The Fruits Of The Vineyards

The Good Life
Saturday, January 20th

Debra & Guy go over some of the vineyards where Dutcher Crossing gets their grapes from.


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Since. After a welcome back to the deadlocked over it's just tune in every Saturday at noon to one but if you can't make it live. Streaming audio if you got a device with you and more importantly. Podcast after the flat. After the lack of a wash my mouth that morning and I can't do anything with a today Deborah Matthew with a issues the proprietors of doctor cross and one area beautiful dry creek valley. Oh lead that court here heard popping out is a killer 25 the conductor crossing Chardonnay from Costello vineyard. There's so many. You know that's why I'm doing this ABA class Deborah conservative vote Sonoma like Sonoma. And they don't have a clue until they start play in and learn all of the distinct areas that make. Just think of the dry creek valley. You know and and just in that. A VA right there's a lot tell us a little about Costello vineyard. All vineyard is now back actually but it was founded by. Christiane count the adult is actually. There was an. An Ohio boy. You'd. Poll I killed eight. Al of the elevation vineyard about 12150. Six acres. And because their name is and the vineyard or even more meticulous about it delivering green true for a very rot. Key. Of mines strap typically is tougher grower because that doesn't mean that you can get huge deal. And Carnegie is felt by as as a binary you the concentration. Net. Iraq exposure. Kids that fruit itself. It's quite a special tenured and we are the only ones on May continue doesn't it. Well I know that when I opened it. There was still little cold that came out of my bag with at chiller with it and and now that it's been in the glass and just. And and of course the first little ounce of that I took and and and polished off. Made it such that the lack of enjoy the aromas and that empty glass and it and it just maybe have the core war which of course I did. It's. It's one of my favorite one of them actually having a party today and that is certain import and her partner. Well you know it's got we. Citrus the lemon Ryan lemon. A little bit a minute rally in and it's got all this that you know all the things we love about charred and apparently apple and what was the oak tree and a didn't Holler all appreciate that. They're about 25. New sanctions in your email. And any of robbery rate true. You don't need to cover it up where at least weakness of of votes he can. Give it a little hot (%expletive) is like the perfect on these mean and need to let that ingredients. Different itself. So we don't we don't manipulate the stirred much due to the bare minimum it aloud from tissue itself. It's just the beauty. Upon it in the dry creek. If you ask. The average one consumer likes one and has been around campus for awhile. They would say it's Nintendo is very popular from dry creek. And it plays are really important role in your portfolio but I'm just look at here. This is. Many of these Rebecca care how many sharp as we can make five or. And make up for a course I've been in the vintage but not all come in 2017. Seventeen been picked apparently eat different to and now and how. A yeah and tablet of wine makers because they're. Small. And make their different wines they have now and 2017. I have eighty different. Small line that will be blended together to make certain lines. It just means that a lot of attention to each count but they're willing to put in the extra time to do act. You know not take the easy way out and despite being in math. Because it's easier to deal. Well you know. Alike said their lucky and I'm sure they know that I had so many that I could have broad. But you know that we've run out of time so let's talk about this that this 2015 berg is a very. Guess that the deal land is quite Andre. Moment. I panic actually lobbying right treat them a little bit more and. Well you know would you ask me. What sins I said Dominique Arnold or counties here foothills of and then at the dinner when I tried from your stuff and now when I just I just port a little bit of this 2015 edition. Of this in and it's just so. It's smells like. Being black berries and purple and it. They'll let me talk you talk so coming a little bit about the village it. It captivate do you live with the now but is trying to get that back in response to start drinking it. Is it in it will did not like she can out of it the vineyard is. Is those that terrain in and out now about ridge. And there are there isn't and now. The vineyard owners hired by the cane growers here. Paul bringing her to to farm and about missing your form so they did just peeled one time that so it has. 75%. To disfigured his plan to contend now. 10% to planted to keep Barack tempered and carrying on and 5%. And the arrow. So it is not a typical. Paid. Simple that it is is yes concentrated. Like eating jam it has so much as sophistication. And later became. The blunders that additional things that Bruntlett in the vineyard of the seats Iraq carrying on them Terrell. It is and a little bit and they lavender. And dried flowers can be useful by eight passes. And just layers and layers currently years. That you don't yet. And every single again and part of that is that the deal bland. Part of that is that cold fermented. In part of their this is instant winemakers. Were involved with the with the growers and make everything just spot on for each apartment. Gnome had been sniffing and snorting and Holden in my mouth and it's got beautiful lingering cannons and mouth trying. Black and imprudent. If that is of a as the big boy. It's a big boy might yet make guy. All from there it is so concentrated. The more you drink two more weeks ago and they actually having it ain't because it just. It just keeps giving me more and more and more can easily lines to keep giving you more more more like it. Which get on the first taste. He'll like it in went. But you know born. A freedom alcohol which we're not shy without but he can control alcohol. And and have it not be hot on the talent. The reason that the little hired out can we do leave it hanging. Longer on the line because. You have that the Euro and caring on. That chest right and so much. Slower than then and now so when you're dealing with a steal land. Now that helped write about but under rights movement is spot on. So it it hit. It's a tricky line. To figure out in the vineyard. But some might make one think it into the there. Well and some of those and that we enjoyed at the dinner testers. All distinctive showing that place of blues and took place in. And this certainly doesn't well and you know you're you're talking I'm trying to it is I said big and I didn't mean to imply. Up reasonably big because really what it is it's. When you swallow and you sit there and you. He keeps tape talking to you through your code. And him it made me think of Disco sound weird but think of the biggest slice of home made beautiful bread. Cut an inch thick. That you made French coast out of but you left everything sweet. So you just. You know it has art cream me. Letterman you that. Told embryo looks panic here her way out that would work. The gap when a beauty that. It have big line it's it's a bold line it it hits your ballot and it sent a notice of me did the very old line. You want to be used apron of the ten minutes. Absolutely because we gotta talk about with these are. I was. I was gonna open and when you're camps that I was so they've taken back by your fifties rock for good reason and we'll chat about that after this short break don't go way we still have a little bit time left. For food. Through the food line and fun with never met.