Good business news for Wichita

Steve & Ted mornings
Monday, January 22nd
Commercial aerospace numbers up, unemployment is down.

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I mean is improving as is seems like there's a whole lot. This hallmark jobs available and unemployment is down. Kagan as best we are seated in the morning at eight. 48 here in the Monday's three big things pretty senate voting today on temporarily pending government shutdown in the seeing things as unemployment rate hits 3.4 percent lowest point in. Eighteen years a lot. Would restore new school closings and delays today in northwest Kansas. Three big things heated dead on gay and assess how we get some snow flurries here in the area we've seen that. The track traffic records have been reporting it. Ben above freezing so not really expecting anything to stick to Baddeley to the roadways but watch for slick spots. Traffic update on Kate and has as brought to budget Robben curled Goodyear tire. We'll get downtown a market and Waterman in east every street Moline on money girls are dot com home of the 3495. Will change. 30% chance for morning rain and goers know becoming mostly sunny by the Santa goes. For the high today of 42 degrees going to be breezy. With a west wind gusting to thirty miles per hour or more mostly clear tonight. The overnight low 24 Tuesday sunny with a high of 47 style light rain some snow. Calling 37 degrees west wind gusting to 32 miles per hour. They Unisys weather brought you by the monarch quoted one of the best urban bars in America. By the permanent preview located at 579 miss Douglas in his storage delay no. The monarch. Report mark coordinates. Beautiful snow up north colleague senator Alexander yeah exclusive sit. And some other beautiful big snowflakes he also flights coming. Two army captains who met at West Point and returned it to be married in was believed to be the first same sex marriage of active duty personnel at the famous New York military academy. The New York Times reports captains Daniel hall and Vincent French you know. Were married in January 13 they're both Apache helicopter pilot stationed. At Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas captain captain I do I do the men met in hopes to 2009 when French you know. Was a freshman and holt was the scene there. Thank an abandoned dog covered in school Sowers was rescued from a wildlife refuge in northern South Dakota after it retrieved a downed bird. For too surprised voters. The yellow Labrador have endured days and bitter cold temperatures without food water or shelter. But the dogs hunting instinct instinct took over. And let it to its rescuers January 4 hunters got beat hand and Matt Flanagan. Tell the Aberdeen American news that they had shot down a pheasant in the sand lake while Wright's life refuge. When they are supposed to be. The whoever they were approached by the underweight lab. Bearing a thin coat doll she had pitched their bird to their surprise speed and and Flanagan. Brought the dog to the refugees headquarters. And was later taken to the Aberdeen area humane society where she was named river she's now available for adoption. And I'll be less than if you wanna hunting dog that was got a pretty good estimated dodgy right there so they're abandoned and and you know all theirs it. Roberta got into it about their jobs if on this week 851. Now Stephen tidbits. Take a look at business news now senator bill Roy the Wichita business journal good morning bill. Good morning Stevie out Wichita unemployment rate dropping again in December the rate 3.4 percent according to the Kansas Department of Labor down from three point 7% in November. And from four point 4% in December 26 team the statewide unemployment rate 3.4 percent. That's down from 35. The month before. Commercial aerospace has been the strong point for the Wichita economy and it was a record year for the commercial aircraft sales delivery and sales numbers from Boeing and Airbus. Set records in 2017. Boeing won the delivery race 763. Airbus booked 11109. Aircraft last year that beat Boeing's 912. That Walker's. No longer the shut down last the further the economic ripples will spread these early days won't have much of an impact. But the longer the shutdown lasts the bigger the impact and the bigger the chances that the country's economic growth spurt. Could stall one important but rather one important factor. Government payments to vendors will be delayed. Local breaking business news every down can't SS and a Wichita business colonel dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm due Roy. Yes bill put your Social Security benefits benefit check will be coming in on time well that's if you get one. I don't think you probably not quite yet yet and to the post office will deliver all of your bills. And your requests for donations that'll all come good and fill your mailbox still furlong that. The mine do every every day which is it out 53 Stephen did yesterday was. National hugging today. Dissident today when everybody's abuse supposed to celebrate but hugging I don't I'm not hug somebody right here during flu season theirs that's not the Mets buried ask to ask their permission first I mean if you're out. No walk along feeder the mall unused somebody comes up you just walk up the start hugging him it could be as you know create some some problems saying you know now. Are you a hundred to get a bill. Obama hugger I got proof for for hiding out like did if I know somebody well only greet the mind I liked guy got to to hug Charles Cook one time really it threat. On television he was in gridiron talent Hannity respond dolce grid only he was views a special secret guest in did you feel richer after that. I dive was missing my wallet now on. Loan no but just a terrible the. I'm not much of under myself. The thing is as evil or about a clash of the people would surely like to hug it. Would probably not law meet them they would say no no thank you Annie get into good point did it here during the flu and cold season should we go around telling people. I guess we cannot come as long as we don't sneeze right their face we all right. But sure I'd turn your head the other way that's for that certain mile. I think until 855 now Stephen did Qaeda says he is at nine cent of the vote today. On a temporary end to the government shutdown that's coming up at nine Stephen dead on K and a sense.