GoFundMe page started, to buy a billionaire a couch

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 19th
Elon Musk says he spends some evenings sleeping on a couch at work... the internet responds.

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Thank you so the thirteen thirty pages as David in the morning he's back in time head Woodward. 830 now. President Krebs says he's confident that his pick for secretary of state will win senate confirmation. The president said CIA director Mike Pompeo is the right choice to lead the State Department and despite the fact that Republican senator Rand Paul says he's a no vote for now the president said he believes that Paul may switch his vote to yes so. I think that life will be good chip most. Repeating. Other things like I. Feeling he's going to work out very well and I think our country we. Pompeo met with North Korean leader Kim Jung Il in Pyongyang over Easter weekend a meeting that the president described as going very well. At the lighthouse Jon Decker Fox News. Prosecutors in Minnesota will announce today whether charges will be filed in their two year investigation into prince's death. The 57 year old superstar musician was found alone in non responsive. As Paisley park Minnesota eight states in 2016. Their from an accidental overdose of fend off the synthetic OP Lloyd fifty times more powerful than heroin today Carver County prosecutors have scheduled a press conference on possible charges. Of a source of princes fentanyl was reportedly never determined documents released last year painted a picture of prince as a man struggling with addiction. And also shows efforts to get him help just moments ago Fox News. Grass fires continue to burn in many areas of Kansas on Wednesday Reno county crews were battling a grass fire near lake cable road southwest of Hutchinson. But in some fire chief Stephen viertel's tale send news they've battled for structure fires and around fifteen grass fires so far this week. Crews have been busy you know last night alone every single fire apparatus and real count it was all rounds fighting fires everybody's right now on about three hours of sleep in the last two days. And it just it's taken this poll. She smears says that current dry conditions and high winds have made finding and getting fires under control more difficult. Dan O'Neill KM SS news. Us which companies are looking for a man who resisted battered and fled from authorities Monday night. Officers responded to the reportedly switch atop of a stolen GMC Yukon from Davis more. An officer located the stolen car on each polity near the Kansas turnpike saw the suspect pumping gas and getting into the car. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the officer made contact with the suspect who began resisting arrest refusing to comply and injuring the officer in the mouth. The suspect then jumped into the passenger seat of a blue Pontiac G six. And fled from Nancy. Another officer did locate the Pontiac G six a pawn in all over shortly after it flat and traffic pursuit ensued. Which was discontinued due to excessive speeds and residential neighborhoods police department is asking for the public's help in locating forty year old Brandon Paxson who is a person of interest in this case. There's a picture of packed and accompanying the story on our web site. Candace has radio dot com. Now look at the forecast for KS have staff meteorologist Dan the holiday good morning Dan the more. Aimee wanna grab the jacket on the way out the door a chilly start today been sunny upper fifties around lunchtime at 63 for the hi this afternoon with light northeast winds clear tonight are low 41 at. Breezy and 65 on Friday and a good chance of rain forest moving in early Saturday morning. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy 36 degrees north wind at nine miles per hour. 834 now seem as head of the morning on K and SS it is time for entertainment news boring a fine line between entertainment real news recalled. The blur with Ted Woodward and leading up this morning with the board news about the I was B trial rights as it continues the defense's star witnesses Bill Cosby main accuser in his sex assault trial. Had a plan to accuse a celebrity of crime to get paid. Marjorie Jackson says lead accuser Andrea can't stand talked about her alleged plan when they shared a room during an athletic road trip in 2005. Jackson testified that can't stand did say she was assaulted but quickly coveted to a scheme to sue for money. Can't stand says it was caused either drug been molested her at his Philadelphia home in 2004. Can't stand told prosecutors she did not remember any conversation with Jackson and denied the defense's assertion. Cosby's accused of three aggravated indecent assault counts Jackson was not allowed to testify in last year's trial that ended with a deadlocked jury. Colonel Scott Fox News. A cultural icon of World Wrestling Entertainment has passed away they. Old lane living legend and professional wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen we'll Bruno. So mark you know. Bruno said Martino was he toward a force of the WWE is one of the most iconic stars of the then world wrestling federation so Martino would begin your record title run beating buddy Rogers for the world heavyweight championship belt in 1963. Not relinquishing that until 1971. To retain the title two years later and continue another three policy Iran