The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show 01-22-18

Monday, January 22nd

The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show


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Time for the Wichita State soccer men's basketball coach TC with the head coach Gregg Marshall presented by your hometown Chevy V. Let's go live to age in sports grill of the aptly the corner of thirteenth in prematurely. With the voice of a shocker Mike Kennedy. Good evening and welcome to this week's great article shows Wichita State backed prop eight road trip over the weekend to Houston. Had a tough week in all coach Marshall joins us the shocker is now fifteen and four. On the year five and two in the American athletic conference in a tie for second place with Houston. At all but Cincinnati still undefeated in the league this shoppers will close out the first half of the conference scheduled this week with two games at home. Against the University of Central Florida. And Tulsa. Coach I guess maybe we start here I'll I'll just say this everybody hates to lose I'd be losing it sucks when you lose two in a row it really sucks. But for all the rest of this week it hate it and be disgruntled about it. You have to fix it you have to do something to get it turned around their neck. I was just wondering did that start on the plane Saturday majority in the threat practice plans in your hand mediate try to get your mind off that for a little welcome. As you know I hope I can fix it we were gonna work hard to try to fix it but you know things and deceptive change what change her and I approached her toughness and our mindset our ability to execute it and Houston Houston Kenneth took it to us they were the tougher team. On Saturday that's very rare performer for one of our teams and but it happened on Saturday so. Could you see guys playing better for sure making shots executing. Not traveling or turn the ball over. But. In the end it is your sister you can give Houston credit they needed to win they obviously went up and Americans took to win. Took it right to rescind. The nation's longest route to win streak of eleven games which you don't get from being. Softer are intimidated team on the road. His is over so much try to start a new streak. Both at home and on the road as we go into a new week. Yeah this is that a season your your fifteen and 415 and two going into the weekend yet cannot sense doing Michelle and other interviews that we do that. You've been concerned about some things and people tend to Pyongyang out Cisco could speak in their fifteen into an all that that there is this really kind of the culmination of some things that you did a little concerned about all you. Well I mean I just know what what we're dealing with every day of practice and watch enough college basketball and I watch enough. Kids on the recruiting trail in the fall in the spring in the summer and you know we're we're 54. Not bad for for what we're dealing with in the schedule that we police and I just think the media and the expectations going into this season. Maybe he had people's. Mine's a little clouded if you will what this team is. Should be doing you're capable of doing their part doing. But we're still here 151617. Whatever it is in the country. A lot of teams would like to be fifteen and four unfortunately. Two of our four losses came American span of four days last week. You've been at this a long time now made it's part of college basketball that you're gonna have some ups and downs against you had that one year where you didn't put too much of what if you came until the last game of the season but that never happens and and so I know you that you have had to deal with is virtually every year you coach should end that can't be fun that it's something that desert I'm sure you've learned how to. Approach and and how to plan things and and get to work him and try to get the things that need to be done. Yeah where we were firmer today. The first always worked on retrieving loose balls and B group. Not just the first. Floor but the only one to the floor because everybody got a shot that got several times today. We're just going in getting the ball when it's loose and I was very this police was watching. Houston in particular Corey Davis their their player. There to guard who shoots it well being that guy. He was he was playing basketball Saturday like his life depended on it then that's what you gotta do. Two key you know what we have to do to Kellner. Is playing like that we play like that and there are special on the road you have to play even even harder and smarter. Can we just simply didn't do it. You can answer this next question already with that answer but it just wanted to ask you had a game last week. Here against citizen you Wear certainly everything's and no you would like to have done better than in a lot of ways your team played well to an accent you just played exceptional game and you can kind of look at that in. And say you know he got to give them a certain amount of credit for the way they play the when you followed up with a second loss and that's certainly one read didn't perform nearly as well does that. Kind of changed the tone or at least maybe the intensity level of of how those corrections and teaching moments have to be delivered a little. Yeah YouTube probably not quite