The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show 03-12-18

Monday, March 12th

The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show


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On and it's time for the good solid state soccer men's basketball season with yeah ragged old presented by your hometown easy. Now let's go live in sports reality rallying supporters thirteenth in greens. The boys as suckers. Thank you good evening welcome it and I expect marshals show is there any better timed at year's end. Sports then March Madness. But us it will be heading to March Madness for the seventh. Consecutive years later on this week we'll be talking about the soccer scene to parliament and all of those sorts of things. We're glad to have you witnessed what state opening play in the region. Street in San Diego California and it seems a little odd that they don't. They don't line about regionally torrent sites like these doctors are. In San Diego if they continue log he could end up in Boston for the next rounds. And then of course the final word here in San Antonio. Certainly nice to be sitting here yesterday on elections coming up velocity. Tournament and not having any worries at all unhappy that even being in the tournament that sort of thing we'll talk about that with the coach. This statement Monday the up hole and it pole until today came out the USA today coaches poll did not update this week. That in a press bullet tie state number seems that it didn't look too much from eleven. A week ago Cincinnati numbers in twenty wants the American conference with three of the top 11 in the polls. Three team with him or her needs that's the best collective challenge by the American conference in its history. He has he has the highest of any team American conference history Lou it militant for. I very first years they remember Utley is very for only two out of for the both Louisville Arabs are both. Cincinnati in which it is working and as it. Add death. I side one that valuation has mostly not came out from getting any code. They had each team ranked. One through whatever at Wichita State was number four team not only remaining force that would make them and number 24 need. In the view of the committee. Didn't lose any prestige and of course lost a very good use in team. I don't think anyone really followed this league here at watch those games this weekend and watch the game here last days a week ago Sunday. Had my doubts that those top three teams in the air conditioners Cincinnati which does take you there is very little shoes in and if the three those three outstanding team three teams it could certainly make a run. In this tournament hopefully all three will. Houston will be here in Wichita. I think it's kind of gotten out there that he's not paid very well after their victory over Wichita State in Orlando and a little. Little harder route for the admit your hand. But certainly we want all the American team who advanced simply because it's good for the league and and good for everybody believes that. I'm. Laughs yeah unsportsmanlike behavior by the media by the commuters at the victory of the actors on Saturday. Gregg Marshall joins us not just the other rankings which honestly is seen in the RPI. And if you average out of the top that Corey Ken Pomeroy can't accurately as he had been he had to come out of that team and then so. Pretty much in most people's valuations coach Gregg Marshall has joined us. Coach maybe a and overview of your team's performance in Orlando win over temple law in Houston is certainly some very good things. A little disappointing things. Now we got a pre code you're one of war and it has merchant whatsoever. It's easy. Now all that's. It's important to work jointly. I won't play well against him. It's simple really as good basketball team. Make the seventeenth pick to support their. But they can beat any more important reason we present the best and they're really played well. And how. Well. That must act forcefully regular. 810 point lead they would let it work to rebuild that. Evidence they were just sort through. Just an amazing game. Glad to win that regret that a brutal draw we do that that hit good temple team that you can Hughes teen who can play well into the second week in the arm and he sort of another tough team that really well who don't desert green jobs personalities all the eighteenth. Rock radio companies are just really good players. Thought. That he. Q and an honest. Are within a quarter point of Britain each other on any given night beating normally play. It was a little bit doesn't have to divide. And you for parts. Of that group of which temple will have an apartment. Ed. We topped the for the games that the Yankees series with interest rates what you had them down by thirty who is excellent though would be tackling this god deepened that the pool of 92 but fourteen or fifteen down there are two really different games. So I guess is appropriate that the third meeting ended up being touted evening would've expected it just back and forth to some aliens that are. Yeah they had a group that person happened. The second half we believe eventually took the lead and control of the game obviously that we had a slight lead. The last partners so we didn't. And we didn't make plays and they can live with a that you know the last couple of hours working normally in situations execution and it. Trying to just try to be smarter team and a stronger team. Linking critical. And in those kinds of games it's amazing how 12 little things can change things that you get your best free throw shooters the line a couple of times late that game language and that in. Both of them getting this now three times on the rim and bounced not a particularly the second one. He couldn't giving you a three point lead and then brown trying to keep the ball in play I'll make good out of two free throws and it's time so it goes from possible three point lead in the time it could see browns called her