George H.W. Bush's bracket is in better shape than Barrack Obama's

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Wednesday, March 21st
Former President Bush still has 3 of his Final Four alive in the NCAA Tournament, to Obama's 1.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for a lot. I have team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 7 o'clock Pacific and there's there's according you to keep its head at ninety back in tonight. Texas bombing suspect dead we've got this story. Toddler missing from western Kansas home those details just ahead sixteen people were injured when a semi collided with a bus in each county finding web. I'm KLSX meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we got to 54 for the hide the normal high in Wichita for this time of year is 59. Today we may be even warmer than that. Our complete forecast is coming up. The Austin, Texas police chief says a serial bombing suspect who has terrified Texas capital city this month is dead the. Police chief Brian Manley says police located the suspect at a motel in round rock to the north of Austin suspect drove away as officers moved in a and in the suspect detonated an explosive device inside the vehicle. The suspect is deceased. And had significant injuries. From a blast that occurred from detonating a bomb inside his vehicle. One officer suffered minor injuries finally identified the suspect only SE 24 year old white male Austin has been targeted by four package bombings since March 2. That killed two people and wounded four others. A fifth parcel bomb detonated at a FedEx distribution center near San Antonio early Tuesday. Authorities in Barton county are searching for a girl missing from all poison to an home last seen and only a diaper at 11 PM Sunday. Barton county sheriff Brian bell lenders says there was one adult at home with 23 month old it beyond that Lewis when she went missing. Going going to door to door checking alleys. We're talking to neighbors say they have any nation or grab may have anything that'll help. Us founder says the family is cooperating in the search he also says police are investigating why it took two days before anyone reported the girl missing. In the on is 37 inches tall weighs 27 pound black hair and brown eyes. And you over the information disaster call police in northwest Kansas the Kansas bureau of investigation is investigating a death in rooks county. Law enforcement responded to a call early Monday to a home in plain bill. They found a woman deceased inside the home she has been identified as 24 year old Alexis Garcia of plain milk. Garcia was corrections officer at the Norton correctional facility in Stockton the investigation is ongoing. Last week Wichita welcome thousands of visitors to the downtown. Area during the NCAA men's basketball tournament as a city hosted the event for the first time in 24 years. Officer Charlie Davidson says there were eight arrests made in the downtown entertainment area from Wednesday afternoon through the early morning hours Sunday. A three of those arrests were Friday night and another three on Saturday night. The arrests were for crippled air strip property. Driving on a suspended license. Aggravated battery. Outstanding warrants. Possession of drug paraphernalia. Possession of marijuana. Domestic violence aggravated battery and possession of narcotics. And unlawful discharge of firearm. And that shot was from a gun mistakenly fired inside a car near Douglas in Washington early Sunday a 22 year old woman was arrested in that case. Sixteen people were injured in a three vehicle crash involved a school bus at planes in Meade county and southwest Kansas. The Kansas Highway Patrol reports that the bus was carrying nineteen passengers and was traveling north on Ontario road approaching he won sixty. The bus stopped at a stop sign that did not yield the right of way to an oncoming semi. The semis driver could not avoid the collision after the initial collision in the summer I struck the front end of 2001 for excursion coming from the other way. The buses driver an 82 year old woman was taken to Wesley medical center in Wichita twelve children and 159 year old woman were treated for injuries and checked over local hospitals. The semis driver a 43 year old man from Garden City and a six year old girl on the excursion were also treated at a local hospital in be web K and SS news. The northeast is getting blasted by what could be the biggest snowstorm of the year. National Weather Service meteorologist Patrick Burke says some of the biggest cities in the country could get pounded by heavy wet snow that could bring down power lines and trees. He official forecast error rate balance first somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve to fifteen inches of snow from Philadelphia it's viewed New York City. Now we're getting some indications that might have to up those numbers a little bit especially around New York. And Long Island southern Connecticut. Meanwhile on the West Coast southern and central California expected to get anywhere from three to ten inches of rain. Tens of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate in areas that may flood. K NS us news time now 7044. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Those scoring shocker baseball action last night we'll have details and the coaching carousel in college men's basketball. It's already had a direct impact on Wichita state of those details coming up in sports congress faces another government shut down that story coming up. On the KE SS sporting news drew Stevens head. I. McCain and it's a sporting news is he's just 0708. Makes just 8 minutes at 7 o'clock. A 47 year old man outside the church was a victim of carjacking in north Wichita. Police officers Harley-Davidson says it happened Monday night at our lady of perpetual help Catholic Church at 23 and market. As he was getting into his vehicle in the parking lot he was approached by unknown suspect. Was wearing a Bandana over his face and armed with a handgun. The suspect. Began to demand property keys from the victim. And the victim's wallet and keys were taken and the suspect fled the area and the victim's vehicle which was a great 2010. Suzuki SK four. About fifteen minutes later police located the stolen vehicle stopping it near thirteenth and main. Officers arrested a sixteen year old boy and he was booked into the juvenile detention facility for aggravated robbery of a vehicle and property and for being an active runaway. Congress is facing yet another government shut down a midnight Friday deadline is putting pressure on lawmakers. To pass a one trillion