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The Good Life
Saturday, July 29th
Guy wraps up his visit with author Nancie McDermott as they go through more recipes and ideas for cooking with fruit.

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Since. Yeah. Definitely welcome back to the program it's called the good life for reasons that I live I hope you do through you know whether it's food line neither of those if you like if they become your family. Making your own good life but how they wet. You know it'd great to have fumbled some of the best times I've ever had have him with great people evidence that would collapse on it and and and and get together to coax Ahmanson and that table. They were talking about fruits my guest is meant to McDermott she she and a number of authors and have put together a series with. With emphasis on. The beautiful stuff that Canada for Negroponte. Have such great memories and there's so many grape fruits from that part of our country and it. Now you can get everywhere and answer you know. My wife and I men spend we were both stationed in north of Madrid and having memory of quince paste with with. A little bit to mention a ago and and we can buy quince paste now. But I never thought to try and make it before myself yet you never recipe for that visit so that everybody can do. Anybody can do it it's really you know one of those which you know just came unsure problem. People with orchard entries having too much you know having digitally preserving it like you know Mike Graham of the major and it gently. Replaced but you know that. The European solution into the too much and. Clicking down sugar and spreading it out at one of those not a whole lot of not a whole lot of that it takes a little bit of pleasure and quit I'd I'd say ten years ago I would they are you were to get it but in the lab. Probably fourth I hear there's been a return of interest is being grown commercially. And dumping it in mine Eric Peter what do you know not hole and that you know that that very night. It will apply court restored that aren't on their table. Starting now they've got went and make it look a lot they look like apple and air. But not quite like either one I'm not there a little bit by the on the outside and they're not delicious unless you cook them and it got sort of a string he would be texture. And the wonderful Obama and then I think a part of the British colonial and then I think. British cult that would have brought me over into the trees. And you would find that in garden just that one middle and you are looking around that you know beautiful painting the earth you'll definitely sequence trees and flowers. And the root. And not end you know they're just they're they're a little bit of trouble but I think actually worked and that embryo where I probably didn't have that I was in my late when he cannot. Why would someone hiding this or make up. It really is it and certainly. Every time we have it and we use we have with some form of Spanish routed to bring investments such great memories as. It's the game folks if you wanna find some right now I know that most of the Dylan's and have a a day a big cheese section now the merged cheese section. Up on the shelf above that above that she is you'll find. Mark on Ahmanson sequence based or are member Euro and and there's nothing like it you can put the put those. The McCall an ominous in the oven on a cookie sheet for 1520 minutes alum cool and and have member EO and and have some mention ago. It goes great with these really. Firm blue cheeses and to what about you know I'm a go ahead I that you're an up. What a simple pleasure to go get those things. And not party no effort and you you know you've got your every transport and it would never had before what again what a simple thing. That you could put out and share with people. And you're right there's been so many people ago while waited this I did not know. When you don't seasonal fruits are always being it and you know you you put some. Unusual for its in the book for what you also put some that are. Perfect and let's talk a bit about peaches because one of the recipes that came with the book and in the book. It is fresh peach chutney. What guided it temple and right now you allow people can go. Any grocery store sometime the arc in the armor marketed by Egypt's it into a you know they could be argued that chutney is. South Asia and India and Bangladesh the three Wonka and you know that that world of food and cooking where people are having. White and black red and Currie in spite edition. I'm that the kind of got me that this is is probably the British colonial era and you know it will go to the store they'll be major grade mango chutney. In a boat somewhere between a jam and jelly preserved in a relish. And that a bit of something like you know out watch out now it's kind of like a ball it is that it you cook peaches apples onions bell pepper. Would rate and candy and and candy ginger and mustard seed you know with sugar and cider vinegar and salt and pepper like. You just put all those things into a pot emirate together for about thirty odd minute and you got it. Chunky tiny little bit at all. Good thing. That you just put put out in dental on the table I think that's wonderful on. Like if you got a achieve what you got angry at Maltese may agree or some cannon air. People a little bit this pumped up just like he might he's big jam in in that. In a Spanish way or if your head your economic growth you've got pork chops were or girl ramp or amateur company. And you've got right you've got an