out okay that's senator mark. But tell their business yeah alleged enemy to free throws we got to use the out of bounds plays better we've got to make her free throws in and you want more profit. You're getting geared it give you credit there's there's very talented team. What what I love don't you lose to them. Three Terrence. And they took into consideration is very difficult schedule we played in the conference which we talked about. Mean we stop. And he was getting a whole lot of those teens were right on the bubble. Unfortunately most of them didn't make you are. And each. Marquette. Baylor and Notre Dame but it took a lot of teams we played our compass did her college of Charleston south of Oklahoma. The penalties or leave it made no. The lead us through slaughter won an order to win as we hesitant users to be about anybody. Couple of guys that I did mention from the weak yen land and that. Navy is playing as well he has been hearing it a couple of free throw his current and those two games against temple and he's. Really active shooting the ball well taking charge and. With confidence. And needed to do that we need everyone to play well it's we've got to start to play our best and he got possible plot. Close to their best as possible. We do that we'll do a rock we don't could be a very short trip to San Diego. On us. Marshall University has an awful divided attention and if we wish we either get there were on West Virginia voters the other failure to what schools in West Virginia over here. And Rashard. Kelly we've talked about all year that when he gave what he did offensively in the two games in Orlando it becomes pretty special player. He's sort of good job. Really please a lot of errors were the ball and he's driving it effectively especially if he was making his latest he was kicking the ball in the clear dunking it. And not flipping it got there. And what he's become because so often if you have a player. Who is not a particularly good big ranger beyond shooter teams to play off that that player you're kind of playing four on five but he's learned to. Drive the ball become a pastor things that we talked about where he's not really such a liability even if he's not a big threat has. His advantage especially. Statement with the opposite screen she's got to dry heat tested group we call it. Get the ball terrible baskets are currently considerable. His teammate like Elaine Briere Carter. And hand the ball off to them effectively run rushed out. Balls. You're listening to Jack Nicklaus Greg marks on the Packers heading to your eleventh consecutive. NCA and we'll talk about the election process content soon about it. 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It's not a bad that are marxists don't thank you could create new at this and look forward. Shark ripped through San Diego later this week and the FAA tournament Wichita is answering your word thru eighth were deemed. In yesterday's NCAA tournament selections and again the information that may be left. Let out Pena had not presents their fort. Eat what makes him in the number 24. In the way that he laid things out what you mention something about the there was no change eating after the loss of fourth. Couple things out of wanted to bring up putt at it certainly seems like when you look across the entire. Scope of of who was needed where and so forth. If you're playing you turn on and on that last weekend you were for the first time here. That a lot of that's pretty well that that he probably aren't going to change my actions and so you weren't playing for as much theoretically as you might have been the past. Are you right. Actually think. What does. I think you were interviewing Bruce rest of athletic directors creek in regards gentlemen. The selection committee and he basically. We were done with the first two long. Aren't. There's like David for a night like. We put that first Friday of amazing. You know I think that he had eighty Houston won the hole they might have moved up a deal. Pretty amazing admitted that's late in the game to its most most of the conference's history majority conferences are on that point I really prefer. The other point. You know the only solace in having the only advantage we had not. In advance into the game winner pollution gonna either pencil nosed kids saw Cincinnati literally. Watched that she could be this election don't do what uniform. In your locker room so they they've got to do immediately got an hour. It takes for ever to get out there we would've gotten back until he knows what aren't. And then we remove next morning in just a little less rat. You know today was her this. Today was a big target date last night all the doubting him in the turnaround. So we riveting and all. Hope that that's been an advantage as everybody Wear a little bit at the sport here. And given at the opponent to you that if they certainly would like to bring home a trophy and that's always the goal that. The way Cincinnati hasn't been another physical bloodbath yesterday not just another game Nikita got beat up a little bit hasn't been a little more being done. Well after we went to court we certainly want to win the tournament sort of defused it we wanted to get another shot at it but that didn't work right now wireless one point team. We can't just stop like it's to be your late amendments were literally the last war the American network conference is literally the last war. To play before the election you know. Then stretch and the like Orlando you can and head west. You've we've made a trip from East Coast here and usually there's at Hedwig and so yeah it went on top and went. And it took us like three and a half hours you know. The other thing. You mentioned being in this conference and as much as they talk about the committee talks about over that a look at the accurate or this year we're gonna change things. Not much change election process ended up looking very much and you look at. Loyola. In your old league that ends up living