A Grammy nomination update and an interview with a country music star

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 28th

We get a Grammy preview on The Blur, and Fox News speaks with Garth Brooks.


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Good morning 8:30 Stevens in the morning feedback and sons Ted Woodward. Kansas secretary of state Chris cope clock is facing a newly formed fund raising committee dedicated to stopping him from becoming governor. The Topeka capital journal reports stopped cold but he's a political action committee formed in August. Michael hole sisal says the pack is working to establish its board and build a web site. Now look at the forecast with Kate and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning cloud cover will start to move into south central Kansas along with a cold front by about noon time. You'll see some scattered showers this afternoon it will be breezy not as warm with a high near sixty occasional rain tonight are low forty wind at tomorrow's high 52. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy we've got to south wind thirteen miles per hour and 56 degrees. Wichita police are investigating two deaths in a home as homicides. Lieutenant Todd old child says Saturday night around 11 o'clock police were called mobile home in the 7500 block of east Huntington for an unknown EMS call. Colin authorities say that you return home her mother brother inside the residence. With blood and they were responsive. Upon arrival officers into the residence located 62 year old female and 23 year old male deceased as residence. The victims have been identified. As home fans she's a 62 year old female and her son Cody ha 23 year well both of them live at that residence. Police are asking anyone with information on this to call detectives at 2684182. Police say two people were found dead after a standoff at a central to peak hill home. Standoff began to the home Monday morning after all he responded to a call about a domestic violence situation. Lieutenant Kelly Stewart says officers eventually sent a robot into the house the robot found the two people dead. Federal court has dismissed two lawsuits filed by former rowers. Who allege the University of Kansas did not respond properly to their reports of being sexually assaulted on campus lawsuits. Wild and 2016 by daisy tack it and Surma clerk were dismissed last week at the request on the two women and the university. Tech reporter to Kansas football player rape current 2014. Butler allege she was assaulted by the same man a year later. The women claimed the school violated title nine because officials should have anticipated heightened risk of sexual assault at the apartments where football players live. In February US district judge Thomas Marten dismissal portion of lawsuits that claim to university officials were officially liable for the sexual assaults. Dan O'Neill king and SS news. Moving Ontario Canada to change the name of a straight a name most associated with. Nazis this is probably what first comes to mind when you hear the name swastika. And that's why some people will live on swastika trail and pus lynch Ontario about an hours southwest of Toronto. Wanna change the name. Arguing it's embarrassing and offensive to Jews but not everyone agrees. Some swastika trail residents say industry was called that long before Hitler's rise to power in Nazi Germany and that its original meaning his peace and harmony. The Tom console will decide whether the name stays or goes next month. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. A first for the miss USA organization. A Minnesota woman is the first person with Down syndrome to compete in a miss USA state pageant 22 year old Michaela Holmgren received the spirit award and the director's award at the pageant Sunday night. Anybody that even spend five minutes with her. He knows that she is the right person to be the first to represent an immediate people that need to see themselves doing something like. Pageant executive director Denise smallest Holmgren says he has been dancing since he was sick and enjoys performing in front of crowds. Wearing a blue gown Holmgren received a standing ovation and went she accepted the award at least Phyllis Sarah Fox News. 834 now is Stephen did in the morning and it's time for entertainment news the blurred here on KN SA has been delivered it. Looks like some more problems from mr. Weinstein that character more on new lawsuit against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Does suit filed in New York by actress Canadian noble claims Weinstein is guilty of sex trafficking she says he lured her to a hotel room in France with the promise of a movie role. But she says Weinstein sexually assaulted her instead. A spokeswoman for Weinstein denies the assault happened. Noble says the incident happened in 2014 the sex trafficking statute the allegation has filed under has a ten year window for lodging a complaint. Dozens of women have claimed they were molested or assaulted by Weinstein over several years good all Scott Fox News. The judges may have already been set but now host to the new upcoming music competition on fox before. Has been announced. Sees it the singing and girls singer Fergie has some idea that's. Announcing that she would be an album and music competition and as Diddy and he'd take a pleasant Megan Trainor and music executive Charlie walk. On the judging panel. The four is set to premiere in January. Grammy nominees are being announced today. Look at the big board categories album of the year song of the year record of the year and best new artist. And here is album division could yield a nod for album of the year and his single shake have you could be in the song of the year category. Other