The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show 01-15-18

Monday, January 15th

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It's time for the Wichita State shocker and basketball team. Presented by your hometown Chevy V. Let's go live agent sports grill on the Alley the corner of thirteenth in prematurely. With the voice of the soccer Mike Kennedy. Good evening Lanka and to this league's coaching shows pleasure to have you witness. Round six to seven. Right now will be Gregg Marshall and then coming up Keith Adams talking shocker women's basketball. Interest thing that they just in indexing the death of famed gospel singer Edwin Hawkins played O happy day because that's an appropriate song for. Tonight shows both the men's and women's basketball teams coming off two and go weeks Livan got their first ever American conference win at home. In mid week and then one on the road on Saturday so they've won their last two and a man with two road wins they re here. Two game swing through east Carolina and Tulsa. 835. Point win that ECU on Thursday night a little bit more difficult event on Saturday as the shocker 17269. At Tulsa. To improve to fifteen and two on the year. And five and though. In the American athletic conference head coach Gregg Marshall joins us. And coach I don't know how much people we don't have to get any deeper into it that you want to put a mix up in the schedule on Friday on a planned flight from Greenville to Tulsa. Somehow the pilots got the idea that we were going to Wichita we analogue delay that we got to have all straightened out. But once we got on the court Saturday night you might have thought that we almost did go from Greenville to which it's not given the crowd and the reaction. Yes Mike it was. A problem most of trying to figure out why that charter church. Companies and the airline that. Between the two home so might drop the ball. I'll hold your partner I heard that the announcement and can't we keep picking guys back to Wichita we should wedeman who were not go back to which child were supposed to go to Tulsa. So that was a two hour twenty minute delay. From that point four which really messed up my plans on. Friday for practice it and all that that. Also will that is well we did get to the arena. After the ballgame and lo and behold it was too Revis out that was amazing. The turnout soccer fans it. All shocker fans in attendance. And shocker nation should applaud myself for that type of showing. His answer. Hello this. Never to be that are seen him come up with a victory Saturday afternoon. Also announced a capacity crowd and 8355. And there's no way for us to get the exact numbers of the split I don't think but. All of those who would dare I talk to postal truck stop and and we all felt like at the very least it was split right down the middle and more likely that we it was like 5545. Wichita State fans it was. I know you had Fernandez in the professional scouting. Is. Not and and listening to the ball game which I've done now to return to television. It's got back Saturday night watched it. Broke down on the on the computer. So there are too short to the teams left the fourth time I get to see each game but. The announcers that it's it's very rare bit of home coach home team coach has to call time out to quiet the crowd home. But that certainly happened. On Saturday. Pre K took time out the second half that is great. Not for years people ask me. Start the series with tolls again start procedures were told secure so we did we play them what five or six years and road now. But we never played in this conference members are now I know what that means it's. It would be incredible if if another team came to our place in and took up more than half of the crowd I don't anticipate that happening but. It was it was certainly what could happen on the road if we chuck fans travel well all the time everywhere we are shocked fans and I've never seen anything quite like that. And you know the thing that was kind of interesting about it to me is I know I've been around forever and there are a lot of shocker friends that go back even farther than I do with a false or rivalry and understand what are rivalry it was that. When they didn't play for periods of time in between him and then one game a year where there was no conference involvement. It was hard to maintain that same feeling of rivalry that you feel like this being in the same conference of the games being more meaningful certainly brings some of that back into the end. I guess I do now you know. I thought it was I thought it was you know at all I get excited about all teams did and I'll keep rivalries are unique. But this is certainly on par with the university. And and I'll ask you this question because we got this question is not in the pregame show up. Wouldn't you agree that. You know as we go into this news conference what rivalries developed or are yet to be seen there's some history with a couple of the schools that. Rivalries tend to come from first of all the games Pete meaningful picture content you know you're both good that. Conference title may be on the line and those kinds of stupidity things and noticed