dollar spending bill before the end of the week. Already the government has shut down twice this year. But this time lawmakers expressing optimism don't have enough votes. Yeah congressional negotiators appear to be struggling to reach a deal on several issues. Democrats pushing back against a Republican health care plan to stabilize the Affordable Care Act insurance markets. Democratic negotiator senator Patty Murray calling the offer quote partisan and accusing Republicans of take the bill hostage. Meanwhile immigration policy also being debated. The president calling for money to start building a border wall and hire more immigration enforcement agents in Washington Lauren Blanchard Fox News. It's a presidential battle of the brackets and the 41 commander in chief of the United States. Is doing much better than the 44. Out of office former president Barack Obama continued his tradition this year filling out brackets the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments. This year he had some competition in the pool former president George Herbert Walker Bush. Right now the elder statesman is a much better shape than his successor Mr. Bush still has three of his final four teams in the tournament including his pick for national champion Texas say MM. As for mr. Obama has only final fourteen standing is Villanova in the east region losing his pick to win it all in Michigan State. Along with the UNC you actually fell to Texas a and M and Virginia that was also the only school lost by former President Bush Matt thoughts on how Fox News. The morning news here was Stephen dead on can assess 710 down 10 minutes past 7 o'clock. And this morning we can't dance and slow traffic just in a few areas out there. On the Wichita roadways watch out near the north junction when 35 by 235 NT 96. Some heavy traffic there so potential slowdown. Traffic updates from cape and has its radio on gas chamber may the first full day of spring water filled wondered it's going to be spring like today let's find. The kid sandstorm correctly forecast the Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett good morning Laura. That's quite concept that you just described like it's actually feel like spring up and out official first day of spring Bryant eight. This while we had this expectation was supposed to actually feel like spring youngster I knew what things are certainly on the that the thing and not feel it's a spring like this saying. Just wait so current after our airport is 28 degrees got a few clouds count there. I am watching for some areas of fog especially on those low lying areas we've got all the right ingredients. I barely a breeze mean felt at this hour. Obviously got the afternoon looking for sunny skies and light winds and that's going to be a delightful treat on top about a calling for a high of 65. Was afternoon south wind of five to fifteen me just can't get any better this is deathly might pick of the day because it's going to be warm sunshine and barely win. All right now about some more moisture anything in the forecast over the next pays. Yeah you know why actually looking at hides the second half of the weekend the late Sunday. And this is actually say no to a favorable setup warmer looking at several opportunities of that rain chances I've got every chance is posted Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I can't remember the last time that I've had several days back to back to back like that. With the rain chances I must say it doesn't look it's gonna rain all day every day during this time period but. Nonetheless he gives several waves showers and storms on that's an all really kind of stacked up and really help put the fire danger 'cause it's still we're not an all time easier of the there. Didn't we got to do a 54 hi yesterday his bit. I tell you and I went running in the afternoon it was only about 39 degrees and adapt it to. More of a her as a power sunshine Yost elsewhere it took Indiana I know it was it was us against that painful warm applause like come on to the out we put those clouds on that. Kind of helpless in the thirties to forties and then once the clouds finally broke apart. That's when we saw the sunshine out there and then that outburst the heat on up into the fifties that was painfully slow but eventually made up in the fifties. Or yesterday afternoon. All right T. So that the forecast for the first day of spring is first full day is pretty nice and sunny in what was I area. 65 for the heights. Light winds and gorgeous. Beautiful want to enjoy it I think you are thinking as sandstorm trek history forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Laura band right now partly cloudy and 29 degrees. The north wind it only. Three miles per hour. Today is a Wednesday march 21. And 2018 of course on this date back in 1952. Much of the deep south was smacked by a tornado outbreak. As 31 tornadoes. Ripped through Arkansas Tennessee Missouri Mississippi Alabama and Kentucky. Those twisters killed 343. People and caused around. Fifteen million dollars in damage fifteen million doesn't sound like much but in 1952 that was a or a lot of money. We talk about more than 300 people killed. I'm I'm wondering if that whatever happened in this day and age 1952 you did not have. Near decent but he had the forecasting I suppose and has a pretty accurate forecasting spotters in the field botched. I think means of communication for a tornado warning in those days pretty primitive justice Cyrus probably all they had. To let you know something was coming probably in the radio was active until a B what was going on and the television wasn't nearly as sophisticated as it is now so they're gonna see. Loss of life like I don't know that we'll ever see that kind of loss of life and is there really. A huge. Huge tornadic tornado outbreak of some cut into. The sophistication with the modern technology of predicting storms but this bus crashed down in depth at plains and southwest Kansas yesterday. And sixteen people injured few of them came here to Wichita. Talk for just a little bit about though. Like kids on school buses because. In a particular school bus and you with the fingers cause open about the gonna happen to them and you know by a large every day school buses travel. Thousands and millions of miles across this country where very few accidents. But every now and then there is on this would miss a pretty nasty human. Fortunately nobody was killed in the accident but that. You know busts did you ever write a bus to school Ted when you were kids. I did not think you're pretty close to yours gallant island is not very far in grade school we