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Monday, February 12th

The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show


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It's time for the Wichita State soccer and basketball coach DC. Gregg Marshall presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. Let's go live to eighteen sports grill on the Alley the corner of thirteenth in premature and with the voice of the soccer Mike Kennedy. Feet ahead of him to fire coach Michel Gregg Marshall apple actually had a few. Shows for you this evening Keith Adams the along from seven to 8 at 12 o'clock shocker women's basketball. And I guess welcome back to our coaching shows we were not here last week because of travel so. Good to get back with all of you all of you are here in attendance and those of you listening and watching. As well Wichita State comes off two straight wins in past week at Memphis and then over UConn at home. Now on nineteen and five on the year 93 in the Missouri Valley Conference. And it. In the latest polls number nineteen and Associated Press number eight team. In the coaches poll coach Marshall is just arriving psychic on my rant about stupid NCAA tournament committee and that is still married to the RPI and how ridiculous that all is how they just ended there however they want it to suit their particular releases that. Maybe you'll get to that at some point the coach yet. Welcome and certainly good week for your club this last week. Might I don't wanna keep you from doing any type of ring him whatever it. But I honestly I've moved just listen Lucci goes. The one thing I was an advantage it's really not about Wichita State so it's not prejudice thing. But there's so many sources out there and evaluate teams use Ken Pomeroy it BP I jets anger about others that are based on. Statistical evidence and analyze all this and really go in depth and there's there's a lot of that. And the committee just ignore it there's still locked in to the RPI. Horribly flawed system making you all kinds of examples but the best one. He has. They use it to justify certain picks that they make nineties Tutsis. All the evidence says otherwise except for the RPI which has been eight so that would make the Tutsis. Rhode Island is twenty and three there buying in the RPI and they were beaten in the top sixteen committee announced their top four seed yesterday at Rhode Island once one they testified that. If they use it to justify. Its its Wichita state of the better conference afterwards but that's Rhode Island hasn't had enough good losses and back up. That's you know that's the other thing. Can't you just lost at home Oklahoma State and by sixteen may two teams you'd be on the road but somehow those are bad losses. But they don't count it as good losses are good wins for you may have you. Fine you can hear that in Canada. Let's talk about your team and obviously. And I mention this after Tuesday night's game meant that you mentioned that the game hopefully we got our team back tonight answer it looked like it here. Standard. The did especially the first half I thought we were as good offensively as we have been in a while. Got multiple guys knocking down shots that ball movement was incredible seventeen assists and only two turnovers in the first half. Short Kelly set the tone. We have what was termed by Landry sham it is a big way rebounds in the crowd out of this area. Where he was just taking it from other people. And I think that's critical we you know the effort energy the the execution but. They're knocking down shots that's a great combination for the shock. That if we talked about many times that's the most quixotic element in basketball making jump shots and it's gonna come and go no matter how good shooter is no matter how good team is. But it certainly as you mentioned makes things easier what you do the other things play defense rebound and so forth when you're making shots all of a sudden it starts to look a little. Yeah even on your best nights you're gonna shoot. In the fifties maybe 60%. That's very very rare to shoot 60% which means 40% of recovered off the rim when your best tonight. So there's. When you've got geysers are rebounding giving you second chance and third chances. Like Rashard Kelly and Carol Willis and you know marked it Duffy. Zach brown it really. Adds to the ability to that when you to start doing the average of points per possession. And that's just one possession get three shots but it story one possession. And I feel like one of your greatest strength has always been ahead. That you certainly. Make your players understand what is a good shot what is not a good shot and and that's. Individual to some degree not just as a team that each guy had shots that sometimes are good shots that are not good shots for other people. But you also have always given your guys freedoms within those parameters to take shots when they're open and what are good shots for them. And you keep shooting even if they're struggling and certainly you have been very supportive of Landry threw a little slump in congress through his slump that it. Had to feel good knowing it was gonna get better sometime that it did this last week. Yeah their boat right now we're joking on Saturday night about all of the great tinkering we did with Connor phrase kept jump shot and how we were going in the jam him at altering his form it getting that precisely where we needed to to be. But now it it was just sticking with the kid and making sure that he knew that we had his back and he we wanted him to. That we problem we were gonna happens to stop shooting when