The Great History & Forward Thinking Of The Sangiacomo Wine Company

The Good Life
Saturday, June 16th
Steve & Guy discuss the history of the Sangiacomo vineyards and plans for the future.

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There are certain element of the stated Richard. Hey welcome to the little out. Of while. On the phone with me from beautiful sunny California or where the great grinder enjoy and eat on this here today. This days and Giacomo partner and and producer of some of the finest ones with the family vineyards that. Have been in existence and so a in the late twenties and I just if you ever have a chance to walk there and Steve you know I think that picture just to pick your memory but that was back. And I guess to put ten years ago one of Sonoma one possible that we visited. And kid and standing in some of those vineyards. And knowing that I have been toward those ones that I think I told the story. Of tasting with the wind maker back then at Sioux were in an hour talk and 2530 years ago. Maybe even more map. And the first time my hands and Giacomo Chardonnay. And now room specialist but this one maker ruling. And that is some vote up and it was good. But then I come to find out that no it's it's the vineyard and I think my next favorite is probably. Signet terror up from band bigger. Immigrants and duct work hard and and one night pace that. That it brings me back of that. That day when it is of this Hoover. Culpable about the vineyard that note and when I mean. You have vineyards and multiple ABA's most in Sonoma. You mentioned the Napa location but. What makes the southern part. Of Sonoma and and in. Our narrow social special for the family and so perfect for sharp and AMP nor. Yet. You know great question in guy and you know we've you know out. Luis starter wine label and actually you know. Home as we stick but the stake in the ground right here in partners here in the southern part of Sonoma County in and so you know it really influenced by the day we get that elusive. Ocean breezes from the and outlook in India economic gap so we're that we do get those kind of longer going he's in but it has tickers gains in the well for about development of our maturity. And also a bit. The so you deal with some beautiful night and I certainly you'll. So that shelves some moderate growth for the likely focus on developing players in the graves and so we've started deciding what. Where we would be your report before QBs to select from and and we so we do first against our moments on me Chardonnay which is kind of where. Intimate we started partner other by making 27. And then we decided to do your green acres or nick uses the first nuclear plant it and so we have agree acres donated and so many other thing it does some wineries have. Beautiful certain date. Am. Bottling from and then. The other thing we did it in the on the cap we in 1990 sir developing. Kevin Nouri that we. And rightly so be it in 1990 over there and in 2000 was one of and opportunity to get out of art ever heard. Retrieval went over cute. Two tie the game Craig Grogan next to right next gaps found in your week at about the same time so as we did that those are kind of I could be that. Probably should kind of became flagship. Northern part of economic gap at the ball on mountains and some news seen in so it's kind of gets a lot of the the ocean breezes the early in the day in a lot about the old days so what that could be. Develop. Bawling Roberts European war bottling and we have. Also a am I being currently currently open quarterly. Into the report some so we're very fortunate you it is. Have a lot to choose from and I in the future while mother being visible and continue to develop a calm you know. Wines cars and politics. You're dead in his Brothers must be happy that you guys are continuing the rein of not only grape vineyard practiced producer and spectacular grips that the now do what you're doing and I can't wait to try the armor and Chardonnay because to me. That was like a said that was my first. My god like Carner out but now I know why and and and here is my favorite. Which. He keep mentioning cool and we know that you're at the south and the Sonoma Sam Pablo bay is some fog some cool there. Really the Petaluma GAAP and some of the best lines in my memory and memory come from in and around the gap on your side of the hill and I. When I'd say sure shard today in the past no matter who made it. I would be hard pressed as a agreements so more day to. To think of it is so cool climate Chardonnay. Even though it is cause it's so. I'm anxious reaction. It really is appropriate place to her Chardonnay MP you know but there's so many micro climates and there what's the warmest vineyard to vineyard area that it did you ghost form. Yeah I mean I think the Kiewit you know these kind of cooler side where there's some there's some rain from India and more you know. That degree days in more degree days that it. Maintain that actually it and I think that's the kind of speak through in all. Oversight meaning we've known from warmer. You know warmer side it's on the cabinet but western and eastern and news the partners areas that can attend beyond the little warmer than that western and it's still maintain that. So it'd be acting at the key. As you kind of alluded to some and a on site at home and for instance we get that he surrogate then after that could be used surrogate that it's time. Middle