"Generation Z" hits the workforce

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Thursday, November 9th
Special Guest: Workplace Culture Specialist Bobby Albert

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 7 o'clock this is a pianist or sporting news this season Ted thanks Steve Macintosh. Wichita police using cameras for public safety and traffic control. We've got the story of harassment but made it an unfounded email threat against Pratt school find Dan O'Neill. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a cold front is headed our way that will slide through south central Kansas this afternoon how much will that change or whether. Our forecast is coming up. One person was injured after being struck by a vehicle in northeast Wichita Wednesday night in the 19100 block of votes Bruce. A police spokesman says there was a disturbance between the pedestrian and the driver who was telling a vehicle with a pedestrian was struck. Police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation no arrests have been made the pedestrian was listed in critical but stable condition following the incident. The superintendent of prep school says a suspect has been arrested after the district received a threatening. Email. The email was received Monday by several administrators and staff. Both threat prompted the district to cancel classes on Tuesday. Police and staff searched the district buildings Tuesday and found that the district was safe and classes resumed on Wednesday. Superintendent Susan Patton said in a note to parents background police told the district Wednesday. Net developments led to an arrest in the case but no further details have been released. The case remains under investigation. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. Since October 1 Wichita police have been using cameras for public safety to raise awareness of police presence and to assist in traffic control. Sergeant Kelly O'Brien says currently. There are only using the cams into our periods and in different areas. On the eighteenth of October. We get to our assignment. I'm from one to 3 PM and 5053. Violations were witnessed. And fifty citations were. The issue sergeant Brian says the cameras are monitored by police officers are on light to work status in a room in City Hall. Currently there are 97 cameras around Wichita. President truck is in China having talks with president she Jing ping. After the command spoke trump says they've agreed to work together to combat North Korea's nuclear ambitions. President trump also calling on Russia and the rest of the international community to put pressure on the regime of Kim Jong-un the to drop his nuclear ambitions. Together we have in our power to finally liberate. This region. And the world from this. Very serious nuclear. Menace. But it will require collective action collective strength and collective devotion. To winning the peace. Vice president Mike tens joined other top administration officials and a visit to Sutherland springs Texas the vice president reminding the crowd that Americans will always rise up in the face of adversity no act of violence will ever break our spirit. Or diminish the faith of the American people he also spoke of the power of faith faith is now and always has been our source of strength and the summit of our national life and when the faithful return to church it will be a special Sunday thanks to a proclamation by governor Greg Abbott. It day Embraer. Across the entire stood at Texas. As well you're not as one state. The two men who chased gunman Devin Kelly away received a standing ovation. Steve Rappaport Fox News in assist used I know settle for. Portland spent 7 o'clock. And we've got some letters of national letters of intent signed for which the state men's basketball we'll talk about those that are coming to Wichita. Kennebunkport. A Florida couple is in trouble with the law for allegedly faking it a crime much. That story coming up on the K and us this morning news was even dead. It became an assist morning news or Stephenson announced 707. 7 minutes at 7 o'clock on Thursday morning November night. We've gun control once again at the forefront of the conversation across the United States following the mass shooting of churchgoers at Texas. US senator Jerry Moran clarified his position on the issue. In an interview with a Kansas information network. I think we start with enforcing the law making certain that the law. Currently on the books is enforced we saw this in Los Vegas where by the use of the device you can take it gun and turn it into a different kind of weapon that's already illegal and so full enforcement of current law would be a place to start. The Kansas Republican also says properly treating mental health issues should be an important part of combating mass shootings like the one Sunday. Former democratic national committee chair Donna Brazile is producing some fractures in her party with her new memoir. Brazil put it into an appearance with Fox's Tucker Carlson. Former DNC chair Donna Brazile describing her book hacks as a forensic examination of the failures of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. And she tells boxes Tucker Carlson. She got treated badly by Clinton Campaign manager Robbie milk condescending dismissive but those are the words I've characterized and a book she blamed a generational gap between her and mode saying she uses old school political techniques like knocking on doors. Well mode does algorithms. Moved told CNN he doesn't recognize the campaign Brazil describes in her book to that Brazil says. Those who are upset are not. Capable of stomach in my book built right elbow in Washington Jill NATO Fox News. A Florida couple in trouble with the law after police say they faked a crime authorities in Florida say a couple staged a home invasion in shooting as part of an elaborate scheme to collect insurance money 36 year old Lindsey Pelton and 35 drug dog picks at a chart with providing false information police say they told them to man entered their home October 26 and shot takes data in the leg and pelted in the armed and it will be didn't seem like Belushi county sheriff Mike Chitwood who sent they smelled bleach and found dried blood in the homes -- rocked the couple has been released on bond Lisa Alyssa arraf Fox News. Gay and assist used I'm now 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock. And this morning in the gasoline prices here in Wichita area seeing gasoline prices. Now a lot of them are still around 234. A gallon responded that are out there. 