his chance Italian Superman headline more than 180 sold out shows at Madison Square Garden. With rivalries against fellow legends like George the animal Steele and superstar Billy Graham said Martino an immigrant who moved the US in his teens from Italy will be enshrined in the WWE hall of fame by Arnold Schwarzenegger 2013. Pernod San Martino was 82 years old mad Pollack taught how Fox News. Artists. Pink and her children share the cover of people magazine's latest issue. Singer pink is on the cover of people's beautiful issue alone with her two children. The pop star tells the media outlet when it comes to parenting what's been most humbling for her is. You never know if what you're doing is working. The Grammy winner revealed she swore she'd never be bad cop with her kids and now she is. But the singer also raises her kids to know that gender neutral is okay and girls and women can do anything. Pink is currently on her beautiful trauma to our Jacqueline Carl Fox News. Carrie Underwood to releasing the data her latest album. Days after her first appearance at the 53 annual ACM awards Sunday Carrie Underwood announced. The release stay out her latest Gallup. Only spread pretty September 14. The title track can lead single was released April 11 and it has already tapped the iTunes and songs charts in twelve countries. And quickly racked up over one point three million streams in the US. Underwood appearance on the awards show was her first since her accident. In January under Woodrow fans that she's recovering from a fall she had back in November. The country singer suffered a broken wrist and received over forty stitches in her face joked Leno Fox News. In Saudi Arabia it was a movie night to remember the Saudi Arabia's view of the world about to blow why don't fast. Which is Saudi government proclaiming their showing the first commercial film in the kingdom. After more than 35 years the Hollywood blockbuster black Panthers screamed and concert hall. Part of the cultural reforms under crown prince Mohamed bin phone mind. Reversing the ultra conservative dogma that band movie theaters screenings in the eighties as sinful. Going to be a summer to remember in Saudi Arabia with a rush to build theaters in the crown prince also bringing back concerts and lifting the ban on women driving. Mover now courting and helping train Saudi women drivers to Reese Crowley Fox News. A lot of activity going on on the small screen and let's get a rundown. On the show Leno to members to the stranger things can carry away we'll play a politician who cares more about getting elected and serving the people and Jake Busey please journalist with questionable morals and a sixth sense of humor. In that third season. Of the hit Netflix sees. She's too. Slow returns on June 29 the streaming service drop this problem for TV show on the gorgeous ladies of wrestling. Showing the ladies gearing up for performance with a locker room listening to Michael Stearns analyst 1980s it's mania. President has surpassed NBC's hit series this is not and Sunday Night Football as the highest rated television show of the season. Claire Danes announced season eight will be homeland laughed at showtime has not echoed that statement. Long ABC's scandal and answer on this thing after seven seasons and 124. Episodes. That's Fox News on Fox News. Here's a headline we don't see every day the Internet wants to buy billionaire Elon Musk account. Was to hits 1000. Increasing Goodwin Fox News. There you go people helping people and people public rich people as heartwarming. With let's. Let's finish up some of the late night comedy let's check in with the late late show it James cordon on CBS. They stream winds here in Southern California. Have left the desert town of Victorville covered in tumble weeds. I always just rolling through the streets. Locals say it's not led to an epidemic of gun fight so high noon. Don't even know why they're dirty they're just sounds pump prices well. They sent this could really affect the town's main source of business. People needing to stop them pay on that drive to Vegas. Let's check in on the Tonight Show we Jimmy Fallon. As I saw this week the Vatican is offering a class on exorcism. It's only class with a guy in front of each atop your paper by attorneys had around a 180 degrees. What red bird ever thought he. And finally let's check in on CBS with Conan O'Brien this is aspiring scientists have developed a robot. They can assemble a share from IKEA. Almost as fast as a human. Yeah sadly in the process of assembling at the robot has a huge fight with his wife that's the big car. He still put that vehicle dealer lots a little rant hey yeah I had my Danielle. You know that's entertainment news in the blur for this Thursday brought to you by are good friends at pizza Johns didn't hurt me. Course there's pictures Stephenson head right there on the wall painted on them a sand haven't been you get ago. And able web site you wanna check him out pizza Johns derby dot com is that a web site. And they serve it tasty food pizza every day Monday through Saturday 11 AM 10 PM. Right there at 208 south Baltimore off of cape fifteen. You've never been make sure you get down to pizza Johns enter any age 42 now Steve did in the morning coming up. Editor bill royal Vista business journals. Talked about a new executive at a what you talked construction companies. That's all the way Steve is in the morning on today and as S.