German town to keep Hitler bell ringing

Steve & Ted
Thursday, March 1st

The town has decided that the monument is important to history.


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And. Good morning it is 731. You're listening to 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS it is Thursday march 1. Wichita man and woman have been charged in a string of armed robberies of local businesses federal grand jury indictment charging twenty year old Savannah coal. And 28 year old Kenneth Qaeda before. Counts of robbery and four counts of using firearms to commit robberies Kate also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm after a felony. These the cases alleged with these two include the robberies of a dollar general store on south Glendale last year. And then earlier this month earlier in February. A cease store on south all over an Arby's on east Terri in a circle K on north Seneca. The FBI and the Wichita police department investigated this case in the US attorney's office is prosecuting the case part of project safe neighborhoods the US Department of Justice initiative targeting violent crime. One person arrested after a threat to valley center high schools superintendent sent a note home to parents. Saying that early yesterday they were made aware bylaw enforcement of a criminal threat directed towards individuals at valley center high. The note says at no time was the person responsible for the threat actually on school grounds. That suspect is an adult and that person was arrested and booked into jail yesterday afternoon. Fighting drugs in south central Kansas. The hardy county drug task force will be a joint effort brought the agencies to try to combat drug use. The city of Newton says the agreement calls for each agency participating to cooperate narcotics investigations. And contribute 1000 dollars per year to purchase things needed to help combat drug use such as equipment training matching grant funds are the task force activity. The city and mutant says the hardy county sheriff's office will be in charge of the fiscal administration for the new task force. A board made up of representatives from several sheriff's office will oversee the group. The agreement will be presented to the governing bodies of the other cities involved soon anyway and K and SS news. Charges filed against the teacher in Georgia who fired a gun on school grounds yesterday and that prompted a lockdown Jesse Randall Davidson will face charges of aggravated assault carrying a weapon on school grounds and disrupting school in addition to gun possession and reckless conduct counts. Dalton Georgia police say he barricaded himself in adults and high school classroom firing a shot to keep people away no one was hit by the bullet. Assistant police chief cliff Cason says Emmental valuation may be ordered by judge but in terms of any history of mental illness the. Police department is not worth anything to do this individual's personal life. You know we've not had contact with him. Police say the incident was not related to a threatening note found at the same school last week. Colonel Scott Fox News one Kansas school district testing new technology is designed to let parents know what their child missed the bus or got up the wrong stop. A student will scan that card when getting on and off the bus Charlie's chili and transportation director for the Garden City public school district tells K as in news. The system is designed tracked his movements on school buses and one of the goals to make sure parents are in the loop. Through the use of an apple. Parents will be able to find out. Did Mikey get on the bus did they make of the school. They'll be able to know when they got off the bus at their home. Officials hope to work out kinks this semester and roll it out district wide in the fall. Josh what year is this at the border dispute between UK and Ireland as written in the European Union attempt to me full would that divorce negotiations. That's a hurdle in the shape of the border between NORTHERN IRELAND part of the UK. And the republic of violence which will remain an EU member. Not decide what's a hard border to the EU is suggesting NORTHERN IRELAND sticks to EU customs rules even have to break six. British prime minister its recent may saying that's unacceptable and UK prime minister could ever agreed there. Hey holding talks with. A woman brought a neighbor piece of cheesecake. Now a homicide she went to a neighbor's house bearing cheesecake now and she's accused of attempted murder and assault Russian born woman visited the home of a fellow Russian speaking friend in Queens New York. After enjoying the cheesecake that trend was found the next day passed doubted her bad sleeping pills scattered around hers if she attempted suicide then it was discovered that are passport work ID gold rings and cash were missing now 42 year old Victoria and has a robot faces 25 years in prison prosecutors say that cheesecake was laced with tranquilizers. Kevin battle Fox News the Justice Department is suing Houston. There are claims that female firefighters working for the city were Herat. Two female firefighters Jane Drake Cottam Paula keys say male firefighters urinated all over the female dormitory. Deactivated their announcement speakers so the women couldn't respond to emergency calls. And the women even found death threats and slurs written on the walls at work. The Justice Department's lawsuit would force the city fire department to work to prevent sexual discrimination. And Houston would have to come up with some money to compensate the women for damages. The head of the Houston fire department stepped down because of