gently but for games they win the conference tournament their twenty New York he forty line Ken Pomeroy it. And there are a lot of scene it's kind of like what she went through where you can't get much respect no matter what you do when it comes seeding. Well 3302. Witnesses or is she here all the time this quality minutes ago Bruce Clark went where. It used to be called Clark or Clark who. Oh which I think we had sixteen that we had a lot of quality top 45 round but it. They don't have the opportunity. To do that cause of the leak either. Believe that we used to be seen with food like middle Tennessee and get knocked down all the quarterfinals. There are 4045. RIT. Beaten teams in the last year's Michigan and Minnesota but tremendous basketball team they lose the quarterfinals. Marshall beat her twice in the regular season. Martialed and it's a place that it Middleton is he in this market they get southern miss. And so they easily advance that are indeed a very good restaurant to touch anything. And middle Tennessee because they don't have enough quarter quarter quarter to win they don't get derivatives. Yet it's a little bit frustrating I think is critic talked about well it's not the body of work because they use that to justify putting in Oklahoma there's a state that both stumbled terribly gut reaction did you seem to be seen teams that they were earlier. But if you're gonna talk about body of work Notre Dame is low thirties and all of that. That break their little their sixty something in the RPI. Most losses they suffered they had Matt Carroll and bonds equals an utter at least month to call you look at what they did with those guys healthy at the beginning and after bonds. Came back. You would think the body of work with paper being in the tournament and yet they get left. Carroll missed fourteenth awards for aren't Olson missed thirteen games around her girls for. And they went something like four and so. He's really good and we are regretful streaks. But now you know they don't. I think that was or have to do and what would have happened had they been fully on healthy. And now they're back at full strength that was really hard but they didn't give us work. On. Credit with Fred briefly just before five teams win and it broke useful is the entire year. At fifteen. Good to be in this league currently. Good to have that had every act and an Emmy RPI and all the other things that produced with words he. Wanted to mention your first trip through the death. Tournament and it but aren't you could possibly go to Orlando Florida law can't. Expensive trip through your fan base and yet Wichita State by far. Has the best turnout at the school yeah. That was early. I didn't know what that. Honestly. Has no longer Saint Louis lot of folks drove over there seven hour drive you aren't my. But I hearings as it would roll it down. People from the airport it this way. You hear that that you. We were due out tomorrow. Where this quarterfinal game. That night. Templeton. And there's. Not many people there 80% of English were yellow so. It's amazing. Role opposite problem that everybody is starting candidates. The people in the American athletic conference were little ball struck. Out that the sugar number of the volume. And we told him we told them that didn't forget we didn't go home or how that would transfer. From. Saint Louis Orlando. Next year. Saint Louis Orlando it's going to be there. Would be little closer. The following year at Fort Worth we try to get an Oklahoma City that was our our hope. We're at a burger plate because they support basketball Matta area and it would be true for soccer players that see. Things. Being Fort Worth is going to be awesome in years. And can't wait to bring a new arena. Plus beautiful. But one more year investors when we define. Hopefully future. Well Matt this is one of the great cities in the United States if he wanted to but I think if you get a hold of Bob Bullock thing you would be more than happy to recommend a whole bunch. Places at Fort Worth. Is a couple hours plus and its littlest kitty imagine how many people. There it is greatly. Or are they had taken bowel. Hopefully everyone's back when some of most most people today because they. The tickets were supplier that it took me. We would be here. Amazing support it we appreciate you we love you. Hit enough good. Support that we yet. We will continue with coach Marshall. 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And that's why we offer free delivery and we sir is everything we L scene and why can't. Here immigrants and yeah. Yeah. Yeah Mike Kennedy presented by your home town city you learn. We lied that he supports the Alley at the corner thirteen and green it's wrote yeah. I'll get back to Greg marshals show March Madness starts later this week the shocker is headed to San Diego to play Marshal on. Friday. Packers in the dance for the seventh. Consecutive year. Just let that sink in for a moment because there are only a couple of occasions in the history of the program where Wichita State want to turn it back to back years now seven. Years ago. If you are not aware coming into the season Wichita State was one of only five programs in the country. Look at 125 or more games over each of the last eight. The win on Friday against temple. 