A gender swapped version of "It's a Wonderful Life"

Steve & Ted
Monday, December 11th

Ted tells us all about a Christmas movie that did not become a classic.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KS AS which it talks number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Thirty navigators at sporting news even did feedback can talk Ted Woodward. Police say the pipe bomb explosion inside the New York City Subway happening and underground passageway between seventh and eighth avenue on 42 street. Emotion filled the passageways with smoke shrouded with throngs of Monday morning commuters. A law enforcement official tells the Associated Press a man had a pipe bombs strapped to him and it went off. The official spoke on condition of anonymity not authorized to speak on the incidents person was arrested. Has nonlife threatening injuries another person on the platform sustained nonlife threatening injuries. The Port Authority bus terminal the nation's largest bus hub was shut down along with the eight subway lines and all streets around Times Square. Firefighters are still trying to gain the upper hand on southern California's largest and most destructive wildfire. The Thomas fire burning near Santa Barbara and Los Padres National Forest Bill Murphy. Is cal fire's public information officer on that incidents. It's clear that this is a very long. Challenging dynamic incident so we continue to ask the public to pay attention to the dealers and others they receive. The Thomas fire spans some 173000. Acres and has engaged more than 4000 firefighters and staff. Now the forecast with K and us as stamping your own just stand holidays good morning Dan this morning a cold front is making its way into south central Kansas behind that system very strong west to northwest winds will gust up to forty miles per hour. And as dry as we are the fire danger or threat is extremely high it's hard to mature in the mid fifties by noontime low sixties this afternoon and a clear win the and 29 tonight. 51 Tuesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy northwest went to twelve miles per hour and 45 degrees. One man is dead after a single vehicle crash in rush county in western Kansas sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning. Kansas Highway Patrol reports 51 year old Darren Stiles of Hayes was traveling on K for east of lacrosse when he hit a gravel shoulder and over corrected. The pick up truck he was driving standards ditch overturned in field ended up on the passenger side Stiles was ejected from the truck the exact time of the crash unknown. A Kansas legislative task force on child welfare is meeting this week for the first time. Since a new top administrator took over the state agency it is examining the child welfare task force is scheduled to have a day long meeting Tuesday at the Statehouse. And to discuss a preliminary report for lawmakers on its findings. Its members include Gina Maier home all of Florence she was director of children's shelter until she was named last month as secretary of the department for children and families. Meyer Hammel has replaced former secretary Phyllis Gilmore who retired December 1. Among other things the task force has been examining problems with the State's Foster care system for abused and neglected children. Some legislators had been calling on Gilmore to resign when she retired. Ronnie Price KE NSS news the university of Kansas State got a total of 395000. Dollars to settle lawsuits by two former rowers. Who said the school did not respond properly to their reports of being sexually assaulted on campus. The Kansas City Star reports that the university admits no liability and agreeing to pay former rower daisy attracted 245000. Dollars and former roar Sarah McClure 150000. Dollars. Packard reported a Kansas football player raped her in 2014. And McClure allege she was assaulted by the same man a year later. The women claimed the school violated title nine because officials should have anticipated it heightened risk of sexual assaults at the apartments were football players live. The Associated Press generally doesn't identify victims of alleged sexual assault. Attack and and McClure have both said they want their names used Phil Noble brand Kagan SS news. The American ambassador to the United Nations says regardless of what the world thinks the president's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital will stand. UN ambassador Nikki Haley says president trumps declaration on Jerusalem was more than two decades overdue. Residents bush Clinton and Obama. All said they were for but never did a thing about it this president said it's time. But on FOX News Sunday Haley said the backlash has been shocking the US though intends to stand firm we have the right to do whatever we want. And terms of where we put our embassies we don't need other countries telling us what's right or wrong but opposition to the declaration is evident with the Arab nations speaking out and Palestinian President Abbas canceling a scheduled meeting with vice president Mike Pence. Colonel Scott Fox News. A group of lawmakers gets to work this week tasked with hammering out differences and a pair of Republican tax bills the first open meeting in the house senate conference is set for Wednesday afternoon house and senate negotiators must blend each Chamber's tax bills with key differences over the number of tax brackets deductions and healthcare law provisions. Republican leaders when a final version passed by Christmas. But with narrow Republican majorities subtle details could become game changer with key lawmakers in the house and senate. Looking for their request to be answered. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News Guinness us news and 8:34. Steve into the morning. And that means it's time for the blur entertainment news with Ted Woodward. Here we go family animated film still attracting moviegoers. But hey film buffs are getting ready to be overtaken by the force. Com Mike Kantor it was another big week for Disney Pixar animated feature Coco is the film took the top spot at the box office for the third consecutive week. Taking second place was DC superhero flick Justice League yeah. Far away. It's already here passing the 200 million dollar mark domestically faster than a speeding bullets. Moviegoers now eagerly awaiting the chance to see the latest installment of the Star Wars saga has the last gen I premiered Saturday night. The last tonight features old favorites in new characters alike can assure to have die hard fans on the edge of their seat. That's fox on film so it's. We are only four days away let's go a little bit more in depth look cast of the new Star Wars movies. As anticipation builds for the blockbuster franchise phenomenon continuation. The last Jad I see day after actor John boy ate up first father's army he had this is today. Historians say theoretically start I by the way what should the first time last night. Some recovering right now I did this a normal mine down below questions it was an experience. Laura Dern and Oscar Isaak had a similar reaction it's incredible. News is we saw last oh for the first time. Love this knee for a DV Ridley it seems the scale of this whole adventure is still thinking end. That's only just come how come we wish I had to ask those unsafe you know I was feeling sad type of way because suddenly I was in a film that was every right. And both say it eats. I'm 25 what do we do to someone honestly think I did it and the like I'm still alive. Actually to mark end Fox News. Nominations for the Golden Globes are going to be announced today. The 75 Golden Globes nominations are due to be revealed today and there are already several possible front runners. Movies that could be nominated include Dunkirk three billboards outside of in Missouri the post and the big sick. TV shows among the possibilities for the honor include the hand maid's tale this is us game of drones and big little lies. Actors who could be recognized for their film work includes Tom Hanks Christian Bale and could mail non G Johnny. Actresses getting buzz for possible nods include Jessica chest pain Merrill's street and Margot Robbie. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association votes on the Golden Globes which will be handed out on January 7 Kanye Jack powers Fox News. And take a look at some movie anniversaries today we're going to start by flashing back 25 years ago today Steve the release in Wichita movie theaters of the Muppet Christmas Carol. As you see the Muppet Christmas I'm afraid I have to bring it actually very well done. Most of the characters are Muppets. Scrooge is played by Michael Cain. On yeah it's it's a very well done you play it straight they really don't play it too much for over the top comedy and it's very it's very interest in the kids get it yeah. You got the great gonzo is the narrator staller and Waldorf as Marlys goes. Kermit is Bob scratch it of course he's got that speaker has one of the charity collectors TV. Now. Ozzie various quasi wig. I do it right now Miss Piggy is Emily tragic thing. Sam the eagle as the school master animal is at the Fuzzy league party as is the Swedish yet. The Muppet Christmas care about it ticket out of it rained it. Came up 25 years ago today. Movies dedicated to the memory of Muppets creator Jim Henson died during pre agreement and a also 25 years ago on this day movie called a few good men came out in movie theaters that one. Tom Cruise Jack Nicholson Demi Moore. Directed by Rob Reiner screenplay by Alan Sorkin. You want answers I got a title yeah lot. I. Can handle the truth. Of the big box opposite nominated for multiple awards. A few good men. With the end of the conflict. Now let's go back to look we flash back. I'm sixty years ago on this the sixth out movie came out which I'm movie theaters Peyton Place. In this movie. Huge soap opera yes drama. Big deal at that exposes of the residents of a small fix all the downtown everything appears to be normal however however there is scandal homicide suicide incest. And tons of moral hypocrisy Toya and everybody's that we loved it yeah all right let's. It's pretty good stuff yeah became the second highest grossing film of the year behind only bridge on the river line now. I'm at the film was doing okay the movie theaters and then doing all right in men that Lana Turner's daughter killed her mothers have a whole yeah. Now mobster. And movie editor depress you Alan turner was the star Peyton Place the press coverage of the investigation. Boosted ticket sales for the movie by 32%. I'll. They'll eventually grossed more than 25 million dollars. In a big deal in those days it probably didn't cost that much to make it feel. Now was it like a soap opera yeah yeah. And they feel the main. So it's a world premiere was sixty years ago today in Camden Maine. The film received nine Oscar nominations how many wins it again. Then that's correct. Went all for nine. Which at that time tied a record that hasn't been broken but the gap did not win any Oscars got lot of nominations announced their ego that was sixty years ago today. Eagle finish with this one. Forty years ago on this night on ABC. They showed home made for TV movie called it happened one Christmas. What the deal as of this snow. This is the gender bending remake of it's a wonderful life okay. Marleau Thomas. In the George Bailey role ice in her husband was Wayne Rogers from mash. Orson Welles played mr. potter. Cloris Leachman as Clara the Angel. Lara OK. And Christopher S. Harry Bailey. Yeah. Now the time yeah we'll be big deal that they were. Gender bent down into Minnesota daily at a feed gas at a turning the characters on there here right. Plus. This was broadcast at a time when it's a wonderful life was hardly ever on television we yeah many viewers were unfamiliar that this is a remake. I'm an older movie. However looked at a couple of years. It's wonderful life started showing up on television and it took over and now the remake it happened one Christmas is rarely ever seen him. It's never been issued on dvd. I got to see him problem in does not on very often very very rarely and it wasn't very good reaction was mixed at best. The original is such a class. App and one person that's forty years ago tonight on ABC. My wife is from Netflix the other man found a lot of work while the I've found a few minutes the Saturday morning at Theo was and I found a mystery science theater three sells well and his. I laughed I had not left out a lap down at TV it's pretty. That that they're pretty clever Stanley if it's pretty good stuff entertainment and reasonable are brought to you are good friends at pizza John did and they're open for another week of great. Serving up pizza you bet Monday through Saturday 11 AM 10 PM right there at 208 south Baltimore in derby. 43 Stephen did keep an airport manager bill wall it would stop business as well some engine problems for the Boeing dreamliner. Seated at the morning on Kate and assessed.