he was open. And it he didn't get off to a great start the other night he had a three early that did this but much witnessed he had a pull up that was halfway down it came out that. He made a couple and you could tell by the end he was he was backed really being confident he took a couple late it was long and he could just tell you it was gonna. He was very assertive and aggressive after he made the first one on a beautiful kick out from Shaq Morse. Against the zone in the first half. Right in front of you current bench at that point it was lights lights out shooting for him and he was actively searching threes and open shots in transition. And dinner in the in the scheme of our office. You know that was the only thing Alan mentioned about the game the other night not just the total number of zVue McCain by the way my college basketball team. I'm pretty sure that's the risks of Norfolk it is. By the way for those of you who have been curious I guess who's had a chance to find this out today it was a question in the night after Austin hit three straight twenty point gains against them from ships them tech instantly covered up. Some chips he has it does slip that atlas. I would tell him that I don't just sit there don't television so. But. Somebody asked what was the record for most consecutive twenty point games Austin at three heroes it you've been here I think hearing had 401 time run head border hourly his senior year. He expanded his senior year head eighteenth consecutive twenty point your better games he had four consecutive thirty point oh or better games during this year's the only thing you ever wondered you know at the end it is he's out read them. We need to be better recruitment out of love that happens either treatment on my squad if we had an agreement we might who might have won a national championship race. Delaware State north Wilkes dale and his connections. These. Who knows could be and I helped and his son is now almost played it. He has a son and I think that plays war. Texas. Permian Basin or penny amber or whatever it is and coached by former shocker. News. Hill that's Texas Rio Grande Valley is now being sentenced him smoking. Well anyway. But 24 assists against the other night that beyond just the number the quality you mentioned checks kick out that was a tremendous pass he does on the opposite block. Made it past that he didn't even know he could probably see people go is fine. This right here and the past that. Short Kelly made when he ruled in the first half with his left hand after pearl. And then jumped in the air and whipped it around with his left hand for the don't Shaq Morse that was a beautiful place to. Our bigs ours are exceptionally good at passing the basketball Shaq. Generals actually pass the ball a couple of times now. The shark Kelly can pass it which chart at five assists one turn over ten rebounds. And dad the other the other thing was just the total of selfishness that we've mentioned deployed on your post game show. We're somebody caught in the lane and actually could have taken a shot had a pretty good shots obstacle but on the wing picked it up to him. And he saw that Landry was even more open at the top of the key and let him have it be drilled from the. Now that was in the first half as well it just I mean. Austin shot was good and it was wide open. But he made the extra pass and Landry was even a little slightly bit more open and to be as hot as Austin's been in the past that. Is this is just the route it's remarkable for a team to to do that our system to two baskets and he's got to be one of the best country. And here assist averaged nineteen point two per game is third in the country eight of the top twelve single game assist totals in your tenure have come this season it's just been. Game after game we're. I think you've only had fewer than fifteen turnovers maybe three times. You know we. We we have we have put a lot of assists that we all that the thing that hurt us in the temple game you know we get temple coming we'll talk about that I'm sure but. We'd lost the game because we turned the ball over down the stretch so sometimes we make a little bit too much of a Chancy play against the better defensive teams you're knocked from bill would do that we're gonna see some good defense. This week. And and that's something that even with more experienced players sometimes it takes a little reminding that you have an offense that's designed to work except in certain ways it's okay to make yet. First and second pass to the obvious open guys to get into whatever issue running you don't have to make that great pass through a couple of defenders. No you got the other value the basketball and just not make change she plays occasionally they. They would they would be fine with the window to pass the basketball and he gets deflected and I like it today I had to mention. Couple times we threw passes all the guys all the defenders had to do was raise their arms. So I had to tell the guys in practice remind them that the other team had our estimate that usually would use their arms. Defense yet the other thing that it may be gets overlooked a little bit is. How good your teammates in transition and that's where you'll pick up some easy as soon as sometimes when you've got big guys who run the floor you've got some it right Kelly they can rebound and take it out on the break himself and initiate the offense and when somebody rebounds they don't necessarily have to wait for the point guard if flights to one side of the court the other to get the Oscar. Yes you read. He's been allowed to do that this year last year we it's really hurt us was in the Memphis game where he jumped up in the here we had a five point two. And he made a terrible decision to jump up in the air. The guys used his arms it was deflected back towards their basket and we fouled for and won it was like a spot to six point swing. But. We're really good when he pushes it and we've gotten better as the year's gone on we're still not he leaped in transition. But we're really starting to spray it to those wing players that are really good when they're wide opening toward the line. You're listening to shut her head coach Gregg Marshall are coaching show for AJ sports grill with a valiant. We'll continue coaching to. 