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The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show

Monday, October 30th

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It's time for the Wichita State soccer and basketball coach DC with the head coach Gregg Marshall presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. Let's go live to age in sports grill on the Alley the corner of thirteenth in premature and with the voice of the soccer Mike Kennedy. Good evening brought him to AJ story is busy coaching. Show Monday on line up tonight Gregg Marshall coming up in just a moment and then we'll also hear from. Wichita State brand new women's head basketball coach Keith Adams her for show up the 201718. Season. That show from seven to eight and then from 8830 united shocker volleyball and assistant Coach Johnston hostel is sitting in. For Chris slam on tonight's show and I'll mention at the outset how we're in kind of an unusual situation where this will be the last of our coaching show Mondays. For about three weeks because the next two Monday night's shocker men's basketball team has home games. And then the following week men's basketball and yours truly will be in Hawaii for the Maui invitational so. Hard to believe that the basketball season is upon us the women's basketball team. With two exhibition games this week on Wednesday and Saturday. The men's basketball team plays there originally scheduled exhibition game on Saturday at five against Henderson State from Arkansas. And then I think everyone is pretty much aware now that next Monday one week from tonight November 6. The suckers have added a second division to exhibition game with Newman University. And that game was added the adds a lot of debt across the United States people are playing an extra exhibition game making it a separate charge of that money. Will be going to the net benefit. Relief benefit for. Victims of the hurricanes and other natural disasters that we've had so many out just very recently and so Wichita State Newman participating in that. On Monday night November 6 that will give the shoppers an extra actual. Game tied. Exhibition game there's second. Normally you play one of those and that a closed scrimmage and to close scrimmage wasn't quite as close as usual in terms of information getting out Wichita State played Oral Roberts of the weekend. At one by 37. In that game they played it again that is not exactly like a game in terms of they'll they'll mix things up but now. Al-Qaeda network with each other on you know about playing at a few possessions his daughter try pressing us for a few possessions and it has that kind of benefit to be able to work on some things that if you keep track of the score in Wichita State had an impressive showing. In that. And of course Schumacher's getting very close to the season opener. Which will be a week from this coming Friday when they host UN Casey here Charles cookery and then the following Monday. College of Charleston will be here coached by brokering a former Wichita State at Winthrop assistant editor Gregg Marshall and his assistant coaches met prior. The of course was a very popular player here and it part of Greg marshals initial staff for a year or so after his graduation so. All of that coming up that it's an exciting season ahead sharks be going to now only the third week ended November of this deleted the Thanksgiving basically. At a great nonconference schedule with the likes of the Maui invitational Baylor Oklahoma Oklahoma State. But don't overlook College of Charleston Florida Gulf Coast and Arkansas State three very good that. Lesser known but very quality programs that certainly could be NCAA tournament teams at the end of the years that's a great nonconference schedule. And then your one for the shocker is in the American athletic conference. A lot to look forward to this season I think people are excited excited about it then use that new opponents. For some of us we go back far enough to remember when. Memphis and Cincinnati were part of the Missouri Valley Conference and certainly most of your ethnic remember when also was a member of the conference and it continued to be eight. Conference's carry out nonconference opponent home and home for the last several years and so. It's not all new territory blitzer. Only Connecticut then going to Cincinnati at Tulane Houston in some of those programs. It will be something branded goods certainly new venues we went to Philadelphia with a shocker volleyball team and that was. That was different and and cool and those kinds of experiences are out there Memphis and New Orleans and all those places Orlando in addition to. Just the new basketball. Experiences then and certainly. A a conference that raises the level. With with absolute certainty. And I have to say I have. Obviously mixed feelings about leaving the Missouri Valley Conference because of the history there because all the relationships that you build up over thirty plus years. But it was the right move to make the people within the Missouri valley conference of told me that. If they'd been in the same position. Had the same opportunity no question they would have made the move that's it it's a great opportunity for Wichita State in all of its athletic programs. As well as just the university's mission in terms of what type of university they're trying to the end and number of other metropolitan universities with similar missions. Around the American athletic conference and it's certainly going to be exciting at had