albums can Peter Bruno Mars 24 K magic and Harry styles self titled solo taking. Yes a mosquito could be nominated for record of the year. As will launch next on 1802738255. Career suicide prevention message. And Alessio car as want to watch for best new artists the grammys will be handed out January 28 at Madison Square Garden. In New York City time inject balance Fox News. It's built in depth with one of the big stars in music Garth Brooks back. Actually the market with your thoughts celebrity profile fox spoke with Garth Brooks right after he won this CMA entertainer of the year award for a second time in around rep. Where they announce the name of the commissioners said the zoo field. So I was still well they said earnings this. This year went of course is his wife Trisha Yearwood backstage Garth admitted immediately he had blitzing his performance on the shelf he elaborated it was because of his tour. If you go there and you've given half. Really got a day here gonna run you out of town and they demanded they party and they played. Or he says he needed to go rests his voice. Our forces are strong offensive seem is obviously there was always a good it is very sweet and we made a game time decision to ribs and country music best camps the voices of star. What were they arrest. Went onstage and hopefully it'll be there and then the people will take you hostage. Cart's three year long world tour wrapped in Nashville on December 22. Actually to court and Fox News. Let's get a rundown and other items in the world of music. So I'm Jacqueline car. Slides. Taylor's sit still queen of the charts remaining at number one on the billboard 200. Well. Reputation selling over a quarter million albums in its second week. Singer Nicholas day is trying to help Elliot Richardson who works at a sports bar in Cincinnati and was shot in the face by a driver of a bat that almost hit her police told fox nineteen she's in University of Cincinnati medical center in stable condition but they say wants to find who did this to her and help raise money for her recovery. David Katz Lee's daughter Katie Cassidy tweeting my father's last words work so much wasted time this will be a daily reminder for me to never waste another minute I think Q that's fox rocks on Fox News. Let's flash back two with 25. Years ago today. 25 years in 1992. Whitney Houston. She started a fourteen. Week run. Pop charts while this song I've always loved the cover of Dolly Parton. Fourteen weeks this song stayed on top. Released for the film the bodyguard also starring Whitney Houston and it. Soundtrack and sales of more than 45 million making it the best selling soundtrack a vault I am and it won the album of the year Grammy. 25 years ago on this day glee Whitney Houston started the record run at the top of the charts for fourteen. Weeks. Let's flash back out and Wichita movie theaters 75 years ago on this day the movie George Washington slept here are in fact been any any. And data sharing and sharing now. For a little comedy that they they. The purchase of an old decrepit players that are supposedly George Washington spent the night right sorted sorted into tourist attraction. Unable movie. Charles Colbert is in it. Caught kettle proceed killed bride is the the thing with. He's not too hard working handyman if everything is going to be there yes everything goes out and of course so Wichita native Hattie mcdaniels in that movie is well enough. And you go a little bit like Washington slipped human like mr. landings bill will civilian and military branch alone that by edited money. George Washington slept here came out 75 years ago on this day. Let's take a look at little late night action last night even the Coke Brothers making Conan O'Brien's monologue it. Time magazine. Has been bought by the billionaire right wing. Coke Brothers. Yet critics say buying time magazine could give the coax unparalleled political influence over America. In 1986. Killed in action there and then let's finish up with little bit of a Christmas story or the great movie here. And Peter Billingsley. Played ralphie how young kid in the movie is so well point so yup Peter billing Lee appeared on Good Morning America and he talked about it a scene from the movie it got cuts. Once in the never made it to the movie a huge fantasy scene there was a lot of those in the film but there was anyone with an outer space and ralphie save Flash Gordon. Any huge space scene but was ultimately too much for the movie it was cut and unfortunately as before dvd so it's lost forever. Wow and a cut through allies in this and that would be a great extra at the end of that yeah. Yes he mentions he's got all the bad guys outside his house. And obviously you know it is easier and we'll have those little x.s on bright eyes. Funny stuff and hello would you love to see that space scene down one. But of course that was a movie was made on a pretty tight budget and the studio executives didn't believe and it included on the shelf anyway so. They are probably just there are just trying to get that movie made and distributed in theaters and now it's in Saturday. An all time classic at the time is then we'll really end but it took off and really there is really it. All right there's entertainment news on this day in the blur brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns and me to drive on down McKay fifteen. Bullet right there too late self Baltimore you say I want a tasty pizza and I'll fix. We'll problem there it's why there are very sponsors on the blur pizza Johns in carrying 841 now Stephen you. Coming up editor bill Roy switched on business through a barbed improvements for a local school districts. Bill's gonna tell us about that that's on the way it was seen today in the morning on innocents.