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Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of which -- buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on us let us that our vast experience are robust marketing and are proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. So long tossing. We're listening to the Gregg Marshall show and we Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealer. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner thirteen thing green which road. Plug it back. Gregg Marshall show Heath Evans coming up for a 78 I want to mention not only will we be back here next week on schedule but we will start our baseball coach you show tot Butler next week as well the baseball team opens its season the state this weekend so we'll have. Coach Marshall six to seven coach Adams 78 and coach Butler. Eight tonight next week too much will this settle in and enjoy yourself geared agency's next month it will only have a couple of those Monday's low we get through the basket policies that. And it it just wanted to and it's coming up. Again the soccer's 1918. In the polls this week moved up three spots in each. They are nineteen in the RPI ET Ken Pomeroy thirteen Jeffs accurate eleven. In the ESPN BP I shocker strength of schedule 52 was some. Very good opponents still coming up here in the last few weeks of the season Shaka is now down there final six games of the regular season three at home. Three on the road one at each this week with temple here on Thursday night at at Cincinnati. On Sunday afternoon an exhibition Packers are third in the nation in assists fifth in assist to turnover ratio. And even with those occasional games that I know a bit aggravating turnover wise. That total gets better every week eleven point eight turnovers per game that that she 59 in the country at last week. 42 assists to seventeen turnovers. And a 102 to 48 over the last five games that is too. You know Weaver was passed the ball well. Taking care of the ball I think you've said the game against. Cincinnati was Saturday I think it's yes and if I get up sorry it is Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock so yeah. Big week coming temples are you obviously they snuck one out against this are at their place and think they're they're right they're fighting for an at large at this point in Cincinnati's had a heck of a year meet. I don't I don't know where there schedule wise nonconference but it had to go undefeated thus thus far in this league. And they they're at Houston and they have to come to our place on the last Saturday the season. But Mick Cronin in my opinion right now should be considered for coach of the year nationally he's done a great job tremendous team that you see them. When you starting these other teams. And man they are they're just very very athletic. Tough. Defensive minded. Team that doesn't beat itself. And we will talk more about their best as we go on obviously couple players that wanted to talk about it we talked quite a bit about Reshard these 21 in the nation. It offensive rebounding after almost 3.4 per game. 117. Overall it read that you seven point eight he's now been in double figures in rebounds eight times this season. And his rebounding averages seven point eight is the third best in the last 21 years here it's that's averaged eight per game Ramon Clementi seven point nine. Both coach marshall's tenured seven point eight he's right within striking distance of those numbers and he's not not quite as big cumulative. That it is he's doing that it like 24 minutes a game I mean we none of our guys have to play 35 minutes a game. I mean he played that many minutes he would be averaging double figures for sure the guys. Relentless in the pursuit of the basketball. And he's only 66. Plus degrees. Not only had this. Three straight twenty point games with a solid game the other night nine points to take that many shots that 3% at three that it's just. As much his all around game and just the confidence he seems to be gaining on when to take shots and pushed the ball in transition rebounding and do a lot of things. He just a basketball color me. You look at the kid you think while it's sometimes the opponents look at him they compared him gonna just take them all from and I'm gonna drive iron. He can't score on me then the next thing you know he's popping jumpers and he's taking charges. He's fearless with his with even despite his small for any. But the kid can really play the game he knows how to play he's a tremendous. Teammate no warning Julie's. The success of his teammates more than that Austin reason he's a very positive. Influence and the rest of the guys out there he knows our system sometimes he. Drives me crazy asking me questions about what we're doing before I can get to that. You know I'm gonna tell you at the end of this time out regular represent a group which kind of pressure we're gonna do want the free throw a kick offs. You're coach