Getting Sauced With Lawrence Wu.

The Good Life
Saturday, December 16th

Guy wraps up his visit with Bill Esparza and is then joined by the founder and mastermind behind WUJU, a collection of unique hot sauces, Lawrence Wu.


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Program for a lot of cost governing graduate his Gary out and Goddard is a long time faithful listener and calls and all of combat and you must live near some telephone trump Klein or something to get too often Dugard but. No matter what only one for a win and I'm happy to see you do that that you get your copy of LA Mexico on a direct from the publisher. Them a couple of three or four weeks that you know you don't get. My guess both part of me just finish it up bill just a couple quick things you know as I sought thumb through and looked through the beautiful photography and there are many great photos. Come a little bit about this dish mean Dale's. Details are that are pop. That our our big pot position and every ceremony that that's so old cooking. Do it you don't steal aren't a lot of restaurant in Los Angeles. But in Mexico it would be something that you might get as as a little starter like a little a little cup of details or something. But. You know is that this week we took with its with its spicy tomato soup. Went this video popped up and you we add up Colorado yet we crumbled cheese on top. We have with the Arabs and of course in and United States Mexican Americans we put all kinds equity act so. It's a place oracle apple got by one of the ships that are book. Are going to be who's lady. The father. The modern Mexican American cuisine that the Alcatel. He's got a video card which is where's it ever be a concert got married again only Airbus parent or. Specifically it would here but only in in a Mexican on clinical lots and with the possible. He doesn't like. In attempts crap like Robin at bat. And I don't there are everything from traditional Mexicans to like like a mango chat. You know eat any stirring things America again that your your oblique that would slap you for putting that in your tail. And yeah. But Lucas at that this picture I mean it is like soup to nuts that would be an amazing meal. Shrimp bed and looks like sausage some kind of for you'll. Smoked sausage chicken and tomatoes diced up with some kind of Salton and some greens and there's so long going avocado salon throw my goodness. Well yes bill. We are more liberal with our. Our operational detail here and Los Angeles. And I love it I can't wait to pay the book with me next time I go to LA and and go to some of the Johnson. And shorter off the Dahlia what a great art CO. Well bill thanks for being a part of the program today bill as part of the book again is called LA Mexico on how you can get an There are some links at Casablanca dot com if you forget. And it's recipes people and places it's always have to read about the folks make him is great group thanks a bunch bill happy holidays and can't wait to see your next book. Thank you very mart ideas room. Are qualified in the book of really cool I just I just love it but that a gimmick appointment. I like spicy OK and yes I did a hot sauce a couple of weeks ago. And then I get this and oh my goodness it's called woods do. There is a regular pot and that others say after. I love them both the flavors magnificent. Article to one of the quotes on the web site is it's earth it's it's like changing. And the guy who changed your life as Lawrence will is not enough to join us today he's the the father of this great would you thoughts on Florida welcome with a good. Okay man Tommy your your journey and food that led you to producing. A a a very unique hot sauce. Check bank so. Yeah I grew up in the restaurant industry. I'm sure you and many of your listeners know the restaurant industry is rely on. And I pay to watch my parents go through some instruct all though you know there're so many rewarding times as well also and you want again to food business just bachelor. In what way sewn. Into that import canine. Graduated. College out of Philadelphia trucks universe the and pursued a career in healthcare and immediately just been killed two. Satisfied and you know a few months and are sitting down at a friend Timmy dinner table. Where his father brought out at home it popped off and it's just really clicked with me you know top bosses haven't really changed for a long time. Not troll specialties who are only growing so. That's when I started. Take an idea and just day by day you know my art I'm grow the idea. And eventually arcade and did upstanding and a thousand samples out to rabbit dot com. Because I thought well there's there's an annuity get the most brutally honest feedback on line. So I'm not positive feedback and from there quit my job certain kick start a campaign and in a password that today weren't in about 800 stores across country. You know about two and captures