as worried about injuries in practice and and its it. Hit it becomes more like your help we can if you will also. We're we're we're in the midst of there are little pledge period we're getting we're getting after it's going to be. This can be tough for a couple days no one likes losing you mentioned that the beginning and we're gonna try to fix it. And certainly. It has to be different to some extent when you're building a program you're building a culture and you're not sure how. How the quality of the guys you program we're gonna respond to how you approach those things that. Because this is a good group of guys they care they wanna do the right things that sometimes against dissent be reminded of just how hard you have to go after. Yeah I don't know what that would put the deal that's why some of her play the way they are but we've got to we've got to try to work through it we've got that he knows. Instill some confidence and some of them com home some of them down and get him to slow down on the offensive and it's just it just depends on what the player really and and worked. What's going on and we just gonna have to. Figure out ways to get him ready to go better. You know it's you can you can try to be. Like we were last week we. We were nursing a couple of sickness isn't injuries and we've been doing that for most of the year. We were kind of soft on that that we can't be any book any longer. I told today you're not gonna practice you're gonna play and you don't expect to play we gotta we gotta we gotta have it out there trying to get better. We just got a lot of that went on that. And then there was a lot of guys just simply aren't performing to their what we expect to put their abilities are. You're listening to shocker new coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State with two games at home this week trying to get back on the right track and continued. How about the night coaching show for AJ it's for trophy out. 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Coming up at 7 o'clock it'll be the women's coaches show with Keith Adams went and got a four game winning streak Steve strain will be along with coach Adams. Next week just wanna mention that coach Adams will not be here they have a road trip to east Carolina leaving that day the coach Marshall will be here next week into the following week. We won't be here's checks will be traveling to Memphis that we will adjust as we go through the season the stuff for the most part here on Monday night. Coach not quite halfway into the schedule yet certainly haven't seen everybody in the American athletic conference but. It is one of the things are starting to become real evidence about this league is that. Everybody even some of the teams that are not doing as well in the standings have at least a couple of very good players were on a given night if they get it going they can really make it difficult for anybody they play. The other good coaches we said this in the fall I mean there's good coaches there's good teams and there's good players and there's everybody you run into has someone. We've from Iraq grave we controlled in the first or second time we got a little loose shake Milton put on more of all time performances in America. Shots that he was making him not just the jumpers he's making some flu shots inside. It tremendously long arms when he picks up his dribble he can still get off the shot so. Yeah there's good players and we're gonna have to continue to do. Figure out ways to try to slow the some of these guys down and if it's not just shut them down completely it's very difficult. We talked about their work begun getting better and so forth these videos that the prime starting spot and Anke talked about this before that did video doesn't lie you can show guys exactly what it is that they're not doing or are doing well and and it's very evident to them when they see it that he would that's what you're talking about tractor. Shut up well I mean for the most part they know. They knew what we expect him in what we were trying to get accomplished or from around the court that. Is behind this guy doesn't lie as we've said before. That. That video. There's no denying you know you you're shuffling your feet here you gotta be more careful with your. Pivot foot. Here's here's an opportunity where you could've been the first to the floor and got the loose ball. Here's an opportunity when you guys didn't defend scream very well whatever so. Yeah it's it's a great teaching tool and it's you know coach is best friend and also sometimes you you lament having to go back and watch it sometimes. Yeah sure that is that's the painful part I think I heard. A couple of people interviewed today after the championship games the NFC and AFC had and they were saying you know when you lose like that championship game like that you don't even wanna you don't even watch the videos is you know sometimes it's just. But the in the middle of the season obviously you have to than. It's just learning here I don't there's a lot of games his last games I haven't gone back and watched him. Really may one day have an opportunity to want to go back and watch but probably not you know what you know there you go there the end result is not going to be positive so. And the same way. Always looking for things that you could improve but. Right