German man starts "Sofa Sports Association."

Steve & Ted
Thursday, January 25th
Events include swaying back and forth, the "Tarzan yell," and the potato chip competition.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news JNSS. Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Point 6 o'clock this is the king Unisys sporting news's David says the fight Steve Macintosh. Kagan as his breaking news police are investigating a fatal shooting upon which Utah's west side of. Around 3:45 this morning first responders were called to the 700 block of north Edwards police say a 37 year old female was found dead inside a hole. Wichita police sergeant Edward Manchester says officers found shell casings at the scene that they were found outside the bill makes. It looks like silly fired from outside in size arrests police have been questioning a number of witnesses at the scene so far police have not released any suspect information. Say they have no suspect in custody. Vice president pence voted Wednesday to break a tie and confirm former senator and current Kansas governor Sam Brownback. As ambassador for international religious freedom. On this vote the a's are 49. The maze of 49. The senate being equally divided the vice president votes in the affirmative. And the nomination. Is confirmed Kansas lieutenant governor Jeff collier will be a let elevated to governor wants Brownback submits his resignation and that could come as early as next week. A young boy was bitten by a dog Tuesday morning in the college hill neighborhood in east Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says a one year old boy was at his grandparents' house in the 200 block of north Dell rose to try. They crawled into the kill but they're great parents boxer. And the dog bandit child. The Charles sustained serious injuries and a dog has been obtained by the which nobody department. Can't control for mandatory 10814. As they continue. To investigate the situation. The youngsters suffered multiple bite wounds. Kansas is moving forward the plan to have the nation's largest private. Prison operator building your state prison top Kansas legislators gave their final approval Wednesday to the project during a meeting with governor Brownback. A state law authorizing the new president Lansing required any final go ahead from the legislature's top leaders. Tennessee based course civic will build a new Tony 400 bed prison record is the State's oldest and largest prison in Lansing. Kansas will pay for the project over twenty years February leaves with a company and spent a total of 362. Million dollars. The state will oversee day to day operations. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. The judge who sentenced former USA gymnastics coach Larry and Nasser. Says there has to be a massive investigation. Into why there was in action regarding the sexual accusations. In the voices of the women every time they say that. They didn't know they're calling me a liar. And re victimizing. Free shaming the risks aboard and one of the young women who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Larry Nasser joined by Jessica's Smith. I do not trust the board of trustees I do not trust president Simon and I think that them. Cleaning house is the first stat and training real change at Michigan state university. And real changed so that all of us can begin healing. The NCAA also opening an investigation into MS US fourteen university reps reportedly. Knew of complaints against Nasser they haven't even called and asked to talk to me to even seen. My side of the story Terry's Crowley Fox News. Michigan State University presidents and ran Simon has submitted her resignation. Amid the outcry over the school's handling of allegations against Larry Nasser. The White House says it will been roll out president trumps legislated some guidelines on immigration early next week. And we're also learning where the president might be willing to compromise. President trump told reporters Wednesday he may be over into a pathway to citizenship for some illegal immigrants as long as he gets 25 billion dollars for the hundred miles that was promised border wall. Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin praised Trump's comments tweeting he is heading in the right direction. What color Republican senator Cory garner tells fox he's in ninth if the objective is politics. This is it ever going to be solved we will be in the same spot six months from now in here if the objective is good policy. Then we can get the stuff in Washington some Angel fox needs. In assist you time now 604 orbited spent 6 o'clock. 