Girl gets her head stuck in a tailpipe at a music festival in Minnesota

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 14th
In an unsurprising twist to the story, alcohol was involved.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which could cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 6 o'clock this is the case and there's this morning isn't even says that I keep back inside stuff partly cloudy and 77 degrees. The Wichita woman is dead after the pick up he was driving collided head on with a semi truck in Marion County Wednesday afternoon. It happened on highway fifty west of Florence. Tony two year old Shelby kind of Wichita died in the crash the semi driver was not injured. A motorcyclist injured Monday in north Wichita has died. 39 year old jewels of gun of Wichita was injured when his motorcycle. Collided with a pick up at I want 35 and 21 street. To gamers who's online dispute over a video game allegedly led to a swatting call. That resulted in the death of a Wichita man are prohibited from any online gaming while they are free on belonged. Eighteen year old Casey viner of north college hill Ohio in nineteen year old Ching gas bill of Wichita. Pleaded not guilty at their arraignment on charges of conspiracy to start justice wire fraud and other counts the two gamers will have to live with apparent pending trial. And the judge also told them that they are forbidden from having firearms in the household. With the only restriction being providers father who is it law enforcement officer. Prosecutors alleged minor asked 25 year old Tyler barest of Los Angeles to swat gas deal. Police went to a Wichita home in response to the call and shot injure finch who's not involved in the dispute. Gas and viner were released on a 101000 dollar bond in UN KM SS news. A 65 year old woman was abducted and rob Tuesday afternoon in northeast Wichita by a couple working together. The bandits stick the woman's wedding ring plus 8000 dollars a woman was forced to take from an ATM. Suspects and drove away in a Cadillac. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the robbery was reported more than four hours after the woman was originally approached by the suspect. We do also has some footage from the Wal-Mart. That shows the suspects contacted multiple individuals. From Wal-Mart. Beginning around 10 AM. Up until the point of contact your victim around well. We are asking us well if you were contacted by the suspects at the war war to again call our WPB robbery detectives to 684518. Over the information may also contact crime stoppers at 2672111. Or. Call nine on ones there is a video surveillance image from the rear of the suspects and the suspect's car. Accompanying the story on our website K units as radio dot com. Firefighters in Colorado faced several more days of tough going against a wildfire that's burned thousands of acres. Not to China is the incident commander on the fire near Durango Colorado and he says as the fire moved south it got very close to homes. It's the fired danced above us we kept up what they can we remove fuels. Between the structures in the fire edge. So the buyer did not make an aggressive push towards us. He's at a works no structures burned. It's hot and dry throughout the mountain west some areas are experiencing drought. Homes have been evacuated in southern Wyoming due to a fast moving fire and eight homes were destroyed by another fire in the lad you tell. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo held a joint news conference but the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea. The world should rest assured that the United States Republic of Korea and Japan remain committed to achieving that complete. Verifiable and irreversible. Denuclearization. North Korea. The US alliances with these two countries are absolutely. That embryo commented after meeting in Seoul South Korea. In interest used on mount sexual or 4 minutes past 6 o'clock. 987 and thirteen thirty K and as us. Steve into the morning now 61010 minutes past 6 o'clock. The gasoline prices are. To consolidate a little bit here and no Wichita area start in the seat in 69. Net. More than just about any other price and I've seen out there to 69. Maple and Tracy gets you 69 at death. Couple of different stations in haynesville grand in meridian in Hayes guilty 69 there are so seems to be the price that. Some of the retailers are converging on this morning traffic update from cake and SS radio I'm Jad chamber of state let's take a look at the forecast now. With case and it's a staff meteorologist. Dan Holliday good morning a day in a good morning a few high level cirrus clouds are spreading across south central Kansas this afternoon and if we can expect to really heat up 92 by noontime 97 for the afternoon high with a gusty south wind as high as thirty miles per hour. Breezy and warm tonight down to 74. Sunny and 97 on Friday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays and now we have a mostly cloudy skies 75 degrees