Governor Brownback calls in to congratulate Wichita radio team

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, September 12th

Also, Happy Birthday Governor Brownback!


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. Fox News is McCain is just going to keep its head. I keep Macintosh. Many injured and house explosion near roads built. We've got the story. Motorcycle rider killed in your case build on to Woodward those details just ahead find fill the program. A member of the Wichita school board resigned Monday night Wichita police confirmed the identity of the child found encased in concrete. I definitely dealing with the limited electricity and gas in Florida I'm Alex down on ABC news in Tampa the latest coming up apple fans anxiously awaiting the expected review of the company's latest iPhone. I mean BC's mark chronological look at the changes we might see. Coming up I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday Burma has weakened considerably but the storm was so big it's spread cloud cover all the way in the eastern Kansas this morning. Our forecast for south central Kansas he is coming up. Authorities in Butler county are investigating following your house explosion northeast of rose killed Monday afternoon. In the thirteen thousand block of southwest 150 history. Emergency crews found a 67 year old ban would burns outside the home with a neighbor he was hospitalized in critical condition. Butler county emergency management coordinator Jim Schmitt says they're working to turn to determine a cause of the explosion. Investigators are gonna have to talk to the family. They're going to be able look at this look at what's we've got still got left. We have a very seasoned investigator that's working this has been accounted for almost forty years so. No doubt will be able to determine what happened here. The victim being treated in the burn unit at via Christi Saint Francis hospital in Wichita. A member of the Wichita school board resigned at last night's board of education meeting board member Jeff Davis resigned Monday night citing a recent move out of the district as his reason for leaving. Mr. Brody I hereby tender my resignation. As board member for just before from UST 259 effective immediately. Davis who represents district four was first elected to the board in 2007. He still has about two years remaining in his current term. Plans to find a replacement for Davis by remaining board members is expected soon has special meetings on September 29 and October 2 are scheduled to interview potential candidates. In his final statement Davis spoke fondly of his time on the board just like to say that on the court just over ten years. It's enough. A wonderful rides fill global brand KM SS news amenable motorcycle has died southeast of hazel said her county sheriff's lieutenant Lyn Denning. Says the accident site has noticed late Monday morning is 79 street south on hillside. Eight bicycle is writing a long. This curve here. Notice a motorcycle in the ditch are in the. He looked in addition found more cycle lane on top. The individual that we can. The Ryder of them were back. Paramedics determined the man was dead at the scene investigators found no sign of a collision. They believe the man on the motorcycle was not able to handle occur from northbound hillside is seven nice for itself. Victim was not wearing a helmet investigators believe the accident happened sometime Monday morning. DNA results have positively identified the Wichita boy discovered earlier this month encased in concrete. Wichita police said in a news release Monday that the Cedric county forensic science that are determined the remains are those of three year old Evan borrower. Grandson of former Wichita mayor Carl brewer. Police discovered his body September 2 inside of Wichita home where his mother Brenda Miller and her boyfriend Stephen bolt dine and lived. Miller is charged with aggravated interference with parental custody won't vote by discharged with aggravated assault no charges have been filed yet in the boy's death. A landlord clearing out the property alerted police to a suspicious concrete structure emitting an older. The boy's father Carlo brewer had earlier contact a state officials and police about his son's welfare. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Millions of people in Florida still have no power after hurricane Irma. One major problem throughout Florida continues to be the lack of power Stanley's like collect Copeland and her children feeling the boredom of no modern convenience. It is frustrating because when you have three children. All they want to do is do their gaming an unfortunate we don't have a generator. In some cases being without electricity for days can also be life threatening for those who need to plug in medical equipment the hotels in town housing evacuees are dark people using flashlights at night waiting for the power to come back on. Alex Stone ABC news Tampa can assist you son now 8055. Minutes. After 8 o'clock. Monday Night Football last night wrapping up the opening week in the NFL you heard games here on CNN says small have little update coming up in sports. Anxiously awaiting Apple's new iPhone that story coming up on McCain and assist sporting news Stephen says. Messages Daily Mail by. Second hair loss. Okay. And this. Well that makes me. Very sad that he's over. There. Here. And there yet. I. And yes this period. I think that. Or. And you. I'm not. It just. Are. A only one there are. Usually use. The he's. The ones. Well. Is. Well. Parts and but it better team but audio. Teach him I don't think. Excellent skills and your pre review. 08024453. During 8024. Or 5335. Country to war for 5330. If you were someone you know she didn't do drugs or alcohol free store there's no. 18043261. So. 18432617. Call me patient rehab specialist you're taking the first steps to recovery they're hunters are over your connection with the five star treatment center and we'll help you enjoy it. Don't waste more time for us. Your future still bright lights plenty patient rehab specialist help improve your patient and drugs and alcohol force to break his college completely. Confidential and you have private insurance but too little or no cost to do. You can only infantry that give us at all there's no need to live drums and call me if you can rehab specialist. We're 32. 