something develops read into not liking each other very much that can discuss it too. I think that's true. You know with with. When when I came here. We had to rebuild a little bit and and as we were getting good at the coming up rival if you will with Creighton. That was about the time they were about. To get out of Ali so. That it became more. Northern Ohio with a with a meaningful games that we had the last handful of years in the league. But the one that we really I didn't quite get along with Mizuho extreme so those those games took on a little bit of a rivalry it. You're right it's it's it's exciting and adds to that it adds fuel to the fire funeral for both teams in the fan bases as well. You know I know you've made the point tier team that you had two games back to back against the University of South Florida and the east Carolina goes that the two teams right now this year that are. Kind of well behind everybody else that you won both games accordingly by over thirty points that you made the point your team. We're done with sand each of those are the positions league we only played him once in the unbalanced schedules so. That the knock down drag out with Tulsa may be more of a regular type thing. Uterus that's it yeah unfortunately there's fourteen of those after we got done with east Carolina and South Florida I told my team gets seven weeks two games a week if you if you start on this past Saturday. Fourteen games where you're gonna have to fight scratch and claw you don't. Play will probably lose so that's always going to be. I think it was an eye opener for the guys but. If you hit it you know how it is with with older people you can tell younger people which you've experienced which you know. But it actually goes through it themselves in Paris sometimes after experiences than themselves before they really. I'll take you for for. That taking for granted that they they listen to you believe what you tell. You know and and we've talked about it a little bit in the nonconference schedule you've had some good teams come in here and give you some trouble for a while Arkansas State Florida Gulf Coast people like that that are good teams it has a lot to do list that. Ranking it's not driving your name your reputation and so forth and and now believe you've got that and and certainly on top with the fact that he is conference play and so you're going to get everybody's been shot. The courses as well as what we ship you know that's his way it is in the event. I told the team. Gave an analogy today before practice right after practice and forget where bit. Had if we were in the Missouri Valley Conference this year and and so when added to the Missouri Valley Conference and it was they were talked about such glowing. And complimentary terms as we have been talked about coming into this new Lee. That would upset me that I would have fixed extra incentive to try to make sure that the new kid on the block doesn't come and and dominate the league so it's just human nature. And as we talked after the game. You can't create your very best every single game and and Saturday night it was a game where you play well that may be certainly not as well as cannon and found a way nevertheless cannot. Absolutely it was you know it was one of those games and that the twenty. Who defied the great wins the five that are so great in the twenty's that was that was right there in that group maybe hopefully in the lower half of the twenty. But. I thought also played great I've seen to also play. On T five games probably. Watch them blue on television live. It's just. They shot the ball so well has not seen chaplains play anywhere near that I knew Corey Anderson we'll probably play well with with the accident he had. But. And I thought they were really really jacked up for the game you could tell him and tiger announced they were chest bumping him. That they've they've really the end was that time he just kept throttled by thirty at Houston. And their coach should it. Question their manhood if you will. I'm we're gonna continue as coach Marshall from AJ sports grill at the Alley on a Monday night coaching show you have that. 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I go back to our weekly get together with head coach Gregg Marshall to shoppers coming off a two game road trip that was defeated. East Carolina and Tulsa and slackers will be home for one on the road for one this week. Wednesday night SMU's first meeting with them and then they return match with Houston on sat in Houston. Coach it's it's always nice when it a game plan comes together to some extent it's something I don't think we've got a chance to talk about after the game but. Paulson has two very good big guys inside and eaten it bonnet and I know one of the things that you worked on his staff when you guys keeping their feet not going for shot fakes and head fakes because it will skip the line a lot of Matt Kutcher guys really did a good job of that. Yeah we did in you guys did a great job of maintaining that position. The physical. Could have got pretty physical as well and that they can call for several travels and and very rarely do we fouled them to get him among