now is it more a matter of just executing the things you've been doing and getting better at that is yet there's nothing I'm guessing that you've seen as far as. Major adjustments or changes that that are just spirit attitude that you have to try to. Well you know right now I'm working on some. Psychology if you will there's some things that I've got to. The term. Better at a spores getting guys to play better believe in their abilities or. You know slow down a mission that some guys need to slow down some guys need to speed up. But there's there's some guys just aren't doing what they're capable of doing and how we get too many guys like enemy that. You know we could we could ask the question how many guys played well against Houston and I don't think you would like the answer if you really were down the roster. That and is that something we talked about every team tends to have a little stood. Point in the season whether it's one game or weaker whatever it may be even a really good season where. Maybe things go backward a little bit or there's a slump if you will. And is it got a different here a year with each team as far as as what maybe it takes from your standpoint of what's needed most to get them back on the right track. Well we've talked about. Many times on the show them the thirty games in a season twenty games in the middle of we're basically who you are you've got five games probably play a little better than. Four or six or seven maybe three or four that you play a little better than what you actually are. And then you've got to five games where it. I didn't even look like a team who who are these guys and that's. But the twenty games in the middle is kind of who you are and I hope that this Houston game for sure is one of the five worst. In the end of the season. But we're not we're not alone in in going through this will slide and there's a lot of good teams are still in the top 25 miles from. Texas Tech lost twice last week they were eighth in the country. Arizona early in the year lost two or three in a row. I'm not mistaken I just lost twice now of Oklahoma Purdue lost twice and third second or third in the country lost twice on Obama's so. There's a lot of good teams. There's Xavier same thing there's a lot of good teams that have. Who lost consecutive games into the season's not over for me that's one thing I had to make sure I. I was very clear on that season it's not over how we shall have a lot of games to play the we've got to now. Be more ready we can we've got a kick into gear we've got a couple home games now hopefully we can I get our arms are. Since season and in games on the right track. And then head on the road February is gonna be a barrier. 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Head coach Marshall is currently seventh in the voting coach Marshall as a gift. Designated that would cut children's crisis charity of choice. So get on line vote every day you can vote once a day on each device he vote on your strong your laptop your iPad whatever it may be to get out there and vote every day. The money that he raises goes to a great cause Wichita children's home plus just a matter of pride for shocker fans do. Came up there in the voting this second round goes for eighteen more days before there is another cut cut cut so give up my book for coach Marshall. Can't help the Wichita children's zone. Wichita State seventeenth today in the eight people sixteenth. In the coaches poll shot proponents Oklahoma number twelve and eleven Cincinnati number eight and nine in Houston is receiving votes. In the eight people. You mentioned. Sadly it it's hard to find anyone that played very well in the game Saturday at Houston that. Maybe the closest Rashard Kelly who seemed to play with. It was some of the energy and drive and so forth that we've seen from him and board typify your program than than what we saw from some others maybe. Yeah I mean he's got a few rebounds you have nice steal. Offensively he's he's he's struggled a little bit missed two front and listen I've missed a layup. This couple jumpers and they just. This may in turn Clark took the lead while he's out on the perimeter and doesn't really honor his his ability to shoot the ball which is. Becoming a problem. One positive that that maybe hasn't been talked about it enough Austin Reeves. Started out the season with seventeen assists and seventeen turnovers. In the first twelve games in seven games since then. 22 assists to three turnovers he had three have not been. On Saturday so he has really corrected that. Part of this game let's hope let's hope it's corrected for the long haul I know that he got tired of me yelling at him for turning the ball over. Igawa got his ability shouldn't be seventeen to seventeen early in the season and you just taking too many chances of being casual he's a very good passer very skilled. But he's obviously got to be little more diligent. And taking care of the. Ball that is that is that may be yet I think when you talk about turn over as much dynamics distilled decision making and and that sort of. As well as it is isn't this a multitude of things you can you can make the turn the ball over just being casual being sloppy with your feet on the travel being casual would you put your. Passes or your. Footwork. Being a risk taker beautiful. I'm not crazy about