you got that right implied. Laying down on the stage and pick your heels right now now. I'm never that he couldn't a lot of Obi is the problems that's not one of the sport could just couldn't into the buzzard well. That's all you know find out something about yourself to go off that has strengths another nice for five years old you don't you know as he's probably gonna be the next day. Whatever. Star. OK with very great starts tomorrow night yet it's here. The seventh annual or capital chorus Christmas radio hour it starts at 7 o'clock at the Scottish rite center grand dining room person to speak at. Nonperishable food items or monetary donation easy admission. That it for the Kansas food baked yet I went through the script you hire prominent in his hip we're gonna we're gonna carry the load again this year. It's going to be great. Yeah and cannot see this is fun to watch and then we record the whole thing and it's sending more user Christmas morning at 8 o'clock. It back on the radio all right let's put the old time radio types speaking of old. And radio time for the Qaeda is as commodities update the good old left of what we're commodities point I am. Well good morning station. The last week the navy week for the entire livestock complex a lot of cattle feeder cattle traded mostly lower Friday close maybe with a larger losses in the feeder cattle. I cash cattle trade the featured slightly pulled lower by two dollars to they have dollar. And our futures closed partly pepper started this session on the negative side. Friday's close February live cattle live 37% at 11830. January Peter hill dollar at 1452010. Incredibly close to 37 cents at 6885. But fighting for the second straight session of the wheat futures make a new contract closed. In closing of the big east side recorded before being traded mixed with only the core group of positive Friday. That tees because the Moakley used to gate supply and then report. In overnight trading in the going to rub for the baby. To contact close once again for the wheat futures at the moment mark Casey we do have three and a quarter cents at 414 and three quarter. Part Korda played three quarters at 351. January being tailed seventh since that 1982 and three quarters. Did your crew of seventeen cents floor 5719. February gold three dollars and seventy cents higher 12150 PPM. Mort just compete two and three quarter points I reported 656. In three quarter. December dollar index content toward 9377. In our standards teachers 53 point 12400389. The commodity trading like marketing advisory contact Oprah commodities on the program whereby using. 866 due to. Somehow we've been I can I just complaining about how busy it was over the weekend. I did not get up and and and get to Christmas present for. No and it begins to look like it's in this looks like a problem not gonna happen this year so you know. You know last year we need you gave me that that used washing machine. Not only deaths each year it. Does our most just not trade it'll take. I'll let them get in the short in with you that I. You re gift something easily give you some you know like he would somebody else next year. We ought to see you don't read yet because you don't get a that's also a problem doesn't it. Here's yet fourteen shopping days left how you doing on your your into the is the you'll shopping spree winding down. Well according to pay we're doing OK. You know I would have. Jugular and yes yesterday in their Gavin and colored putter. What an exciting. I thought. It's a reason for the season but that. Vick gets more things are livid she domain that was. Point 20/20 21 down the road a crystal. All cat. Well good luck to you. And again. You have to. You have unison thanked me and I. Know you don't need to do that because it's just it's a blessing just talking to you every morning you know. Dump the under the blessing to borrow this couldn't. Face Ortiz who is even did it. Even if we're not grant CFP the league record the retirement budget deficit that's on the waist deep into the Oregon State and asked him.