Getting Sauced With Martin Ervin’s 9 Lazy Kidz

The Good Life
Saturday, December 9th

Guy wraps up his visit with sauce guru Martin Ervin as the two discuss the operation and ordering Martin’s sauces.


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And I. But after the program that is the good life and one of the things that makes a good life so much fun is introducing you to products that you may not heard of may not have thought about. You know I turn to these kneel on two. Shin digs down in and about the town here at will need down in Winfield it's a great place that you saw that the she wrote a really nice compliment about that. We've just been speaking about nine lazy kids Q spicy mango sauce one of many that will be coming out of the nine lazy kids Brandon it again nine lazy kids dot com were you when ago. Maarten Tommy if folks order within the next dared to commit count on get this before Christmas out shipping. Shipping it turned around and more than 24 well now. And it is there any I mean I know that you can buy individuals. Is or need discount for like about a twelve pack. More. We had it promotes and we can you know we can certainly do that again we can that today I believe that we had something to be effective I'm. Three of someone purses. Read it would be. No shipping we did that Massachusetts becomes so definitely something to look forward over the next couple of days we got to take a look at what the pricing is siren in Los Angeles. Yet there's there's you know we definitely want to if true offering people a deal. Well it's certain that the jars. Five ounces typical hot tub sized jar. And and uploaded it it says on there. And the sauces hot OK and it is but I like really hot stuff so for me it's like the group I can't wait to have an on some chickens that meet. Talk shows as it is a beautiful flavor funnel mango and in the warm. That the American and and and the Koreans justice and doing so folks go to night lazy kids dot com given their so latency of the blaze special but. Don't wait go ahead and order some anyway at 599 it's it's a fair deal and anybody used to be happy. Maarten thank you my friend best of luck I'll look forward to talking in a future in net. We'll have you on talk about some of the new development that not only to kids sometime in 28 K. Aren't can't replace that or Christmas best of the new year to your policy. Are okay now. A new year writer I'm a corner. Point its fireside at the which Tom area. Chef Peter has done a great job eight. It's special menu for the holidays whether you go there for a quiet New Year's Eve. Or rock and New Year's. They have vote. You can native fireside in the menu is spectacular it's a special deal. Special known as special. Things duty but some special things to drink at talk Qaeda and haven't. Podium com about rose a eight a brute Cobb. Part beautifully colored and a sparkly one from Spain. But then soup to nuts from great menus elections but then if you wanna really party hardy. At the which primary not December 31. It's back to the eighties and why the eighties because. There rigging in their thirtieth new year. And you know local bay and the source. Some great personalities. Treasurer show host there will be some prizes all kinds of free giveaways and the dew and a gift package for two to 89 per couple. You get or nerves dinner cash bar live music champagne toast the balloon drop. Compliment photo Booth. Party favorite comprises and breakfast they with late check out at 2 PM and you get all that for two million on a couple. I mean you know that that's that's 140 and change her. For a night stay at the beautiful which star Mary and to enjoy oil up on stuff. Highly recommend our side it's just that knocked you up a place and if you want a lot shocker. Basketball and style. Yes going to a sport are fun and it's noisy in rowdy and blah blah blah but if you wanna have great comfort and beautiful large screen TV. Order great food and drink and be able to hear of the game to. The locker room. It recommends. On place. Speaking of other things to do for New Year's or any time this December it would fired girl at the Kansas our casino. Chef's special often the month of December show up every on dinner for two. Shared appetizer of smoked short rib ravioli that is magnificent. Choice fallacy your house relegated to wonder. Then. This beautiful shared shop over on on Currie. And then dessert chocolate was a pretty good Youkilis over to five bucks. Relate to abuse but be careful bring your checkbook visual wanna look at the one list and it would far grow at the casino that the one listen magna. Let's see what else there was no there was a couple of things no oh yes there is absolutely there is going on. The 65. Saturday next week. It. Being organized camps on mosques here it is. Special holiday buff today or buy up dinner with wine pairings. It's it's brisket and don't think. You know barbecue brisket. Like you're used to even know we will of that but you can make brisket and does something really special. It would compare with roast beef with short ribs any of that stuff. This again is Saturday December 16. Two to 5 PM it's only sixty dollars you get to watch that cooking class. It's good it's this slavery quote aggressive with on Jews. Fixed on the road you get to. Everything to go win it and once elections in the want to killer has collection Chardonnay and 29 and oak Napa Valley reservoir you can vote now go to. Classes dot AT BBQ dot com this go to HT TB DQ dot com and start cruising around you'll find out. Holidays brisket cooking class one pairings. Next week December 16 it. And that needs. Covert. Ops officer and Chardonnay. The lupica forgive me. Now we're out of time. Hope you'll stick around for seven days. And come back and seven days and 23 hour six days including three hours and join me right here on in essence here.