A fried pie shop is coming to the Wichita area...

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 5th

Yeah, you heard me right, ... fried pies!


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They should listen online and you can't SS radio talk. Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking new this kid SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. This morning it. The case Endesa S morning news feed instead of I didn't look forward Steve mackintosh has the day off steam boy here in the studio with us this morning here on. Date December 5. Shooting any good so we'll have those details a couple has been pulled from the depth of which don't boy whose body was encased in concrete IBM. I mean that it's time to let that belt buckle up a couple of notches fried pies are coming to Kansas. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays are temperature this morning is running about forty degrees colder than yesterday at this time. What can we expect today our forecast is coming out. Another shooting in the southeast which keeps on this afternoon. Part of town last weekend. One person is listed in critical condition this morning. This following a shooting near upon me and George Washington boulevard shooting took place about 2 in the morning today in the 2600 block of south Jew it's. Republicans are making some progress in moving ahead with the tax cut bill backed by president trump Fox's Griff Jenkins has more from Washington. The house voted. To dig their tax bill in the conference the first step in blaming the house and senate plans in one step closer to the president's Christmas promise. We're now one huge step closer to delivering to the American people the historic tax relief. As a giant press. For Christmas with house Republicans and Democrats naming their conferees on tax reform. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is signing a tax cut plan calling it one of the worst bills to be brought to the house floor in the history of the United States. You homicide cases were recorded in which it's on Sunday. Police lieutenant Todd oh exile says the most recent incident took place on Sunday evening in southeast Wichita. That involving a couple of crime scenes near Harry and George Washington boulevard initially officers were called to a shooting in the 16100 block of south green at. There they found a man with a gunshot wound to his blade and then within minutes they got the call another shooting nearby in the 2600 block of east Wilma. We're 26 year old Rolando hole had been shot multiple times and killed. Mr. holt was at the residence. He does not live there he was visiting friends there. Sometime during the evening shortly before 8 o'clock. Unknown individuals came to the house. In the house shooting and killing mr. hold. The suspects all fled on foot. After back to back deadly weekend in which a top seven people were killed and a ten day period but stuff police chief Gordon Ramsay comments on some trends and many of these homicides or. There's often a connection to drugs. And sometimes we see that DO arguments ensue often are began. Four and on social media and often fueled by social media. Wichita has recorded 35 homicides this year that's already more than last year with about one month remaining and 2017. Police say two people are being held in the death of Wichita boy discovered earlier this year encased in concrete. The remains of three year old Evan brewer were discovered on September 2 outside of Wichita home where his mother once lived. Which call police released a statement Monday saying in the boy's mother 36 year old Miranda Miller and her boyfriend forty year old Stephen vote nine. Being held on suspicion of felony murder and child abuse the expected to make the court appearance later this week. Miller was already in jail charged with aggravated interference with parental custody. On dying was also in jail charged with aggravated assault the landlord cleaning up a home alerted police after finding a suspicious concrete structure emitting an older. The boy is the grandson of former Wichita mayor and Kansas gubernatorial candidate Carl brewer. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. It's it's the most shocking allegation yet against Michigan congressman John Conyers Fox's comic Gotti reports a former employee of Conyers now accuses the Democrat of sliding his hand up her skirt and Robert replies while sitting next to him in the front row over church. Lies Grubbs works Conyers for over a decade. And is the cause and on another accuser married brown. Brown reached confidential settlement with Conyers over sexual harassment accusations. But broke confidentiality agreement to speak publicly last week. The new details emerged as Conyers is expected to speak on Detroit radio show today about his political future. The 88 year old returned to Detroit from Washington last week and was hospitalized after complaining of feeling like edit. Tom or Gotti Fox News. Again SS news time is 705. Coming up in sports. Soccer basketball team in action tonight at Coke Marino's Zuckerman ranked in the top ten will have a preview of that one. And we do have a house fire working right now in south which it solid traffic update to get you updated on that house fire coming up shortly. Kate and as as news time 705. And it's. Kagan says he's stymied 709 seed instead. A local couple is opening of fried pie shop in Park City first one in Kansas are about the mountain fried pies is set to open later this month. Owners turbine amber calendar purchased the franchise from the tropical location just