guys would take a lot of risks we can do without the risk we need to shoot we need. We we shoot the ball we need to make make sure we get a lot of shots and that's why we pursue rebounds on the offensive end and try to get extra possessions. Not gonna make you know even the best teams don't make 50% of their shots rarely so. Kind of the other make sure that your taking care of the ball and getting good looks as many times as possible. What other positive I do want to mention from Saturday. Houston was celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the big game of the centuries it was called in 1968 Houston and UCLA at the Astra Don and Elvin Hayes. Now does color commentary on Houston radios and he was there I got a chance to meeting got a chance to talk a little bit. And the first thing he imagines look at up in the stands Siena many shocker fans were there a good hour before the game and then once again a really good turnout both from. People to travel from here other places in Texas and have a fairly good number apparently a shocker alumni in the Houston area. It's amazing in this particular leave now how we're seeing. Big pockets of soccer fans at these games and that that wasn't always the case in the valley for whatever reason. You know you think there was some. A lot of soccer fans in certain places and in the midwest in which is a valid footprint and here I mean I know Tulsa is definitely close at all that that makes sense a lot of people made the drive down but. Tons of people from Houston I mean not rated show Franklin's mother we spoke. The former players are guys that are recruited when I was 25 years old he's doing very well I was at Belmont happy. I Chester black is down there he says he has 700 people were conformity. Has staffing business and I told myself you know you can you remember how many times I came to see you played Blacksburg Virginia from Belmont North Carolina. And drove back that night because you could you almost every other game that's it. You know when I made that you're at the total to 9000 dollars and I drove my personal car 30000. Mile or less than nine months. Working at Belmont abbey. But I thought it was a good deal because it paid for my gas and tires. I didn't I didn't realize. I didn't realize that two. The depreciation on the car everybody every mile you put on that was my first car. Man protester was great player can't just to see him I didn't recognize he walked up to me after the game he coaches are thought you know they're not walk bilateral talks during warm. Can he couldn't believe I didn't recognize him but I didn't it's been so long and he was 1988. So between nine years ago but he's doing very well. Obviously get it done down and he should. Also I think it's very gratifying as some of the people we saw their now. PJ coups Knight did play one year for you but just want out of this for college years and he's been at Baylor he was at that game meant and theory very much invested in this program just let you do it. Absolutely he's PJ is unbelievable love PGA and he's doing a great job and can in I don't know I consider him my players so I hope he considers me his coach but. That guy is. Did his thing overseas and make some money and he's now back to dealing with kids and trying to help them. You know how to tough situations down in the fifth ward I think it's called the fifth ward down in Houston where he's from them. There's a lot of talented players that this need guidance. Should make right decisions. To go to school get through high school diploma first. Police and quality basketball and have an opportunity to get a scholarship. And didn't get away. And something else if you're not aware that coach Marshall is has done is really try to make. Players from previous eras who he did not coach you have anything to do with your Wichita State. Feel welcome feel part of this program certainly one of those is Antoine Carr started the playing remind trip back in 2013. That he was there with Mike Dennehy a teammate who lives in San Antonio. And a swat team over to us at halftime and said they got to start playing angry that he was angry at that point it was she could have thrown uniform hunt it. No I was second with that sentiment to the locker room that's what I needed to do that I was you've shown up so marketers you know literally kind of a bit. Say to the team received these it to the team in 2013. Commutes. Now we. We've got a ways to go in there in that regard that's that's that's the most disappointing thing to me this is playing hard and play harder than the other team. It's almost taken for granted around here and you can't take it for granted. It is is that may be a danger that comes from not coaching staff that may be one. Players have had a lot of success and they they kind of start assuming that hey coach I got this I know what you say and then we got this type of thing it may be kind of forget about just how much commitment they have to make it to. My husband so. Perhaps until we get embarrassed on national television then and it's you know maybe you don't have. At this time a year you're right in the middle of the season obviously you're working on a lot of things but how much are you and your staff also or do you have to be involved it's still getting out they're taken a look at some of the guys that have signed with the