a chance to. Look at some of the pre season magazines that you look at some of the players on the other teams in the kind of years that they're coming off that. We haven't really seen anything like that since the early to mid eighties when Missouri Valley Conference was really again. And there were other NBA players on other teams in addition to players like Antoine Carr looked letting tonight Xavier McDaniel period Steve Harris it. Paul prescient pulse. Benoit Benjamin Creighton Nen and on down the list guys Bradley so. It's that penalty and it's going to be very competitive and then it's gonna be big game night practically every night. So we're glad to have you with this others these next few weeks coming up it will be regular Monday night thing. And I will just mentioned and in addition to the live show. On that tonight one on three point seven that typically on 98713. Thirty can't SS. The show will also air on. Cox European or Kansas your view 22. From seven to eight right after the radio show is over so we've got that going as well. Gregg Marshall still on his way here and we'll continue with the show from AG exports growth the Alley right after this. AJ sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which road and widgets on your new home for shock her coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger days and agents and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dine in only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. I nine minutes on us and of Tony's anti graft for offer for GOP Wi-Fi well in okay what about rear seat reminder. And soon. Both feature as standard 122 Chevy Equinox. Kitco. All right thank you basically. 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You're listening to the Gregg Marshall show we've Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealer. We live at eight days sports grille at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green which road. Half block after a head coach Gregg Marshall who starts his eleventh career. Basketball coach. At Wichita State as we go through our first coach you show up this season. And contact I thought I'd start there I have to ask you. Eleven years it it just kinda hits you when you think about it now wondered if you had a chance to reflect at all it is being here eleven years the things this program's accomplished it. How that fits with what you may be hands expectations when you first king. If the room turned my micro. If that helps. You know obviously that I just knew that given time with a great tradition support. That I administration. I was able to put forth an awesome job offers back in 2007. I knew that we can be successful but didn't about it. Limit that what we can accomplish whether the final 435. You know start to a season all Americans in the NBA players. But with with hard working and having the right assistant coaches and you get lucky and recruiting a couple of times we've been able to do these things in. It really don't think about it too often you just ask the questions so. Obviously didn't do reply. In keep the show don't bit. Maybe one of these days when I'm done in exit on the beach and talk about an appeal more. In depth again and you know put some thought about. We've what we have done together what I what I love is the fact that we've done with the right type of people we've done the right way. And you Regis we we take a lot of people along for the ride. You mentioned that the staff and the assistant chief heading your overtime and one of the things that comes with the kind of success you pad as people start coming after your assistance they want. One of those people to come build their program and try to create that success that you've had here and you've been through some of that of the the last year. And dead it just seemed like what great hire left that are a rather late time in the whole process. That it might be difficult to find somebody with a lot of division one experience etc. and due to bring in Donnie Jones had to be tremendous grant. You have no doubt it for a long time in any way we we went one which require nothing but the best unless they play the shocker to them LSU that rouge Chris jeans and New Mexico State. That's six guys now that worked for me when report which is costly. It that the remaining 151. Division one programs other than myself so. I'm proud that I'm happy for their opportunity and most of are doing quite well with those opportunities but. When you when you have a chance to get a guy like Donnie Jones and I. The very first call that I made to try to hire someone on my staff like the job Winthrop. Was back when he was in just a staff member at the University of Florida was not a full time coach was not allowed to recruit. But I offered the job. He went to Billy Donovan in and said listen when one of these guys moves up. Are you gonna promote me from within is that the plan and otherwise I've got an opportunity to go beyond recruiting assistant Gregg Marshall newly appointed to coach you went through so. We've gone back twenty years and I've always known about liked and respected him and tremendous tremendous person great family man great father great husband. But also tremendous basketball mind he's he's he's also familiar with the league that we're going into which will be beneficial we start conference play. One of the things and those certainly compliment you on and there are many that you have always had strong people around you on your staff and been willing to listen even debate did whatever it takes it