the claims till NATO Fox News. They and SS news time is 736 was the intent on hand SS. Here on a Thursday morning march 1. We're going way back in time. Almost before time itself for the first time astronomers have glimpsed the dawn of the universe thirteen point six billion years ago. When earliest stars were just beginning to glow. It also detected mysterious dark matter to the glimpse consisted of a faint signal picked up by a specialized radio antenna in Australia. Verified it. Will be the first confirmation and it's kind of dark matter substantial part of the universe scientists have been searching for many decades. Study's lead author is from Arizona State University says the early universe was dark and cold at. It's huge surprise there filled with just hydrogen and helium. Once the stars formed they emitted ultraviolet light into the dark areas between them. That light changes the energy signature of hydrogen and and going back to thirteen point six billion. Years ago. A small town in southwest Germany is going to keep a church bell that was dedicated to Adolf Hitler ringing. But not its original intention leaders sale will be kept as a memorial to spark dialogue. About violence and injustice. The bell does carry a description. Quote everything for the fatherland Adolf Hitler and that is above a Nazi swastika. Of the City Council voted to keep the bell and preserve it. Studies included removing it would be akin to quote fleeing from an appropriate culture of remembrance in that study recommended either leaving it in place with. Plaque of explanation. Or putting it in a museum. Course there's always that. Tug and pull history. Yup you bulldozed the concentration camp or do you leave its standing as a reminder. Of lower down. So and you know we have our own issues in this country too we do civil war. You don't want monuments yeah completely eradicate it from the face of the earth or do you leave some vestiges of it as a remembrance. And you know. Here's an entry here's study out of Sweden researchers at the university Stockholm discover the people who are drawn to. Authoritarian leaders are more likely to wrinkled their noses at unpleasant body smells. That's seem like an odd step liked the more democratically minded appear to be less bothered by a little bit of armpit odor. Remember this study Europe yap. Lead author quote there's solid connection between how strongly someone was disgusted by smells. And their desire to have a dictator like leader who can suppress radical protest movements and ensure that different groups stay in their place. Once again I don't know of the correlation. Yap what sparked this study I'm not sure these things. And now it seems like an odd thing to spend money on team on the concludes. It's question people and asking since the Republican led congress passed a massive tax cut measure how does that affect me that's all we all want an idea and that's it now has a chance to find out the government has posted an online calculator. So workers can figure out. Whether they're having enough money held out of their checks. Calculator unveiled this week by the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service. Can help you figure out the proper amount of withholding you should have experts advise checking the calculator make sure the W four form filed with their employers. Politics you're getting you know bothered them or they're always promising. Are more money your paycheck and a major scalp getting them is this a soft warning about paying Wheaton with holdings might be messed up you might wanna double apparently Osama. This is that's not a sounds like sounds like a soft warning that without saying that Piaf the actors don't hear that very often we are super ex. I did about the outdoor living in landscape shelf Friday Saturday and Sunday just a day away from opening up downtown Wichita sentry to expo hall and the convention hall. It is a massive undertaking. And we're certainly glad to hear it Entercom radio to bring you this great outdoor event every year absolutely there are one of the great attractions every year is the display gardens we have tons of vendors. And they try to almost outdo each other a little bit into how beautiful and amazing. They're display gardens are has always a huge treat. And we have pro skate. Hong landscape nursery scenic landscapes and water garden nursery suburban landscape management metal arc landscape professional landscaping services red oak landscape we have tons yes a great businesses that are all going to have display gardens. At the outdoor living in landscape shell. Friday Saturday and Sunday downtown its entry to. And you can park and over Lawrence Dumont stadium and they have shuttles this entry to gone back and forth all day long so that's. You free parking no they're Lawrence Dumont not settle your back and forth this entry to and get you there. Easy easy to go CD outdoor living in landscape show this year its entry to and of course don't forget there are dinosaurs. Have the great amateur chronic there are four and electronic dinosaurs that will be at the outdoor living in landscape show at the suburban landscape management Booth. You'd take self please let them. And that's big preview of the field station dinosaur park it's opening late in May in derby EC in an up close look at those dinosaurs. This weekend at the outdoor living in landscape shell guess what I'm a couple four packs giveaway right now if you would like to go. To the outdoor living in landscape show this weekend its entry to Baltic collars number four and I have a call me now for those four packs. 869. Thirteen thirty. 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