or play you or you can do both to. Just let me know what. He's he's tremendous and his umi grew up in a best offense is his both his parents were great players that Arkansas State. They're the Memphis game I'd bet you that town of new ark Arkansas. Was deserted close down it was deserted. There was so many people they are supporting Austin reed I guess it's an hour 45 from Memphis. If they can have recruited him like this only had to do was make one phone call made neglected to do that you know it made me. It was really important for him to go with sort of his closest we're gonna get to his hometown. And play so well against a team that he probably grew up cheer for. And I wanted to give. You know that very point is something I wanted to mention one of the things that you were able to view that's Winthrop and that you have done here is to find that guy. That's a little less seen a little less recruited. Maybe we'll take a little longer to develop for whatever reason and bring those people in and develop them and turn them into players of that. That's been mentioned so many times to me this year by people from the outside John Thompson the third landing van demon who was it. Starting your coached here coached in division one in the NBA. People keep mentioning. One of the streets of this program is seeing a kid like Austin Reeves and recognizing what's there as a basketball player. That a lot of the so called bigger programs are willing it is to see not that the classic ready to go right now candidate and he has turned into it. You know I think trustees say that I don't know why that is like that the only way I can explain it is when I look at these guys. I look at what they can't do and I try to. If if if they can do it enough positive things like Austin Reeves was. Could score that all he could shoot it is rose in the body. He could ride it can handle it was fearless in the game sauls went. Kyle and I took privately somewhere in. Don't do it deep woods of Arkansas I don't know where we remember but the only thing that they had to live up at night was Taco Bell. And I remember. Driving it was very dark and we got this high school. And and how did having money and I had I didn't bring my wallet aren't so the coach. Saul us standing there and I mean I mean had a talking to the principal. Who is also the ticket taker. And him and it. Austin's head coach runs out to the lobby. Thirty seconds before tip off which is hey don't let these guys ahead so we watched him play. For about a half a quarter. In I looked down to his dad actors trial or seen him play. Nationalized I said. And so there goes. And at that point in basically was on it. I think Arkansas later came out with a five for forward deal not walk on your first year we'll scholarship you after that he should know. I'm good which custody and down. When you see the way he passed it. And how his teammates. Even though he could have shot and every time probably should have. He was sharing the ball as a point guard that couldn't take it from an even though he wasn't the quickest guy in the world he was very slight of build. I just loved what he can do and I and it didn't worry about the shoulders. And how skinny he was. He wasn't the fastest guy he just a winner and he loves the game and Rashard cattle. When I saw Rashard Kelly remember telling art my assistant coaches at the time this guy pursues the basketball. Better than anyone I've seen all summer law that we need. I loved all theaters alone loose ball hitters rebound. Teeters. If that's what he was and that's what he's become now he can't. Shoot the ball great. He's worked on has handled it's become a very good passer he's a good defender but that jump shots nobody should ever recruit him for his job. But we try to find out what they can't do and you know put him in a position to be successful you. Rashard Kelly don't need to shoot a whole lot but you pursue that basketball in Austin Reeves. You know we're not gonna ask you good to go with their checked out that the big seven footer. But you handle it passes you facilitate and make sure our team is is running as a cohesive unit. He's really good at that because he understands the game. When you made it clear that you could still win at a high level with good basketball players who play together play lists of top this all those kinds of things. And you go on and on Ron baker was highly under recruited in the first time I saw him when he practices he can registered you you want to Brazil. That to happen few practices. And I couldn't believe that wanna sign that that you got these kids to walk on he was playing against David Duchovny. Way high level athlete and not getting beat not get it not look at one out. I definitely. Remember he could shoot. Presently could choose to small slope that you could should look at these numbers in the NBA. And he's shooting great percentages. Doing a great job. He's. He's had double figures now I think seven straight games he's in the rotation for arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference. Toronto Raptors. The play that he had I think it was yesterday gets Charlotte hornets team. Beat somebody off the dribble makes his patented layups is starting to run back down the court and there. The hornet's throw the ball and for some reason to a big guy. And in the big guy just late easily terms in the rose to the point guard across the only. It had to be twenty foot cross court pass and of course Fred vehemently jargon backed down the court. Planted his foot came back stole the ball and elated and again let's get to lay ups within six seconds. And that the coach for the