to make it all work and so. Is that a particular benefit to have a coach who had head coaching experience at the division one level and a guy that's been on the bench in the situation. Absolutely I mean. You that you don't want yes men you want different guys bring different shrinks to the table maybe a different area with recruiting expertise in this case don's. Obviously Florida is his. Period that he's done in the East Coast having coached Marshall University university of Florida's Central Florida and back as a head coach Marshall. So those are those are not strong ties he has to go along with. Coach Brown who has the junior college ties as well as the us deep south and that Kyle was more than midwest so. I even we went out to Washington State and in recruiting kids this year so we can't talk about them so for a few weeks but. We feel good about about him being a part of our program so. We're looking forward to. Continuing the strong staffs we've had I want guys that. Have opinions and can help me be better coach. And sometimes every once in awhile they'll have to fall in line in there and listen to what do. I decide if you know week you talked about the guys that you have out there running division one programs and one of the program is bringing its College of Charleston team here early in your schedule. Has pat well I know that you've coached a timer to it against guys have been your assistance is there. Any uncomfortable feeling at all when you you coach against somebody who's a friend who's been parties you know the. Only time I think I can call coaching against a former assistant who's now head coach is Barkley really depart Charleston southern and they were in our league we're not my last couple years it went through Pittman. He stayed on it Charleston southern and in and out here couple times to Wichita but this will be the first time. For Earl grant and I had a face off in the rest of them have not so it's it's unfamiliar for me as well. It's not something that I wanted to do we we had enough we were looking for quality home game and they were looking to go on the road and he says she just wants to have his team experience Coca arena and so they can get better for down the road basically. There and only if it's very difficult to hit multi bits of it comes down to them played their best. In in the late late February early march so that they can get that automatic bid. And I know how good they're going to be this is his year he was he's been building and he was right there I think they finished a strong second to UNC Wilmington last year. So the college Charleston is back. Rules so polluted squad hand I'm I'm very nervous about the game we'll have to play well to beat them. And that's something that's even come up with some of the national media obviously you look at names like Oklahoma Oklahoma State Baylor in the people acutely facing him now it goes there. Known entities that College of Charleston Florida Gulf Coast Arkansas State that are all part of your nonconference schedule all look like potential and. CAA tournament south South Dakota State and we had that last year's well we played a number of teams were predicted to win their league but they didn't. They didn't performed nearly like they should've once the season started South Carolina State. I remember I think Maryland Eastern Shore might have been another when they were picked to be at the top of the act but that didn't happen so. We hope that it as we hope that we can win the game that we can you always want the team that you play especially in this case was when your former guys to have great years. You're listening to chuck it basketball coach Gregg Marshall efforts coaches show the season's major exports guerrilla theology we will continue confuse them. He's the cool there may. 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Look at back to Gregg Marshall show look at our lineup tonight coach Marshall till 7 o'clock pizza Adams. First women's basketball show of the year and have her tenure from seven to eight and then Austin hostile represented the shocker volleyball program tonight. From eight to 830 we continue with coach Marshall and coach the American athletic conference. Certainly a major step for the program that would it be fair to say that your one. Ongoing frustration. In this position up to this point is that the fact that. With what's happened with the Missouri Valley Conference and its relative status that the seedings you've got in the NCA turn evidence them. That uncertainty about where you're going to be going into the NCAA tournament it's been a difficult thing. I would say that's fair to say. You know that the one here we got the once the that was the most debated when C probably in the history and then we got Kentucky in the second round which was. Ranked most of the year number wandered. And just hadn't played up to their potential and in the late season. Then you know we have the year we barely get into the final four we were in ninth seed. The one year we have the two all Americans and two NBA guys because Fred was hurt in the late entry was hurt in Connor was not eligible to Christmas. We lost about two games when it was hurt. And that in the in the early season. With him streaming in and we get an eleventh seed we have to go to. Beat Vanderbilt by twenty in the we beat Arizona we had them by more than twenty points and so those are those are hard to stomach and then last year I mean we we almost don't get it and we beat. A very good Dayton team and then play Kentucky right