Freezing fog, freezing rain, and sleet in Wichita

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, February 20th

KSN Meteorologist Laura Bannon with today's forecast and the Winter Weather Warning


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for life. Team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The point 7 o'clock this is McCain has missed only his receivers Ted that I'm staying Macintosh. Five year old Wichita voice still missing we've got the story until global brand. Wichita police in the swat team respond to a shooting himself Wichita. Let's postal worker murdered in taxes I hit with word of those details are just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday some much needed precipitation is moving through south central Kansas the with the temperatures below freezing. That's going to create a slippery ride to work. Our forecast is on the way. Elevated bridges and roadways should be avoided it at key device this morning on many roadways around south central Kansas emergency accident reporting. And is in effect for the city of Wichita we counted numerous accidents injury and on injuries since midnight. Schools across south central Kansas are closed today including the Catholic schools and Wichita wished our public schools are avenue in service day of winter weather advisory is in effect. Until noon. Wichita police and members of the swat team responded to a shooting in south Wichita Monday afternoon. Officers were called to a convenience store in the 17100 block of south hydraulic around 2:45 PM. A man in his fifties had received a gunshot wounds with upper torso and walked to distort a call for an ambulance. Investigators said the victim was not cooperative when questioned the fault of blood trail from the storm back to a home in the 16100 block of east OC. The swat team was called in shortly thereafter and spent several hours on scene later in the evening the helpful searched and cleared with no arrests made. The injured man was taken to a local hospital in serious condition police are still investigating the incident Phil pulled a brand Kagan SS news. The search continues for five year old Lucas Hernandez missing since Saturday afternoon here's Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson. Lucas Hernandez is still missing. Today we come to you and we continue to reach out to our community. And ask if you have any information regarding this case or any information on the whereabouts. Of Lucas Hernandez to please call our tip line. Again that number 3163834661. Officer Davidson says tips received have led to searches in northeast Wichita. Other searches are planned for other areas of the city a 50000 dollar reward is offered by the US Postal Service for information. About whoever killed at Texas postal worker that driver shot to death. While driving his truck on interstate thirty. Fox News reporter Richard ray has more. 58 year old Tony knows beavers found dead in the cab of the truck that was riddled with bullets. Parts forceful with lesbian sister in law in Keller he would do anything for you in a more. Most being who lived in grand heights in Ellis county leaves behind two daughters grandchildren. And a girlfriend in Lewis film right down and down. An angry. How what's going Allen tennis club right now both Dallas homicide detectives and federal postal inspectors are working the case. Thought Dallas police say Monday's murder happened eleven days after someone opened fire about a mile away on to Dallas police officers and a squad car. The officers in that attack for not seriously injured a deadly delivery for a hungry customer. In Hoover each driver surrendering to police in Atlanta after authorities say he opened fire and killed a customer witnesses telling investigators that Robert Gibbons shot Ryan Thornton after the two exchanged words given his attorney saying his client had no choice but to defend himself because Thornton became aggressive. The victim's neighbor Megan Emery miss us. Scary I mean there's a lot of young women island in this department and we have really good securities say it is don't ever think that's coming. Like that could happen. Guber each saying givens passed a background check and began working for the company a few days ago Steve Rappaport Fox News a special Wichita citizens' board met for the first time over the weekend Boehner Jeff Long Will tells to Unisys news. In the news justice and review boards on net. The city manager has put together the being able to review any of Narnia and impact and meaning that moderate views and honors that someone has as you that in light present that may be at Indian police matters. Long Will comment during Monday's with the mayoral the Stephens on the morning show here on K and as asks. Take an interest in time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. It's bursting ball game in Lawrence last night in men's basketball for the jayhawks in the sooners will have the results here coach self some of the stars. And how is men's hockey doing at the Winter Olympics eleven update coming up in sports a possible military funeral for a young Florida shooting victim that story coming up. Only K and as this morning news or Steven says it. A. McKay editor this morning news this season just now 7088. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Let's start energy is alerting customers have impostors claiming to work for the company are threatening to disconnect service and asking for prepaid cards as payment. Do you depends league is with west started she says it doesn't work that way. First of all we would never tell you that you have to use a prepaid card or some specific. Not that like that to Japan Europe out. The second piece is. We're not gonna call saying that this can actually has pending within a short time frame like back when we do you have customers who are behind on their ballot that are facing the service can eruption we have been notified them. Multiple times. Several places that they. Before acting on the one of these calls check your records to see if a recent payment has been made and if you're still unsure call west our customers are relations center. At 1800. 