hornets call time now and I'm always thinking young nobody does that UN BA. Nobody plays that hard nobody's that Smart and they would even try to. Yeah that's gonna go back there or in bearers when they're your colleagues. In the in the lead. But were both registered OK you're gonna give me two points on just to take it. Later in the call timeout in. You are you. How do you explain prudently. Yes if you've seen this that this was an NBA game earlier this year he dribbled from the top. The left wing like he was driving hard left edge of the key. And then it turns back out like OK it's not there is a ticket that got for a spins back those baseline lays it and it just you know what we've seen that would here and it's just. Yeah he's just that we talked about it I think last week he just became a pop he's addled young daughter now. Some of them are ready and Ron baker just had labored surgery. This past Wednesday and he's in person. Some tough rehab months now. I did see his family that his mom who was with them after the surgery his dad brother sister. Where the game on Saturday. And I might just mention also while we're talking about these guys that while we were cash where were you can't remembered but also I guess there was. There was a scat Ellis slowed east Carolina there was this guy out there from the Houston Rockets and Alex Johnson the director felt that the athletic department. Got a conversation with a and the rockets had just acquired client that your lease contract in putting with there. G league team. And they said we are rehabilitating his career we think he's got a lot of potential he's going to be back in the NBA suit he has played well for that team so hopefully we'll see. I don't know how to follow the G league teams but I hope clear to me does that mean he's obviously talented players. If you make right decisions all the time he's got the talent. To play that we at that level and that's what that's what people thought when he was drafted 31 by the mix it. You know I'm just pulled form. I also want to match kind of with a clear either end of the spectrum. Well we run the Memphis trip a lot of people were curious about Alex Lomax is that the game that is actually Lowe's senior night I believe it's he had that he had a game that night could. You you know he just had but just okay team I think at halftime he had 24 points. Nine rebounds and eleven assists. After I got I think he ended up with like 3716. And fifteen. And they weren't buying ninety. Pretty good I don't know who they hope to hear that but I need to get him on the schedule next year. And then go right. Ryan Braun got to make the trip that his parents came to the shootaround into the games is nice for him that come to Memphis guys good. Parties you have Eric Stephenson is advancing in the state tournament they've a couple of games are ready. Get this gathered I don't know what they call that they. There are still going. Morse you do as a had a very good game I was just minding my own business I got a text from a guy in New York. And he's seen Morse is he really liked he says he's going to be a nice piece for your team big strong. Physical good genes police hard. And of course Isiah pour beer Chandler is is that Stewart sunrise and doing well and taking care his academic. So we we got a lot of good players from it and they're going to be young next year but I don't talk and action yet. We've got that would get some nice pieces coming in. We will continue with coach Marshall on our weekly coach's show for AJ sports filthy Alley sixty could. Is that cool they're making you shiver. 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Glad to have you with us Wichita State back in action at home Thursday night against temple we talking about that at some linkages to vomit you mentioned after the game coach Ditka market picked up he had tweaked an ankle just a little bit in the games period he was doing. He practiced today even though he's a little bit banged up under the ankles swollen a little bit but. I think you'll be fine thirsty he got out their little bit today and so I've actually limited but. He he he definitely wants to play against temple. This time hopefully will make that last shot. You know he has obviously struggled a little bit just getting back in sync. Since he's been back that day I thought this Saturday especially he was closer to being what we're used to seeing. You know it's just it's hard it really it's it's. In my career. When you add a play here. Midyear like based essentially he was and right before conference play so it's like a midyear transfer. I've done that a couple of times that you're transformers and that first. Semester the spring semester when their when they join a team that's our complete. 1213 games or whatever in his case Marcus he he he missed the first eleven games. It's very difficult there's already a rotation set. Guys are used to playing with one another then you had a a guy who's good who's Marcus Duffy and and also minutes or sucked away from other guys who Wear wherever his minutes come from they've got to come from some other players they don't just that we don't. We don't get that 25 extra minutes to just plucked him they they're subtracting it from other players so that causes a little bit of an issue. A great example is that Connor Frankie his first semester which was Ron and Fred's senior year I think that was fifteen yeah. Yet. Sixty of 601516. And it even have a great year because they could shoot Marie could make a shot you remember that there's like a couple of games it was. It was you're talking even interest me Corina when finally made