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The Good Life
Saturday, August 12th

Detroit-based Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men is expanding to Wichita this summer, the West location is open and there are plans for a new Eastside venue as well. Guy talks with Lady Jane's Corporate Director Debbie Miller at their new Wichita location.


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This is Michael Savage join me weeknight today Don KN. This is good good line food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life guide our. Heck after what was the program let this stuff I can't do it every step. It's our aircraft place. Now if a lot more than that. It's. A great place for guys to come to get a haircut for anybody to commit get a haircut. Welcome to great services that there will be no that would relative talk to. The the director of operations from the headquarters of Michigan's Debbie Miller she's gonna join us. In just a second lady and later in the program lady in the program. The Obama camp. Later in the broke government talked to mr. Marty Johnson you know of course Marty is the emperor of Johnson's garden center both locations. Thirteenth and of course the 21 and and with low on NN. The reason we're gonna talk as many people. I wanna hear some stories of Marty's. Latest bicycle adventure. Coming from in Canada all the way down to Mexico on sort of by number three for mr. Johnson. But then of course if you haven't looked outside lately it's August and even though the weather's been weird it's starting to feel like ball because if you go past and if the Johnson's locations. You can smell at green Juli and a in the roadster and a the meat that signifies ball it's just a wonderful thing so Marty beat Jonas I got a great one of the week from Jacob liquor exchange. It's from Spain is from the media it's a red blend it's called marionette. It is. Highly rated and more importantly it's relatively inexpensive. At around them bucks a bottle so without further ado let me introduce you to director of operations for Michigan. Debbie Miller I'd yet thanks be to let her sit next to me because as good as you are you're not that protect. Well I think history. They have got a pretty location you've got all together it's awesome isn't it we are so happy to be in Wichita. This is our first location in Wichita are 85 location in the company we are growing very aggressively we are looking at going to 300 stores over the next two years. And we will be opening I think it's bombed early October 2 location on east second regency. And like that that but he hit it well I've got my diet outlined will probably if you'd think that ultimately. Case that depth is that this is. There's other people to do their cutting and there's other work but he missed kind of slanted toward that guys. You guys and have a different approach it and to have this many sort of a short time indicates that you must be doing something. Yet while we think so we on we are eight true man's full service plan so we do more than just cut here. We cut here we color here we. We do waxing. We had a two gentlemen operating today get our experts facials and they were all going shortly and they were glowing when they were going. So we're really proud that we are very protective of our hand. And the other thing it really reference represents a scary well is you know we've come to town we have. Put really good team together and we're really proud of that because you really want to keep these girls just this awesome start extraordinary. Opportunity to earn. Gold buying new car get a new house whatever is that that's what we represent. Like that it kind of pretty upscale sporting kind of places great TVs with work stuff going on. And I watch that packet inspirational. And it kind of jealous because you. It was glow and when he was going up he was pretty well when when he would get. Matt per share at all of our locations. I looked exactly alike now the configuration he'd be unique to the space let. We keep on keep harper answered similar like wow they liked coming into it familiar spot you know they. They know what it looks like what they're thinking it com. So. It's sports sports sports on you've seen all of our sports memorabilia on the walls always indicative of the city's network and and we are actually from Michigan. Your company from Michigan so we just built in into an extraordinary. Space in downtown Birmingham. Michigan we've built a brand new 151000 square foot of corporate office with a new flagship salon we also an accomplished up. Now that's a good yes. And it via one bar but copy shop this just could we start somewhere so we thought we start with you know. That copies that tees in what Nat on you can get some sandwiches as well but these base is all the laughs oh. The clients that are coming into our current location can actually see operations NBC is working me. Let me see you know holly. Absolutely and what your your yup absolutely. And you'll notice that on our our girls are stance on they don't Wear uniforms we like them to beat Geary in to be to have these creative people so we like them to you. Being able to express themselves in of course they all look wicked awesome which is really important to us. We do you dress to impress on them you won't find the genes here we just do well. Let's be clear that the certainty if you offer. Are really cool and they're weight fairly priced. Well yes we do believe that we are priced song here competitively. We don't do any discounts on food do group plans group pension funds we don't problem. Because we just feel that we that bomb some good prices we've got some amazing services. And so we do have packages that we put together on guys don't like to think you know so we put us. Know that's how yeah. And we do put OPEC has it's together our most important is the kings treatment see it a great precision haircut he gave an awesome victory which Lou. Ten minute nap and children sash lesson picnic rate on style mustache. Hot steam tunnel on the face and every single care cuts comes with a warm talent neck warm hot lather and that she. It's. Well and and it's hard to find that these days the forward about cutting up. And that's stuff but it is done properly it's a great thing and you know just look at here a basic haircut if you're in her you can commit you're giving her that. And is that an inert sacrifice. Yes this is I'm only opening new store we call it RB BC this is my new baby on I will be watching this baby very closely for com about 68 months. Just seen much the market here and on and then we will pump it up. Bomb it whether it's fourteen or fifteen. You know we'll just wait and see what the market compared here. But can't we are very very excited to be. Here well it's great that it folksy it. It's certainly fits in a bit like being here guys because there's so many great things you can do it McCain's treatment. Is just that and 36 dollars. To get go left to give that the minute that controller clutch moments ago. That don't. But my massage services. A mile and a half a minute. About a great deal and a quip about reservation walked in with the way and other. Like reservation. Ultimately it we don't online on booking yet however we do take appointments you can request certain unprofessional if you so choose. On and we also welcome Watkins you know we protect that block in client that's or Britain potter. Omelet a lot of times guys come in Naples to go with anyone in the meat fines and the like so. You can we are on re looking these clients. On you can choose someone may have good schedules so you'll know when girls. Here like it's well it's just a great deal that would Uganda now and you picture it that you look back on. When it hit me on the list it's close to 1 o'clock. You you got it parity that's taking care of you or them belly up well in the say October for the east side. Yep it's gonna be early October on the started doing our floors over there so we're really excited about it's great if you waited. And folks again if you haven't. Heard of this you should've. There's been promotion on an incessant anyway and then. A lot of the other cops stationed there area it rolled the dice competition you can come watch if you are already registered you need to come and get checked in that you had to register prior to that we have today. But the role decides competition. And all you've got guys that have ladies I'm one died and then. JJJ. Andy dance on the other. That's going to be fun and you hit it if you currently the chains all the guys to come up short when it went away went. 40000 dollars in the big hug for me alone that's worked at Brad I think I should have registered yeah well I I I didn't but I just wanna be on the hugging. Actually I do hope somebody wins that's going to be exciting well I think it's one it's a great idea that you can take that have babies stores as you progress enormous. And then somebody would have the opposite 80000 dollars and it absolutely. Absolutely. With. We'll have what a pleasure to meet you Doug Miller from she came down here for Michigan to help help open display the agent location again. We're here and tool with a 3 o'clock. 3 o'clock today 2556. North made through the trek across from what did chapter. The comedy side. Newmark you. It escalated in the audience goes great yup yup yankees so much for being here I was really really appreciated your crew is just awesome toward. So you know a lot of folks commend not just today but. From now yup I think this is a great occasion but let's not make him the that we if you look at Sony's side of the new right on the corner from me her and it takes it thinks guys. Today. I got Barrett to go live for committee alive but if that from lady Jane if you like or information there's a link it good like god dot com you can. Good chip up the website you can see. All the different services that are offered and you know facial waxing and full color highlights. Lot of it some but it might be clear wide numbers for you but it. It's kind of a guy's place of months tiger what's in the tennis match and we're doing some waiting radio. Again up next Marty Johnson joins us that puck a little bit about his. Tour divide it. Bicycle ride. A market that's I just I can't imagine what my room with looked like after rotten apartment. That would talked about but then the main thrust is going to be hatch green chilies from. Beautiful hatch New Mexico. Party just came back with the second load and if you go by any of the Johnson's garden centers today. You can buys them you can watch them being roasted you can just stay in there and enjoy the aroma. Will they all about that and then of course next week during this very time period at the thirteenth street store. Oh my goodness it is iron Julie had competition. Food trucks. Beard judging. And for very low price you get to be a part of all of that it's going to be really who would you go with the pills. After the short break I got Barrett is the good lap stop by every Saturday noon to one and check out to left got dot com if you did if you missed a short futures shows. You can get the electorate the podcasting's it was coming up in the future will be right back after this short break.