3831183. And check your account status. A petition drive is underway honoring one of the victims of the Parkland Florida shooting massacre with a military funeral. Fifteen year old Peter weighing a member of the school's junior ROTC. Who had dreams of going to West Point stayed behind and held the door open. So that his classmates could escape the gunfire. He was shot and killed in the process the petition asked the government to authorize bearing the young hero. In a flag draped coffin tens of thousands of signatures so far once they reach a 100000. It will be considered by the White House Gary Baumgarten Fox News. It's another house Republican is calling it quits at the end of this term Florida Republican Tom Rooney won't run for a sixth term announcing his retirement from a conservative district he was likely to win again. In a statement to 47 year old congressman says it's time now hang them up as my old football coach used to say. Heading he looks forward to serving Florida again. More than two dozen house Republicans have already announced retirements this term more than a dozen others are running for another office or took a job in the trunk administration. In Washington Jared Halpern Fox News say it is his. Used on now 71010 minutes spent 7 o'clock. And this morning up there in traffic things are looking very bad elevated roadways and bridges. Frozen very slippery. Be very cautious that there earlier this morning that it can dispatchers actually told it. Motorists just to just avoid the highways elevated roadways in Wichita this morning you better off the surface streets. Surface streets now. Sleep packed. Out there so still be very very cautious take it very slow this morning. Traffic update on occasion as this radio on judging from the emergency accident reporting plan is in effect for the city of Wichita. Let's take a look at the forecast now the kids in storm tracker three forecast. Kansas today meteorologist Laura abandon good morning Laura. Yankees are there any did the morning it did that it looked like we actually got it worse that it hiding did that really not favorable. Because it really peaked yet due to morning commute that what we have laps over right now it at that little blanket of lead out there. Even I can it is rated or is Heatley are going to be very slick out there. Right now in the Wichita metro current chapter is 23 read it that the reading odd is it. We India on top of that winter out of the north at 21 with even higher wind gusts. It'll be even colder what we have on the ground right now it looked like it actually going to stick around and not expecting temperatures. To really warm all that Mike is back at mighty media. Rubble is. You can hit the briefing arc this afternoon I am going for a high of 35 day in which stock I think that might be a little bit Q optimist. That they given what we just went through this morning we have all that wintry weather now machine are there opted to ease that it is still very sloppy out there all the way to the key and the turnpike. Expecting that meant he travel addict easily stick around throughout the morning even linger into the first half of the apps and get beat Cuba I'll wave but doing the rowdy morning reading rain on top that lead equipment and it thunderstorm on all that it. Every morning get your game right adult or you applicant morning catchy beat down at half and it boy travelling all costs you to. Well we are looking at the kids in Kansas weather center radar this morning and the site a huge area of moisture but basically. It's a cleared of Wichita moving up as you said the turnpike up through Emporia to speak out over Ottawa that direction and that. Cal Lee county and they're still get some down there yeah it. Still it does stretching are they got the. The album yeah at Oklahoma that is significant and they go to oddly he he got into city actually went ahead did ice storm warning that for that area and this experience that winter weather threat but moving across state that we absolutely need the moisture out of it you know all morning long minutes of great at the happy but not so great that coming in the form of ice at the half they and we wanna beat eland let. Take the moisture. When you're at I. And that but as you watch this storm on the radars tracking it says will Wichita is pretty much clear right now. Yet working out that now the guts that on out there to repeat reduced visibility out there now. Just gonna hang tight it could take some time for the brokerage account bearing clean up all the brown would make a OK but just where this morning went eat well so we still have a winter weather advisory until noon today is it would not be the price without canceled it could be canceled public. Yeah I did it not neglect and that it might easily Libya kept. There are right and. Thank you. Syndicators and storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bannon right now fog and mist. 23 degrees a north wind gusting to 32 miles per hour last hour. That some of the service says that with that said there was a thunderstorm going on and Ted. On the way in this morning's it was still heat he heard the thunder and you'd actually see some light into toy ya I'll. Strange morning we have. Cloudy cool day across Kansas Monday which does high temperature was 63 degrees early in the morning. Before plunging into the thirties in the Netherlands moved. Which are clocked a wind gusts at 39 miles per hour yesterday Celtics and we're having to bring. Ugly weather here as we head toward the end of February and in the march. And two. Yeah I wasn't aware that we're gonna have that crisis points on I got up by Ed name but the car and my car sits out night at site at night so I had to. Scrape the windows off a little bit. How much you tenure in your car in the garage or out on top I'd had a scrape quite a bit this manner so as to stick for our I'm sitting inside on me I hear it. Thundering I think it's raining outside. And I opened the door its earnings covered with a white it's just sleet but no it's just Celia at dollars students aren't that. Today is. What is today Tuesday February 20 2018 of course is his first day back for many people after the Big Three day. Weekend for President's Day and the whipped up public school students they had a they're getting a fourth day now they had an in service training day scheduled for today and so that works out pretty good. And at the Catholic schools have no schooling in all the school but based mills goes interior and some sort of thing French university has a delights 11 o'clock this morning or delays but it is such and most folks did check their school and they know what's going on but yeah yeah heard from Cali county they've. They've gone on a delay. But Butler county canceled everything so yeah they did. A 715 Stephen Tim we've been talking about Ted. The Afrique innocence app from the App Store right. And then you can leaves a comment by going to menu and click talkback and it we have that we've heard from our listeners debt. But got only one issue with the Donald thinking that they need to pick a cheeseburger away from the happy go back his or not their fault. Accountability lies simply with the parents only. Why is that a corporation now meeting to decide. How much younger how much fat what exactly we should and should not be as my decision not payers. You had you guys to Dylan in your show on the show last week that was gone that they've talked about that. McDonald's was taking the cheeseburger or amber out of the happy now we took we talked about it quite a bit about down Friday morning John Boehner responded churn out. He had downloaded the a free up and he added so you can do that to do with your listing others born in and out to be about Amber's can be about anything or talk about. And would play the comments back here in the Stephens chiller more so. That's it it's a it's an interest to you that we encourage people to take a take advantage of that situation. My idea. Spent part of my this afternoon yesterday in a minor emergency room with my my spouse. So in Chile has come down with a sinus infection known Knoll. And we didn't know was I said she didn't have a fever Celeste and I don't think it's floats and probably not the flu but it's something she goes through every year should do it to get Sidrane agent and boom goes an infection in it's it's pretty it's pretty ugly but it. We go to the medicine hospital time of the villains story yesterday definite. But it take your business but I think he's back on the road to recovery roaches and our people out there's presents at an emergency room is filled with people. We tried again to see our doctor that. But ethnically captivity ahead on the west side is taken one of the doctors and you go over there and take care of all these. And and you know and days so we have one doctor just one after another dig up OK here's this. And I'm sure it got you know sinus infections fluke olds they're dealing with all the whole list now. And it seems like maybe it's because of the weather gets cold here again in May were just kind of peaking with a oldest herbal terrible. Illnesses that are going around and on for months now I've had to die in my bug daughters had a cold bite my granddaughter had strapped a life get a sinus infection. Mean every kind of a Ellis you can make him go around with it watched. A knock on foot. We've been pretty lucky well. Yeah out united when I'm jet through the winner yet we're not we're not clear yet that death. But we clear that it we get after about 95 degrees will probably clear that this. Yet been an interesting interesting season. When it comes to ill decide to hope you're doing out deep well I think you mr. today and go to work or wherever eagle today. Take it easy drive slow they care what they're 718 Stevens said it is sports I would Ted Woodward University of Kansas basketball team. Was participating in athletic up. The last night but it that is correct. Very formal it and it was what it. Big game in Lawrence last night eight ranked Kansas hosting Oklahoma now take you went down to Norman and lost last month. Jayhawks certainly seemed like they were on a mission last night to make sure that did not happen again Kansas. Just completely. Demolished Oklahoma last night big night in Lawrence for the jayhawks of course you've heard the game alive on K as they. Yeah draw eyes hey shoots this well I just I. Bill plots that Israel with the flip Brooklyn new. The Vontae Graham led the way with 23. Points among six KU players scoring in double figures last night. Final score Kansas 104. Oklahoma 74. A thirty point win for the jayhawks last night it's interesting sidebar the top player in the country. Scoring wise like for sinners tell us about that three young zero freshman for the sooners he burned a K you in Norman. Last night the jayhawks put the hurt on tree young holding him to eleven points his lowest total point total of the season. Yeah more than the NCAA is leading scorer. So nice job by the jayhawks last night like we said Dovonte Graham the big game. We know we should the bar really well. It doesn't matter if it if it goes in and we start games like that. You know as Harvard seems a scumbag it's because of how will we can score. Three wins general now for the jayhawks whose kids head coach Bill Self we needed to have would Gerald see the ball go Wii and he has a Siegel an allowance he hasn't got many looks in a while so. So it's got to help I thought belief played great offensively and in better defense who. Kansas now 22 and six on the season half game lead atop the conference Oklahoma. Has now lost six games in a room. Winter Olympics action for the men's hockey team USA beating Slovakia after a scoreless first period USA. It's the goals coming in beat Slovakia five to one of teen USA to demand that now advancing. Into the quarterfinals. Of the men's tournaments take on the Czech Republic LB at 9 o'clock tonight. The Olympic quarterfinals and you can listen to that game live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. FM tonight speaking hockey we got some right here in town tonight. For the Wichita thunder in fact back to back home games tonight and tomorrow night downtown in pressed bank arena as the thunder hosting the first place. Colorado Eagles and Wichita is on a roll right now under only four game winning streak and they have won their last five home games. About the the thunder against first place Colorado the next couple nights. And in baseball Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer is no longer the royals first baseman he is now signed an eight year 144. Million dollar contract. With the San Diego Padres. Paying you guys it's right in the prime of his career he's 28 years old coming off his best hitting season batting average wise. And the Padres have the team that have not been for the playoffs in twelve years. Got a really good farm system and now they got a big time freeagent. Anchoring their club the next few years to be run on the seat yeah Kelsey now the Padres I handle things maybe they're on the cuts that have been around here. Eric Hosmer with the Padres not sports the Stephen Ted KM SS 722 now committee for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Two feuding groups of illegal immigrants. That's coming up Stevens at the morning on Kate and best chance.