232 maple and west. 233 is Bonnie and meridian traffic updates on Kate and answer as radio on gas chambers of the K as sand storm tracker three forecast. But Kansas today meteorologist Lee Huntsman in the. Good morning Leon. Good morning but right now we had some calls here yesterday afternoon people were in a panic. What do you know what that big yellow thing was up there in the sky high note as large or war it was an orbit yes. It'll as it appeared people that know what to do that that that there was an invasion no I mean yesterday. We hit them or 53 degrees with a sign out politely and it felt. War and lovely. And we get to do it again today I think I hope of a mile a minute I hope they are all. In our forecast that. I think we'll skillet or I mean little cloud everyday cold front comes through the front in which god south central Kansas not much impact will be intimate get you this after. Afternoon sun stays out the win state fairly light I think he's going to be a real couple afternoon very much like oh we had yesterday. Up. It's announced itself pretty good to me I did get out for a run yesterday. When it was very very pleasant. You create your every year breaking down the street to Riverside that's can Purcell a and yes. And this it's that it's highly personal patient make up for a moment that makes you stop and these you should teach your words but the exactly should really take their right to run off your teleprompter did it. The problem that Morse would you give a decent music cold front companies and and yet. Tomorrow's temperatures going to be the same highs today sort chemical well temple article. Is out I'll. The northern part of the state gives them they about probably about a ten degree drop this afternoon but by the time they get here at upset between this time that we pick up which it if we were not for the probably would warm up in the that's probably the that low and mid sixties tomorrow with the price just gonna keep it flat so I think we'll stay at mid fifties and into tomorrow. You talk about lower lower to mid sixties and about what normal high for this time of year. Normal I would be out right around sixty degrees so we're slightly below not next week my friend we should start to get back in and it easily arranged in the low and mid sixties so we're gonna struggle a little bit yeah the weekend. It is part of the transition time we have this milder or warmer air coming up. It polite colder we've got and what it will have a lot more cloud cover over the weekend so veterans day looks a little on the cloudy side. Might even get a little missed Saturday night in the Sunday morning first part of the day. All right Leo thank you. Project drill there via K isn't storm trackers are forecast for Kansas City meteorologist. Leon Smith the man he said yesterday's high 53. Normal high sixty right now clears guy thirty degrees Coca-Cola. There and call my. No wind this morning. 712 that was Stephen Ted in the morning workplace Beers will GNZEB. Hardest generation to manage a let's talk about debt this morning with workplace. Culture specialist Bobby Albert to boarding Bobby nice to have you with us. Are. You owe it we talk about generation Z exactly who are urged the people and generation Z. Well. They're the ones that will form between the mid that he's in the year 2000. And so they. They're the ones that are G now container any. You know the war wars. But you don't today. Is we live. And the where voters it separating new war flights and what what I'm talking about you get these boomers all Juanita. And and millennial on the other Guillen and the only the older ones that are brought Kurt you know we're directly. And the and you get the generational. Cities that are gist of inching into the workplace. At one of the things in this great new workplace. Is the war be. Change. Occuring due to technology. In one thing that they eat that millennial. Bring into the workplace and especially that generation the as they began to come into the workplace. Degeneration they eat there while you're at college. So. The inquiry into the workplace. Deals. Complement the ways of doing things and did their part ideas. What can be. That it really helped there will worse if there or world embrace him engaged in the. Yet they demand is gonna have to be open minded about their stuff because I and I understand exactly what you're talking about I'm a I'm a bit I'm a boomer. And Mike to I've got two grandsons now. Who are just starting to enter the workplace. And I don't bringing a lot of they're both they're working in retail so it's little bit different. And yet there is it. I had a conversation with the young man here the other day who. Was doing it's he's gonna do some weekend were here and we had a conversation that I felt like. We almost didn't speak the same language but at the end of the day you know what happened Bobbie I should you know. I'm the old guy yea I gotta take it literally idea he understood completely he was he was right and again these early twenties so you know. Maybe they can compromise a little bit of those old timers do what do you make. Well are you think you know