later when it started. It's no easy feat in and you have to have a great product and then you have to have a business mind to do what like you did to get it out there and man. I don't know whether you wanna keep it for ten years but you develop this thing you keep it going someone on the big companies gonna wanna buy you out of your going to be after it. And then maybe maybe you can retire. Let's talk about the sauces. I think who what you're talking. I didn't bring my Spooner my little cups Auburn district and out of the bottle. I went out at five fluid ounces each let's talk about the basic cut toss the yellow label one. This thing when I smell it when I tasted. I can't. It's not it's not Asian it's not Mexican and it's probably more. Indian you know. Middle Eastern kind of a flavor the ingredients. You know it's got a got a nectar. A mango yellow mustard vinegar coarse mustard seed to America buys his orange juice brown sugar. A little vinegar haven't are preparers Julie Barrett curry powder komen. This is again I said this about the Solso that I talked about do through weeks ago this could be soup. Merely yeah it's phenomenal and to think of all the food and it would go on anything on the growth. Pork chops tick in would be. And it's just got enough spice that even people that are not that big on. And then he unscrew the cap again to take another hit of the extra hot tell us about the ingredients and island. Sure there's just about the same ingredient that you just mentioned. The only thing that that early it's just that you level. You know produce more out and keep in that same great. Personal flavor that you were talking about a I think that. Indian and tropical. Serbian player today I mean it's just so why on something that hasn't been out there. In the industry yet and to your point about economic role. I mean not to that point one of initial items that I start to put it on it frequently but at the same time it. Very. Versatile in terms of having and also for practice than for dinner and salad and mixing it as an ingredient too like comment so it's just been very. I. Flexible hot topic is that the man you know I think that is ultimately I want you to its more to stop. You know as you said something that I was just thinking at the same time corporate minds do think alike. This is the basics offs. If you added a little bit of water or white wine. And and whip it up broke good this should make all of us a salad dressing. In a mixed greens may be with them little baby shrimp and now it would be great thing and end. Of course we have to mention the fact that. You're doing good stuff. You're dedicated this this also to Cody Schuler a friend of her true fought a battle with cancer. And you give back a portion tells about that. Sure so when I was searching for brand. You know before it Lonsky aren't Wallace still Berkman at first drop out of school. I was really struggling and how does because I thought you know the trend is you know some simplicity in labels and a lot of cute as I looked up to. Honesty. And combining that this lately poll there's simple and I was able bring out alight with Lou Q but it didn't feel right and around that time I lost. A friend Cody to cancer has suddenly around Thanksgiving 2014. And it just struck me. You know my mom has been battling cancer. Or hurt seven years now and it's you know been difficult but Icrc opportunity. And her energy or slighted. You know just it's really inspiring so it just. You know may need picnic. When I saw a picture of Cody in response that well not only can I have that. Powerful story tied into it but it also represented at this is that saw. Not just the hot spots that you commuters from sunrise on that. And in terms of my involvement in the catch me in the highest court and empowered patient cook your life. And they develop healthy recipes for education. Depending on their side effects that they're dealing with. And they also post cooking classes and dinners and I'd donate our thoughts and donated funds also you know just sponsored by time. To this organization. Well great job the sauce in Baghdad isn't my only criticism would be it needs to come and a bigger jar. And when he caddied like stupid but that the government and at least a sixteen ounce containers you know. Job well done is he mud and honorable man doing the right thing for your in the memory of her friend congratulations on that. We wish the best to look folks you need to learn more go to would you hot sauce the outcome WJU. Hot sauce dot com. Lawrence thanks a lot but he. They are proud Merry Christmas happy holidays. Hope you have a great rest of December. And 28 team is they most successful year for which. I appreciated it is up picker. All right one more break we'll come back and we'll play about one of the week you're gonna love this and it's a great dealers some relief. A good 24 dollar rebate come with a case I about it after the.