the foul line. And so that was that was good luck Isaac brown has discounted a wonderful job preparing her team for what we're gonna see. And you know they just that he had not shot the ball on the especially Kaplan the way they shot it in that game. He got off to a good start it just seemed to ignite him he started driving the ball and make him little seniors routers and things just one of those nights he faced a lot of good guards. Yeah they get them the big lead in the ten point lead and then after that we get that we. Took control look like the latter part of the first half to four point lead into halftime and been. After that we were able to extend the lead to ten or eleven points on multiple occasions. And there were opportunities. To at that point I thought. And always tell the team if there's a media timeout or time out. When they put that leads ten or eleven incident couple one or two things is gonna happen it's gonna go below ten NBA game are we gonna push towards warning. We had two opportunities to push you towards 21 was wide open jump shot in the right we mileage per share met. Had he hit it it would have been like cut thirteen point advantage in. We really had some great momentum and then we've been the lob play to Rashard Kelly ten or eleven points in the shocker fans were into it. And for whatever reason it went right to recipients I mean it was perfectly placed and couldn't have been any better and only deduce just catches and don't hit it. I think he was thinking about style points. When you mentioned after the game both teams had a lot of big plays and what you missed some open looks that really could have used it kind of broken it open. He did come up with some big plays Connor had a couple of big shots down the stretch in various guys. Hit some big shots with you really hit them. Oh we can't certainly that's. It kind of reminded me the team are against Baylor. They would score the cut it to border to. That we would come back and scored commitment to do make it 45 or me it was back and forth like that I thought it was. Overall. Very very entertaining and quality college basketball game. Do you. We mentioned the crowd asked. Tulsa but I think we should mention also people are not aware at Greeneville. They have been averaging about 3100 game it was over 6000 and that's something that Wichita State in recent years did for the Missouri Valley Conference they were everybody's biggest crowd by about double the average and it seems to be happening again. This from the same thing at Hartford. Now that places almost sold out may have been struggling with their attendance so. I mean it's and then of course watch the television and they list our entire route schedule it's remained well all year. Mr. and it opened her it was almost like. Get your tickets now this is the road schedule this is the tour for the beat specific areas like for. Are you kidding me that's there there but that's how big the media is making it which in turn people listen and read it. And that's the way people are reacting to the shocker commend them. Learn deposit base for that game and and there have been some others it will be a future that in this league and having more games close to the East Coast and in the south. It is closer to home for some of these players and Rashard Kelly had like forty people there at east Carolina which was wonderful it is sort of. Coach Marshall I haven't gotten there yet at east Carolina. It was amazing. Kelly had a 46. Cops that if you left which is beautiful up minutes pastor mom and dad. That view. I mean there's there's a picture. Somehow somebody floated this picture. And they took a group shot and it was chargers uniform he standing on the hardwood and of course this young youngster right beside him. His standing on the first row of bleachers. And so he's a little bit taller than that he would normally be and he's just looking after a shark like man I'm still standing here with. With that Kevin Durant or LeBron jeans suit he was an all. His uncle or cousin or whatever may be. Having played the game played very well. And had a reunion with family with a fraternity Brothers with former teammates former roommates I mean I. I had to turn it over to cars that cannot deal with this anybody that takes me for that picture was deceiving you know lobby here whatever. You've got to handle this because it does that creep its closest we've been through it. Where I'm from in many years since Appalachian State. Yeah what Davidson did he and Jack Frost and leisure SID at Winthrop was there have been some people that we Matt from your winter connections at Davidson where there are dead are still following which helps us live there. All in yellow and black looked great so the game didn't get over until. Eleven so by the time we got to the hotel it was midnight course. By the time we shut it down it was probably to the Arab it was a long night with Steve and everyone's been able to. Just reconnect which which was this I mean that's what it's all about it's really fun to stability that it. Which made Friday for even longer day. You're listening to head coach Gregg Marshall had the shocker is with the wins this past