it jumps into the game but. That was that was worrisome you know what's what's wrong this guy can't play. He's just hard to two adamant that your like that. And eager bench again out. The opposition significantly. About scored all but two opponents with your mansion and what it did was Memphis who just had more guys in there early did that you did. And by sixteen points a game but I thought the other night. CJ Kaiser who I know you've wanted to get more time when you can and I thought had some good minutes at four rebounds in some limited time. And as Burton had played for a long time I thought came in played like he was ready to play in and kind of expected himself to do well is yeah. Each CJ is is this is he needs time he needs he needs to play in games it's very difficult. With trying to win these close games with all these good teams were playing at they had quality players in front of them. As Bjorn was he sprained his ankle he was out for. At least two weeks if not two and a half weeks because when you're that big you come down somebody's foot and that's a lot of tough force. So the at least never really been hurt so hey had to deal with. Get around on all of them on. Very painfully injured ankle. But his parents are in town so finally he's healthy and practice for a couple of days his folks are visiting from. Denmark and he he got the opportunity we got him the ball to different sets one don't want them. Baseline short corner instead of exploding through traffic he kind of went soft and got a shot blocked within. He got one and he got past them or the basket made a nice move on the other side. Blazers got a rebound. Fought off a couple of guys claw that the ball. And I made a free throw so the second free throw was not a thing of beauty but the first Woodward and Andy you know he's just he's he's accurate. Every day he's getting better to date he was really good practice he kind of us are kind of offended them I think when I've showed that clip. Of the game last game. Jimmy explode I'm gonna talk to carry Rosenblum you've got to got to go through that traffic you gotta do this and everything slowed lethargic so he was not happy when he practiced. And so he gave Russia and Iran over the business today. So it was good it was good to see. You mentioned that read about that that's what that you really been working now with him specific drills going up grabbing the ball above the rim with both hands of security and if you really getting on their network yeah just and I'm not sure they keep rebounding stats in Europe are just I don't like that that's a big part of the key figure in Toronto and he both had problems with. They need to should. They need to watch for short Kelly. That's what they need to do it and used their size and in it and become this fierce and pursued the basketball it's short though it's. We'll talk about temple little bit obviously the game up there with such heart breakers you get shots at the end of regulation at the end of overtime it could have won and both. Good open shots background was in a favorite spot in the left corner Reese made a lot of shots from even some big shots this year than markets at the end of overtime but that is gonna shut cadets. And it's that you both of them. Wide open I mean nowhere within five feet on either side both shots. And not only that we had some shots before that I mean. As well as Austin was playing and he had to pull up jumper left elbows with a couple of minutes ago that I thought was down it didn't nowhere. But we had tough col two to give them the two point lead on the checked out with litre sham it. And we we've missed a box out to even give them that opportunity McNamee that player but that was a bad decision to forget to box out in that situation become a spectator. The bottom line is. We kind of gave the game the way we we turned the ball over we turned the ball over. Too many times. In the guts of the game in the second half to just. That's what I'm talking about these other players have arms they have here is they'd like to win they're gonna try to deflect your pastors you've got to. You've got to make sure that you factor that in when you're trying to make the the extra pass that. Will be ready on Thursday. The other thing that it was so strange about that game was. That I thought most of the time you ran really good offense and just missed a lot of open shots there was this stretch of seven minutes. In the second half for you were up tan an it was a long slow process over seven minutes where they outscored you by eleven and took a one point lead for just a moment. And over that stretch Bob Bullock back and looked dignity that you missed five wide open jump shots from ten to fifteen feet not even three pointers and that's just reelect here. This tree to you gotta make shots on the road against good teams and you know our defense was OK. Not not to the point where. We could count her missing shots and turning the ball. They worry talented team they've got it is certainly a first five and a couple more they can run out there that are all capable of scoring they're kind of interesting because they don't get to free throw line much adult. They'll shoot it pretty quickly that's one of the reasons. But but a very dangerous team a lot of people. Will Dallas took tons of athletic talent. Roses in the NBA prospect and talk to the lakers scouts before the game in Philadelphia. Two guys there. Kevin grieving was one of the member Kevin and be sure Kentucky. He does radio work by the way for Westwood warmed at the the NCA tournament I've encountered him many times and we've become friends so. I mean I think