97 and thirteen thirty K and as as we are Stevenson in the morning. Six send out 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. Stand right now in traffic bullied to death. Recent doing an investigation is was a shooting we talked about a little bit earlier than 700 block of north at words they've actually got close there so. Avoid that area in the C 700 block of north Edwards this morning yes. Which athletes doing an investigation their traffic updates from state and this is radio and get cheaper than a minute later in. Yes for the gas prices go. Out of gas prices did go up. Well we're trying to see if those 2:45 PM here in Wichita. So see yesterday's prices need a good time to get it India gas prices going up to him by terrific stuff by listing on the forecast now. With Jay and his his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan mid morning with a chilly start to the day temperatures are really going to warm up quickly this afternoon in fact will likely be in the mid fifties around noontime 62 later on with a gusty wind out of the south. Fifteen to forty miles per hour. Tonight clear Harlow 42. And in breezy again tomorrow Friday's high sixteenth time KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 39 degrees we have a south wind at seventeen. Miles per hour. The beautiful Wednesday afternoon across south central Kansas Wichita as high temperature yesterday 57 degrees normal high is 43. Normal 43 were up to 57 yesterday much of central and southwest Kansas including Cedric county is under a red flag warning for fire danger today. Funny away ended very dry so yeah almost the entire central part of the state and it is under that red flag warnings of you are a smoker. Like you had no police your butt right there inside the inside the car. In the ashtray there and let's. Make sure we don't start any big fighters and in net the red flag warning today is Thursday January 25 Tony eighteen. On this date in 1915 and in New York Alexander Graham Bell spoke to his assistant in San Francisco. Inaugurating the first transcontinental telephone service. 1915. Finally had a telephone service from one coast to the other. We're so right at the beginning of America's involvement in World War I with a 101915 to 1918 flu before that there. Now at what we count becoming the last century yeah pretty amazing amazing bid that was the first time in 1915 now. You pick up your phony to talk to anybody is still sell phony talk to anybody in the world even while. Quiet a lot of advance debate in the world of technology over the past hundred years or so. 39 year old Orban Burke from from Berlin and Germany is founded his country's first couch potato club. Bertram said his sofa sports association. Is proudly geared toward the non begin that none over achieving non career incest masses. Should I just didn't like this constant pressure to improve hikes hope. Like this guy. But I got a good perspective club activities include swaying back and forth like a bear at all and yell like this but Tarzan yell. It will be. And beating your chest or your fists and yelling. And the potato chip competition consisting of eating a plastic a couple of chips without using one's pants. Pretty that's real hit with the kids. Who are members of the so the sports association in Germany I do that it be SSA call it. I just don't like his constant pressure. To improve fights. And look up. Sort of bail out these get now that is the only knows what he's capable on Lebanese based Isa he's aware of his the united. I do know got a comfort zone so to speak data Canada and gruesome discovery for a homeowner in Texas today. Authorities say skeletal remains found inside the wall of a Houston house. Are the former homeowner. Who apparently fell through the attic floor and became trapped. A spokeswoman for the Harris caddie incident of four and six sciences said there wasn't enough physical evidence to determine cause or manner of death. But they say merry sir Rudy who was 61 at the time she disappeared. Accidentally fell from her attic. Neighbors reported her missing in 2015. Her home was later sold at a foreclosure auction. The new owners discovered the remains in a wall space. After noticing a broken floor board in the attic. Now that's amazing and lives in their the whole time. And envious Miller summing nobody. You know. Pretty good strong search for the federal anyway abuzz our story that's from here so strange today and all right let's say that's a 6:14 in the morning why not talk about. Here. They tend to talk about beer as our insurer are right. CNN reports Budweiser. No longer ranks among the three most popular Beers in the United States. Based on Tony seventeen sales estimates from beer marketers insights a trade publication. Miller Lite has usurped the number three spot. Knocking Budweiser is number four. Budweiser was a top selling US beer before 2001 but eventually ceded the top spot to bud light's on but like number one. Cars like became the nation's number two beer over Budweiser in 2011 according to CNN great chin up with me. Held that spot. In 2017. Corona Extra also reportedly held its position at number five. Mikell ultra ended Mondello a special. Past natural light to Leonard number six and seven respectively. Parents are there those still Budweiser products that now. Leading the way. I'd say if I am a mountain and about and I don't wanna be too exotic or snotty Budweiser beer to me is as. OK. I won't endorse it but. Butler I don't like light beer losing. Want to just go ahead get a Coker of Pepsi and a you're not data orders a Bud Light and not that another Bud Light guy. It's or Miller Lite Miller Lite view. 615 and now he's taken over. Pay if you can go to work today you don't have a radio