week at five and now are basically alone in first place in the American athletic conference of of Cincinnati's four now. They are the only team in the league that has only played four league games Houston to shoppers seeking in this weekend four and one. And that's up from Florida Connecticut Memphis all three had to. There are four teams in the league yourself Cincinnati Houston and S and use it basically top forty type teams and start looking ahead it. That's possible at large in the league getting as many teams as possible. Are you hoping that there will start to decent separation but those teams from the rest of the pack and and making the case for getting more teams is. I just I just want. Who we actually it is two would be a disappointment three. Would be okay. Four would be great that's the goal picked up if we can get four teams in the tournament every year I would be ecstatic that this new Lee. Can we were we became almost a one bid league. In the in the Missouri Valley Conference. So I wanna see multiple teams. Hopefully we can continue to it to be good word wouldn't it we're not set for the two term Cincinnati's upset for the insecure and a lot of things can happen. We just need to keep playing well but those two teams look like they're pretty much locks at this point. Houston SMU UCF. Whoever in Memphis has some etiquette when to turn a bit too so I'd love to see at least three teams give him. You know we used to see more of this in the Missouri Valley Conference and it was because of several schools playing in civic Arenas where scheduling was difficult to get dates all the time. It kind of was a little less that way during the time that you were in the Missouri Valley Conference here. We're kind of back to with this unbalanced schedule of some odd things that. It's certainly the the scheduling is a little odds for essential play Houston this weekend for the second time. Before you've even seen five I think of the other teams in the league it looks like it's gonna be a little bit that way with this many teams in trying to balance. It is just happens to me. We've done this many times before sometimes it's just the luck of the draw I don't know why why it happens it. Scheduling in this in this in the league like this with twelve teams civic arena is it. All the other issues that you and then they try to have it equitable in terms of how many bodies all you have with a you have more. Preparation time than the other team. No three game roots weeks in a three game homestand. All those things. Play departed scheduling and it really is almost like your computers situation now I think it is a computer actually. And people have to play the all those who factors in him. It's okay Houston's good they're going to be good in February just like that in January and Cincinnati you know and and I would quickly they intentionally held that game for the last game of the season. Inco arena and we have to go to them what February. In February his February so we don't play them until mid February and then they come to us late February so that was probably intentional. All right we're listening to Gregg Marshall talk about soccer basketball on a weekly studded night coaching show will be back with the coach Robinson. 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AJ sports grill at the Alley coming up the top of the key adams' feet straight talking shocker women's basketball. You mention real quickly to be sure to vote every day and ESPN coaches infinity challenge coach Marshall once again raising money for the Wichita children's all. But he Forward sliced infinity. And vote every day can vote today on each device. That you have. Laptops that your desktop. Phone whenever they please. It honored voted let's keep that moving forward. The polls are out as to beat a lot of money we have and ask and it question here in house about the breakdown. Wichita State was tied for fit enough in the eight people last week with Purdue. Purdue had no one sided win at Minnesota. On Saturday may jumped record in Wichita State fell two spots to seventh. And how that worked the shocker at top. In the coach useful. From fifth to fourth Oklahoma which was ninth in both polls last week jumped past the shocker. Behind the soccer in the coaches poll so who knows the question had to do with. Who votes and the eight people is the media people. You know I'm Heidi picture if it is all writers. Or if there are broadcasters. In that group as well the house. And its its. People for the most part people that are asked participated mattered then do what they do for a long time lot of national reputations. They can change it's not the people for twenty years old rookie spread around. And coach out there and the coaches also are. Kind of changed up every once in awhile but had an opportunity to go have a few each region there's something. I'm really not sure I'm not sure I've ever voted in the top 25 coaches poll. I have boon to other polls were like mid major polls and whatnot back in the day when I was aware were. I think one coached her lead. Is represented on the parent Europe and ESPN USA today coaches poll. I thank you for the question and I got to use a little better idea. India of metrics of the power rankings which are truly more important by the end of the year in terms of seeding. Wichita State is number twelve in both Ken Pomeroy in the jets accurate computer rankings number ten. In the ESPN BP I Cincinnati a little edit the head of the shocker to another six feet and hand. In those rankings and I've mentioned Shaq if you're facing two top forty teams this week guess and you. Is 3436. And 42. In those power rankings that's an average of about 37. Houston 353746. And be an average of about. 