she is Alston is a very good player obviously OB I can't say his last name. Net and Sheila yeah actually at yeah it'll be a movie opening this hurtling shall we column in the scouting report she's open and and then the point dark brown Josh Brown. Yet a very good night that night at a career high points and he's a very good players so. And they've got guys off the bit through their there they're talented they they get some of the best players in Philadelphia Philadelphia's of the exit visas to draw from message used to you know they got. These these these places were going now. They're they're they have the opportunity to the talent pool just in the cities alone in Dallas and Houston and Philadelphia. And in saint Pete Tampa. That you can just recruit your city if you could get money not just the best players you let him go to. Duchscherer or wherever but you get the second or fourth best player your city every year are you going to be fine. And that guy that was kind of a surprise that has been playing really well every sense is Pierre Louise a freshman who has a strong kid and that's a big place again and I've seen them a couple of times says he just seems to really be. Well he hit played very very well and like the game or two right before because I watched that game is my pot as part of my preparation. It was tremendous success. He's he's a slasher he could he he has an ugly shot but he makes big shots and he did that in that game. He's where they got the offensive rebounds we've we've neglected to check. And you mentioned as far as motivation. I know this is a team that. Still has a lot of pride that was a game that really hurt and I'm I'm sure they're looking forward for an opportunity to have a different outcome on Thursday. I've got four days my week to prepare these boys for the game and I'm just gonna turn you will be ready to play. We will continue with coach Marshall right after. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities. That's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver. And kids home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. But you're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style. And right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and over cuts. 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This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks and suvs two years in a row I am so fast and that's great especially here's an era Chevy stepping us better get behind the wheel and see for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability is a year content Chevy dealer today source is a 113 fourteen beautiful when he seventeen most humble small car largest UB largely due to pick up and it's a sporty cars from sixty most -- such narcotic as you can large heavy you know that happens is we can't keep our -- for his visit JD power back on. Yeah hey we don't come to big box looking for a new LG LED and a real wood TV stand done. This is our back there in the stands there. Over there by the stands real wouldn't trip me air what does that mean well the plastic looks like lead and especially these twins. I should've gone enhancements Hefner. TV re not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real good entertainment furniture in the city. After TV we've got our roots in which talk not just our branches. It's my bags when we begin mornings and night right here on. Listening to the Gregg Marshall show and we've Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth in Greenwood road. Welcome back to our. They get together where it's Gregg Marshall shot here's. And temple on Thursday night it cookery register reminder that's 8:6 o'clock tip offs at home a little earlier that you need to get regular picture you're ready to go like this team is. On Thursday night. One person what dimension and you know you almost hesitate to do this Olympic we've reached the point where you can't Boris. Has been playing at a level I don't think we've seen him consistently previously in his career and by that I mean things like. He tipped the rebound offensive rebounded Memphis chase it all the way out half court to recovery and play the other night refer to depose deflected the ball chase it way out the parameters just. Making plays like that consistently we've seen flashes that not all the time for. M heats. He's. Been a steady progression. Of maturity for his career and I think it that the at this point he's in the twilight of his college career we count the games down. Today I told him I said listen I'm 54 years old you got to understand it. When you think back on what's. What you got now you've got six games in this short of winning a national championship you're gonna love Mitt. That last game and what you could've done better what how you could have given more. And it that's coming up so unless we win a national championship that's that's upcoming. Why don't you do something about it now and it but that will. We talked in October November about what you're gonna wanna do in February and march so. I think it's dawned on him now that he sees that the it the light at the end of the tunnel that. One of these days I'm not gonna be on his behind every second of every day. And you know this is just what I'm capable of and why don't want to do it consistently and it's it's just screw DC I mean it's really. It it's it's rewarding that this approach to see how far that young man has come he's gonna leave here with a degree. He's going to be a professional basketball player. And I honestly believe because he's head coaches in his life all along that pushed him to be better. I just a better player