Gasoline prices trending down nationally

Steve & Ted
Monday, December 18th

Industry expert says gas demand usually lower in January.


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This distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. In the morning keep Macintosh head over to. While crews got a break from slightly calmer winds on the lines of enormous blaze. Threatening to Santa Barbara California. Much of the rest of Southern California was buffeted by powerful gusts. That increased in the wildfire risk but for every increase while fire's progress that is across the region. The National Weather Service forecast red flag conditions were extreme fire danger through last evening for Ventura and Los Angeles county. Some 8000 firefighters sort of. Floyd to the so called Thomas fire which still threatens 181000. Homes. Now look at the forecast with Cain SS staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can mornings and good morning looks like we have most of the week to enjoy with fairly mild weather but big changes are on the way by Friday we see some indications the possibility of light snow by this weekend patchy areas of fall this morning today's high near sixty and clear and 38 overnight Tuesday's high 59. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday Belfour in mist and 28 degrees near the southwest wind. At three miles per hour. A veteran democratic lawmaker is running for Kansas secretary of state next year. State senator Marci Francisco Lawrence has appointed a treasurer for her campaign so that she can legally accept contributions. The 67 year old Francisco is the second Democrat in the race the other seventeen year old high school senior Lucy state or a blow next up. Francisco was first elected to the senate in 2004. And has served on its elections committee in the past she is a former Lawrence mayor. Kansas State representative Scott Schwab and keep costs two of a waste are seeking the Republican nomination along with state GOP chairman Kelly Arnold. And coming Crisco block is running for governor. Ronnie Price K in SS news and northeast Kansas man is spreading holiday cheer by giving free Christmas tree to people who need. The Saint Joseph, Missouri news press reports that Rex Powell is inviting people onto his land about ten miles southwest of Lawrence to pick out the perfect tree. Visitors can then chop down the tree themselves and bring it home free of charge. Powell who has lived a Bertans hollow for decades the retired science teacher lives there with his wife and three cats he was a teacher for nearly three decades. Powell says he wants to share nature with those who visit his property. Paulus encouraging people to donate a small sum to a local animal shelter where he got his recaps. Phil Noble brand K and SS news. Arizona Senator John McCain will be spending some time back home and he will miss an important. Tax vote this week Fox's chat program on Capitol Hill. They're McCain is now in Arizona where he will undergo physical therapy rehabilitation. At the Mayo Clinic there he's not going to be brought in Washington this week. There are at least two if not more big vote coming up including the vote Tuesday or Wednesday for tax reform. Now fox is told by multiple sources that regardless of McCain's present or not they should be able to pass the tax bill whether either they're not going forward or get. More good news that the gas pump for drivers. Gas prices keep falling. 103 cents over the past two weeks to 251. Their regular and it's been a dying decline over one month. And industry analyst Shelby Lundberg sees even more savings down the road. US refiners have been using their capacity of very high rates. And stocks are very very plentiful. And where also entering the lowest demand months for gas the end of January. According to the Lundberg survey San Francisco has the highest price in the continental US at 322 per gallon Jackson Mississippi has the lowest at 214. Steve Rappaport Fox News. The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers and tax professionals of a new email scam targeting Hotmail users. Michael DeVine is with the IRS. Email reads Internal Revenue Service email number and has strict number canisters were processing your request soon and then and has more information what are tries to get you to do is to log in to a fake Microsoft page and then and ask for your personal financial information. The IRS has received about 900 complaints on this particular scam. Anyone receiving such an email should forward it to fishing nets PH IS HI NG at IRS dot governor and delete the email. And is this due to announce 6:33 Stevenson in the morning here on a Monday morning December 18. Seven shopping days left till Christmas and know that it has all of news Chris missed. Purchase food purchases I wish under control not economy's semi panic mode now least he has thought about I have I thought about it I still got three more I had. Made no progress over the week I did not either. In get shopper much. So Leo. We'll keep you posted I'm sure we'll do well we'll be finding I guess now I'm economic crunch time here. It's a joint so big you'd be left puffing along after you pass it. Some marijuana in various enthusiasts in Massachusetts have rolled a 100 foot long joint. The effort to make the Jumbo joint was led by Boston based marijuana advocacy group Beantown greens down. The giant to done Jana. Was on display in Worcester Massachusetts Saturday as you can imagine the sizable. Split and spoke off a lot of attention people wrong to take selfish with the the telegram and gazette says one woman asked the one question seemingly on everybody's mind. When are you going to like him are now. Short answer no time soon what good does that do on it it's not get them. Last year the state of Massachusetts voted to legalize the possession and use of pot. And the commission is now writing rules on how it should be sold in news. So you just can't legalize marijuana helpers are just brought out there for anybody to use anyway they want to write to. They have some rules regulations Luke and when you sell at somebody's got to make some money and then he attacks. Enough to pay the tax on all these state governments are finding out how we get lost tax revenue from us our. Community 10 this morning Chris this year city manager Robert Leighton will be Wallace will missed them a little bit about Christmas. What Christmas means to him AB SU but they're Christmas songs and be an A ten is going to be fun. Really that every day this week tomorrow Gupta. Wichita. Knew its new my energy. Tammy still is gonna be with a very nice about that. And had her honesty it is that we have on occasions when she was out a house fire building fire and if and you making capacity but it. Tomorrow tomorrow it's going to be