and can kinda keeping your eyes open for who else might be out there. You know that's that's been something we've done our coach crucial instead was down seen GB each Nikkei at trinity valley. Prior to the Houston game. The last couple weeks I've been Tacoma Washington and have been two. Memphis to see her Stevenson and Alex Lomax respectively and not only do I need is priced stick around a little more about missing practice but sometimes practice maybe total shorts like incompetent playing either. Can get to regain that. And yet and I need to coach my team and that's what I'm gonna concentrate on going forward. Chargers staff. Obviously had six seniors he signed six guys in the fall but there is always there the possibility it may be very real possibility that Landry sham that might not be back and so. You keep looking I guess floor for. Who might be out there and he should need to sign somebody else. If you head. It's an absolute perfect situation re could choose would you be in favor of that had to happen it may be like a fifth year grant transfers someone little more experience. In a perfect situation obviously you weren't great player great person and grace do. We'll have to just evaluate that when it comes into this knee then he's not the only one might not be factors other kids might not be back that are playing as much or maybe their girlfriends and another city that's always happened so. You've got to have your your ground recruiting in the end all the time and you can't. He can't. Miss today will of recruiting so. That's pretty evident that we are we need some more players next year and and you know we can't. Right now we've we've signed a six and then we're gonna we gonna stand pat with that those guys until things change but you've got to be prepared. Preparation is a mother of victory you've got to be prepared when those opportunities just to add your roster. Arise. And let me just ask it is not suggesting at all but it never asking this question. That's that's still a relatively new thing in college basketball that grid transfer single it's been around for a few years now. And how does that have to work I assume they have to declare it adapters somehow that their interest in doing that and know that you can't approach anyone and they've made it now. Well I hope that we're not approaching anyone but I would say there probably are people there's literally. I don't know this for a fact but I heard about there's so there's like a web site now that you can go to see all the kids are rich or did. That may be graduating with a year of eligibility is that sit. But. There's that that's that's that's out there so. We're gonna. We're gonna just wait and see I mean they've yet they they make it known they put downward tweet me it's not real hard down these days with social media. To let people know but. He had those things happen and then we you gotta be ready when it does. All right Shaq and coach Gregg Marshall on our weekly show from AJ sports grill at the Alley we will continue you'll start looking ahead to. UCF in Tulsa a couple of times this week. 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Extra steps charged sunny day and I just kinda have time. Cast your TV we believe your TV should be fun not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we sell LT and Kathleen TV I watch happy. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on KN yeah adding to the Greg. Marshall show we'd Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eighteen sports grill at the Alley at the corner thirteen and green which road. About the fact that Greg Marshall show from AJ sports grill at the Alley we are here just about every Monday night from six to seven coming up from seven to eight tonight the Wichita State women's basketball show with head coach Keith Adams. And your host Steve strain so stay tuned for that. And of course run your view Kansas and this'll seem strange when you're watching it to imagine now but did nine to ten. He is the air time for that now on Monday nights after we do the radio show. Cut you up become office Saturday game you've got a game on Thursday night so it's your day off Sunday three days of practice in between. How much of that time. You have to give me money can we head down we got together to clock after everyone got out of class and whatnot and then. Shaq was sick today he had a migraine. Texted Todd current trainer at 3 AM. And severe migraines so. Colonel what he talked taught to do it 38 room the wake of his family but he did. And then Connors sick so Connor had been to the doctor and actually had a prescription and he I saw him he didn't look very sick. Then at 4 o'clock after we watch video from two to three. I was a long video session just for the first half of the Houston game Marshall the second half tomorrow. But that we had to get in the UCL a but the coaches that would have time getting used to deficit why we we have three guys. Toronto. Rashard. I don't know why Brett parties in this class to Britain Barney's in this class as well he's not a senior the other two were seniors and they have to have this class to graduate. It starts at 44154. O'clock. How many days. So I was very limited today which is unfortunate. We do all we could between three and they got. I think there were linked to perhaps actually they were relate to class