25 wins four not into the NBC you blitzes lot of the other fourteen. To eighteen wins and out of the picture. Up now one at four. To win 25 more the last nine years. A win on Friday. Would make them wanna use more programs in the country to win a game in each of the last years because Oregon which is one of the other four that it and it. In the last five years is not in the tournament. Congratulate those are pretty darn it. I. Time. We're adding to those numbers might be important in the middle of it. That's really. What happened when you start to talk about it like that. You really ought to be on the street. Notes. While working. All over the years. And yeah that's from vendors. Argue them on. Our team cons great. This assistant coaches. Are listening to him. Over 25. And now schedule that we play it you lose recruit that. Number number four in the country which means they re all teams. Doctors to fourteen hours. The other thing is seven consecutive trips. Five this sedan Clark adds. What used to be used to being a good natured program I don't think you're in that category hitting more to do that in this program is also pretty darts than. Will it be nice when the current more rigorously that. Be able to put together the body of work made him play this difficult nonconference schedules that we have out. And don't win enough of those gains give us those clawed her morning Clark are winners and put us in position to get the large. That that shows. The quality of the season from the start to the. Couples but it it certainly wasn't he announced that was may not going in the year ago everybody is speculating lazy man. Nothing against Boise the NBA is nicer to look at that you go pretty good sign that. And then the rest of the brackets came out. And looked well as in San Diego and Mexico state planning a twelve seed and Charleston thirteenth seed in their region and you got Chris Hansen Earl grant that I could have worked Saturday and certainly they'll pick ups and fans of soccer they literally will appeal bleed over to us. It's amazing all the years that we've been disappointed in where we bureau what was seeded and who we're playing all of this. To this year it's like. Did they do they listen they can we don't have to but there's not only are. And on like a proud Papa argue why. Earl grant and College of Charleston. All that would Auburn Auburn are you want. In Mexico City. Take on Clemson. In the or fur. NCAA tournament team. And both of them. You know cut their teeth at one at Winthrop in which passed program and Christians in nine years with me on there and I would hate. Before I watched there are more able and and they were in the and he turned and Melissa are retired I would do. Are now I get a free trip to watch my guys Aron. Coach Marti. And hunger for the first time ever. Be it morning session this afternoon. And wouldn't normally I would be back. With my group. And that whole pot if you will. I was not aware of this story until yesterday with a degree or ridicule you know it was on Twitter yesterday when Gregg Marshall was at Winthrop. They went to the NCAA tournament you ought. All of his assistant coach to where we heard that general grant. Passing on that it has bought it for all of his producers. And yeah. I. To survive Taylor was thrown carry some houses has coached those eight years. To me are nineteen and dynamic guy beautiful beautiful store and you are important things that aren't so. Lynn go in and it was my birthday late February you know and that that point all the winners off. Basically out of style so it. Negotiate we're gonna take him you know it. So in order to get rid of his stuff his inventory he would he would have act that was what it was 75%. All. Is that normal ticket price of his. Ties or not. So that's when her late February at the half but we're not. When would bodies something you know normally four bucks for hurdle we could we could scrounge up a dollar but. And barbecue had little. On LF. Let Charles and and go to Marshall university. For years. Lit Lynn is pregnant Allen was on the way held a born and apple Huntington hospital and consumers for your. And and we're there for two years and him. All this can. You know. He's in north normally when there lately everywhere in a computer world. Call it sources since notes and certain. Of they would come and that would be one or two in your. Ticket out of the box or put it on. You know exactly what it is a business brother so. It's up here and it was great and then. Coach went and of the year all over the years. We wouldn't change course weakened before and other advantage of weakened before. We win the championship we get a car when we were dropped on him three or. Don't vote we would. We just splurge and Armisen are still a lot of more and work with me in this video. Well let's walking in there much younger. Earl. Earl was with you where to read by the news. He would. Taylor rule where you couldn't polygamous. In a deal and in his own back and that's what we we're. So that was. My way of I'll wilt on that little bonus depreciation to there were a bonus. And it. We come here. I can't do you know the midwest. The and we didn't even know moderate that sort of some artists and salt and how large it's that we got the bubbles. But all our guys get in this. Our guys citizens from Johnson's Chris. And I wanna make sure you know. And sometimes. If you don't know when you're in the you're gonna do. A full equals and trying to look the part. Want my coaches and good what does this. You know. Dressed to impress and that they continue to do that my coach out there and Chris sort of guarantee Christmas present every year when it's NC server on. Earl is taking on now it's really easy for the cultural and re eighteen. Or about two blocks away from each other. So here is distorted there he's really he re establish. That in. So you'll be addressed all 33 to tell at this constant stay with my guys that year. But what I what I love is. To win that guys and I think it was great. I imagine if you were not aware of what it is guys that prior former soccer player as premier with Marshall led so it's really going to be scrambling we had gathered. San Diego this weekend and a New Mexico's Cheney is one of those. Twelve seeds and slow climb that you got to take a hard look at against it and nothing I would like that it Euro the highly team Bruce Pearl Harbor him. I don't pick a bracket that can't do that and I'm telling you don't Wear. It. Marshall. And she certainly plays a big role in year. Background your fourth not that your college coaching career there for two years. After it started round I'll make it here on the moderate Belmont at the year's Charleston. Two