college in clear profile. You know what I want to duplicate of the lot and putting him up again so as. Great stock who's from the landmark. Mean mixture. And our short numbers years he says because they're kind of like yeah. A fat as some here wonder kind of fat ballerina right there. On the at night and it. Almost steal that brother almost. LL be good to get up that's more that more but that's with our homemade that and our green acres. It's kind of further to the west and that's kind of where you get that. Kind of let let that most of the respect of really nice bright acidity with some generalities and instructor that you know. Allows you heard the wind just kind of exploded Nicolas. That that statement I'm still chuckling made me think of its. Another good script would be it's like Ethel Merman singing from Charlene there is bodies. They get a bid to packed. Let's talk about the winds for first off the ones are not available nationwide anywhere it's pretty much through the winery alone a man accurate. That's correct that we do you have a it Capital One main allocations. That we have our spring luckiest in. They just finished that birds union visitors Diallo were gonna open it up certificate and got one dark comic just sign up. On the web site will sign it and you need milk for have a little that we have to be accurate and but he. I got to get them home ranch. I would think that the so called ranch would be the most. Reminiscent of what I've had before. But you also have Sonoma course shard man it where's the vineyards located Al west. Without those on the parliament gas prices that summit on the gap activity in business and AMOCO adopt. Appellation is well most of those. About the character or Robert Rubin you're kind of our. I keep continue to do. West righty kept getting into that am kind of more that you know true ocean breeze in the fog becomes all too but. Do the database so we apparently hoping he would and which is on the southern part of that we have our Robert to a painted it. And up on the north so again. You know no one. C being there are certain days is they're all out of that hole went to loan and I don't know if you're from the repeal Weinke is the most sought after Chardonnay calm. Out there it's cut small varies. You know let me yield but the small very really. Allows tenants is that kind of you know right which players are correct something on the line again making them natural affinity. Well I to limit them impact I think. I think that picture of the the three votes. With the I think. Brother with Goldman bin of grapes and I have some grapes in my mouth. Hanging out among them now that the winner I think that might have been. Robert Rubin your seemed to me were pretty form or and near the gap I don't know. Beautiful countryside day and a great place to grow grapes so and then now that was a spring release came out may have AT and just. Last month. He got a Farley is coming out August what are you gonna add to the mix. So are all of these will be AA. Would be agreeing makers have you ever be bidding on mentions and Amoco's. Chardonnay and in this and on the toes in the war. Was in the spring and Robert European market talked about the settlement goes in the war it was just releases of blind. Roberts wrote and then also we have a the beat your camera and kind of flat one flagship card there's news that's when the first period could be planted would be you know clone back in the early 2000 and so we incorporate that into the blind. And and so that that's our sprain and as you alluded to the fall we. Green acre Chardonnay and he. Could be Maria system beamer is a proprietary label. And on ever Sampras Vittorio Maria. The tennis started there. In the business here and so that's going to be our. Wine maker gained it built elect him. Ample barrels it is really special. Things that really tennis standout in it so it's going to be a couple of proprietary blend of those so and it's cabin in the bottle here this summer's record release that until next. That's the plan. And that's it. This cab is from Oakville. Is Oprah yes we bought has been muted over proprietor. You know mostly Chardonnay futile war almost exclusively that we did in 1989. Lead but there's. And dad now posts on this divers capped Saito earned a bill that's going to Elaine right next to came mrs. headquarters in and it just we've replanted in 2006 it's really it's. Prime mrs. you know beautiful. You know you're classical fill up about mr. cabinet. But can't wait it will be from the trial that a bit I don't know gonna have to go a long way to Sonoma same table was Chardonnay impugn or from. One out that there that's why we six we have Victor goes on wanted to. You know everybody got. We always joke we duties. What we put a lot of whining you know grower. Dinners over the years of work wish your masterpiece and Chardonnay and communal art from our wonderful producers men. We don't our cabinet committee it is people of these characters you know they can get really you know. Really want their cabinet so one in the. Yeah and could understand. And before I let you go Stephen. When you think of the evolution of the one bills the last 3040 years. A lot of wineries converted from. Farming practice the use pesticides and and and beat up the soil in the box Warren Parma. And two more sustainability. But you guys if I remember you guys have been doing that almost as long as the band hacker friendly when it comes to. The goal