39 so right there were talking about possible that large bids for teams in the league in the top 40 in Central Florida who haven't seen yet. Is a tops of the five achievement UCF plays host Cincinnati. You know have that we gave this week so that's that's one of the better teams in the league you've got two really good ones so you never know what kind of shake up you could see. Well we will we will. Get a real good feel for this league after this week for me that's in Houston. Playing great. Prior to the last ten days and they beat a lot of people. Had a great RPI then for some reason. They go to Tulane and lose. A close team. That they have to go to Cincinnati most people lose at Cincinnati. And then they come home and have their 33. Game win streak I think snapped it. Moody coliseum there in Dallas. My temples and temple was aware of five so. They're probably reel in a little bit again that timing for the shocker snapped for your team down to a three game road skid they have losing skid end. They have to from two which talks with but they hit seven days to prepare they that the last time they played was last winter they did not play this weekend. And then you'll play team on the road this stinging from the time that you like here's another pickup. They were probably that that's probably shocked them they haven't lost other than that game and they they played tremendous schedule an. Already be UCF that you mentioned so. And that would play and that Texas Southern University they're renovating their arena from what I understand about 6068. Million. Kerkorian was 25 million back in 2004. So. This is supposed to be Taj a hall of marina. And this year we played Texas others so that's where the game will be there was there was talk about. Because coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of the greatest gain one or whatever they called it when L behaved and who else indoor played in the Houston Astrodome having the game that the Toyota Center. With the rockets play but he should work now. And and we'll talk a little bit more about that because there isn't very direct connection with that game or we're talking about some of these things. Wichita State will go into Saturday's game tied with middle Tennessee. With the longest road winning streak in college basketball left and straight true road game. The last seven and a half seasons. Wichita State in 74. And twelfth in true road games 84%. Other road games shouldn't have such a stupid thing doesn't happen. That number that it's hard to believe those numbers increase. Is it it in your mind a culture just like you do things you feel that that's all part of the culture some of the things you try to develop with your teams there are things it did do play well. I think so it didn't you know we're not as good this year defensively and rebounding as we've been some of the years that. Defense and rebounding travel. And I also know that. And so people won't like this that. I know that I have timeouts I realize that don't usually use them but sometimes playing through that it didn't need to call a timeout. When that. That noise is happening you just hardened so I play here or team. That they and you have to deal with adversity we deal with adversity. Quite a bit not just on the road at home in practice. In video sessions. They hear the truth is they know what's going on it just. These guys are very tough physically as well as mentally. And some of that mental toughness seems to be reflected and have an attitude and outlook that your guys who seem to feel like. Matter what happens. We'll get through this and how what we're gonna find a way before it's all over that confidence I think. Like you mentioned you were down ten a couple of times in the first half Saturday and by halftime your commitments. Right right Japan and it is it is just letting the players sometimes figure it out and you know we get its. But we get a lot of time to sit down with a during those media timeouts and it's it's amazing. How all they just have this resolved. And he knew what you you want you wanna see him work out their problems it's almost like two kids. In the playgrounds. Squabbling. And one of them your kid he'd go run over the years start interacting union. In mediating their do their view are you just let them work it out and that's. And I can assume was sidelines and let some time to let them work out their issues which makes them stronger and better on the other side. And this is achieved this year that has a chance to be the best three point shooting team that you've ever had here you're shooting around 41%. After averaging almost ten threes a game