south of the Oklahoma Kansas border. Fried pies have been or accountancy teen hundreds and were first serve to ranchers who worked in the field of Oklahoma is our local mountains. Not warning and that's what a good thing the plan is to stick to the original pie recipes customers will be able to choose who such delights is meat pies spinach in mushroom. Apple cherry lemon and numerous other mouth watering treats. Our local mountain fried pies will be located in Park City off by 35 NE 61 he wed Kate and SS news. A six year old skeptical letter to father Christmas is going viral. Fox's Chris and Goodman has more Sarah McKay and then took to Twitter to share of the note terse six year old son wrote Tuesday may the letter reads in part dear Santa I'm only doing this for the class I know you are not listed and T and your good list is empty your life it's anti you don't know the troubles I've had in my life goodbye. I'm not telling you mine main folks found the youngsters skepticism to be hilarious calling it priceless you know quickly became a top trending Twitter moment mom did or reassure folks of these so called trouble her son had is his brother jokingly adding don't call child services. Chris Zynga went Fox News. And as as news time 7-Eleven was even dead in the morning. What got attacked Gilligan Washington vehicle on the road implants are trying to get rid of that vehicle you know the way. Historically car accident K 96 of the north junction area. I was told we're prevent accidents. Reportedly truck stolen south Oliver. The owner of the truck left the vehicle running for body inside. Something. Someone took his vehicles and tools look back and do it themselves and look at where that house fires 17100 block of south water. And also which don't fire also in this incident comes from working on. Back yard par five and a block of north elder and SS traffic on Tony did say. Busy morning. Now let's take a look at that weather forecast here on Tuesday morning time to check in with TSA and channel three meteorologist. Katie western good morning Nadine. Though maybe. Did elegant eerie how are you today that. How are things today how lag it bent a little chilly out there just pulled it. Yeah I and we get do we get to look at it this is even though it did you know just a day go it was super warm when I walked out of the house now today's super cold. Yet it's only you know maybe 40 degrees colder this morning that it was captured. At. Is that your eagerness to tiny bit and there was a little bit of snow down near the border with a Oklahoma. At that like it may be a couple worries about space just to dry out by the but it didn't really reach the ground so no big concern there. Solid that we get we get this cold morning on the way it looks like we have a decent coming. Actually got to attack. At a meet our target as the mid vehicle that you yesterday it nonetheless are I would still be above normal for this diamond ear. As a delegate at about fifteen Wichita. What is sunshine but that we get to the afternoon. The only downside is that the winds will still be a little bit breezy today in the northwest like it'd when he sat bounced out and people do at the windshield today it will deathly still. Don't steal a little bit more like it should sport December. And as a even if it is 49 that winds out of the north still gonna buy me a little bit I bet you still want to count all trepidation that you that we need it. Is there is there any precipitation anywhere in the in the future for a us. It's just short answer fortunately I know we really need it right out of fire danger really high yet again for today. I think we're just gonna have to keep talking about that because we don't have eighty good bank of moisture anywhere in the forecast. All right thanks for the update have a great vacating. That's KS and meteorologist Katie western with us from channel 3 here this morning on Stevens said. On KNS as on this Tuesday morning it is 714 with Stephen Ted. I know Steve Macintosh I think he was intrigued by the story I think he sought yesterday more than 200 pounds of contraband baloney. But Loney was seized at the US Mexican border. The woman was driving into the US he initially told border officers that she was not carrying any fruits and vegetables meats or contraband. She apparently was lying. While young wedeman is baloney says they did an inspection well maybe in May be the only doesn't have any category C losses since she was carrying Mexican Bologna in her car. And officers found the meat under the floor mats. Yummy that was nice and rank. Well then yeah egos the border agents artwork and they got down in the business of finding 200 pounds of contraband. Mexican Maloney pounds. Hey yesterday we were talking about all the college football bowl games or 39. College football bowl games this season. And so a lot of teams involved. And there's a lot of corporations that sponsor those bull games and is there there's a lot of free stuff out there. It will be given to all the players and coaches and the players and a personal Shula the freebies yeah. So while we thought we take a look at K state. Is going to the cactus bowl in Phoenix on the day after Christmas and we took a look at the gifts that the K state and UCLA players and coaches will be receiving. For taking part in the cactus bowl such as everybody gets a yet he cooler and Tumblr it's nice to bat down a fossil watch. That's not bad man. And a owed yield back negative mobile or Odeo you know I have no I GI oh Seattle now there's a lot of names that's anymore I don't know how to announce a legendary hat. Capital L