for fun today it's going to be Arafat be listening in the 8 o'clock hour of these morning. Also 7:35 this morning at mayor Jeff Longwell. Mondays with the mayor yes tomorrow. The City Council and its in the research community and it looks like you're going to be taking up that fireworks ordinance again. It out right before Christmas for Christmas and there could be some fireworks with the fireworks or maybe. Of people who don't want it to people who don't want it and then it could be fun. Are interesting weekend day yesterday court we have bull. But rain in my area of town have a huge tip that doesn't Helio as much and the overnight hours a little moisture on the street the water in the old gutter out there so. Saturday night we did something my family that we were trying to make it at a traditions become hard to do. With you know my son being in Germany for couple three years but death. Well we did we got everybody together except the only two kids in my oldest grandsons didn't make it this year. That all eighteen years old you know on the head of the things you wanted to do. But the rest of us got together we went out to women dinners a family. That's of boots Italian restaurant people who you know Pete's. Our advertisers say the support Aristide into it she'll saw Pete in the back there's a loading and the we had like twelve people in our party and had a great meal then we headed down below the nation's. After a little late but we're able to see just about everything you wanted to see I think in a Marty Miller of course is the director of Britannia. I handle trouble finding my wheelchair you lined up for Shelley. Hop that I finally got a hold of Marty inning get to dot the red tape cut the very very anyway so we enjoyed data we were there. They get most everything's Selena. And an almost suddenly came in they stayed open later than that the easy you know of an 830. And they cameras at last call for the bus if it's close to remove camera on the bus to go back toward the place where we're apart at any rate he's going to. Eliminations Jessica great weather and always had super whether talked to hardy I much got Johnny said that this weather holds up. This could be like the record year. And I made I nice surprise in a few 100000 visitors are now. That's incredible and on a bus over to one conversation and people were talking about the fact they had to get back to lions. Saturday night. Now that's that's interesting to out of town is yet from all over the through this part of the state Kevin in to see eliminate costs become it's become an attraction and the lights. There's you know others. Refreshments there was dancing music. It was fun play at seven tonight which. Elimination civil and goes until. Christmas Eve gather aren't right up right up until now a new record Steve new years he goes yeah years via object. Also up and aim at this week notable both for Christmas season this slowdown in New Year's team next. Now last Friday I was that it is Taco Bell a killer in agreement throw it out here on the east side. For a talk about Christmas can yeah how'd that go anyway now 88 dollars still woman who came to an abandoned she was. Over till it's very nice. Disciplined orderly Taco Bell every Internet get an early coming up Friday. Around than an hour and there are always fun because we just stood at random pick reassembling given 98 bucks cash. And peace prize that may not selling a lot of money but to appeal he has pay a little by something you know Christmas gift to do something that would. Taco Bell another year of Chris. This cash dividend joining and I did cast him away for camp may show I'm on Friday as well on. And how my winner was a young woman named Bailey and ceases. Well I thought I was hungry for a hamburger than at the last minute I pulled and it's not a well today your lucky day made the right call after that it. Yes he was pretty happy about that hell that I at 638 now was Stephen did and time for our two units as commodities update. Mr. Tom left or left or commodities according Tom. Good morning Steve. A Friday to tell complexities penetrating the Steelers traded near the low end of the week by in the final thirty minutes of trading produced a lot of cattle and appeared in the triple digit gains. Cash cattle trade and Pete York last week was mostly at 120 dollar about futures also traded mixed Friday include positive on late buying. Paperwork cattle try to close the dollar 87 I wonder what we want to impede champions about coming up hire 14775. Instead we know I recently hired 6852. Early upside target for the Greg stern and mostly negative closes stay in the week. But it'll BA coach for the record November level at 463 point 55 million bushels. Look awful wheat corn and soybean exports over mailed on Monday. For the week the marquee Q we will lead changed January being lost 23. That large corner lot of nickel for the week. At the moment mark Casey week for the quarter cent higher four point one and three quarters march corn up a three quarters of a penny at 348 and a quarter. Can be in the quarter iron 969 and amp. February crude oil was more than 22 cents higher 5755. They've gone overboard dollars and twenty cents at 1216170. Market simply not and three quarter points 12691. And three quarter. The march dollar index implicate three cents at 9323. In March there that the Jones feature the ball drop at under 57 point. 2400834. A commodity trading like marketing advisor contact or for commodity on the over on the web by using paid sick sick go to Utah. Did you say that you say that Dow futures up a 150 point to sport and. Doubt it's just unbelievable we're just try to put underneath fortified failed. Last night interesting interesting time the stock market no doubt about. Has reached at least. Yet what's it's looking good hey you I did your wife tell yet. That you ran into but mild monolith in Meehan granddaughter to nifty no announced. Yet. He would you know you lose the season there was some lady and just energy for teacher just all the chocolate she could barely talk. Lucas and all you lonely board listened. Lady who are you the meant those it's Tom leopard once all okay finds it. Yes you look like chipmunk dinner. It was it was pretty was it in just during the early ten battery life and shared with high hopes he got something for you for Christmas idol and that I don't know I got an eternal did you since could have had been brutal years. Yeah inspects he gets loose Billings a it. Could affect us both to the dentist my own blood. Available always you can bet I got to go to the white people. Get well. I think it's around 641 now always beat a dead. Notably got done grant CFP. The money tracker he's as colder weather aren't taking over. I grand prize Steven did in the morning on Kate in SS. But fears of Christmas to plug my.