to the wire again so. I think that the Missouri valley. And all non power five teams except for for that matter. Have gotten less than a fair shake with the selection committee and then even when they get there and they don't get a very good shake with it with a C. And in even giving in the tournament is one thing that they put you together and put us in Dayton or. I just remember when we were with the Republicans again folks like that that. I hope that this will help. The valley gotten away from the animal stupidly in the unless we got small pieces. There was no other teams giving multi bit so. April or additional bits which makes the comforts of multi bit leaks of I hope now if we play well not only will we certainly be in the tournament but have an opportunity to give it a fierce seat. And certainly it's a conference that is gonna have more outstanding athletes there's some great coaches in this conference it's going to be more of a challenge tonight tonight that do you feel like over the course of a long season that that really helps make your team better else. I would think so more more talented teams you play in the more talented individuals. This team this league is who's there for coaches in this league would have been a final fours two coaches that won national championships. Huge players and not remove a taco fall all that that the media day at me if the kids seven foot six and he's got to be every bit of 300 pounds. In that Newton southern mass this is you have to secure the look like having him be NFL linebacker you know he's so rocked big and strong. So that's what she saw when you were to be game is through. If everybody's going to be able bigger or more athletic. Very good coaches and he's gonna go play it's you will probably. You know. Some losses much many more losses than we've had in the past Missouri Valley Conference that. Hopefully give him a second herders who do help us with playing that type of competition night in night out. And certainly this is human nature now eager fans but I think your players are going to be excited about names like Cincinnati and UConn and some of the people that you're going to be playing that thing though traditionally are really outstanding college basket. Programs of those names when you've got Cincinnati winning national championships back in the big day with big show it. You've got Memphis and their tradition multiple final borders. You can't win four national championships in the last twenty years. So there arguably in the last two years of the winningest team in college basketball. You've got this in view in UCF. Vote starting to really come in and having. Maybe high water mark of their basketball. Than simply packed basketball. Southern miss South Florida's going to be coach to Wayne's got a second year NBA former NBA coach Mike Dunleavy. Who's a tremendous X and oh god and then. He's Carolina you've got these Carolyn you've got to. Houston. Kelvin Sampson the great guard rob graves of some guys you know there are so tolls it tolls has been up and down bit. No no they could make you come back there in the anytime so. I think it's a really good league temple mean temple's basketball only in print on. But we got up we've got really important games before we can get to conference play. Recruiting is something obviously you hope benefits from being in a new league and so forth and and I know that you haven't he can't announce anything yet but are you fighting major after on the trails that that having that name and being able to talk about some of the people you're playing and so forth is that helping to opens. Kids. I think it is I think it's helping. You know we've got six seniors so it's it's a lot we have not recruit quality to recoup recruit quantity. This time so. We're out we're out there and up her ruling fall a source recruiting many many young people who visited. With the families you know I've been doing with my injuries myself and my teens banged up etc. The players. That are banged up and a couple of other words that perhaps just from day to day. Bumps and bruises so it's been difficult even practice. But there was the phils are forcibly we're we're pre season top ten and you know across the board who can everyone's best shot. We know that we'll have to play well hold on a given night so. I think the recruiting is. Good so every once in awhile we get our foot in the door with a little bigger. A kid that has a little more cash a walking in the door but. That brings inherent problems that brings more competition it's just. It's just harder and we'll we'll continue to to work and will probably be that told no meaning meaning many times but ultimately the guys that we. It tell us yes. Will be very good players. And I know enough about you have been around long enough that no matter what that can Chez is at the reputation or whatever. The this seeming talent an individual. They're still going to have to be the guys that fit this culture that are willing to make the sacrifices that you have to make to be part of this. Oh yeah we're gonna. We're gonna ask these guys to do the right things on and off the court and give us an honest day's effort. Go to class secure your business like professional college student. And didn't come. To work every day for the week the weight room in the video room practice floor like a professional college basketball player and and if they give us that effort they're gonna end up with three things you're gonna end of this is this is what history has proven they're gonna end up with a