6170. Point 326. 1800 43261. The GM is a story is easy to do it now eight no denying that apple fans. Are anxiously awaiting today's expected to reveal of the company's latest iPhone look it's expected apple will announce number one put three new models of its iPhone. He's sort of more victories fountains called possibly. In a woman with and gadget that flagship iPhone X could have a lot of changes possibly wireless charging and no home button. It was expected the company would have a dramatic update for the iPhone as it's the tenth anniversary. Besides the bells and whistles the price tag is upgraded to rumors say the iPhone X could set you back a grand mark Graham Allard ABC news. It is has used time now 8:10 tendons vented o'clock. I still have some slow traffic on west Kellogg looking especially eastbound it. At that Kellogg and I shoot 35 traffic accident there. And traffic accident really slowing things down traffic updates from Kate and has as radio. I'm jet keepers. I the second the forecast now with kaine as his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning a ridge of high pressure in the desert southwest is going to spread in the plains and that is going to ballpark temperature up a little bit more each day. Sunny warm and 85 this afternoon and mostly clear and 61 tonight. Tomorrow's high ninety and low ninety's by Thursday and KMS that's meteorologist Dan Holliday who aren't they partly cloudy north went to three miles per hour and 58 degrees. It is now late to end. 10 minutes past 8 o'clock special guest this morning. With Stephen Ted Kansas governor Sam Brownback good morning sir nice to aerial artists. Or out god. Line and my goodness personality. Of the year how how have people stand view with an award like that and it's. Fantastic. You know it's a it's a great job. It says Ken their burden to deal with a us. And inherited yes he has such a great show are so long there and I I was looking nurse and then this out to me about. They via win this award tonight that's a fantastic honor that so Lotta competition or something like that and it's great that your servant. People understating Kansas and I give him that information and putting it forward on it. Just so well right. Well that's great congratulations. Guys. We're assuming that you're listening to us on on the Internet out there and speaking every morning. Ranked at that. Careful there. Hurry I think the he. That this I'm familiar with the show Jimmy and and it and it just he took great audience there and which are just wonderful people that you know I've been in and around and got it. Honored to serve for thirty years and I'm perhaps you're another good it's a good play very well. You know as senator one of the things that we thought of I thought up when we were rear and Austin on that stage. It was Ted of course in and myself and our program director Tony using three guys three guys hometown of Wichita. Can't bend native Kansas we've only worked in Wichita and Kansas all of our. Our lives with him but many many decades of radio experience it it it was a proud day to me from what you've done a proud day to be a Kansan for us very I think. That's and they. That you guys homegrown product that way and then when he it's big award accustomed to go to mile time of the best where a person has labored in the vineyards in their own thing. You know that they grew up it and this is the place where where that raised you on any given back to the community constant. Based system. And the owner of radio show we're a long time I would think would be difficult partners of short background in radio but. There and it's for a lot of years it it would take a lot of energy and a lot of imagination to keep the show urged the oh yeah we're just glad they don't have term limits for radio. I ask. We'd be out of your log time ago but that. And I don't I don't know. The it's. You give people you know it may black people that have been around for awhile I didn't. And there's account for that to regulate now you wake up and this is my energy in this sort as a witness Charlotte in 2 in the morning and and I like it looked like have you guys been copied together. You talked about being unselfish and of course we are but really I think that maybe the next thing we'll do is apply for the unselfish reward somewhere. Think it's a good idea. Now I think I think I would just retire with personality of the year and he you know just and coming out of both of my door and not duke men and say why are your own it yet the personality of the year that's that's always pretty. He's today your birthday. I'm sixty or avid bird it's a about debt. Well thank you are you looking forward to it than you deck aboard your new your new job they're gonna go to work and in Washington however it is right answer. Yeah I I really am it's been agreed on certain people campus. This term almost. A year and a half so. Governorship here last night. A lot on interior and national religious freedom to people persecuted around the world for. Gently want to practitioner a and a lot of times in a job like this you can get a person in shock and jail. And then a foreign country name they should keep alive. And that sort of that's a big part of part of what will be don't ostrich which aggregate more religious freedom around the world which is the basic concept or human dignity human rights and certainly for the United States. But it's also want if you grow your nation you really can't you have to maximize freedom. This is one of the basic and you have to act in my early. We eat when you start did you then. I would lawsuits against Iraq and on. Arm bold steps into it OK okay. I'm sorry I thought it was a done deal I'm sorry and now hopeful it I'm not here in any big push back on. Yes there is senate calendar being what is she don't know I saw the two senators over the weekend of state bears players that are pushing hard economic and armed but we just debate. Now. Today of course today after 9/11 I'm sure like every American you knew you were thinking about it yesterday or maybe even today and and the fact that those honoring first responders and those folks and the day in nearly 9/11 had a huge impact on Wichita especially and