today but that teacher understands it is gonna work with this in this situation. But. We've they would they left about 415 so now that Connor Shaq. Ashore in Rondo out of practice at 415 so tomorrow hopefully will be a better date. Improving what we need to improve and having our whole team around. Which testing has an interest in week from the standpoint that they will play their first game ever against Central Florida. And there 128. Gave all time against Tulsa that comes up on Sunday just want to mention that is a 5 o'clock tip off but take some of the web sites still show it's an 8 o'clock AM to 5 o'clock tip. On Sunday 8 o'clock Thursday night against. He CF TCF in its second year under Johnny Dawkins said. Wait that seems like forever ago your second year here you played in the CBI and he was coaching Stanford and they played here he had a the other fifty. History with him and know what website are we talking about I think go shoppers dot com music and its NATO started its dot com hello. Hello go shocker dot com we need to get that straight. I coached against UCL be times when I was back you went through even College of Charleston and whatnot in the same league back when I was at college Charleston so. I'm familiar with their program. They get a new facility which I've never been and that's a growing university as one of the who larger universe she's from and that's a student attendance. Numbers. That there may be in the country it is the largest international coalition huge it and they got a beautiful new arena. Obviously they just lost taco fall. Johnny Dawkins one of the nicest man in our business. A true professional great player loved watching play it duke Kennedy played many years the NBA. Unfortunately users of its Philadelphia 76ers they weren't very good. But he's in tremendous player and a wonderful coach and gentlemen. They had the injury bug or year his son is now for the year taco fall itself for the year. They just got beat Jake Taylor first team all conference player back. So it would be playing. 22 ones so impressed factored 23 zone and they just try to mix up their coverages in the 23 zone and played very low tempo. Telecasts are you in no hurry which might give you an in. That's that's a waste and they do they play we're gonna have to try to speed up the game. I mean otherwise you can be of like a forty to 35 game they actually had a game like that against Cincinnati I think the winning team. Did you have forty points. Forty and maybe 4839. Yeah Arnold's like something like that crazy low scoring game if that's really prefer. They had and I'll just mention that those of you who are not aware taco flawless these 76295. Pound center who it. Just messed up the shoulder that is going to have surgery is out for the year so that just happened in the last few days and certainly if you're coaching against them it's it's certainly something less that you have to. Prepare for terms of the shot blocker and all that but it. It it would have been kind of cool just to see that events individual on the court lives want to it would have been cool for you might have been. Let let me ask you this because you just mentioned something that's really kind of unique about them Vijay Taylor's they're returning leading scorer he missed sixteen games. And then just as he's coming back taco fault goes out so there's really been like one game there Saturday game with US out that. It's been this particular team that you're gonna see on. There again in in these kids talk or fall on me what a nice young man I met him that the media day back in the fall Donnie Jones are assistant coach recruited him. I forget which from what country he's from but it did the kid is just so massive human being such a nice kid and he came over when to talk about coach Jones and what how much you like coach Jones and all that big east he reaches down to me and I felt like a little boy he says. I cannot wait to play you an analytical look. I've never did anything to you remember that side. So I mean this it's amazing how big he is he had to literally been just that these in the waste to walk in the door. Footnote that you are at this point this kind of getting into here videos study of that UCF and so forth when you've got a guy the caliber of BJ Taylor. He's only played in three games on your view actually maybe even look for some footage from last year to get more of the feel of what he's old. I'm just you know I saw enough I got home early enough I saw them play either yesterday or Saturday night. I against. Florida saw the South Florida game you know. So I've got an idea he can really make shots all Wall Street which is a common thread that we're running into now and they played that 23 zone so. I'll let my assistant coaches did back through his his video from. Last year. PJ Taylor is say six to redshirt junior he actually missed what would have been his original sophomore season that injury. But I averaged seventeen point four points per game three and a half assists last year he was hurt in the opener this year miss the next sixteen games. Came back two games ago against Cincinnati and then had twenty plus against South Florida on Sunday night including ten of eleven free throws. And three of six from three and has seen it kind of a driver and that type of guy or is he gonna go back. Yeah he's that these are