Google's list of most searched for Christmas Movies, by state

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 20th

Kansans searched for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation more than any other Christmas movie.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which could cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. It's good morning team back in Ted reverted. A south Hutchinson woman who posted comments on FaceBook falsely accusing a teacher of being a child predator has been convicted of harassment. A magistrate judge in Reno county convicted 39 year old Alicia Watkins of four misdemeanors. Watkins was sentenced to ninety days on each count and years' probation. The Hutchinson news reports a teacher targeted in the post was providing Foster care for Watkins teenage son. The charges accusing Watkins of posting two photos of the teacher on separate occasions suggesting the moment was a predator. Now the forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning with a cloudy start to today our temperature is running well above freezing. There will likely be around 52 for the hi this afternoon. Breezy tonight are low 43. And a strong cold front is going to move through tomorrow we should get to about fifty before diving into the mid twenties on Thursday night a disturbance to move in Saturday night and Sunday and that could give us a dusting of snow kind KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now fog and mist in 45 degrees. A man rubbed off wheat state credit union and southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says employees reported the highest around 10:30 Tuesday morning. The unknown black male wearing all black clothing had entered the business. Armed with a black handgun. Point the handgun at them and begin demanding money. Money was given to the suspect. And then the suspect fled the bank. Police searched nearby neighborhood for the suspect and a possible vehicle black Volkswagen Passat investigators are looking into any possible connection to the robbery of a fidelity bank branch last week. Near thirteenth and bush done the police are looking for a man that won a question about all this smack Coleman junior 31 year old male. It is someone they like to talk to. He's photo is available at our web site. Cain is just radio dot com. The senate has approved the GOP tax reform bill by a 51 to 48 vote Republican senator Orrin hatch of Utah law says this tax reform plan will be good for the country. We're talking about pull in this country out of the message sent. It's gonna take us. Democrats have called the tax reform bill a major tax cuts for the rich the house is expected to vote on the bill for a second time today. Tony 17 march the ninth consecutive year of rising year end holiday travel. Since 2005. Total year end holiday travel volume has grown by 21 point six million. An increase of more than 25%. Jennifer hall with Tripoli Kansas as you might be surprised. By the busiest travel day. Wednesday and Thursday the twentieth and 21 are expected to be the most congested because a lot of people are taking advantage of that weekend right before Christmas so they've taken a couple of extra days off so. Planning and patience is the key to making sure that you reduce the amount of stress on their own. To peek a police say they have arrested a 21 year old suspect in a funny fifteen drive by shooting that killed a five year old girl. The victim will only make coats Nichols was in the backseat of a car and to peca in July of 2015 when shots were fired and a bullet hit her in the head. To become police lieutenant Colleen Stewart says the suspect was booked in the Shawnee county jail Tuesday facing possible charges of first degree murder and criminal discharge of a firearm. At the time of the shooting police said they have few leads with only a vague description of a white car seen on the street around the time of the shooting. Police did not say what led to Tuesday's arrest Phil Noble brand K and SS news. 830 Cornell Stephen did in the morning here on K and as soon as his we're counting down the days till Christmas only five days now. Until Christmas and you believe that this this city year has just flown by. And this weekend I get into the Christmas spirit here a little bit on the radio this morning in the last couple mornings and a have a good time I'm in math and a lot of people are taken that some long long holidays. In regard to Christmas this year. It's. And an eight. They're the five now with Steve in to and tied for entertainment news of her with Ted Woodward here on he went at Arlington Meryl Streep targeted by street artists with Sheen new posters across Hollywood. Posters are popping up all over Hollywood have Meryl Streep alongside Harvey Weinstein with the phrase she knew written across where her eyes would be. According to the Hollywood reporter this on the same David street releases a statement. Responding to accusations. Pollen grocery gallons critical remarks against street and other actresses who remain silent on Harvey Weinstein. The gallant saying quote I despise your hypocrisy. Street said she wasn't deliberately silent in Weinsteins treatment of women in Hollywood because she didn't know what's happening Weinstein has denied. All allegations of non consensual sexual encounters Michelle Perino Fox News. Actress Heather in north has passed away at the age of 71. Best known as the long running voice of death knee in the Scooby Doo cartoons. You know the voice of Heather north and the doors Daphne. Passed away following along you'll Louis blues also appeared in days of our lives barefoot executive in the fugitive on camera on the on camera. Okay at a north has passed away at the age of 71. A popular attraction at Disney world in Orlando reopened to the public there's a new addition. Disney's hall of presidents is probably how most Americans get to see their commander in chief up close and not on television. Texas and now they can see a lifelike robot of the 45 president's hall of presidents began as a single robot has traction with Abraham Lincoln evolving to include all precedents with Bill Clinton being the first to actually voice his robot speech. The president's talk is designed to be inspirational. And nonpartisan huh. So you believe that we use all his dad in Miami and the brown Fox News. Yeah oh. That the lady who passed away yes it was him again at their north of the north mentioning that produce some of the presidential voices that would be funny. You know you want to become a duty that he could do ably instead