didn't actually take the bus to school seventh and eighth grade. I'm from west lake Indy Hanley which is about before five miles in Luka and sort rode the bus that that indeed been basketball season we carpool but I've written about us. But then invent elegant high schooler or carpool with the out kind of wanted to and didn't write the palace but I had some interesting times on the the school buses. With our bodies are their friends. Telling jokes and just cutting up and acting foolish but it never had a there was involved a school bus accident and watch out for the school buses and course remember just a reminder that. The signs come out. You can't pass it for either side or away no element camera and yet stop them. And watch for those kids who are loading and unloading on the school bus people violate that law and at a time yet story about that. Couple fearful about the article titled talk about never happen that there are a lot of violations that network but it. And it did bus tour bus safety we encourage you to watch out for those those kids and those buses and you go to work and your and the people of the world right now to. Gordon who went going to work 717. Stephen dead. Gonna go to sports gala Ted Woodward and it didn't get some baseball we'll talk about and college basketball. And got some pretty intricate all entitlements have talked about maybe some coaching challenge that's slightly out there and it yeah coaching change it already has directly. Affected Wichita State that's right in the American conference's well. Memphis making a change in its head coach. After weeks of rumors that he would be higher Penny Hardaway was introduced Tuesday is the man at the Helm of the Memphis Tigers the former NBA all star talked about accepting the job. Wasn't easy to bring me here because my experience with college basketball. But showed everybody all had to do with Heather Mitts voted me in the heart and passion for winning basketball. Early played two seasons for Memphis back when it was known as Memphis state the school actually retiring his number point five back in 1994. He replaces Tubby Smith who was dismissed after two seasons at the Helm of the tigers heartily becomes the third former player to take over the coaching reins of the program. Matt at all taught how Fox News. And this directly affects Wichita State because the shocker prized recruit. Four star point guard Alex Lomax who is from Memphis. Has requested and received a release from his letter of intent complain at Wichita State. Penny Hardaway has been involved with Alex Lomax for most of his life as a mentor and coach and Alex Lomax is not going to play at Wichita State. Like when he signed with Memphis and its new coach Penny Hardaway. That opens up another recruiting spot on the shocker roster that finally the soccer's very thin at point guard right now. And that even thinner from Landry sham it decides. He wants to leave and go to the NBA excellent. Doctors certainly this event. Does have a direct impact. On shocker basketball at this point in the recruiting process. Take a look at that College Baseball last night at a very low scoring game at at stadium between 26 ranked Wichita State and Oklahoma. Each team scored a run in the second inning it was still one to one in the eight inning when the shoppers at a runner on thanks to an Oklahoma error. And then got those scored that run wild pitch so the shocker to get two to one lead it. Into the ninth inning that that shocker bullpen closed it out Mike Kennedy had to call here on KN OSS here's the one Q fifth. Yeah yeah. That's called just about the things pretty much right up the middle of the play. It to us. Time. This game bias or. Lines and there's standards except that there's reasons to pick up the saying he's. But it does any exit over Oklahoma yet. July. That was that was Oklahoma's only road game in the entire month of march the sooners are oh and three on the road this season while the shoppers with the wind are now ten and one at home at X stadium this season now fourteen and four overall. On the season with that win over the sooners. Jim go men's basketball last night at the national tournaments in Hutchinson. Huge results yesterday including a sweet sixteen game. As number sixteen apartment community college upsets. Undefeated at number one Indian hills. 8583. In overtime now yesterday. As well Barton. Advances to the national quarterfinals for only the third time in school history with a record of 29 in six to big story that is huge yeah. Huge win for Barton yesterday. And right after that a win for the host team in the defending national champions Hutchinson community college beats Cape Fear 8416. Hutchinson plays a sweet sixteen game tonight at 8 o'clock against number six Florida southwestern a which is 29 into Hutchinson is 29 in six. They matchup tonight Atkinson and Barton both doing great. The national tournament in Hutchinson and sports with Stephen there's a couple of questions were crickets and went dark college high school player signs a letter of intent through university yes. Based that's not really illegal contract. Or is it. And he and how to get out of as far as legality now the university but as far as NCAA rules yes it is binding thing. But let Alex obviously approach which apostate and says my situation has changed will you let me out of this. And from the universe from our universities this aspect of the kid and wanna be here well exactly you don't want to get here is going to be miserable and doesn't wanna play here and would leave under bad circumstances at that point we just our state said. Good luck. And you know will move on and we appointed every got leadership under Landry Shannon who might leave and go to the NBA. And it was a Monty change Jones. Who played at Wichita east and and Hutchinson community college but that's about it to the position that needs a little yeah here he is sure have to have a and of course it is somebody in place and have a backup ready to go this is the position correct it's basically your your quarterback knows it brings a bald around starts of plays and veterans show it has been a person. Who is a good ball handler great pastor in in good L and drillers have to know something about so that's a very important position outs and no shocks but they had a pretty good recruit there but obviously things have changed and looks like he'll be moving on somewhere else and things at 722 now keep it for Rush Limbaugh morning update ice is accused of harassing activists. And not illegal immigrants. That story coming up with Rush Limbaugh on the morning update see the head of the morning on Kate in SS.