degree. We can end up with it championship and be called champions and they're gonna have an opportunity to play professional basketball it's up to them what level they can take your game. And to me this is kind of an interesting aspect also it not just the name of the American athletic conference that people you're playing that you have. As a staff made some significant inroads in the south you mentioned that some of your coaches have different connections different places that you yourself were in this and you've. Recruited some guys from the south. Does that help a little bit to go and go home and say you know you're playing so once were playing so and so we're going to be making some trips back into your part of the country. Tree a few times a year. Exactly you mean that we can take kids home now we can take Zach brown home to Houston we can take. Rashard Kelly home to Virginians have that Paris for the east Carolina game and and always Carolinas and in North Carolina but it's least drive of course very easy for that same thing with Marcus with Duffy. And CJ Kaiser or when we go to temple and we go to UConn we gonna be in their. Back backyard a couple of hours from home so. It really does help him. And I think it will continue to help this. Being able to. Play against some of these top programs in top coaches and be on national television 26 times before the conference tournament so. We're real excited about. Listening to shocker basketball coach Gregg Marshall efforts coaches show the season and we will be back with more very sure. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important. And invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver. And kids home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. But you're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnston. 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You're listening to the Gregg Marshall show and we Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green which road. Rocket back eight cases lead to. Our discussion shocker that coach Gregg Marshall leading into eighth in season and a historic season for shocker basketball as they entered the American athletic conference and exhibition games coming up Saturday and Monday Henderson State on Saturday at five and in the university on Monday we'll talk more about that. It just a little bit coach. One of the questions you get a lot about the players that have had some injury issues and so forth I know with. Marcus had nothing with a projected return in mid December probably pretty hard to speculate you have done on his status that. Let every chance that seems to be getting a little closer to to be ready to play. Yeah we hope so. We think you're. He's gonna have an opportunity to pick giving them a little bit in the exhibition games practice he's very limited in practice they don't wanna push you to my expert. We think we'll have a chance to have him participate little bit on Saturday against Anderson stay. We'll just have to gauge you know how much he can go five minutes ten minutes but he's he's running on the side. Today was the first day that he participated in practice. Very limited basis. So. Obviously he's very talented player whatever we're doing looks a whole lot better when he's out there are so. But but at that the other guards are really played well some logic Haynes Jones. Carter for any campaign that period hit Paul Kane so far and kill him alone I had a very good day the other day as a as a walk on he was our first guard off the bench and he looked really good. Austin agrees not to mention in that conversation and know that he's had a lot of issues people are always concerned about him and how he's doing Kevin not shoulder surgery in the spring and and how is he doing physically when it's coming off shoulder surgery. It's his third Lieberman surgery and about four years so it's. I just feel terrible for me because I'm going through shoulder surgery miners. Who believe broom and clean out that that they had to repair a rotator cuff. And then drilled down opponent's personal. And it's painful it's very difficult rehab and he's done it three times. After he recovered from the shoulder surgery was able to practice he developed mono. So he dealt with a bout of mono and now he's. Complaining about a tendon in his foot of snow snow structural deal we've had a victory MRI. There's no structure was just just a short stint and it's giving him a lot of problems in sports though. He hasn't practiced a couple of weeks. There have been a number of articles this fall first time that I've really seen much of this that you have built this program. On guys that. We're here for four years and building teams and building guys play well together and so forth and had a lot of success with that and is. It'd be a lot of conversation that maybe had a bunch who wanted guns isn't necessarily the best way to go they have a championship team this year. You have a large senior group that toppled and if you would about this this senior group but what they bring in terms of not only just pure experience that just. Promoting a culture. Here's you've got a couple of fourth year seniors several fourteen seniors you get your seat in the store with them check Morse. He's had his injury problems he's been very. Injury prone and in the it is he's he has upper respiratory problems he has migraine headaches he has a lot of issues physically. So when he's right he's really really good. And we've gotten to this point she gradually in the spring. Now we need a very