and yet. This is not a team at any point that lives and dies by the juncture. Well that is it sometimes it appears that way it appeared that way to me at east Carolina in the first eight minutes if we were I think one for eleven. Balancing and threw the ball inside because we had a distinct advantage there. And a little bit that was not promised to also but I didn't think we were defending very well early in the tolls again. And it certainly you've seen maybe as many zones as you've seen all years and seen your tenure this year. But at that helps if you can make if you jump shots that makes that job easier but but certainly got a ways of attacking. You know we should that we seem to shoot the ball a little better home this year for whatever reason and that's what I ask him in the founder. Twelve minute time out against also arrested these baskets and see what's the deal I wanted to or not. But can we make your shot you know with stepped up and make a shot if you were gonna take him to make it. You're listening to grand Marshal on our weekly public to show for eight chase for now. It's way yet. He just sits up thieves got assisting in Vienna I thought disputing it through from the way you look at it as a coach that you mentioned rebounding not being as good that your fourth in the country regarding your opponent by almost eleven game. And really significant advantage in offensively then you rebound 37%. Year on this is only allow tiger opponents. 24%. Which is one of several examples this year we're making the raw numbers don't look quite as good. As some of the teams like your defense and scoring average but the differences between what you're doing and what your opponents are doing some of the best you can. Well you don't see this much videos I didn't either. How do you view that OK maybe we're pretty good rebounding team but. We're not as good defensively how about that focus they were not as good defensively. But we're still pretty good rebounding and actually more opportunities for us to. Offensive rebound. I've got certain individuals that just don't go like don't want them to do and they don't get an offensive rebound and what's it bounces right 21 so. I gotta get those guys like Kelly. And like brown and like. Mike Duffy who's now really rebounding well he is that is his ball handling wise the other night. He had two great offensive rebounds that resulted in big place force. Lions in what in particular late in the game worry followed his own shot and actually make kind of the difficulty in between hop up on the ball not losing his drive. Clinton late edition he's got that part of his game he's really good at that and they heat in the first network knows the second half. He beat her Rita to a ball and was able just to I think get fouled. That he had no business getting but he knew where the ball was he was. You know I tell him all the time good players always know what's going on with the ball and where the ball is without staring at. And he become read it to the ball who hit who didn't know where the ball was but but Marcus picked up and do it. All right we are gonna take time now to listening to Gregg Marshall agents were really out. We'll be back in the. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. 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A little skewed beyond what they normally are early are picking up this Packers improved 86. It scoring defense he's giving up a little over 68 points a game they've held their last six opponents. Under seventy into an average of 62 point seven points per game. The Staten Island taught you about that assist numbers fifth in the nation it right at nineteen assists per game. The net 22 or more six times. You had a high for your tenure with 28 against South Florida here and then turn around at 32 at east Carolina on Thursday. The guys are very unselfish and we've always known them but there. Moving the basketball and we got great player movement we really cutting well. And there's a lot of guys can put all the basket YouTube and we're giving us this you have to select score and we've got guys can do that and now. I don't know if I've ever had a team at 28 much less 32 and I was very pleased just to see that number. You mentioned the cuts and it's that it's practically everybody there was one you pointed out that Tulsa game or Rondo made it nice cut off the high post Landry found in the it's a combination of guys. Making the cut scene with the openings are but then the guy with the ball finding. Yeah we're doing a better job of keeping an eye on the cutter. Usually scoring cuts come late in the cut not early you were given early in the current U wanna give it to late in the cut. When the defense has given up on the cut. And our guys are are doing a great job us. That being in tune with the cutter and trying to. Give these humans steel bastards. Landry had eleven assist. The other night was against Olson he's Carol it's Carolina he and eleven assists and only one turnover. You know we had a question before the game not an IRS to would be this soccer player to get it double double that night thinking. Point three bouts I think I Shaq at your Willis elusive Paula