good player he could shoot it he can drive it and he could score the foul line. He's first team all conference American. Guys and knew that you've seen this week is a thrill to get players to be first TV gonna be doing something right. When you have a 76 shot blocker mean that's such a unique situation. But for what you've seen of them did did they some did they somewhat play does that mean you've we're willing to pay take a few chances on defense against an eraser back there does it does it. Drastically change the way they play now. Yeah that is displayed that zone they're complete war zone now on and you then there's so decimated from a numbers standpoint safely with this is viewed. They just set the zoning. We had to execute its zone and they took her out of the ball on the other end of Javed Sheikh Jamal Murti at the end and tried to make a play. This team you see half is third in the nation in scoring defense they give up 59 again their fifth. It field goal percentage defense like her opponents less than 38%. But they're also 342. In scoring themselves class 303 point percentage free throw percentage. And I was gonna ask if it was the low scores are just totally that have just they can't score runs and had. Stop people but it sounds like they actually prefer to play as slower tempo low position I think. Yeah I'm definitely not gonna sit here and tell you that they can't score. Well of course I'm gonna tell you they play a load Tupelo in there and there's they're OK with that. The other another guy AJ Davis 69 skinny fifth year seniors are averaging about ten and a half points he's second in the conference in there and rebounding. It appears to be a pretty active guy for his skinny. She is you know he's not that skinny do you remember his dad. Antonio Davis oh yeah from the Indiana Pacers to remember how rocked up he was he and his son just younger version of that here. He's not a he's not that skinny he's very talented players started to recede before he transferred. So he's a fifth year senior and he's a good player. A couple of other guys to mention Daon Griffin a six Virginia transfer of Louisiana Tech Terrelle Allen's a 63 sophomore transfer from Brussels today. Lost three starters from last year but it picked up a couple of the courses that coach mentioned they were planning to him that coach Dawkins sun transfer from Michigan it's 66 wing new. Hurt his shoulder before the. Seasons he was a transfer from Michigan good player but they thought he was going to be the step in the starter bit. They heeded he he hurt himself I think it was a shoulder hurt early in the year so he's out they've just been convicted they had injured bug that happens. We've mentioned Davis there's one other big guy that's gonna start getting more time with taco fallout. Chad Brown 69248. Junior who apparently coming from his numbers pretty good rebounder and does give them a guy that's a little bit of a shot blocker he's averaging over one blocking game and about twelve minute. It's pretty well let's put this where he's bigger and maybe. A better athlete if not going to be the big guy that we have he's a he's a big strong athletic. You guys very imposing when you look at him. Central Florida here on Thursday night and they committed thirteen and six overall for a three in the American athletic conference right behind the shoppers. In the standings should be another good challenge tips off at 8 o'clock we'll come back to AJ to close things out with coach Marshall on this week's coach. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. 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He improved group performance. Important for you know for a fact that license office. That maybe things on their platform until until we want to tune in contrast the more amendment. This marks the main finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as having listening to the Gregg Marshall show we'd Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eighteen sports grille at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green which road. Get back to Gregg Marshall show if you missed it earlier Wichita State ranked seventeenth this week by the Associated Press sixteenth. In the coaches poll 21 and 23 in the Ken Pomeroy and Jeff sacker in power rating still eleven. PM ES TN a BP. Shocker is that just their fifteenth road loss in the last 87 road games 72 and fifteen on the road the last seven plus seasons. Looking to get back on the winning track to at home this week which we'll get chewed. And it seems like the season's been going on longer but just to the halfway point. In the conference schedule and in the second half he will have four at home five on the road so while it doesn't. Guarantee anything playing at home to step particularly important due to pick up. The winds of diplomacy like that's not the whale looked and keep people I mean look at that it did this season's well over half way we've played 1519. Games right out of thirty out of thirty so we're almost two thirds of the way through. And after this came on. Thursday will be two thirds of the way through I wanna be more positive. Now this. This deal. That's still plenty of opportunities in the conference he had yet to see Cincinnati illegally you get sick you know that's really care to look forward Aetna. It was season muted and keep you keep