arrogant you put a little bit of the peach chutney on the side. It just beloved little accompaniment put it on a burger put it out with an omelet. It is the kind of thing you can make without a lot of trouble getting some of those little four L I canning jar on the court restore what a real good at their super clean. And then ended him there and it'll be the bridge about a week. So you make up about Tibet and the jar I'm a bit you're going to help or Saturday night peppering you wanna take a little yet. Take them that they know that the that up to put on your pantry shelf for a year. Eat it within a week but I won't thank you you've made you've captured a little bit of armor in the jar could regard idiot you're an error. There's a great candidate. I did look is that recipes fresh peach chutney is a by chance under your recipe. Page at at. Mr. McDermott dot com. You know. It is not the quantity come out of that when I mean got the one that on you know it is on the art that again out. And it is that doable and I actually have made that is the the step we had a big game with Salem and I made it a couple of I'm not I absolutely need to put that applicant that the you don't have to be. You know court outlook make it is that as well cooking that is. You know mom food and yet it's just you tricky thing to get there and you get such an incredible pretty well. And the best part about that is in you know we we have made in my sister in law makes mango chutney down in Miami and autism. But this has. Half a cup of sugar. And a teaspoon red pepper flakes. And you can bury those things you can make it more spicy and last week are you you know enemy you can just do so many different things and on grilled meat and you know my mom we couldn't ever have pork of annie's bio port side. Without having Apple's. Boring. But if you make an apple or a peach and apple chutney like this with pork chops. Me. Even if you get over cook the meat it's a little dry you can fix it. That didn't that you bring that element we talked about it may. Oh that more cabinet you'll get credit either way. Well and again you know memories and third member there so vivid for me and after we left Spain and were married we were stationed in England. And and having a pub lunch. You know with beautiful fresh crusty warm bread and and you know some champions and cheeses and some pickles and oh man it. Greens are I'm. Not an ashen to pick a favorite recipe but how about let's. Talk about it another one that is unusual. Well you know let me how I got a usual meat you see that this was one of my favorite. I'm the book and I love it has been at so doable in charitable at age rob. And now your yeah you with your knowledge of why you probably know it is is that it was nudity and shrub is today. All of fruit and vinegar SN that you cook together and I imagine you know from apple and you couldn't get that the early drink the water column. It is wonderful cocktail. But it is a couple equal parts. Strawberries. Or Blackberry order. Brett buried. Sugar and apple butter in it and I like it that the armory is greedy grip and a gorgeous. I can you have a quart jar filled with strawberry that I like to just do link Latin quarter than you wanna expose circuit area. And put hot apple cider vinegar over them and lately that overnight low point for the 48 hours and you you don't wanna cover it and cool but the and it that room temperature you cover it and you let the strawberry master race in the hot Annika which Kool and the new strain on you throw away the strawberry they'd done your job. They're job you've got rid you know we had strawberry. Aromatic when Ebert vinegar you cook that was an equal amount of sugar by the entry cut rate cut recount the the don't read struck they're gonna go whichever jet until it comes so Boyle and dissolved and then you've got a jar of other strawberry or is hanging and sharp and weeks. And at it like an Italian Europe you know that he would put in you go to the coffee shop and you get you know Italian it would or and that. I put it in club mineral water and I love it in Alter. It's great eliminate make it pink and a little bit hanging. And if you are on the beer and beverage persuasion. Instead of the ear make a champagne. Strawberry shall. And if you make cocktail that is you know that there's a Rudy hang ESN. Sister took mixed in with links in again. Nick give little one. Eight ounce jars. And output throughout and they are expecting and or you know your if you wanted to have a little pebble. How many yet Castro did a wonderful thank the lovely cup apple cider vinegar sugar creek or bury. Perfect and you can learn all of this by buying a copy of fruit. You just go click through Nancy's website it's a McDermott dot com. Are on FaceBook Matthew thanks so much for being part of the program and you know what. They're gonna let me give away a copy. I'm so glad. That leaves it okay real quick real quick witted when he got the works what's next. I am I'm gonna be on hold and Stanley hallmark moment and we television on August 28 I'm planning my trip to LA and. Gonna go cook on TV with a solid good people. And work in a lot of idiot I wanna do what I'm doing I wanna I wanna take people along with a camera that you can't see that people are right Alec story. Perfect have a great weekend and it's always good to talk to you and let's do it again soon. I'd love. About Hummer. Okay you want a copy of Nancy's book and simply called fruit it's part of the savor the south cookbook serious all of you gotta do is beat caller number five. Number is 31686913. Thirty call now will be right.