legend Ares I guess that's the name brand okay. GPL. Flip for speaker. That's that's a nice place there you go and a bow blanket. And a blanket does not even sponsored. And it's an Arizona it's a cactus bowl blanket and a he said it was Phoenix and illegal alien Phoenix okay I thought maybe be knee in needles. And there's era there's your gifts that the case state football players that we receiving. Some of the monument there was there was one organization ranked the best five balls for getting gifts they give packages they have. Coming in at number five the Fiesta Bowl Washington Penn State. They get a PlayStation PS four bundle fossil watch and that Odeo backpack well. But seal the Hawaii Bowl Fresno state Houston get an electronics gift suite and Oakley backpack in sunglasses now part of local story rich hard. Aloha shirt of beach towel pro athletic surf trunks performance T shirt while and their whole life and her outright. How about they Citrus Bowl Notre Dame and LSU in Orlando. 400 dollar best buy players shopping trip and timely watch company watch the tank. It's the mouth tightly. Now you know amateur athletics yeah but yet all these freebies go to these players because well you know back in the day they gotten a lot of trouble for giving away cars and given the player's cars and things. And of the peach bowl in Atlanta Auburn in Central Florida again they throw everybody gets a 300. Dollar Vanilla visa gift card by in com. Ultimate ears wonder boom Bluetooth speaker of fossil watch enough football. And a football. Suitable for framing. At the bottom of this list of rankings yes worst gift package. As the new era pinstripe bowl which is in New York City always said was a variety of new era products. Well maybe you're adding a ball cap isn't what an error if I ever gets a ball cap I guess okay good pinstripe bowl while yeah. There's your either your list oh gifts. That a plethora open to a college football players. Will be receiving money go to these bowl games later this month. It is 718 was steam instead on. Hate it as as. And as we continue here on Tuesday morning stimulus what's going on in the world of sports. And guess what we have soccer basketball tonight soccer men. Sixth ranked in the nation hosting new South Dakota State tonight at Coke arena shock jocks six and one and nineteen point favorite going into this one tonight. Mike Kennedy and Dave dole have live pregame coverage beginning at 6 o'clock game tip off at 7 o'clock. At Coke arena that's on 103 point seven KEY and a than after the game be sure to join saying Dennis and Jeff pollutes. And they will be taking your phone calls on a shocker locker room show broadcasting live at twin peaks in east which it's often when he first rock road. Enjoy the company saint Denis and Jeff leads after the game shocks taking on the Jack rabbits tonight it seemed it will shoot a lot of three pointers. Give more on that scouting report from soccer basketball coach Gregg Marshall. Well you have to make groups that they're gonna make some. You have to make him. Tough looks you have to make some tough attempts he can't he can't let it get their feet set and you play a horse game with these guys are trouble. Sox will try to. Keep my head of that and taking on South Dakota State tonight in the arena. The new rankings coming out yesterday Kansas still ranked number two in the nation in both the coaches and the Associated Press polls they used to hitting just 11 place votes. In the coaches poll. Shocker to move up a couple of spots ranked number six in the nation now up from eight in both polls doctors. Now ranked sixth in the nation. College basketball tonight for Kansas State the wildcats at 7 o'clock tip off and Reynolds Coliseum tonight hosting South Carolina upstate. The wildcats Kansas State 71 on the season going for the fourth win in a row tonight that 121. Straight nonconference games on home court. 7 o'clock tonight for the wildcats. We'll be talking pro football tonight on the and the weekly chiefs kingdom show at 7 o'clock tonight talking all things Kansas City Chiefs play by play voice the chief Schmidt told this. Crucial stretch coming up here for Casey would do division games that will likely decide whether or not they get in the playoffs Oakland on Sunday and then the chargers a week after that both home games. At Errol led. They'll discuss it tonight 7 o'clock and ceased being in show right here on your home with the chiefs 97 and thirteen 38 in this adds. We'll Monday Night Football action last night Pittsburgh Steelers going to look cold rainy Cincinnati beat the Bengals 23 to twenty with a fourth quarter comeback. And some playing time last night on the offensive line for the Steelers Vijay Finney former Kansas State wildcats. Part of the line only allowed one sack all night long. Against the Bengals Steelers get that win that's their seventh in a hero. Amble NBA action last night Boston Celtics. And home pick up another win beat the Milwaukee Bucks 111 to 100 coming up into the Celtics former Kansas jayhawk. Marcus Morris had six rebounds and three points. The Celtics are 25 games into the season. Record of 21 in four. Top record in the NBA is the Boston Celtics picked up yet another win. That's fortunate Stevenson in the morning right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K and yes yes. Featured David airport update on traffic and weathered the busy morning in traffic so far and that's. That issue with the editorial board of the Washington Post we'll find more about that on the Rush Limbaugh morning updates even dead in the morning 97. And thirteen 38 NM SS.