Gator delay at Orlando International Airport

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 12th
Flight delayed 5 minutes while gator crosses the runway.

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Think everybody's seen Macintosh Ted good word here this Tuesday morning. Police have released to more information net remand was stabbed to death Friday night in southeast Wichita dear Harry and George Washington boulevard. Here's police officer Charlie Davidson. The victim of and homicide there occurred in the 16100 block. Eerie is that again fighters LeRoy Hudson. The 68 year old male of Wichita. Again I was at Torrey first homicide of 2008. Seen a 53 year old man was arrested Saturday more 127 street south and McClain and was booked into jail for charges of murder and auto theft. Police worked only fourteen cases during river fest in downtown which it's on the early to arrest at the event during the nine days. One arrest came during the week state agents from alcohol beverage control arrested a minor in possession of alcohol and for obstruction. Officer Davidson says the other arrest came on Saturday night. 36 year old male was arrested. At the end of the river crests. As crowds were dispersing. It was a Reston area 300 west Douglas. 36 year old male slapping mounted unit force on the nose. And was arrested and booked into jail for battery of a police and. There were 41 calls for EMS during the river fest resulting in eleven transports for further medical care. McPherson police are investigating a fatal shooting it Monday morning in the 400 block of Daniel's draw. Police responded to a report of gunshots they found a man with several gunshot wounds in the mustang mobile park. Kansas bureau of investigation and McPherson police department are investigating. The state objections board has ruled how the names of the fourth district Republican primary candidates appear on the ballot. Both parties strongly suspect that it was no accident that two candidates with these same first and last name are running against each other in the congressional primary. But a state board on Monday faced its own challenge. How should balance differentiate between the two Wichita man. Republican voters in the fourth district are now set to choose August 7 between representative Ron Estes the incumbent. And Ron him Estes the challenger. The Kansas secretary of State's office devised Phyllis dean after rod in Estes filed a challenge that freshman congressman and the GOP primary. The all GOP three never stayed objections board led by secretary of state Crisco mock concluded that using a middle initial to distinguish the candidates on the primary ballots still might prove too confusing for voters. Ronnie Price KN OSS news. Larry Kudlow president Donald Trump's top economic advisors suffered a very mild heart attack and was being treated at a military hospital the White House said. Of those in good condition at Walter Reed national military medical center in Bethesda Maryland. Fifteen years in prison for a man from upstate New York who authorities say traveled to Turkey to join. Ices Arafat Knology claimed his goal was to provide humanitarian aid but the judge said he had a hard time believing it after looking at nineties violent social media palace assistant US attorney Timothy lynch said non Q blog body armor and other tactical gear and reached out to a member of Malacca wanna fix a group of men from Buffalo, New York or not he lives who went to prison for providing material support of al-Qaeda for advice on what to pack for the Middle East not these lawyers saying not d.s judgment has been clouded by too much medication and he sort of mortified by the some of his social media post's Lisa Ellison arraf. Fox News now the forecast was Kahan is a step meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dana good morning cloud cover will gradually be on its way out here early on it we could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm popped up just about anywhere later on this afternoon it as a frontal boundary will be right across the south central part of Kansas today's high in night before rain and thunderstorm chances grew up overnight Saarloos 71 that scattered storms early on Wednesday with a high 86. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holiday Bowl. The cloudy 79 degrees we have a southeast winds at seven miles per hour at 736 now Steven dead. Another hot day for which to on central Kansas Monday high temperature yesterday 98 degrees. Normal high for the date 85. Speed early this morning. Here they came you could see them on the radar at least thunder showers heading right towards Wichita from the northeast. Moving done northwest moving to the southeast and we are right line of fire. Severe thunderstorm warning for Harvey in Reno counties and to rewrite that right away but all of a sudden it's. It all went right Iraq and what's at that and legality. And then moved out of the southeast and animal hole into all accounts whale sound is weird is really the way they moved announces of these these showers are now south east have been indecent art Kansas City. Coffee bills get rained at that right now it's all moving down into the north east corner of Oklahoma Tulsa. Is getting good drenching this morning that that's what happened earlier this morning global as a severe stuff in Harbin arena just a severe thunderstorm warning. And why what was bad was it to detail and AO is I don't gather it was one detail report also wanted hail hail a lot of them up by actions and actually cells are reduced to hit just like a down by about my arch and other Rodney price was in with a supersede those news and this year. And T and assessed knows a lot about whether dated on TV whether for a long time and he was he was watching it forced into exile okay now. It's nice to have an expert on you know. Today is June 12 what the eighteen on this date in 1994. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were slashed to death outside her Los Angeles home PGA's OJ Simpson. Later acquitted of the killings of the criminal trial that was eventually held liable in the civil action. Explain that to different juries. In two different presentation. Did you watch that trial would you monitor that trial what was going on moral. I did I I was unlike most Americans yeah didn't. I have the where I was working I was got catalyst giving an art get away from it every day I was listen to lose it and watch everywhere and did to me. That that prosecution that was so inept it was under real. I mean they would go on that DNA evidence and make it so confusing note and I know that what happened in that trial ladies and gentlemen very simply isn't jurors got angry. At the prosecution for just wasting. I think that's what happened and they should put his neck with a and then to put the gloves on the and they don't fit know that but anyway that was in 1994 and not I was in high school back then. This Coolidge used to actually dragon that TVs from the AV room into the lunchroom. So that we can watch that trial. While we're eating lunch I think any idiot attorney anybody studying law they should be make this make him sit and watch that to say this is how you do not. Present a trial. Or a case I think you just it was all fall. They confuse people they'd they'd let the ad judgments you know he everything you'd ever polka doing you know. He was dead Ito was nobody helping these just by opinions but this and it should have been convicted. The Yelp of blood evidence was there everything was there he should have been convicted ease remember. I was with a few guys we are heading down boot. Taxes to see you're Rangers game yeah and error reading the blurb in the newspaper about the murders. Bizarre. Oh days and ex wife got. That killed then of course all. Snowballed from there from there. Hey you know when we talk about flight delays in our airports around American youth it's a units of whether or maybe you media. Something's going on but usually the weather OK but. Not this time it was an alligator tank as a naval RD this is an Orlando says his plane had just landed. At the Orlando international airport Monday when he spotted a large reptiles casual lumbering across the tarmac. Toward upon the people to detail just a Gator cross the arm. Accident did second video on FaceBook. But what he says the Spirit Airlines flight had to wait about five minutes before it could taxi to the gates. He says an airport truck arrived at the pond to make sure the gala Gator. Didn't return to the taxiway that's in Orlando Florida. Probably weary your flight president well we were delayed by an alligator ought come on really. Yes. I'm. Now why that cannot be the first time that has happened at a Florida airport. I'd imagine that something happens to those guys you know those gators get out there a model for Louisiana. And those fortunate they haven't cause somebody just get opera in Macon and you know on a he has a crash of some sort. 740 now it's even Ted quick personal load. About a gentleman whose pass to wait and Arizona following Marc Webb bit. Has died at the age of 83 and Saddle Brook Arizona mark. Was an educator in Wichita for 33 years he was coach principal athletic director. An administrator he put one time was played second base for the which dusty university baseball team. And when I was at West High School our senior year he came in as a new athletic director. And he was just impressed me is a terrific guy. He was friendly he was indeed you know to a democratic. He didn't policy making sort beaters with a whip and and that was kind of nice that the market is it a genuinely nice man. And I know he made a lot of friends. Here in Wichita and during his career he is passed away at the age of 83 in Arizona. Marc Webb the athletic director of which dollars and that he was a principal all kinds of but you know you run into the good guys like that the educators. When you're when you're going to school in the Indy every now and then if you. There are not that teachers are all numb skulls but again and just find it couple that are just special in some way. I think mark at a gift again are locked in in with kids and he was he was he did really well in that set. 742. Now Stephen tested. We've got friends who built Royce. For the which is a business trip coming up which taught needs to take bold steps. Bill's gonna tell us about today is coming up Stevens had the morning on CNN cents.