Getting Toasted With Elliott Benitez & The Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, April 14th

In this segment Guy is joined by Elliott Benitez who is the inventor of Nuni Toaster, an invention that can prepare 6 hot tortillas in under 60 seconds.  Guy also gives you his selection for “The Wine Of The Week.”


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Yeah. Debbie welcome back the deadline hey don't forget that Saturday April 21 next week. Stay at their ranch. Crews are on FaceBook just I've been there at the ranch. You'll get some of the details the Greenwood county. Cattlemen's association. Headed up by Linda glued to. Missed me in the mood she's a gut. And to move Grant Wood there and in the rate great cows educational event. Again it's all their fair Saturday April 21. You can ride on the bus if you're an adult but you can someone on there implement back. And you get that a beautiful beef luncheon. But more importantly you can never drive caravan in net pick the kids and let them learn something about upbeat and Kansas raised. Joining me now is Elliott but it says you might have seen him on. With Mo Rocca what's it called. Innovation nation we could we were both racking her brain trying to think of that. The product is. It is different. And will let Elliott house about LA welcomed the good life. Yet the only thing and make him better as a finalist Towson stork some tortillas in the studio. Right back actually that. Coming this this is. A pretty simple and innovative product. What made you design a tortilla toaster. Ship. Just produced at a church export products so in essence wouldn't toaster for people love. Tacos straight so I come from council who. Love tortillas. You know we recognize it and the only Brett. So for me ya ha moment. And I realized that her mother was typically injured or in Turkey is my counsel we're spending or term it still. In chula you know at the spiritual. And joining artsy shortened my father. Well we've been there we've done that it's one of those things. And there's nothing better. Then a fresh cup or the right off the griddle. Tommy the difference in the post posting regime I understand it close on both sides that you can do six that wants. That's right so you're looking at. On one side is the crypto and the other side is that Michael and you know our Turkey toaster that's our Turkey experience it's closer to the great though you know Tara promote quality perspective. From a convenience and ease of use perspective it's actually closer to the Michael. So what we try to do is we want combined the best of both growth in to a singular table top. I liken them look at the picture folks you can look at the pictures to their links a good left got back com. You go right to new need to Coastr dot com and you and I. It. Flour and corn either way. Yeah absolutely so a lot of people don't know that our. Tortillas and outselling white bread. Since 2009. Specifically the commercials six consortia. Which represent 85% of the Turkey industry. If you look at a contact. Hard shelled circular once again and talk about court example. We represent 2% of the tortilla industry are closer to actually used our for the commercials six and sort eulogy the most popular. It's just it's just such as a nifty idea it's. You know you could it's pretty enough that comes in multiple colors black white red. And and grace I didn't page down deep enough. So you could leave its economic counter it's really attractive. Does it have. It appears to have the ability just the heat. Level. In my accurate when I'm looking at the pictures here. Kirk. Kirk correct you know district to Turkey it's simple or you know or your audience members in search your toaster it's just like Brett to stay. Cheaply Turkey in the NC apply in the radar he spoke side you know 62. Our vote them out or any sort of she'll have them in the growing more ignorant statement Marquardt to disappear there option. I get a couple steps back which are really appreciate note is that next. A lot of harm to the inspiration or renewing was a combination. Of being there he may. The peaking mixture. And 81957. Cent dollar. The I like that in it and yes as I've thumbing through a look at the pictures that I concede the grew work I'm. Really cool what a great idea I know your mother must be proud of you. What. To. Ended well I hope you do it may I know Mo Rocca did a good job with the in it keep plug and it's. There is no overnight success when it comes. The innovative products like this but. That what a great idea and then you know nothing like fresh homemade tortillas and this handles the standards side what does that does on five inch tortilla. Six interest smaller he is important to our part to wheat friendly. So you go to the store pick up you know but it doesn't Turkey has been barred six inch smaller. You'll be achieved what a product. I love it well. What fun I can't wait the to get one and tried to its. It's innovative it's cute and if he'd a lot of court is probably ought to have it folks should go to new need toaster dot com. And see the handiwork that Eliot but he hasn't put together Elliott thanks man. Appreciate. Or. And then I apologize you know right in a panic this morning I couldn't find your number. And the PR guy I was so nice to work with and them and look at alternative. Inadvertently deleted that he may know that had your number and that's why I sent out notes out that it is number number. Thanks for coming back with that anyway at least added funded and when a tree well good luck happy tortillas and folks if you're gonna have pacing go to my party Unita immunity toaster have a great weekend Elliot Madison doctor Ian. So much via okay now guess what. You gotta get as they're they're a little pricey at night and I'm box but the standby. Is Amazon prime. Think and I haven't looked. Yeah paper Mac's look and see if Amazon prime has a new need toaster. And then this is my favorite analysts. Oh lead. But I you know we are talking olive sets kind of Mediterranean and and then a guy like Spanish line and were having a Spanish. Themed dinner this evening. Well we have these Spanish red one and misses and most her body that like Spanish one. Can tell you of tempered neo and and tempered you rules it is the grab one of Spain. But in the past 25 year through throw. As Spain has joined the global wind market in a big way. The East Coast of Spain. All the way up from Barcelona. And all the way south down to the band were Rigas started and George the rock of Gibraltar. Valencia. The tan. Monsanto. Is aid DO that's up near Barcelona. And if it didn't get included in the rerun. The nomination of Port Orchard it probably should so they made it its own separate DO. MO NT INT. Pretty warm climate. A little bit inland not much coastal influence and it makes. Grapes that drive him warm weather. And really can bring a lot of fruit to the party. This is a bland it's called boo BULA. It's the 25 in addition. Wine cellar. Steve intent Hampshire international one target ninety points haven't paces. But I can tell you the color is just opaque dark purple. Tinged edges and then. And hold an up or were you can't read through so. Pretty dark and it has such a sweet black fruit or Roma. The great some ball. Miles well below 40% garden not show up 40%. And 20% sure. And this Iran. I think I would've guessed more sore rot maybe even could've been course and guessing Alter. If I didn't know where it came from that and and the guard not to but the fun part is the most Puerto if you've never had this great by itself. Big. Libya we. Testicular fortitude. Agreement. Created. Pretty dark rich one well now this one has 14% out call. It was. Permitted in stainless steel tanks spent four months in French and America know that and say whether any of it was new I doubt it that it was. Based on those clips of. William McDonough. Big first. Soft tennis and pretty good finish. They'll hang him. Mouth trying to needs ruled the land. Or roast chicken. We're. A patio without snow and wind. That would be good please do enjoy. It's good left as one of the week it's available court to Jacob Icrc in the north rock road it's from Spain from the north. Eastern corner of Spain in the DO of month on. It's called hula do you LA that's when he could be in addition you've got a loved one is really good. I'm got Barrett is like Obama the new system with Somalis. And let him go and have a great weekend will be in effect.