Good news for Spirit and Textron

Steve & Ted
Thursday, July 19th
Business news with Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy

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Power matters for me emotionally that news is going to be the international stocks because. At the end of the day we all need to do it worked together. Because I'll have shared this planet. 97 interview thirty K 10 Sanchez into the morning now. 46 here on Tuesday morning noon and three big things. NCAA women's basketball tournament coming to Wichita Ted in cut bank arena in twentieth place to seeing. Forbes releases list of most valuable sports franchises. Dallas Cowboys at the top line. Which of talked couple's bodies found in Arkansas. After they disappeared from fairgrounds near great bend. Three big things even dead on Kate in a sense. Think gasoline prices in which does this morning to 57. A gallon is what we're seeing out there. It's really not much changed. From what we received yesterday just more stations than for around 2:57 this morning. Traffic updates from Kate and as answer radio on and get cheaper cellular. You guys three sunny and hot today a high of one well close to 100 make it 98 degrees for the high. And they've seen in DC being DC three indexes could get hired and then he says no and mostly clear tonight overnight low 73 Friday mostly sunny hot. Tomorrow's high again in 98. Now partly cloudy we have a southeast wind six miles per hour and 76. Degrees. Coming up in just a few minutes and 9 o'clock hour Glenn Beck program. And in that first hour he's gonna talk with a. So Leno Zito she is a co author of the great revolt. This is inside the populist coalition reshaping American politics shall a good political discussion coming up at 9 o'clock am. We've Glenn Beck right here on K units since. Well the Stephen Ted poll question today right there on our web page gain is just revealed uncommon by the way you are welcome to be involved in this shirt. How much shopping do you do on line net. If you do not in your among the 0% at numbers nobody said they do not as a double negative I don't know. I have bottle thing or two on line got 17% of the vote. I buy a lot of things on line 17%. I'm by a couple of things on a couple of things a mob ball lined up 33%. And a by a couple of things a year on lined up 33% so. You know well over half saying if you at least a month or once a year they're doing some sort of shopping poll respondents and that's the students tell us that. They are shopping online they are Stevenson some form or another right there are web page in assists for deduct up well stocks. Finish today mixed Wednesday. Dow Jones Industrial Average up 79 points 2500199. ESP 500 also gained up six at 2815. Feel that NASDAQ Composite slipped slightly down just less than one point. At 7854. On Dow Jones Industrial Average for any of winners including UnitedHealth American Express caterpillar travelers following. In fact when you add Boeing and united house together that accounted for about 55 Dow points. Boeing meantime got a pop. Up about 1%. After I won a three point nine billion dollar contract for Air Force One replacement planes tech stocks for the most part came under a little bit of pressure. Though a few of them did actually hit all time highs including Google. Amazon and FaceBook on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and Cole and the Levys Fox News and. FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says while he finds holocaust denial deeply offensive. He does not believe that such content should be banned from FaceBook. But birds and offensive content isn't necessarily banned. Unless it is to organize harm or attack someone. Ride sharing company lift says it's beeping up its background checks. After a driver arrested for rape was found to be in the United States illegally. List spokeswoman. Kate Margolis says the company's enhanced detection processors. Will apply to new applicants and existing drivers. And Philadelphia's tax on soda and other sweetened drinks has been upheld a Wednesday the State's highest court rejected a challenge by merchants. And the beverage industry. 851 now Stephen tenure talked technology. Coming from spirit editor bill Roy the Wichita business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steve and Ken gamble a spirit is Spirit Aerosystems rather says it's come up with a breakthrough fabrication process it's a titanium. Fabrication technology that spirit officials say gives the company competitive advantage. It's a proprietary method in shaping titanium raw material and high temperatures. And also allows the company to decrease the costs of machine parts. Textron aviation says saw an increase in aircraft deliveries in the second quarter segment profit at Textron aviation. Jumped from 54 million dollars a year ago. 2104 million dollars this year. Deliveries of citation business stints increased to 48 the backlog of work valued. At about one point six billion dollars. Wesley healthcare announced Wednesday at thirteen million dollar renovation of the former health strategies building. They'll create additional Tenet spaces. Ronald McDonald House Charities is moving into the building you the new work will create fort tenant spaces but the potential for two more. The building is across the street from Wesley medical center. Once again big night tonight for the Wichita business journal and the health care community health care heroes being honored tonight at the Hyatt regency Wichita. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and which are top business journal dot com but the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Itanium. About this now you know seeing just injected tedium knees now. All the all he can a lot better oh yeah she could scoot to the placenta. Yeah you duties. About that are you talking about what he's talking about just the last Adam Powell Reynolds and lastly health care health care hero down well okay health care heroes that's it that's a good topic I'm glad your view event honoring them. Is there a site and involved re giving them each couple thousand dollars to things like that no stipend or anything like that just a Laurel and Hardy handshake and scooted to the people there don't I don't remember orange and I was gonna ask you got back largely to the aircraft. Companies have backlog which means right unfilled. Orders right. Yeah. Yeah you're right they have orders for aircraft and that's that's what they have to produce do you ever have a backlog down there to business journal. Sometimes we have a backlog of stories that are ready to be edited and and to get out to wherever they need to get on the website really show that means it that something that you should be doing pitcher probably not much. Is that true well well sometimes. Handcuffed him. I know you billion utterly in his speech trying to paint into a corner of their bill are. Heroes on this this is a tricky subject and get you ready to be in you ready for when you run for governor. Are high. Bill I wanna be your campaign manager. Okay and your loved Kansas I'd do that you're getting now want to alert succeeded in a pretty good practice and right now if you are tuxedo cope with says gum on the back. Yeah I received that work work work for our artwork are opera from. Well today is get to know your customers David also make you audit. Get out of the ivory tower out there and go see similar customers who were there when you see some of them to get your archived yeah you know she's customers tonight and it's always good to. For everybody who's in business to know your customers and and I and to find out. You know what they really want what they they would like to but you're on the radio or see in the business journal. And then find out what they really want and as it is that you can't just ignore it. It's an earlier yesterday by the way twins had a the cake last letter to render are now celebrating their twelfth birthday and that that you went well they had a couple of at a great time we get to and you've got twin daughters and that we had a birthday party one of the station manager manages just had on a couple weeks ago Tom Paris last month anyway though that probably won't have one for maybe a year or so mound my I think mine's is next on old. Thank you bill. 855 now Stephen Ted coming up. I think is his views at 9 this morning ability an interesting story coming out of western Kansas and Arkansas. The bodies of Wichita a couple. Founded in Arkansas the shallow grave that story about the fine Stephen dead on Kate in a sense.