Getting the right price for your holiday shopping

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 22nd

Moneytracker Don Grant talks about the best way to get a good deal.


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Right you know you're like today. It. So it's 647. And listening to steam instead in the morning in 97 and thirteen thirty KMS asks for just few minutes away from. The money trackers Don grant you Stephen Ted now it's time with three big things me. The US navy plane crashes in the Philippines C three people still missing since. The Wichita State men's basketball team takes on Notre Dame tonight the championship game of the Maui invitational both teams ranked in the top twelve both undefeated. Today. Thanksgiving one of the busiest travel days of the year 51 million Americans expected to be on the move. Three big things Steve instead 987 and thirteen thirty Kate and as. Yes. It is well below freezing out there are no it's it's it's it's now it's dry. But if there's any moisture out there and roadways it is going to free himself. Something to pay attention to. Shouldn't be that much of the problem they Nokia's very dry out there we still have a stalled out vehicle northbound I want 35 north of 21 street. Itself on the right shoulder watch for potential slowdown traffic updates from taking an SS radio on gas chambers. And let's take a look at the weather forecast sitting in Thanksgiving and we're looking for a sunny day today after. Through this very cold start looking for a high of 48 degrees tonight not as cold overnight low down to 33 under clear sky. And in looking ahead for Thanksgiving on tomorrow much warmer up high tomorrow seventy. And by Friday a high of 72. Right now on Wichita though it's super cold mostly cloudy and 24. Degrees. Double that utterly to a high of 48. Whether. It is that's weather here it was even ten K did you know that up to 50% of your body heat is lost in the top of your head as. Check out the great selection of warm winter hats for men and women and hat man jacks you know where that's at the clock tower and delayed though at. Man Jackson 601 west Douglas opened six days a week which Utah's great place to shop act. And Jack's 649 with Stephen Ted KM SS. And we're getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Yeah we will take a look at Wall Street coming up very shortly so on will take a look at the numbers before our money tracker Don grant checks in with us. And we'd had this story fairly recently. About the man Cheney's number that Jad. Yes unfortunately I remember that yes comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen has now offered to pay the fines of the six Czech tourists. Who were reportedly detained by authorities in Kazakhstan's capital for dressing up as his character more apt. Earlier in the month the men wore those lime green man TVs and black wigs they try to get a picture of themselves. But local police find them each 68 bucks for minor hooliganism. Sacha Baron Cohen says on FaceBook posts to my check mate who were arrested send me your details improve lives you will pay your fine. Cohen was the star of the movie Bora at eleven years ago. And at film offered many 'cause aux it did offend many cons docks by betraying the country has degenerate and backwards and but. Thus are baron Cohen is gonna help them out pay their fine. Let's check and find out what the happened yesterday a stock markets on Wall Street. Stocks on Wall Street and across the board and it was records for the Dow the NASDAQ and the SB to sixty record. For the Dow Jones Industrial Average under president trop. The Dow finished higher by 160. Points at 28009. The NASDAQ gained seventy wind closing at 6862. Yes be 500 gaining seventeen and 2599. And the Dow Jones Industrial Average tech help them lead the way. Mostly winners apple Microsoft Home Depot FISA. Or AM all gained on the day those are among the best performers and those banks stocks FaceBook apple Amazon and Netflix and Google. Those all add up arrows as well on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange ultimately vis Fox News. It's 651 with Steve intent on K and SS. Getting AM but the best gig at for the best price of course that's always a goal that we strive for in life usually don't wanna pay too much for what we. Or what William purchase let's find out what that means let's check in with money tracker Don grant CFP. Right here with Stephen Ted good morning not. Good morning Theodore and I always like getting a good deal like only all yeah we all. Yeah yeah with a more you can cut back on your consumer spending. The more you can put away for retirement. That's a that's kind of my angle here ya so why not if you know why not take its time to get the Brett best price when you're shopping for consumer items well I always work to support local vendors. They are the backbone of the local economy and what he's been with them. Stays in the community generally generally it's camped order everything on line. He's surprised. That you might think pitcher giving India when you really are. With that says. That it it pays to shop around. Find the exact item. The make and model number you want to purchase it's located check first on line to get a range of prices there are several online product consolidators you can use to find the great range of crisis. Mix locate where the item sold here. Before you get into the car called the retailer to find out if they charged with what they charge that item if the prices still higher it still may cost you let that because if you bottom line there may be shipping charges and you may have a percentage of the cost to use an online payment service like PayPal now if you've narrowed it down locally but the online price. Plus the additional costs are still cheaper all the retail announcement if they'll help would with a bit with the price so that you can shop locally. More often though not a I have found that they will make a slight adjustment. They would still make a profit and you can get your item immediately. Or local retailer may have a very similar item that is perhaps not the latest model but they will probably part with it. For real bargain some larger retailers guarantee that if the item goes on sale within a period of time out you purchased. They will honor this sailed right by issuing new store credit or an adjustment so keep that receipt and watch the item. To learn if it drops in price now don't go out foolishly spent and what you saint. Invest it in your retirement account exclamation point you will thank me later in the courts if you have any questions about this or other financial planning you can give it called number 63422. To do. I think it's a great point Don we all become kind of infatuated with the with shopping online and then having it delivered to our front door of a that's not always the most cost effective way and it certainly doesn't help out local businesses like. Yeah you're right about that moment shop local we can so. While speaking awaits Saturday is it met those small business Saturday's so little more emphasis on. Brick and mortar and get not support the businesses near community on Saturday. Exactly that's it's a great. Great great promotion I think. Yep we'll see if people take advantage on only will Don we appreciate it our best to you and your family and we we will talk to you again next week. Thank you so much emigrate thank Eric they carry yourself that's hard money tracker Don grant CFP with his right here with Stephen said. On K and SS. It is coming up on 655. With Steve instead. Of telling you about. Busy busy travel day one of the busiest travel days of the year today so we'll look. Keep an eye on the streets and roadways and fill you in on traffic and keep you updated on what's going on with our weather as well. As we continue with a great show here on the day before Thanksgiving Stephens says 987 and thirteen thirty KN SA. In the Stevens head in the morning every weekday for the money tracker Don grant CFT securities offered through kestre investment services LLC member finreg SIPC investment advisory services offered through kestre advisory services LLC an affiliate of Castro I asked CT HP is not affiliated with tester I ask orchestra AS.