probably Elliott and it was Landry whose first career double up eleven points and eleven process at. Over the last ten games he's averaging seventeen points a game and also almost six assists per game. And that's the thing it's just been so amazing about him east he'll leave you scoring but he's make a lot of plays recognized. He is and and god is now teams now are trying to really. Focus on him as an issue at hand it's it's harder for him to score he's getting his looks more transition. Breakdown basketball. And he's very very content with running his team went. Giving everyone else an opportunity get a touch or shot. And then his usually like in the second half against tolls that's what his scoring opportunities come northward to the guts of the game. And I was gonna mention and it seems like it again real strength of his his he's not afraid to kind of let the game come to him but they are concentrating on him he'll get other guys involved pretty much forced the other team did. Kind of spread it out and concentrate and other guys in Hilton a few shots of. That he got he drew one time in the first half the other night against tolls. Cook right across from pulses bitch. Very aggressively. And he got out and the guy didn't call him. But I didn't see anything that referees all night long but we are back toward him over us and William. I think my guy got out there he xenon in this one she is okay it would not be sitting here. For those you are not aware Landry is leading the nation in three point shooting 52 point 3%. Sixty I think over all three point percentage he is not immediate in three point field goals per game and it's actually come up he's over three per game in conference play. He's also 65 in the nation in assists and fiftieth. In assist to turnover ratios you just don't see that kind of all around numbers very often are. He he's got great numbers because he's he's selected he's not he's not greedy he's not forcing things that you mentioned. And that's why because he's very talented shooter obviously. We should've made that last free throws we would have to sweat out that. The late game situation that. He is just tremendous shooter from all different levels. We talked about rebounding a little bit in. One of the things that's been real strength is. Not only just the rebounding numbers if you not rebound at sixteen of the seventeen opponent so far this year ten by double digits the other one. Is that scoring and is gonna status that's been for your teams over the last two or three years. Sixteen out of seventeen games you've outscored your on the bench at least by seven points and thirteen of the seventeen net debt is really showing. Yeah I think that that's that has a better chance of continuing. And that strongly. Throughout the course of the season then that this stat about out rebounding people workers are pinch. If we lose nothing we go to our bench we've we've literally have 1011 starters so. I feel very confident in there and it's it's my decision who. Gets that that the runs during that the meat of the game at the end because they've been playing well that night and we've got. I mean like Rondo the guy barely plays at first three games and Lee. And the last two games he's played very very well. And infidelity she trying to link to the bench a little bit and opportunity there's CJ Kaiser has seen a little more tightly not play at Tulsa but certainly has seen more times and recently we've moved again without losing games and in that out luxuries calls. 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The fact that Marshall show a couple of things that have come up in conversation here during the break that thought I would follow up on now run on merger dislocated a finger in the game tolls on Saturday in and had a that'll turn out. They had a doctor on site he was able to help Toronto get the left pinky finger back and place. Todd picked him up and he was able to play actually helped us big time in the win on this tremendous. And then. After that. They didn't they actually had a place they could accurate and there's no fractured. So he was seen by our doctors today. After practicing. He's can be goats it will shore obviously when that happens it. Fought through it and helped us win. Fred stands leads game was brought up on Thursday night lower replaying at east Carolina he had a career high 22 against LeBron James in Cleveland hit six of eight threes then and over his last six games averaging better than eleven points a game. For the Toronto Raptors I texted him after that game and I told him that. First of all we you know we all knew it was gonna happen we're excited happy and proud of him. And I was gonna and hopefully he was going to be able to float me loans he had a. I. I think people also be at stated knowing this Alex Johnson who's the director of development for the athletic department was on the trip and there have been a lot of scouts that soccer games this year one was from Houston Rockets in the game at east Carolina. And Alex had a conversation with him. Clean Anthony Earley was just recently traded from Santa Cruz California in whatever it is and it was GDG league now. Two. That Rio Grande