but just to be better he can be a better man. Absolutely Andy's always Vienna a very likable young man that just. Find it that extra gears push himself to be what he can be had and one of the things that stands out about the earlier game with temple. Yeah 24 points nine rebounds for the sixteenth in the field what's your impressive numbers but he played 35 minutes of that has to be an all time career. You know well I mean what he's going like that and he has beaten silly foul trouble and he doesn't play like he start. He always tells me he's not tired and it will road wind sprints and he can't make it whisper but then like. You've been fifteen minutes break and he's fresh and he can beat every one in the whisperer I mean this guy can really really run. When he watched you when he's feels like in his mind he's fresh so. I have to it's it's a game that I have to play have to really watch him more than any other player because. If he does get tired. He shuts down hole that pill hill. He'll not box out if he'll walk basically jogger walk up the court the way he said he won't offensive rebound and so those are the those are my telltale signs and I kind of know you know where that is now used to be. I under I joked a couple of years ago that I would sub have been. And I would also have his his. Go to the table with him. And say OK I'm go I'm going and heritage but you know I'm not Gordon Alan Gordon at the next dead ball and it replacing him. But now he can go about three and a half to four minutes depending on the pace of the game but that temple game. Maybe. I played him too many minutes precarious he might have been the warm missed some of those open jump shots here. You mentioned Cincinnati a little bit earlier and obviously your focus right now is on temple principally but it just such an interesting match up because. From all indications we haven't had a chance to see him in person yet that everything you hear about them is it's a program that's built on very similar. Methods in terms to what you've done here it's about toughness and and and selfishness and rebounding and defense and all those kinds of things that made it's it's really two teams with similar mindset school. Yeah the only advantage they have is they've been recruiting at the big east level and now the American comfort level. For the last 1520 years or whatever to bearden we've been recruiting at the Missouri Valley Conference level. So. They got some big strong athletes that are normally I mean they play so tough and physical aggressive. And they've added the and that that skill. Just to score enough points but man and it's very difficult score on those guys. It will be the the league's best offensive team numbers wise Wichita State against state. Team it's number two in the nation in scoring defense number one in field goal percentage Steve all their defense numbers across the board just incredible so. It will be a major challenge that. Interest in your first year in this league that you with a team that everybody was talking about from the beginning that it's finally gonna happen here was what five games to go and disease. Yeah and that you hate that it's it's taken this long bit. You know we had a get together at some point and they got to go to Houston I believe before they plays against us so. If if they can beat. Houston Houston and sweep us then that dude is coach of the year in my book. Well it certainly yes as you said a big week ahead that they're encouraging with the science we've seen from your team being back to what we've come to know a shocker basketball over the last. Yeah I think you know it's and again we're nineteen and five were nine and three in the league for nineteen in the country and 351. Schools so. We're right we need to be but we need to finish strong and this is going to be the killer of all February's that we encountered yet Cincinnati twice at innocent you who's already beaten us. Act south Central Florida whose very good at home and then we have to leave it Mike Dunleavy is probably coach of the year in the league. If you're just not Mick Cronin and then who else can just temple at Cincinnati. Well we'll be fun to look forward to should be agreed that we're looking forward to all of you making get a great atmosphere on Thursday night certainly that's been a consonants and it's always great to get back to Coca arena and the crowds have just been true. Yeah and and and by the way the fans deserve some credit we got a little better with the lights before the game at CBS U's that are CBS and ESPN actually. Use that in their promo about how cool that preteen. Deal was so great jobs continue to get those phones out there you your flashlights whatever. Coach thank you see it Thursday night that's our show for this week coming up at the top of the hour Keith Adams to talk about soccer women's basketball with Steve strained again tip bought 6 o'clock on Thursday night. At cookery to a temple and Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock central time. From Cincinnati big week ahead will be back here next Monday to talk about it thanks for joining us tonight. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got pregnant. I can't believe this contract. Grade now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smile as powerful things he deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefit providers and unleash your smile dollar delta dental. 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In the Wichita State soccer men's basketball coaches should. The head coach Gregg Marshall and Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown should be.