southeast wind at ten miles per hour not tell you what. It feels muggy it is muggy out there this morning. Little warmer than expected Wednesday across Kansas back about 56 degrees warmer than we thought which does high temperature was 95 degrees. And we were looking for about something in the high eighties but 95 for I'm normal high is. 86. Today is a Thursday June 14 28 team. On this date in 1954 president Dwight. Under god to the pledge of allegiance it's. 1954 under guide to Dwight. That is Flag Day. As right on this date in 1777. The second continental congress approved the design of the original American flag. It's like day in a month. And they get holes that for them to put mine out the but I almost every day. Encroachment is raining all died in a new rendering takes up. My flight just kind of curls up on top house so it's kind of and a funky but. The good going to be some breeze today if you do if you do fly a flag on Flag Day. Channel pretty good should be. Billowing out there waving if you. A young woman endured an exhausting ordeal when she got her head stuck in a truck oversized he'll pipe. At a Minnesota music festival. That's an Haskins via a tale firefighters you to powers on but yes well yeah. By Fred here's a power saw to free the woman from her predicament at last weekend's Powell wind stock music festival and wins are wins stated. About forty miles west of Minneapolis. Video of the rescue was posted on FaceBook. It's unknown how the woman ended up with their head in the tail light weight shortly for a but wait for a alcohol may have been a factor there it is the better it is a the McLeod county sheriff's office as he was cited for under age drinking and escorted out fellas you're an old about the drink either. Now one adult if you allow him to sort of lovely and loaded up on. And you know and too many PBR's agenda drunken stuck her head out to flag at my head net impact then answer it. Well how far it if you if I got to my ears today and I couldn't get wouldn't keep pushing would you sum game but she's not my prom date back. It's just kept bush shouldn't. And dampen the better part of her skull and act and later head out of the tail and has got to be a big tailpipe detritus that attracts those. They make big tail pipes. There out of the if the engine running agents effort catered you know or die but she apparently she was not feeling any pain. That and thinking to Ellis was like okay. This is Canada says story Ted a routine bathroom break for a miniature Poodle. In the Twin Cities area. Again as Minnesota not Shwe and raccoon yesterday and now we have. Knowing he's the news again we'll talk about him later but we arrested. A routine bathroom break for miniature Poodle in the Twin Cities area turned fatal after an encounter with a aggressive year in Minnesota. Pioneer press reports Joseph Wilson watched in horror as her fourteen year old dog pepper. Was killed June 3 near lake all wash so in a short view Minnesota Wilson. And let the dog out that morning but didn't notice the dole in her yard. Dole meaning a female deer pepper ran toward the deer which rose up onto its hind legs and beat the dog with a. Pool wound. Wilson says she took peppered to a vet who's as the only option was to euthanize him he was really banged up tennis. This is as he lived in the area for more than thirty years it'd never seen such an aggressive. Well even involves music videos of those things were. A man is confront in this deer is it to rise have been to start kicking the crap out of a lot of what makes a deer may usually the fact that humans are shooting guns at a nail it could be it at. The deer finally had enough. The deer fight back then. Interesting story about them. That you've covered in recovered yesterday is as well this morning. About the woman who's abducted by these two people apparently are more than two people involved in this abduction right. Really in terms of videos that they showed showed cavorting and others. She lost to wedding ring to these people we've talked about this yesterday and 8000 dollars. And it's video it's on it's been all with our our our news story yes and you can see that maybe you vines need help amount of thinking. Tournament. Can crime stoppers numbers 2672111. Right you know something you know. Don't hesitate call somebody PG Allman male and female suspect approached. Several people now Wal-Mart parcel is that it or they found their verdict ask me a live I'd probably misunderstood the story I thought. The video showed them. You know getting some of the people involved as co worker as a as says you know. As helpers now they were trolling an overly parking lot looking for Vick the incredible hours before they finally found this one well. That in your rate she let this young woman get her car in the it and almost had a very tragic ending thing I'm thinking about. Was that Carr Brothers who. Killed and some woman they inducted dissimilar way. Hubris of musician recipient and member of that. At any rate to. Just word of caution