confused here from him and it's it's if they hear he's kind of push himself in the nagging injuries so that he can give him supreme shape. For him so that he does it create. Situations where he fouls when he ruled the heat or. Doesn't go 100%. Easily moved the tees so. That's that's kind of where we are with him he. When he's out there he really knows her stuff he's a Smart basketball players obviously strong talented skill. We just needed to to do is. Please pass this much is seeking and personal issue here and in after that you've got Ronald nurture. You've got. Zach brown and you've got short Kelly. That had been there for four years in all three of those guys you can all put him into this thing bucket. This system guys they know exactly what we're doing. They have certain things that they do really well certain things that they don't do really well. But all of them give you everything that they've got every day I mean for instance for Rondo. Catches inadvertent elbow from. The big guy has burned deep dark today. And gets to teeth chipped in practice and that's what you want we have to deal with that he's gonna go to the dentist and he's got to you know do all this. Cosmetic work which one of them was shipped off to the other was kind of banged up and so I went over to luminous. I should look at these I my teeth look he goes. And compete coach and I don't want little K okay. I've been there so I feel for you I'm sorry. You'll be fine. And but he's gonna have to deal with that tomorrow. Which are killing our verbal he's a purple guys a leader. Reached background given us everything he could possibly imagine for for three years now going in his fourth year I'd love to see whose kids go out with. Tremendous senior seasons. You've got. Conference camp. Who transferred in here three and a half years ago. But to your viewers know now he sat out one year in any plea to last year and a half and aren't yet another year. Two ago. I'm telling you finally. He has is starting to play. With the for vigor and vitality to this deeply with the North High School he is so aggressive. And so confident and I mean I finally had talent I have to tell a bad shot after three years I finally had to fill a bad shot the other day and I was happy to do it because. I mean I've been trying to get him to be aggressive and just people we what we refer to was a bad boy you don't want him to be a bad boy. And just go out there are getting buckets because that's what he can do as well as anyone I've ever been around and then. I'm the last guy mr. Willis and Gerald. Was lost last year he admitted he knew nothing about defense all he wanted to do was run to the bull get it and try to prove in the basket that's all he knew about basketball. But he's he's come along and he's. He's very approachable and he's a wonderful young man wants to learn he wants to get better. He's got as he goes he's got his confidence and all this and he didn't like the fact that he would play. But about 1718 minutes last year but. I always have film that I can go back to and say here's why I. This what you have to do in this what you have to do better yet to do it and you have to rebound with two hands so. He's been a pleasant surprise this falls well. I'm glad you mentioned Kellie and routed Enron mergers system guys and understanding the rules and and the second Irish are there particular route to the guys that topic is we're waiting for a flight after the loss to Kentucky last year and they had already. Started thinking about this year and the determination that they were gonna put him to going farther making is really a special year and it was all about. Team was all about what this team can accomplish is certainly not about individual account. Now that and that's the beauty of our our guys because we've got. Guys. Like Rashard like Rondo would like Zach that they're gonna play professional basketball. Whether they make it to the NBA it's probably doubtful. But I'm marketer and Huckabee were to make that choice I want them to have that opportunity. But for them did do that they've got to continue to work on their bodies continue to work on their skills. And they care as much about the success of our program. Over there individual accolades as and when you could ever imagine I mean and they been positive. While playing twenty minutes a game between two minutes a game and probably sacked and may have played 24 minutes a game last year. But the crazy thing about it is when zack's out and Marcus Macbeth he's been playing his position and his spot. Nowhere Chile harder for Marcus picked up either Zach brown it's a beautiful thing to watch. And Landry sham but of course is not playing right now big getting close that. Maybe the turning point in the season last year obviously came when you've moved him to the point and started counting for. The stuff in Oklahoma Illinois State Oklahoma State Illinois stated that he is spreading your guarantee to drive the ball make plays off the dribble but beyond that. It seems like he has also gained. Confidence and an awareness of being a leader verbally. Watched him I know I know that so much it's come at the public that. That landry's really been working with him teach me off that's helping him learn the system I watched in the shocker madness is talking to guys and and Schering stuff with the many teams have really come to an understanding of that part of. While he landry's always been that way he's been so cerebral. He was he was very much like Robin Fred walking in the door he had that scene. Mental