what really going to be needed in the workplace you know it is bursting there. Are they are open and our culture we want. Could everybody and follow regardless that generation. Our race or religion. Our. What country about it come from you know all company in our. There's something in our society that is like I know. All I don't interact with. People on those other solve all displays are more comfortable in my old style all but one thing that the visit this great new workplace. Is that. People are people regardless. What generation you come broke. Each employee. Are looking for some basic things out of there or in other words. You hear from me dye them wrong here. Where he had and I can treat me toward the goals of this organization there's this company's stand percent and and dealing create a learning environment so our had been the best job I ended. Yeah well it's just me accusing Ellis is give back to the basics here you sit down with that your your other fellow employee or prospective employee. And you look at many and you just start talking to them and have refused to Wear out if you're honest with each other Parise and you'll figure it out what do you think. Yeah well that is where it. There were rises in all leadership. So it takes the explorer to. Inject leadership in the gauge all of the bowl week. And they have all physically toward the decision making our. Whatever that may be require. And they ain't eating people to connect with each other not just communicate to the and we need to do so you'll. What they are all my own company. Everywhere you know that these people rod and then there are so. Bobby thank you for being with us we appreciate your time in your and your expertise this morning at his workplace culture specialist. Bobby Albert were placed years old jeans EB hardest generation demand it should not necessarily. Not necessarily that was that was interstate. We do by the way you were talking about working today I don't know why but it just due to it's a working day and we that you can find your next eggs bin adventure possibly by checking out our virtual career fair yes it's online McCain is his radio dot com check it out looking for a job that might be the place defined when we've been talking we've talked a little bit about job interviews this morning. Yes and just trying to think about it. Last couple of job interviews I had. It was pretty well. In a date. I don't. I walked in the door ended they were gonna hire yes that's exactly yeah it do I knew these people that in fact it was a stop. Okay and I had worked a little bit for that Kate and SS back in the late nineties doing its part time and when this this position came open. Tim link with some manager and Jack Oliver who was. Just from program director they call me up say. But what you come to work force and if so there wasn't much of an interview their tip okay I'll be there when job. I think. At some point if you've been around awhile and you know the people here you're applying with you don't have to go to jump through too many groups that anyway he's got no job interview. My advice is. Asked a lot of questions. Dress up as much as you can. Don't run Iraq like a slob and of the combining I should be OK and again if you are looking for media career move. You might wanna check it out the virtual career fair. It's on line now in its history radio dot com. At 718 now is Stephen Ted Owen K and SS and judge chambers on the sports desk today in assets are thought earlier urged all there's no sports gone but yet did little digging and found out that. Hey there is some good sport news coming out of Wichita State the basketball program. That's right yesterday now was the first full day of the fall signing period for the NCAA. And which testing men's basketball coach Gregg Marshall got national letters of intent. From six players which is good because there are six outgoing seniors for the 28 up when he nineteen season. So well let's just take a look at some of these guys that Colombian. Jamie. It's an 18611. Or. So right now he's playing basketball at Texas. But yap. He'll be showing up so well. We'll see what. He looks like when he gets into a shock the uniform. A 67 chance more from Louisville, Kentucky. Mort was had been recruited by WSU Butler Dayton in Virginia Tech. Noah built he chose Wichita State. I say a four bear Chandler six foot nine. Well Omaha Nebraska. Now he and rolled Wichita State over the summer. He practiced with the team he's gonna spent 20172018. At sunrise Christian academy Canada a prep sort of thing there. Six foot four Eric Stephenson had a timber line high school in Lacey Washington. Just which est back in June over offers from LSU you tough Washington and Washington State. Morris you dizzy a six foot eight Houston native. He is attending a prep school this year in Orlando. I've visited that the issue back in June committed in late September over Ohio State Butler Ellison would TCU. And then Memphis east high school senior guard Alex Lomax. Made that announcement over Twitter last night using the charters. Highly. Wanted to recruit he chose the shocker over Memphis Florida Mississippi and Vanderbilt. Big schools there when I guess Alex really Lomax. Pretty good recruit there the false signing period continues through November 15. And one last quick note here. Kids city royals announced yesterday manager Ned Yost broken pelvis over the weekend poll. Well working on how property in Georgia. 62 year old was. Reported to be resting at a hospital near Atlanta and he is expected to make a full recovery. Sports on Stephen said in the morning I had 721 now get a different Rush Limbaugh as a morning update businessman and shuts down rather than a deal with the union. That's coming up with Stephen dead on in assess and now. That it would then match halted play by play voice of the Kansas City Chiefs.