Gold falls from the sky in Russia

Steve & Ted
Friday, March 16th

3 tons of gold bars fall from a plane near Yakutsk.


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So. Thirty sue. You're listening to 97 and thirteen 38 and as as good morning here on Friday march 16. The stocking strangler has been put to death in Georgia. The state is executed 67 year old Carlton Gary was convicted of raping and killing three elderly women and attacks that terrorized the small city in the late seventies. Besides those murders prosecutors say Gary attacked nine elderly women in the west towards the city of Columbus most were choked with stockings seven of them died. Gary was pronounced dead late last night at the state prison in Jackson. Here's the first inmate executed this year by Georgia he did not give a final statement Tom or Gotti Fox News. The state of Kansas is under an emergency drought declaration wildfires threaten farms and ranches governor Jeff collier and the secretary agriculture visited by the Kansas counties yesterday. In the western part of the state. They say wildfires are enough of a worry if they don't get rain soon it'll impact cattle and crops. Is almost as supporting a return we'll go to my most likely put some some of them. But it all depends on right now we get the moisture. KS and news speaking there would David Claussen of Claussen farms. If you win big in your NCAA tournament bracket shirt claim those winnings on your taxes Nate Wrigley is senior tax research analyst at the tax institute at H&R block. Whether you are participating in your office pool Lauren gambling and casino. If you win money its taxable in the IRS doesn't care how you wanted to alert. Where you line all income is taxable from whatever source drive unless it's specifically excluded by the IRS and gambling winnings are not excluded. Your microphone. The larger it is the more likely the winner and the IRS will receive a tax form reporting the winnings. The IRS will be able to compare the information on the taxpayer's return with tax form reporting gambling winnings. If the winnings are significant enough they will also be subject to mandatory withholding by the Payer. Can't just judge has declined to end a man's prison sentence for months early so he could be deported to Mexico to be with his ailing mother taught me. County district judge Nancy Paris on Wednesday reaffirmed the full sentence of forty year old picked territories. He had been convicted of reckless second degree murder for the December 2005 head on collision. That killed 28 year old paramedic Ryan Olson door. Torre's was driving on the wrong side of the road and also pleading guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol. He was sentenced to thirteen years nine months four months remain on the sentence. His mother lives in Mexico and suffers from heart disease high blood pressure and other ailments Dan O'Neill can SS news. Next time get your driver's license don't need additional proof if you want your ID to continue to get you on planes and and a federal facilities. Can't sell this with Kansas department of revenue. What is basically it is fitting your lawful presence in the United States to get jaded about identification card as a gold star of top right corner which allow you to use that medication or keyboard domestic flights and enter in federal facility that is bases and things of that nature and it doesn't mandated again you know you don't have to get a real ID you can you do other forms of identification to board a plane or to get up there absolutely most common as the value at -- or. If you if you wanna real ID though they here's what you need birth certificate or a valid US passport. And proof of Social Security such as a Social Security card or a 1099 or W two form. For more information go to the Kansas department of revenues web site. A fortune in gold and other precious met. Olds fall from the sky it. Not pennies gold. Gold falling from a plane as it takes off former Russian airport investigators say it looks like the what match gave way and some of at least nine tons of gold slipped out to the ground below. Fortunately it all came to rest on the tarmac where could be recovered more than three tons worth cold hard cash and literally. It was 26 degrees below zero at the time Gary Baumgarten Fox News. At Christmas it's the national Christmas tree lighting Easter you get the annual Easter egg roll. Come Thanksgiving the president will again pardon a Thanksgiving Turkey when it comes to White House holiday traditions. Not much is commonly known about the presidential shamrock ceremony. Since 1952. US presidents have carried on the annual tradition of accepting a bowl of shamrock from the Irish the island nation's famous greenery. A gift symbolizing friendship in honor of Ireland's patron saint saint Patrick President Clinton took the ceremony to a new level. Using the occasion to highlight the United States' commitment to the NORTHERN IRELAND peace process. George W. Bush opted to return the symbolic gift giving ceremony back to its roots and away from political overtones. Caroline Shively fox name. It's 637 with Stephen said here on KM SS check the weather forecast meteorologist Dan Holliday what is hello Dan. And good morning we see very windy overnight and that will continue forest today sunshine temperatures around 74 would gusty south winds as high as 45 miles per hour to a red flag warning again posted across south central Kansas. Clear and breezy down to 37 overnight Saturday side 63. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Dan right now on what to tolerate a breeze out of the south 59. Degrees under clear sky and on our way to hide some before. Ping an SS news time is 637. The 43 annual original blow hardy breakfast continues in east Wichita. Just about forty minutes into the huge event this morning and who did we send out but Steve Macintosh to monitor that this activity to receive news. Wanna come vanity is here adult Chicago for the quarry third annual. Original Marty breakfast as you can hear it very loud in here so I don't mind. Party atmosphere gone on in we just the invite people to come out it's a fundraiser for random united always good to have you got here and we've met. Didn't know watching our celebrity horrors this morning including. Brian Price City Council members as a celebrity pouring this morning if he picked a copy around and you make a donation and and kept company that's what it worked. Edit it say it to ourselves a little while ago that do you would really appreciate. I saw a man put mustard on his hash browns never saw that before wow that's. He's not an everyday that's OK this is. Realistic is agreeing mustard belt it's yellow book it. And not so that's what's gone on and and it's not until 930 this war they got to the point in time to come up where you go to work or whatever just get work altogether today. And the first 750 people at the free Barney coffee mug. Courtesy of tornado there and again. We've had the answers later taken arrest right now you know I was just curious the way they danced with their hands in exercise like that. And I have ever seen Danson Don hall dance because he does the same thing. He put his hand straight down the silent you know that is it's amazing he's in his name is Danson on nine now the president I don't know ever seen him dance. Where he. I listen to work on until 930 got time to come by its instantly hope you do because it's a great fund raiser for rain those united we're just haven't. A big party down here 43 annual. Original Marty breakfast right here at all Chicago the Kellogg rock group. They can steal second with Steve shortly and get some more updates from the Blarney breakfast. It is. There's a 639 with Stephen Ted now it's time to check gamma. And get that information from the commodities folks it's a commodities update what Tom Loeffler of littler commodity is good morning solemn. According did. Debacle wouldn't need to get government made new highs for the week it was positive but will often hard. Yesterday we saw over Campbell opened mostly lower and traded to new lows of could move today outside. And they claimed they didn't look mostly triple digit losses but lower trading close continued Mick Campbell George looked bad but also they are oversold. We note closed on it and would have to be a contract yesterday. And it only goes away from the contract low at the close yesterday April I'd get about 15121. EB pod. It's torpedoed a dollar and 914082. Engines and nobody can cents higher at some 917%. Of the corn gluten date and immune to inflation rose. Also being dumped whistles on the positive side and buying strong and OK because there was an agreement weekly export filled supported Clinton yesterday. After taking a deplorable made in the corner of negative side. We also told yet that Egypt by more than it from Russia in Romania. Overnight has been too excited and and you'll want. Moderate trading volume at the moment they concede that stamp seven and a quarter led by those six and a quarter. Acorn leak. Court of opinion toward community that it may soybeans corn to recorded higher at 1045 and amp April crude rose sixteen cents higher at 135. It will go through those birdies inside a thirteen point 1 PM. The genius and people up according to the point that 2755. And three quarters what's dollar index to have to send slower 891990. Engine dad and he turned 22 point slower. Point 400902. Commodity trading right marketing advisory contact us for commodity public vote on the web by using 66 good to talk. My no we talked about before Tom on only governor in the secretary of agriculture went up in the western part of the state looked at the drop and conditions and not a pretty sight. No let's not let it looks like we'll get some of the better chance to win them well maybe yes booster. Other than extremely dry here in that period that was Kim will be hit anything. Now boy out here on the day before saint Patrick's they would use some green which might mean some more some moisture. Getting some things to spruce up a little bit around here. Get an important bit of little red wings didn't of the quarter earnings. How about that let's aliens at the luck of the Irish go on what is Tom have a great weekend we appreciate chicken and whether this that is the commodities update with Tom Loeffler of less alert commodities it is 642 who Stevens had in the morning. Could 5000 dollars change your lie yes. Well we'll find out money tracker Don grant will be checking with a shortly Steven says it on tape in SS.