there's some bad people. In this book this one amplify it okay. Hey Father's Day coming up I'm sure you've got your Father's Day galleries started firming up plans you know did it in. I think I talked to my daughter and she said to what good data to whatever you kids come out five and it made. Tennessee that's not the answer we want. I know when we ask dad what he wants to do we want concrete answer then throw it back on the can you elaborate and I got to know what to tell you except you. Like at christmastime. We want for Christmas dead. Hey I've got everything a man could want in this world like I don't know. The gift certificate to Barnes & Noble adults like there you go maybe that's it gift card. But the new and make a plan that's coming up that's Saturday. Seventeenth that Saturday or Sunday Father's Day is always on Sunday yes the descended seventy I'd 617 now Steven did listen what you taking like you. Don't even know prisoners utterance on room. You know when it is. Sunday. 670 nasty intent I'm Purdue and of course they don't even off the royals weren't actually I do. And something's going on on somebody I'm sure you can guess somebody didn't get too many hits last night's. All nor runs all nor Ramsey irked me was the theme continues guys. Kansas City Royals last night at home tea and on the bottom team in the National League Cincinnati Reds. And skid for the royals continues this was a scoreless game going into the seventh inning. And the reds got a couple on the seventh one more on the eighth. That'll take us to the top of the ninth inning you heard the game last night on T if they. In patients. Pitches hit high and deep and I beat Steve Phillips field. And gone and improved ball full view things. They're absolutely. Grand Slam home run. Lights I don't triple last night into right center. Paul is long home run tonight. We will put this game and I each. Seven did nothing Cincinnati. Well Lou you know be your final score royals get pounded by the reds. As Cincinnati's sweeps this brief two game series the royals have now lost nine out of ten. They have lost 23 of their 33 home games this year it only scored eleven runs in their last eight games. When it eleven runs total yes. An eight game yes. They've only scored one run in the last 25 minutes. Why which is why they've lost nine out there. Can't score a win but all day today for the royals during this long to maybe make some changes. When you change. Usually don't have anybody use the change of manager. And I don't mean just won the World Series two years and I don't Myron I don't care that on his fault what they've done it all hits and targeted ads that really killed and today I. Fire the manager. After the fire and on I don't think so not useful. I've been mitigated ballplayers and now that's the solution. Maybe the general manager needs to go way that they get which they are more now maybe he's got. They'll keep days okay. They'll leave the perfect formula for continued losing. Leon and that's one dynamic and very just did take about somehow. I don't know what it takes the right what do they do clubhouse meeting where everybody beating each other. Yeah. Not a good situation you know really. Let's go to answers are these. You know not well the answer is they'll tell you well get this crop of great young kids in the minor league H I mean that's a that's there at that. X there's 34 years away from that. Keep on this you know at this rate. Re more losing seasons the before you get to that point. Probably gutsy we'll see. Pro baseball for the Wichita wing nuts last night Wichita. Gave up two in the bottom of the eighth the fall behind and then rallied right away for four runs in the top of the ninth inning comeback and beat cleaver rail errors six to three go to the wing nuts when their fourth in a row and vaults into third place in the division. Five and half games back in the wing nuts will go for the four game sweep at cleaver and finishing up that series tonight. Down south of the past of Fort Worth. Go love baseball action brace tonight. If you wanna listen to the Tampa Bay Rays in New York taking on the Yankees and that we at 6 o'clock Freud and items portrait of the FH. 12:40 AM 975 FM. Sports Stephen Ted K an ass ass. Got a big concert coming up in downtown Wichita Leonard Skinner is coming to town in concert during its fell farewell tour. Marshall Tucker band will be joining him. That will be on September 29 downtown it in trust bank arena. And those tickets go on sale. Tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Guess what I've got a pair of tickets to giveaway right now even before they go on sale. Really so call me now at 869. At thirteen 38 I'll take color number four. Get cute pair of tickets to go see Leonard standard in concert coming up in September I did 641 now and even hear her Fox News commentator dot star learns. Is it a workplace issue or a First Amendment issue. Talking about standing up for the National Anthem Stevens had in the morning on Kate and the answer as.