of Millard Fillmore some. Just complete irreverent in the hall of presidents is they I don't know that. It's all in the family for these rodeo superstars the rights are billed as rodeos most famous family. Hailing from Milford you saw Jesse Jake Ryder coding Coburn competed in this year's national finals rodeo and it's just wrapped up in Las Vegas. The rights have been riding for as long as they can remember. Road you know forces things better around. The western way way alive since do you view my whole life. They often compete against each other meetings and healthy rivalries but they also learn from one another you cannot be competitive it's it's awesome. We knew altogether like you always have an answer from. You god help it's it's it's it's today. Jesse says it's not a family requirement but that if you want to be successful you have to want it in Las Vegas and your craft Fox News. A rap groups designation as a gang will stick. The Department of Justice is definitely not down with the clown a federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit by hip hop group Insane Clown Posse and their fans known as juggle those fighting that designation by the DOJ. Has a loosely organized hybrid gang ICP founders violent. FBI's label and it's gang intelligence report hadn't actually led to any legal consequences. Ayman digs them Fox News. Another given the way tonight a Christmas present present for you this year we'll lust. Yes CD from Insane Clown Posse. Yuletide is here. Maryland is good is that they're gonna listen in the same class. And like Drake John Legend is taking on the role. Alive time. John Legend. Becomes one Indy live musical remake of Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera legend who played Jesus in NBC's forthcoming live musical remake of Jesus Christ superstar laden concert legend will be playing opposite Alice Cooper as king Herod. The NBC special on Easter Sunday is his latest following appearances. In shows like underground Curb Your Enthusiasm. And then the film La La land Jesus Christ superstar live in concert is NBC's latest live musical Halloween is set to music live Peter Pan line and the way Islam. Michelle clean now Fox News. I'll take that up. And legends. Clement or at least you're PCS you know all Watson. A couple of we got a couple movie anniversaries today Steve came out of the very same day sixty years ago in Wichita movie theaters. One good one announcer ask holiday here in 195750s. Work. On this date in 1957 in the movie rained three county came out in which Tom movie theaters. Kind of the answer to gone with the wind was MGM basically trying to reduce gun with a win twenty years later but starring Liz Taylor and Montgomery Clift. Eva Marie Saint Lee Marvin. And I completely agree. Executives of news today it's great stars digit gap they had they had a great cast they added huge budget. But it is just the miss my work Nat King Cole sing in the the theme song it just didn't work yeah. Yeah I I watched it once and I that this is boring to watch part of that long a good idea I could not get into it and Geoff Andrew of timeout called the film an elephant times for. Us and allied on L Cleveland and it's just the Liz Taylor got nominated for an Oscar all the actors in that movie which I believe. They'll also got a few other Oscar nominations along the way did not win any use and not a great that just a misfire and tree can range recount and plus Monty Clift got hurt car wreck and her during the filming that. Headley started but he said he had his face looks bad in the movie and you can zealot you can't move very well because he was hurt Clinton. However a really good movie also came up that very same day sixty years ago today paths of glory. Which I consider to be one of the great anti war movies and Jose I saw your offering FaceBook. And I. I wrote in their must seek out Muncie. Great stars and great great and early rate masses on a California and it's an early effort by a young director dean Stanley Kubrick who. This movie I think chart and Kirk Douglas pretty net finance set Kirk Douglas sudden a lot of that. It's it was a book. At first got very tepid route the book didn't sell it great they did a Broadway play it was a huge flop. But they stuck with it Stanley Kubrick decided to adapt to the screen here remember reading the book when he was a kid. And a Kubrick and its partners bought the film rights for 101000 bucks and in any movie it's really it is good. Very serious stuff your battery easier George McCready handing it off Mon June although the most specific fail. Yeah men and they are French generals in world war this World War I and edit there's. It's and they are nasty guy after you ever seen this. I recommended unfortunately Heidi to death rate move very good move paths of glory came out sixty years ago today. And we'll finish up taking a look at dual. Google unveiling need most searched Christmas movies in each state ahead of the holiday it's 47 states including Hawaii Virginia and Texas the animated fantasy flick the polar express was the most searched. In eleven states including Oregon California and Washington State holiday comedy elf starring will Farrell. The C. I know him and eight states including Pennsylvania and Montana searched National Lampoon Christmas vacation memo suited Johnnie follow. To see the full list movie Boskin check out Google Trends Twitter page on the scene Goodwin Fox News. Now it's in the polar express with one right granted to them cinco idea I've never seen that movie that interest is that there is not very but. Lot of people wait apparently as a as a huge following. Weiner yeah. Now like silly things are in the minority is there. Hey entertainment news in the blurs brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns in dirty they're summing every oh yeah we're real glad that it will open Monday through Saturday 11 AM 10 PM. They're just down his phone number you can carry out you bet 788. 20117882011. And they do a huge carry out business even deliver 5 PM to 9:30 PM it's so good so tasty. Right there and take fifteen to 08 so Baltimore pizza at Johns in the army did some quick research yes that Google Trends most searched for Christmas films. Does at Kansas on way to Kansas where it William we chose national impotence Chris resiliency and which we were just talking about what Tammy style fire chief you know yesterday 44 over Stevenson coming at the Wichita business journal update which cost of the council moving ahead with plans to develop. Spaghetti words seem content in the morning on straight NSA.