work. Listen to Steve intent on line McCain is as radio dot com that's our advice today. Interesting story about the gymnastics. Would come doctor consultants. Who I had like 150 young women come and testify against him. And you heard the story a moment ago he has been convicted sentenced a long long time in prison 150 years. And the president of Michigan State University has actually now resigned but this Lou Anna Simon. Apparently while all this was going on in these women don't women said they told people about it down Michigan State and US gymnastics were law. They were protective this guy slow to act very slow. And now she has resigned from her post. Apparently nobody took him seriously. They just didn't think this Nestor decadent that. I don't know how to get the goods on him but yet I guess after you thought about a 150 people testify against you start he said she says and implore. Pretty much there's alliance side of information now. Sad story idea. And Demps really sorry for all those young women who were treated like that in a just you know I've got to. Wanted to four granddaughters one of them and visit is an excellent Jim national she hasn't pursued it. And heaven is a really really good but does she's gone into basketball well but it. Ash. As soon distant past said ten story. Fight coming up on 618 finally talking about one of those professions where trust is senseless it's absolutely. And you. And when that trust gets violated it becomes pretty painful process to start to work through a re and I don't know your opinion on in these we're talking about a lot of under agent in kids and and they've been they're being told by adults that this is a person you can trust yet and then when that person does something that. In hostels to do it that. Terrible conflict in a child's mind well and and I know any position its listing it that I know is just cringing. Because they patent you know they all think that there's so seriously. About the that kind of thing and being alone with a patient. Beginning the point where though if you haven't I don't I think maybe I'm wrong but what if you have a male doctor and a female patient react to have a nurse in their want to think I don't think we are but. Would be impeached or what we were the right. Let's move on here here on a yet Thursday morning when Newsweek is just zoom in black head succeeds Steve Stephens at times ended up sports. We did look for deadly we had the coaches shows on less than radio no we did we that was Monday all's what it was your guy is unbiased and it's here. I think you parts. Three days you look at this of this so that lets. But I still what's gone on sports as well as big shocker game tonight advocate and it didn't get the game tonight. Torsos sixteenth ranked Wichita State is back in action trying to get back in the win column after two straight losses last week. Some shoppers are hosting Central Florida tonight ARCO Arena. Panda this will tip off at 8 o'clock tonight. So Mike Kennedy and saved all the on the earth pregame at 7 o'clock game will tip off at 8 o'clock tonight. Between the shoppers in the nights. He can listen to it on 103 point seven KE YNN and join me after the game only take your phone calls late tonight. On the shocker locker room show will be broadcasting live out of had a twin peaks and east which taught 21 and rock. After the shocker lost only. Two games in basically two months than they lost two games in two outings last week. So the shoppers are looking to get back in the win column shocks right now are tied for second place in the conference. As a Cincinnati is still in first place shocker trying to catch the bearcats soccer's in Central Florida tonight. Let's get a little preview on Central Florida shocker head coach Gregg Marshall. It would be playing. 22 ones so impressed factored 23 zone and they just try to mix up their coverages in the 23 zone. And played very low tempo. Can only guess in view you know her which might give you an in. That's that's a waste and then do they play we're gonna have to try to speed up the game I mean otherwise it could be of like a forty to 35 game. Now salute we'll see if this doctors can speed him up for evidence of being a slow game and soccer instead of controlling the tempo now. We central Florida's the team that wanted super slow. And those shoppers dying do not wanna played of that him. We'll see how that materializes tonight. It's 8 o'clock tipoff tonight Coke arena between the shocker in Central Florida it's on CEY in. You go men's basketball last night you heard it right here and take an SS Butler community college hosting. Eleventh ranked Barton. Butler did at a halftime lead up by ten at halftime then Barton came back scored fifty points in the second half came back beat Butler by eight points in that one. And Friends University basketball men and women both feet Bethany last night friends women are ranked and top point five. Sports and Stephen Ted case in SS. Six Tony one now keep it here for a fox news company entered tied star who's. But drugs and NFL attendance and TV viewership what's behind that have thinks he knows that's coming up. We see the dead on tape and assess.