capacity it. We competitors. Don't want nothing but to win and they know how to accomplish that. Marks the deputy we have talked about it he's only our leading scorer leading rebounder returning off last year's team this guy could play. And you know here's his injury his foot injury happened later so he's a little disappointed he's a little dejected but I. He's got the greatest attitude I mean he's always smiling. And it's gonna be tough for him once we start playing games he hasn't I don't think it's hit and yet he still and that Kasten. Just hate to see that because he's a dynamic performers well. I was gonna ask you also he and Jack both put themselves out there for the draft this press spring and part of that was they got to participate some camps in various things and did that help them navy and gain an understanding if that's where they want to go in the future of the things they have to work on maybe it's certainly things they've been told before but maybe emphasize to them where they've got to get stronger better so. Was that grounded too so we get three guys actually they put their names into the draft him. I think it helps when you get an opportunity to do it worked out for these teams. And programs and then they get a chance to meet you see what kind of person you law or some kind of work ethic you have seahawk coach WR. And it helps to play here from the standpoint of okayed you know if I wanna make it you have got to be better. These three piece of paper on May have to be worked out camps which are always competition. So there's a lot of good players in this world that are not playing he would be it's a very exclusive club. But when you make it you make him and you know run Baker's. Got his second contract so. He's he's pretty good he's pretty good shape route for 23. Year old kid from Scott city. We will continue our discussion and Gregg Marshall as we come back for our final segment for AJ sports grill at the Alley efforts Gregg Marshall show us the city's. 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And now on your long lane when you're fortunate. Warmer than average winds are below normal bulb what snow last very snowy wave warmer than. Usual or normal temperature and there you have it it's going to be colder and warmer with more or less snow than normal winter weather outlook. And don't forget about logging. Yeah yeah I mean yeah I know its alumni and whatever that is. This winter when you need to know depend on your severe weather station. And dirty you can SS. You're listening to the Gregg Marshall show we'd Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green which road. Back here AJ sports really feel like coming up at the at the top of the hour our first women's basketball show of the year as Steve string will be along as host then we joined by Keith Adams Wichita State's first year would head basketball coach and then the volleyball show moves from. Eight to 8:30 this evening Saturday chase Austin hot stove for your assistance program. Sitting in for Chris lamp tonight. Gregg Marshall was this as I said then. Coach Smith talked about you returning players quite at that you have some newcomers and I know this is always had a difficult question at this time a year that with a couple of them is there any consideration is this eerie and look at Richard possibly the two. Possibly. You know we've got three newcomers notes on scholarship first ball. We talked about the big hitter we are as cute as Bjorn. As Bjorn beat guards. He isn't the biggest players that we had while. I don't like yours that's when he made a root gave he's probably bigger walking in the door either one of them. Moves well relative to a size. Very comfortable wonderful wonderful young man. We just have to now give it to the point where he's a little tougher. The speed of the game bothers him a little bit but he's very few years older than seven feet tall 285 pounds walking in the door so. We love his is upside. Think Stephen Adams was apparently the guy that works that got pleas for the Oklahoma City Thunder played for Pittsburgh we played them in the NC turn that 2013. That's we kind of reminds us but he's still got that he just gotta you Stephen Adams as tough as his brother was. Rugby player whose his sister through the shot polluted they're just a rough cruise it is fair point. This will be getting that he's got a kick out to the point where would he gets the rebound nobody comes here he gets a spear out of work growl out of whatever. He's got to do a little better job of that. So much Haynes Jones. Local kids these high school. State champion winner and 2015. Goes to how much you've code. 2016. Places and national championship game and loses comes back in seventeenth. Place in the national championship game winner so. The last three years he's pleaded. The highest dean he can play your relative is through his competition he's won it twice so he's a winner. And I'm telling you he's so. Quick so shifty back to left and he's got all of that so I'm real excited about him. He's gonna play right away he's competitor he's tough he loves basketball he loves winning he's just got fooled you coup in him. Sometimes I think we're not trying to talk to him his hips spinning around you know you might have to do what you coup actresses of living room. But what he when he slows down just comprehend what we're trying to get him to do. He is really really talented so excited about him and play and he can play both guard positions and then. The third young man is rod around Enron had