of farm mean. Farming righteousness so that. Yet not a good rooted questioning you know so there's. Sustainability has always been an award term we've been used for for years and at. Kind of what is it and yeah we're fortunate the you know bought. Ten years ago the California. Wine institute of California citizen Margaret came out this sustainable program you can actually go they've created it it's that. Hundred and over 200 stepped into good appeared vineyard. And it did you know California stand though we want to grow lines so when it you're able to get. Yeah certify. And you can. Because Google question and talked and it took three pronged approach to get doctors it's a planet that in the people I need to feature employees and here. You know from and also what you do in the community is really important part of your business so with that we it's on Connie at all. Wine growers have stake in the ground to be first counted be 100% certain they're all living is kind of censor art animal so we're Arctic they were counted 85% there are fingers are all 100% served by this animal. So I go to that. Whole thought that of the program you're really learning about. It's continuous improvement on your business and every year you topic can improve their Tippett. In terms of from a pest management to say water. Water use to which two Q what's your employees as always to continuous improvement and also like going through we can realize as an industry we've been doing this for years it is hasn't been a program. Replaced and a kind of really make make it understood and kind of polity and people can Malia and see what we're doing in. And I understand it. Well they're pretty cool stuff and well okay one more thing that someone to bring up because there's a pretty cool bill Sonoma County barrel auction was sort of a few weeks ago among couple months ago. And Angelos said Giacomo. Along with Jim bunch who was recognized for lifelong contributions. Not only to winemaking but in particular group growing. In the southern in this room and I think when a great honor you know it's. Just goes to show you everybody knows that. You guys do it right and the a I printed out the list of winery clients. And it would take you know another ten minister read through them all but it's it's a who's who. And it would be so fun to see all of the award stacked up from all those wineries. That has something to do with San Giacomo billiards on mobile lot. Yeah a lot of what we're so fortunate. You know wineries. Partner you have to remain for twenty play issues that they've really been a big part of bill. Built our business and our brand who we are today so it's I know Baghdad. You know he goes back on the you're talking about opium from saint street band and two you know you go back to them across the impacted. In some of these relationships he's had three years and it is too great there were still silent film and these it is there's still brand is still growing in its. You know the world worked as a young industry here in California but there's been a lot of but our management people are still there's a lot of history to look back and appreciate. You know at that customize forming a perch where. You do what the client wants her or do the best the soil does that all the work you guys just coming Baghdad the please everybody man I can't wait to try Samir ones folks you can drive to send jock a low winds dot com. And and and if you're from the midwest you probably pronounces Angie at Como. Since Giacomo that's the only time that do we want them again you're not that Giacomo who love it. We'll which we we actually mean Beijing exhibit it game. Well San Giacomo wines dot com and ass on the wines and Giacomo won dot com sign up for the email lists. That set up an account and maybe you'll real lucky enough to scale a few bottles. I hope you continue to grow Steve. I wish the best select a look Fordham cross some paths sometime in the not too distant future. Yeah come out and visit world and it Casey room here at the end of August though but on right on that same site where. Became who we. Enjoyed. And you know you won your first experiences we'd love the idea here so please come enjoy that anybody anybody's coming out to California please look at. Well thanks a lot man happy Father's Day. Thank you how many children are you a father of these days. I have two boys haven't let you know boy and a nine year old boy and my Brothers got three get an eighteen year old boy sixteen year old girl fourteen year old mistresses got to use so there's seven Gelman next generation and so. All the more reason to start a label. Did get them involved so you can retire in the next and here or. They cares Steve regards everybody but it gridlock. It. What fun ass man is just a beautiful part of Sonoma. I'm so glad to see them making line and out of their groups that they've armed. So well and you'll hear more. On its monopoly about it but I can't wait to the ratings will be through the route we're gonna take another break and when we come back. We're gonna talk about half water. And you go and talk about. Well it's an interesting story and it. Brought on by two young guys out on the West Coast who decided that there's just too much plastic. And you know as well died we're all guilty. Little plastic bottles floating around everywhere. They came up with a solution to that integrate your club or to go and we'll talk to them after this short break them go.