Freddy's to open another Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers in Wichita

Steve & Ted
Monday, November 27th

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy tells us all about the new northwest Wichita location.


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Am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country. I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. You're listening to Steve instead of the morning on 97 and thirteen 38 inning as as a big name in Wichita off booted. Is getting bigger news. We'll have details on that story with editor bill Roy at the Wichita business journal of the business update. Now it's time for three big things me. Two bodies found in different locations in Wichita yesterday morning police are investigating. News. Wichita State volleyball team is going to host an NCAA regional this weekend for the first time ever Kansas and Missouri are also coming to that regional line. Today is Cyber Monday as Americans will be spending. Billions of dollars on line all day today. Three big things was even dead on 97 and thirteen 38 inning as best. And this morning meet gasoline prices out in the you know Wichita area started to slide down a little bit since 29 a gallon. And now a lot of places out there I have seen lots of stations going down the team's 28. 2188. 47 street south of hydraulic also that at 228. Naples and West Street traffic update from cape and at this radio and hit. Caesar's. And to simulate that weather forecast here is we get underway at final days of November. Possibly more record breaking warm weather yet we're looking for a high today of 73. Degrees it'll be sunny and windy gusty wind out of the south still breezy tonight. Overnight low down to 52 under partly cloudy skies. And then looking ahead for Tuesday windy but not as warm tomorrow cool front comes through might have a chance for some rain. Hi eight Tuesday at sixty. Apparently in Wichita we have a breeze out of the salvage partly cloudy. And it is fifty degrees partly to a high of 73. Mean warming up and a pagan SS weather's brought to you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of crap turbans and whiskey in the state of Kansas. And the monarch offers military discount for current and retired veterans. Replaced hang out the monarch in that delay no. It is 849 with Stephen said Kate in as best. It happened twenty years ago. I'm Danish mother and father were arrested now what the what what they do well they left their baby outside a restaurant. As days. Were inside enjoying drinks. Our law. Luke Babbitt parents very pat hat charges were eventually dropped. But the mom is still smarting it's it has sparked an international debate about parenting styles. He tells the New York Post she feels an American parents are far too fearful. And that that's what got hurt her busted in New York she says that's normal practice in Denmark. Momma de regulate and to restaurant and drinks does leave the baby outside. So says she'd. She has sued New York City and a jury did a Warner. 66000. Dollars. Want so. Ma. Now man assets of their own soil it was 66 grand out of all the neglects now important. Okay. Little bit of music history it was sixty years ago on this day the album the chirping crickets. Buddy Holly in the crickets was released. It contained few songs such as. That'll be that bad a day in eighty baby not fade away some pretty good pretty darn good music right there by Buddy Holly and crickets. That album the chirping crickets came out sixty. Years ago today nice that's one of those great deals you get those though Buddy Holly records from back then that music is. Timeless and it is still. Rock solid sixty years later. If you're into buying toys this might be your lucky day today. Some of the biggest deals being offered on Cyber Monday in the toy category Toys 'R' Us offering 15%. Off most items on its web site. Target doing the same should be able to score some good deals on playthings other companies. Tried to keep you loyal to their online offerings Wal-Mart tripling of the number of items it has for sale from last year. Amazon offering new low prices on toys and other items on its site best by offering a series of items at discounted prices. Featured items like Apple Mac books Microsoft surface tablets are big screen for KTV sets Cyber Monday it's already often run. It's Cyber Monday action Nike Nike's contribution of the National Football League is singling to extend beyond. Those weird looking color rushed uniforms they have at times. And the two tone helmets that Nike provides as well. The shoe and apparel giant is working with. The company that I have right here by my side HP. Hewlett-Packard you'll parallel our little predator here at studio yeah prints off little news items. Yup they're working with HP Nike they're going to try to develop shoes. It can be manufactured by NFL teams with 380 renders. He's a 3-D printer and print off a pair of shoes. And now any of that. Interesting process of rapid prototyping would allow for adjustments and customizations to be made quickly and efficiently. How far are we away from a day in which I decide what kind of shoes I like him I hit print. In the 380 printer prints me off a pair shoes were a ways away from that no oral ways away from it but it WR it's a certain yet. We are fairly close to a day when you can walk into a store that has a printer that will print she righty could. Get your feet scan and and then she was printed for right. Is this lobby the first time and equipment from a 380 printer made its way to an NFL field. Back in last Super Bowl. A couple super bulls go in with fifty Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis protected is broken arm with a sleeve it. That was printed off a 3-D printer. And now Nike's working with. Hewlett-Packard to make eight to make shoes cool NFL players with treaty printers about that. They have big name in Wichita food is getting bigger. Let's find out those details it's time for local business update and editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal good morning bill. Good morning Ted yet the leaders are Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers ready to open another Wichita restaurant CEO Randy Simon tells the business journal. That the company has signed a contract by land near murder meridian and 1935. Construction would begin a march or April. The store would be the seventh corporate owned stores in the Wichita area. He may not be able to avoid with the cosmos ticketed intersection that you can make sure to follow traffic rules the Wichita business journal put together a list of intersections where the most tickets are written. We have an interactive map of the intersections where police officer drew the most tickets. It's a Wichita business journal dot com and it may be Cyber Monday but a new study shows that nearly. Half of US adults prefer to shop at the brick and mortar stores compared online. 42% of those surveyed say supporting local businesses is important to them. The study also shows that people like self serve kiosks. And check outs 17% say they would be comfortable. Using virtual reality to shop. Local breaking business news every day on campus that's about what to top business journal dot com the with a top business journal I'm dual role way. Bill I wish you would find a way to send me back in time about fifteen years so I could invest in Freddy's. Yes. That would be nice wouldn't it talk about a company that is growing with no discernible end in sight. Yeah we did a story a while back talking about her that perhaps 500 stores that are out to. You know. The around 300 close to 300 so. They keep moving up. Yeah and legal back to a time when there's just one Freddie store that existed and it was up literally taught him and try it right by my house. And I do have spent a lot of time there now there's hundreds and hundreds all over the nation. Yep pretty amazing stuff they're doing well then they they are having an he's talked Scott radler several times Obama podcast talking about. How important is to treat people right and get the product. Sounds good thank you bill bill Roy what you thought business journal update the case in us this morning news' Stephen says.