a good scrimmage this past Saturday it's or Roberts. He is a very athletic guy he's learning to play division one level. If he's the guy that has so many people in front of his positions so that's the one we could would consider Richard. And I was gonna ask you about that lifted if Marcus not being available to little farther into the season if that makes that just a little more complicated decision in the same way with. Ash four and if even other people ahead of him if he'll benefit more from playing a few minutes a game. This year because you've got so many people leaving that to shall I salute. We I think he came in with an understanding that he's hit some really good players to complete the three position before position like. Zach brown markets picked up the or short telling him into those guys are seniors so. He stink it Richar to begin with but they're nice I tell him look you know you get is how you can't get that Uga right now. Try to become a star don't think about next year it was loose it was deal with this year because we're gonna. It would we get some guys healthy you can play. The one other guy that I wanted to be sure to mention because I think he is maybe the most. Unknown talent on this team because of the situation it is in early last year he was hurt it took awhile to get going. That CJ Kaiser could really be something special in my mind it seems like he's really. Pushing for the opportunity to. Please see. He's got it just focus on the task if he would he loops of Turkey loses concentration. But he can step up and make it jump shot he can get to the rim and finish anywhere you want. He has the ability to be to kill cotton defender right now he doesn't have to kill cotton. Hope it's perseverance. He he loses focus but he could do those things. So that's what we're looking that was CJ Kaiser. You know we just need to get him. In the right frame of mind because physically he is a town. This Saturday you play your first exhibition game the only one that was scheduled originally with Henderson State they're coached by Jimmy Elvis has a long history of division one and I know sometimes here. Exhibition opponent has. In some way of all from family connections or. Or somebody you do that day was an assistant for eight years with Marty that Evansville that come into play you know. But it definitely did. Jimmy is a guy that always admired because and I thought that. What they do that Evansville with their limited resources and our conference was it was really tough especially early and we had a hard time playing those guys. I think Marty what degree golf and it's it's very difficult to start. Jameel just knows a little bit of that he's he was with him for years. And that was one of the top recruiters so he gets a job at Henderson State it was this summer that he approached me about. Play of the game it. He was very impressive the way he came off he wasn't demanding he just he just you know it would be something we would love to do coach if you ever had chances. Then they'll look to his team he's got a pretty good team coming back so. In that particular game you what is good competition if you have that we have the game Monday. Where we're gonna try to raise money for the hurricane relief and this is all do so one year deal I think with the NCAA. You have to petition. You have to get permission you think the people that neither. Team conditioning class. So it has to be able we can't primarily. And so we're complete Newman on Monday night it's and I know the players are happy because it's set up practicing my day we'll play it Newman on Monday. We're we're just gonna do it for the city you know that whatever money we can make its all its all profit. We're gonna send a check to the hurricane relief. It's great cause and obviously that's a program you've played before coach Jones an assistant there to mark potter who is retired last spring you've actually within a couple of times. Regular season since he just. They're division to not played division to basketball back in the day we we went to three acute services for years I know that there's good basketball being played those levels. Very good coaching. And we we need to see some other uniforms any time you can do that. I mean I'd love to have. Duke coming here to play an exhibition game that you had the expenses of duke kept the charter. And we looked at other schools about chartering at all that it. It's just it with what you start taking about the expenses. You doctor put a big check for the hurricane relief so. We hear all this is profit figure there will give them a five bucks either McDonald's on the way back with their bus trip over to do. And we've we want. We want to make money as much as we came here to to to help people. And bottom line at the end of the day you just hit the scrimmage with Oral Roberts a division one program that you feel like the two more games in three days that you go into the UN KC game. Having about as good an idea he could have where you lord which need to work on to hear anything. You who don't know that 2030 practices so at this point just he can we need to get our guys that he could he can play games. Wanna win what the company to. Coach thank you look forward to it that's our show for tonight stated for Keith Adams coming up next. And again. Coach Gregg Marshall show until after Thanksgiving we'll get back. From Hawaii. This has been in the Wichita State shocker me. Basketball coach Jason. Gregg Marshall and Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown and she beat beat.