Valley where Ray Emery played a couple of seasons and that's Houston affiliated minor league team. Add to scout told him they are. Basically rebuild at rehabilitating his career they think he still has a lot of potential there looking for forward nick could shoot it and they think he's going to be back in the NBA relatively and so he's he's. Tremendous. It happened in the organizations. He's gonna he could do things the right way. I think he's learned his lesson. I was that don't think that he did that young people may. He's an old people sometimes they don't assist us. But he made a dumb decision and and I hope that it didn't cost him his career complete and get back and then make an impact. I SMU Wednesday night by the way that's at 6 o'clock tip possibly sure you're aware of that that's an hour earlier than a lot of games. It got SMU coach by Tim Jankovic who certainly you coached against in your first four years in the league in the Missouri valley as the head coach. At Illinois State and left to go to join Larry Brown an innocent lives out his second year as head coach there from what you've got a chance to scout. Similar in his style approach to when he was in elements. Well first all Jenks a great guy. He just wonderful job in Illinois the assistant coach Bill Self and other places it was great player can state. You have these this little different. That's a new team they don't have the bigs that they had passed. And of course we lost it a player by the name of seeing me it usually. To the Boston Celtics were early. And that's hard to bounce back from. You know. In connection viewing. So that they they're not quite as good as the band they have a wonderful start. They've beaten teams down in the Bahamas tournament. And there are PR and everything's going great and in the tools hit 33 year ruling. We hope we can make it four in a row but this seems gonna come in hungry they're very very talented they're very athletic they can really really shoot it. I watched him against Central Florida about three weeks ago when I told my staff arrested on a neutral court I think this might be about. They might be favored by ten against us I mean I really was impressed with their personnel. And how they play so it's going to be a battle on Wednesday night. They have five starters who all average. Ten points or more per game and anywhere from four point six to six point two rebounds a game if you typified as a team that sort of medium sized across the board and. Reversing its position let's basketball how we we've we've been explained it to our team anybody can play anywhere in this dribble drive and they're all trying to. Drive to get paint score if they get cut off kicked in the next time he's gonna do it so. They put a lot of pressure defense and especially a defense that the a team like justice that that's that positions we you know Shaq is the five it. Connors that to him in Landry is the one bit. They they don't they have a lot of guys are very similar in there and talent and skill level but it. Jimmy wit doesn't shoot the three he's the only one of the other ones they got the number one mean Wayne peace a very good but they get to number one three point shooting guard in the country. The transfer from Georgia Tech can't pronounce his name and and they got out the pre season player of the year shake Milton. He's he's a tremendous. Inside outside score. Jake Milton 66 he averages seventeen and a half points four and a half assists one and a half steel makes two and a half threes a game and shoot almost 42% plays 36 minutes if you. There's a lot of minutes this is very good player. And they're not place deepest thoughts from what we gathered. But man their first seven or really really good. Should be a terrific game Wednesday night 6 o'clock here but then just to mention that game at Houston is also an early start 11 AM on Saturday. For the game of the Texas Southern's. Readers you have. It is the fiftieth anniversary of the game of the century between Houston and UCLA at the astrodome and Elton Hayes who was the star of that game. Does collar commentary on Houston radio so we'll get a chance to see if he didn't make the trip here we'll get a chance to see him so they'll actually be easier to help celebrate that. Momentous occasion that the TV I remember when he was with the Washington bullets and Wesley are seldom know their guys play for valley school removal. And Bobby gain entry that you can actually cut. Riordan was acquitted Mike Reardon. Two. Can't think of the point guard there that was those were two back to back years they played the Seattle SuperSonics. For the championship at 111 year one when the next. That does is no way back this is all the way to my college days Leisle and so little bit Hayes played against each other in this building in the 1968. NCAA. Regionals some fun stuff. Fun week ahead glad to have you in a state to enforce these training Keith Adams started shocker women's basketball that's our Gregg Marshall show. For this week for page eight for via. This has been in the Wichita State shocker me. Basketball coach JC Whitney coach Gregg Marshall and Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy.