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Tuesday, November 14th

Our guest: Earnest Alexander, President of Youth Horizons


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on us. Good morning seven. This is McCain is escorting you to Stephen dead and these Macintosh. Man stabbed his brother in south Wichita we got the story. Another woman claimed sexual misconduct by Alabama senate candidate I'm it would word of those details just ahead. Campus child welfare agency was described as being overly secretive. I'm penalty I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday low clouds patchy fog and drizzle sets up across south central Kansas again this morning. When will we see the sun again our forecast is on the way. Violence between siblings in Wichita police officer Paul cruised to his early Monday emergency personnel responded to the 4700 block of south. Hillside to. Upon officers' arrival they can't take that 24. Your old male victim who reported being stabbed in the chest area might 25 year old male suspect. We do know that the relationship this. Of the victim in the suspect that they are Brothers. The younger brother hospitalized in critical but stable condition. Legislators former employees and family members say the state agency in Kansas charged with protecting children from abuse and neglect. Works instead to hide how it operates the Kansas City Star reports that a former state department for children and families supervisor. Says she was told to shred notes from meetings and not document anything after a child's death. Former DCF deputy director Diane Keats said that she was given the guidance by an agency attorney and -- fourteen. And so on attorney shredding no separate 2015 meeting. The department set and a statement that it is committed to transparency. The department has faced increased scrutiny because of five high profile deaths of young children in five years. And scathing state audit of the State's Foster care system last year Dan O'Neill OK and SS news. It's a fifth woman has come forward to claim that Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore's sexually approached her when she was eighteen. Here's Fox's Ed Henry attorney Gloria already held a news conference in New York to unveil Beverly Nelson who charge that more groped her when she was just sixteen. Already said Nelson is prepared to testify under oath and brought us evidence of a relationship. Yes I high school yearbook she says was signed by more when he is a prosecutor in his thirties. I'm putting his hand so much for. I'm trying to open my car door delayed. But he reached over he walked it tonight could not get out. I can kill you without hesitation. This is absolutely false that more out at a campaign event to sue the Washington Post which broke the original story. Trying to make a last stand hereby suggest and all of these forces in Washington. Are out to get. The Washington Post reported that in 1979 when more was 32 he also had sexual contact with a fourteen year old girl. The GOP tax bill is up for discussion in congress making this a big week for Republicans Fox's Chad hurt him explains. House of Representatives is hoping to move this bill to the house floor later this week it's possible they could start debate on Thursday and then finish debate on Friday and pass it then it's a question of just making sure that they have the votes now a big thing is gonna happen on Capitol Hill Thursday president trump is going to come and speak to the House Republican Conference to kind of you know tell folks this is what I want to you know do this for me they have not done much. On behalf of president trop this congress despite Republicans controlling the house and the senate. This is a big one and they need to move this through to satisfy the Preston and that's why he's coming to Capitol Hill on Thursday. Lawyers for the family of a black to. From viewing officer's body camera footage attorney Julian castle Steve yeah. Says a city initially agreed to allowed Dominic white's parents to see the body camera footage but. She says the city later said Kansas law allows it to be viewed only by whites for minor children. They're assisting in time now several. Or 4 minutes past 7 o'clock. Soccer basketball action late last night at Coke the arena we'll have highlights and results coming up in sports Joseph Biden for president in 22 money. That story coming up on the K and is a sporting news and Stevenson. His team that now 7088. Minutes past 7 o'clock. For those taxpayers who have ongoing issues with the Internal Revenue Service the IRS. Has advocates who can help you. Tracy Willard is with the Wichita taxpayer advocate offers. Congress that the taxpayer advocate opera apt to abdicate sport taxpayers that individuals or businesses org that organizations we help resolve federal tax issues that they have been able to get resolved is the norm all I area channel. The service is free of charge forward for more information you can call 3166512100. Former vice president Joseph Biden is not ruling out a run for president in 20/20. Former vice president Joseph Biden appearing on NBC's today show refused to close the door on a possible presidential run in 20/20. Who knows what situation would be here from. I don't have any idea I'm in good health now I'm in good shape and knock on wood as my mother would say but you know I think I just don't know I honest to god Massachusetts. Democratic strategist Michael Meehan told Fox News Biden's. 75 next week will not be a problem. Rather the wild card will be the mood of the democratic base mr. Biden was promoting his new book promised me dad about his son Bhutto's death from cancer. In Washington James Rosen Fox News. An unexpected danger in a tool used by law enforcement the maker of taser says at least fifteen people have caught fire and five have died after being stunned volume flammable materials at count spokesman Steve Tuttle says the best include a man shocked November 7 by a police officer in the Lindsay Oklahoma after he was shocked and reportedly got into was gasoline soaked ban although authorities say they're still investigating whether the man set himself on fire Tuttle says it happened about fifteen times in 24 years out of about 3.5 million field uses of the Kaczur recently Sarah Fox News. 710 not 10 minutes past 7 o'clock. This Stevens in the morning. How we've got some issues that traffic right now this year yes the ramp from Lincoln to northbound I won 35 get a traffic accident there. Expect a slowdown baby. It on the highway 35 somewhere else. We got a traffic accident in west and show the 119 street less than MacArthur. So a 119 in MacArthur traffic accident there beat from Clearwater I know that's kind of a rough interception. We've also got a traffic accident here in Wichita hit and run it 47 street south and Clinton. Avoid that area for the time being traffic updates from cape and SS radio. I'm Jeff chambers sandwiches in the storm tracker three forecast in Kansas today meteorologist. Leung spread and good morning Leon. I thought yeah did you ride your motorcycle to work today Opel that I couldn't find it this morning really. But there's about but it fell on them ultimately you're seeing what public it's a little they can't do this morning and it actually reduce out seeing guys get reports. We've got about a quarter mile visibility. I in our Soviet thickening up but it likely will for the next odd couple hours that box saying what is pretty consistently this morning you've got the drizzle and the mist and the overcast fortunately though it's. Nice and warm compared it was so we don't have to worry obviously not reading on issues on this November morning that. Ball is really going to be a mess for commuters. Yep thanks for cheering us up this morning we appreciate them always works but he. Well that's true it could be words in a tonight looks like we did get some rain tonight and a. Yet here is that day and it's going to be this kind of if you polled feel the and night there's a cold front that's gonna last week early could squeeze out the showers. I think most that would be. East of Wichita but anyway when the problems that we could I get a couple of showers out of it but it is going to scour Allah all this global level moisture and grungy. And we will finally be able to decide returning tomorrow and people coming through tomorrow to be warmer than today because the sun comes back. Scoured grunge. Out. I think you're picking up some bad habits from me. Right now I studied so hard to figure out you supposed to be a trained meteorologist but look what you've done it means is that prepared but now. I'm pretty much destroyed Ted's theory it is. Our. Clinics are tomorrow what some sunshine maybe don't look at those beautiful leaves out there. Absolutely tomorrow's going to be gorgeous I think we'll probably start opposite cloud and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a few lingering showers real early tomorrow morning. The and the suddenly come back there will be up in double those sixty's tomorrow afternoon light northeasterly winds and then. For the rest of the week we're looking pretty good title I think the bogon. The Droid will stay away from us then it'll be just the rest of the weekend and week it'll be that it was all ports. All right thank you Leon they can't send storm practiced for a forecast of Kansas and a meteorologist. Leon Smith and announce 713 Stephen Ted and I coming up the November 27 the big. Youth horizon concert every year youth arises does discovered that with us this morning is Ernest Alexander from you authorize its departure good morning mr. wonderful. Ass now seeing that psychiatry and I deserve over what terms do you ever. Well no luck records. In Illinois are right now. Are you. You know what you're retired now own employees my question. At what is used to rises some people wouldn't know that is that it isn't real good deal. Almost forty years it's an organization. Deserving kids in trouble. I risk. And some of them a good portion of them off off the list. From single parent homes. Some have been incarcerated summer or not we provide residential care for borders and then we also wonderful mentoring program for boys and girls. He's doing great work in the state job and I'm happy to be a part of it. In contrast to Europe bringing behind gated community. OK okay. A I don't they but he only one time the Kansas state prison isn't. It. But. Most blogs and now it's it's good to have a love Conte coming up what what what can we hear the delivered wanted to tell us where and when what's cool on. Moment is going to be on the 27 of November Hyatt regency downtown Wichita doors open exploded. Tickets are twenty dollars worth about 200 tickets left so so please buy a ticket this money goes to provide. In the residential program literally home for boarding up and him. Volunteers who work with kids in which a top public school system. That one mentor you know somebody just have spent some time with him and social and pay nothing in the mentoring program services. And it's your big fund raiser is going biggest of the year and beat somebody ticket that is all it did was call 3162628293. Or go through. Www. Use rights and dot net. Now up to a year I've known each other for a long time and does so. All week at each other constantly. Because you know when you were saying how much you'd normally I know that one true love you. It let I know that you work weary from Alabama. I've started my life in 1955 and so my mobile's home AMOCO the world much better place for the that it was that and I'm making here. Do you knew that the French university 1970 forgo certain parts of people's account now from cart came to friends and understanding from men innocent people who were there at the times that you couldn't carry tuna bucket. And they had to teach you how to sing it friends that right arm. Dialogue and did all certain that we're expected to are witnessing quake or is pretty good you've got all over the world Paris the only time you perform at Carnegie. Actually only wants real yes. The couldn't afford you know that I performed one of the Carnegie public library in Kingman Kansas I wouldn't doubled checked out two books. One restore my Brothers group. As it's always good to see how how are things going on in your world relief they helped put those kids will you have been so good to me for all these years as well as a notable computer and I appreciate your stations spending Mars we do need help and this has been different departments were so I can't get out. Let you out of here initially deal saying it formula. But he and it. And I only. Saying it's true you mean. Oval. You cruise more and you know it's not the ones on Houston. Who is that you river and we did a singing Christmas tree or remember those trees that are issued at like 45 times a year around christmastime and yours you would get up and sing it was it one time pitcher to split in the back. Would you bring. Listen over the you know humidity a great but I try to encourage you to read. Through the two. That's always great to see earnest and again and the phone number is. 62262829. Inquiry. And it's the use the rights of the cuts are coming up on the 27 anybody else noticing beat you and everybody is coming from Oklahoma City and of course great courage and good speed Blix who's the best. Guitar player anywhere. Will be also. While. Tells me Chris and thank you want to receive the whites of your allies have problems. Which ones. I always Wear sunglasses it's clear that it became closer to check just estimate and are listed thank you sir for being with us as always great to see Ernest Alexander from your horizons against on the the 27 coming up in just few days says 717 now Stephen dead at. Every sport and dead Weber. Big shocker basketball Davis stepped it up shocks at Coke arena taking on College of Charleston Wichita State ranked number six in the nation. And once again shocker right from the tip off sharp last night at the arena didn't bands on the sides start. He gave Dulles toll game you've heard it on 103 point seven KEY in golf issued daughter goes left office scream back over to Boris. Finishing long rare gem get. Hey look like they feel sorry if that's his first break. Pretend they are released down eleven points. In check. Morse had a big game eighteen points ten rebounds for the double double. Shocker is head of the lead by as many as 33 points with nine minutes to go did faltered down the stretch. Did hold on win by eighteen know pretty easily. 8163. Over the cougars. Soccer head coach Gregg Marshall talks about his team's effort after. We just got to continue to work to get. It's good that we were up 33 but I have a lot of things that I can. Go Adam or picked moral then Wednesday we're gonna get to work and what I think we're gonna do was conditional because. We're gonna have to play three games in three days in Hawaii and we did not look like we were in tip top condition some of our spots and that's on me so. I'll I'll start to address. But only some guys love to hear that. I guess what we're gonna be running it or not the whole war we go to the life thanks coach. Doctors in College of Charleston a chocolate by eighteen last night some logic mean Joan dishing out seven assists in his second game as a shock. Docs off the two of them start. Soccer women will be in action tonight heading down Stillwater take on Oklahoma State's. And Steve strain we'll have live coverage of soccer leagues at 645 tonight it's right here in 97 compared to 38 and dance dance. Interesting coaching match up Jim Mattel for Oklahoma State. Keith Adams for the shocker. Ito played for Jim. And I were both at Oxford high school. You can't just here to add. Well on on to great success in college and leveling out now are looking against each other tonight down Stillwater was that on tonight here in the sense. Big college basketball games tonight at the champions classic in Chicago. Start 6 o'clock tonight number one duke vs number two Michigan State. Duke two point favorite that's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. And then the second game of the classic tonight as number four Kansas against number seven Kentucky. And about 830 tonight over on they have faith jayhawks are four and a half point favorite. As KU and Kentucky meet for the fourth straight year. In a matchup between the top two winningest programs and NCAA division one men's basketball time while the Kentucky powerhouse match of tonight in Chicago at the champions classic. And those gains on KFH Kansas State is playing tonight K state optimal one and oh start hosting UN KC's team shoppers beat last week. 7 o'clock tonight in Manhattan televised on fox sports Kansas City. And we got a good birthday today the Kansas City Chiefs former quarterback Mike Livingston is 72. Today he never mica Livingston you're. Horseback in the ninth the year 1969. And the chiefs were this team in the American Football League but then starting quarterback Len Dawson gets hurt. And then back up Jackie Lee got hurt out there they had to go to third string quarterback Mike Livingston. He started six games for the chiefs that year they went six and oh in those six games. Pretty darn god good he certainly to help him out until Lynne Dawson got healthy again it would eventually forced to leave that team into the wind and Super Bowl for that year about that the mica Livingston is great part of chiefs lore is he is 72. Today that sports Stevenson's case in assets seven point one now keep it here for Rush Limbaugh morning update. More trouble at ESP and the Stevens hit the morning on Kate and essayist.