making the excitement that. Add to all of this throw this out there everybody left on the schedule roughly atop 150 team does this lead get Smart person challenges you've talked about down the stretch too weak for the rest of the way pretty yeah go green who easy once the rest of the way. Just a quick mention of Tulsa all know you're focused on you see up on Thursday but given the fact that you've got a little more time in between. The weekend and UCF games that you do between UCF in Tulsa kind of a plus that the Tulsa is a team that you've seen wants very recent. Yeah it's also a team that played there. Out of their mind. The last. It's weekend I think it was just eleven days ago ten days ago in nine days ago. That that group are just beat Memphis at home. I think they've lost their midweek game last week but. Soft sterling chaplain barely score or get 26 against us and barely scored in the most recent game but. We've we've got obviously. There's this scouting report won't change a whole lot will tweak some things that we did that we didn't do very well. But that's. As you you mentioned. So we look at it that way about a third of the season to go after this week and obviously out of this is a big time to turn this team and do what it can be as you go down the stretch here and and hopefully on in the post season play. Yeah we've gotta we get some work to do and we've we we understand that their guys are very cognizant of that. We've we've we've got a lot of talent. We've got to make sure that we try to maximize that talent and there's Newton can you can't mess around I mean you wanna you wanna try it in the season. Better than. Maybe you were expected to the beginning and that's that's our charge. I could sit in the one time I know what I say I don't always know what they hear that does he feel like this week anyway that you've made it pretty clear what it is you listen to hear from because I'm not sure they can misconstrue that we're listening to this. I coached text here. Check your head coach Gregg Marshall he'll be back next Monday from six to seven right here at AJ is again just date. Quick run through of the scheduled a shocker is and you see at the University of Central Florida first time ever for these two programs. Thursday night at cookery that means our broadcast beginning at seven. And then on Sunday it will be Tulsa here for the rematch that's a 5 o'clock tip off. With 3 game at 4 o'clock next week will be back here for the coach's show it on the shoppers have only one game that following week it's on the road at temple. On Thursday would be another first time experience for shocker basketball play temple in Philadelphia. We'll see if the SUV's still on the rocky steps from the AM celebration after the Eagles win last night that. Looking forward to that that trip Clinton can the special cultural experience for everybody. But day in between two games at home this week I know you get out. Wichita State's women's basketball team coming off four wins in a row and heading to Memphis for their only game this week and Steve strain. Will be coming up with Keith Adams at the top of the hour south. Thanks again for joining us now always great to see all of you out here thanks for your support and will be back with coach Marshall next Monday here AJ exports growth via. Guess you can say. He's added. He's not taking it anymore I. Smart glitzy and country's changing right before our eyes or not. So I didn't hold your thing this. I called. And he'd been sent by. 1987 and thirteen thirty S yes good news from Boeing. Bill Roy editor of the which business journal this morning Stephen Ted going setting a new delivery record including seventeen member came to 763. Passenger jets that tops the previous record set including fifteen by one deliberate. The tournament this huge backlog of orders and Boeing news you mean spears looks just added I have no backlog at all note well we're lucky to have a problem. Today with the best of them don't know that yet either I don't know these. Stephen dead mornings from six till nine Montana SS. On again off again relationship. Causes and constant stress put every. When on the morning over a foot of snow or more antennas are naturally things Amman. Then it really inevitably end. I repeat for your relationship with winners where an ultra January's not continues dogs love each breed her and not always prison. 1987. And thirteen thirty and whenever you needed major changes still to come from your severe weather station. And Assad's. His moral line is we've. Vinegar and honey I have some concerns about these questions. What would you do and a nuclear attack on George Noory on our next program I'll be talking with Matthew Stein about that followed of course by professor Jordan Peterson from the University of Toronto. Called talk about personality restore should be an interesting program and coach to coach. Recipes for brief preview it's because CN overnight spike can. Has passed 118 is going to be. Year it's. Is CNN. The most trusted name in that pot smoking. It bugs me. Okay is plus. Fire on the radio where. Did you need. Paranoid and still. Shot then. He's seven and thirteen thirty. Cain SS. Our severe. This has been in the Wichita State shocker me. Basketball coach Jason. Coach Gregg Marshall and Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown shabby.