Kansas. And our economy and in and it was just tough but what were your thoughts. On 9/11 men. Aren't sure that knows me or Cyrus there'd be city when the area. When it happened. And other dispute gracious in shock at what point corn and also wondering what happened. And why rarely be an attack like that. And it just in the aftermath of the number first responders there that die given their lives they Brothers and I'm not. Syria and Afghanistan and the soldiers we lost. It's their freedom rushed to go on off it and at that time. There's another big issue here why is it just. And then this how much it changed the world really had it made it really brought the modern terrorist era. Page. When I when they attack in we've been inspired the war on terrorism members aren't where. We're not close to wrap them up. On going to. You know I am not at the same time had some similar feelings because it I'm never been the person who is. You know crazy no idea about the fact that blog my country or whatever but I always followed. We were great nation of people who've been giving people carrying people went to. Went to war for other people and I couldn't understood I would like you governor I could understand. Why anyone would ever attack us on our home got edged I couldn't I couldn't get it you know. You know I irate couldn't either and yet. There's such an expected. He but it Aurilia then put us on war and George will described it. Really hit some great economic anchor a very old mentioned in a war inch covenant in the back a computer. No I have very moderate instrument at that spot track and it blunt instrument Eric that it it. We've got a sign our youngest on ship off to the Marines. Others next week. Long. I'm I'm so I'm so proud of him in we'll understand vipers country and. Oh. And I am I sent my eyes and just retired from the air force ended. Iraq and Afghanistan all over here in the past fifteen years thought I'm with you and god bless him and in we know Kobe does well and hey let's switch for just a second human interest Kansas State where eight. About that yeah ask. Aside I'd be bright Cheney's terror. Act like it eat. They do another did you see the butter sculpture we heard it was going to be either you or Donald Trump this year. No well I I'm not only saw Iowa and there while immersed altering. It was a it was OH tractor pulling away again. They incompetent that they were they are stalled and that that's pretty hard to do they insist don't that thing in the freezing temperature incited. They gonna work for you know so many minutes or yelling get out your fingers are not so announces its and so did they do a driver or use the driver then on the on the seat there with a big straw and on and some I don't know ally and driver chopper made I've. After the largest art just prompt it was like 711. A pretty good. After being at the state fair as your cholesterol levels returned anywhere near normal get. It takes a little lot I shared might be right she's cured that I was up there Erica. Yeah I mean it that early in this bunch of really. And you can do once a year Wikipedia once a year round. Listen thanks percent of spending some time with things for those kind words about the Marconi award and best to you and your family especially that day that under the Marine Corps. Or best suits their happy birthday at a. Arctic. Thank you thank god bless you guys are years' service and keep it out the people that lessons he would deeply deeply appreciated. Banks are done. Thank you thank you governor we appreciate and his governor Sam Brownback with Stephen 10 this morning on a nineteen sports than would Ted Woodward in Riyadh. A little football backed up the football games in the NFL as management to. I was supposed to follow that you can always post a follow the governor with a sports cast your best all right ultra. There we go down Monday Night Football last night on opening weekend the double dose of Monday Night Football and we had a special broadcast of it right here on in assess. Started out of the early game the Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota 2919. In these little playing time on defense for the vikings former Kansas State wildcats Terence Newman who is now in his fifteenth season. In the National Football League now Terence Newman got four tackles for the vikings last night. Late game was in Denver you heard the Broncos host the Los Angeles chargers Broncos win it 2421. Where she got that defensive secondary for the Broncos with a couple of former Kansas Jayhawks. Right there including on the left corner Aqib Talib had a tackle. And right corner Chris Harris. I'm broke up a pass and he did have a tackle for a loss as the Broncos get their season opening win. That will talk pro football tonight. On the chiefs kingdom show the weekly show talking about these big season opening win at New England last week getting ready for the home opener Sunday against the Eagles. Play by play voice achieves may told us the weekly chiefs kingdom show. These little after 7 o'clock tonight with some live right here in 987 and thirteen 38 and as fast. Speaking of the chiefs got a good cease birthday today Iran cherry. Great free safety for the chiefs defense back in the 19. Time Pro Bowl player. He was named the NFL 1980s all decade team. Fifteen career fumble recoveries while tied for best chiefs' franchise history that's a lot and he's a third all time achieves an interception on the defense. Good player there may be a little bit underrated suit guys that get mentioned that the great sometimes happy were stated to run Sherri these 58. Today. And in Major League Baseball last night of Kansas City Chicago White Sox beat the royals eleven to three. Not a good loss for the royals against the bottom team in the league. Kansas City three games behind for a playoff spot there's only nineteen games to go in the season no. Royals will have a rare Tuesday afternoon game today hosting the White Sox into the sunshine of the conference stating. Live coverage of the royals at 11:30 this morning listen live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Sports was even today 822 now keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes. Remembering 9/11 with chalk at Cleveland State. Seemed until the morning on Kate in a sense.