years Marshall before you became the head coach for the is obviously important. You have my eighth year college Tulsa and I was making. We're don't we're 7000 dollars a year and we were in the top retired last year living with her master's college Rolston was working as a all the parking our arena cultural and though you government to try you know how difficult it is par on the peninsula with the loss in the garage. Over all that. She informed her mother informed me in the baby was born talent. And Lynnwood no longer work. And and I took a deep breath or where will we just bought all. Are we gonna make mortgage pay that. I can't do with mr. Though we didn't plan it out how to but. It wasn't very well planned out well in the in the interim total call from Greg why new coach Marshall University. And offered the job. Arm and good players Marshall University Billy Donovan. Good job they've not into the turn it Marshall is not into the tournament. Think. That an 8080 it's either thirty or thirty years. And we eat in our first year plea in the championship game of the other conference tournament was on. And simple Cole's brother it Nicole your guard had a wide open fifteen footer to win the game at the buzzer and it went in and out. And we lose and it appeared to UT Chattanooga. It just heartbreaking. Fashion. And or this week sixteen tubby Smith and Georgia and Illinois or vice Versa. First. They were released it and almost an editor Terry Terrell. Deal for Greg why he went to Marshall University was a great point guard you'll want to mark your. And who knows you who may be curious who's been checking down president Lincoln determine to be the first time in the history. Of the NCAA tournaments that wanted to participating schools had laying blame the head coach of the opposing school. Marshall Marshall will continue to work hard right at this. The Kansas Department of Transportation remind us that every life is important and invites you to join the rise to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatality that over 100 Tolkien. Please do your part designate a sober driver. And is home. A lot eliminate act in driving. And remember Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. But we're looking for the perfect powers and we're just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear lots of big game and he didn't Johnson's. 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But back to Gregg Marshall showed which it does create opening play in the NCAA tournament on Friday. San Diego taking on Marshall University out of conference US today if you're curious there only been two previous meetings between two programs. Almost eighty years ago which is tough when a game here in the 4041. Season Marshall one return game at Huntington. And 4142. I think you're all aware that these schools were certainly. Bonded by tragedy in 1970 votes had written playing current on their football team. So there's always that common bombed athletically there's very little. Between schools over history that media interest aspect to Friday's game. The guy that coached at Marshall and Ian has a background in his fourth year there. After graduating he stayed on as the freshman coach a year and a little brother might the end Italian name names now and state and ears parts. That was a head coach in high school in South Carolina with thirty years. Mike got a job in the ain't right yeah acting on behalf for ten years in the end the game with three different teams and four years ago became a college head coach for the first time Marshall. And they've gotten better every year vineyard you. Tell him underneath this story absolutely are you are when you go to Marshall what you learn like here you learn and all of our history. They're a very good player an all conference player of the day at southern conference on. By then became an even better later. Both of them like halting caliber players Marshal and that might. Because they're Italian heritage was able to go to Italy. And play her as telling. You asked for and literally the king the Michael Jordan Italy in the early. Very very well known reveres. The whole thing. That he. King Ernst and later his career have problem with some extra whatever. Or at least doesn't look at the are working. Even before we're we're Marshall brokers as I was working agricultural. Per hour and a half north. A verbal speech it was. ST high school and getting on with the use of promoter and he. Started it beach ball classic you're remembered hearing the word that was. The creek and it. All the date high school basketball tournament. That tar and there's more 600. But that was the best are all. Allen aren't rushing and Kevin Garnett and those guys play the whole class. Deplete the chips were packed the who's who went on. So he did that. Where brother give him the least you'll. And ultimately Marshall had the foresight to harder. Fingers. It might be. Greg White ball Marshall university. For years that your careers. As well as what a gentleman who know very well as a college basketball coach on the head coach Maureen. Was at Smith. Touchy when they won a championship. All four of those are from a little town restaurant called balloon West Virginia. That is about. 3000. People but what is West Virginia and hold it it's a little hole marking the tunnel if you will in their one hour. The like two stoplights are I don't know how it compares city there's got to be similar. That's it's a basketball. Town there's high school coach was unbelievable. All those four guys. And our different level. Of success in college passable or for that. Cameron here does not present potential like to West Virginia team and the course of the day it was Anthony magnetic conflict I don't know I'll ask him who's gonna pull corporate mountaineers got a couple who have pretty remote it. He's he's and he's out there. Marshall is a team that finished fourth. Conference USA this year and then made a run and won the conference USA tournament at that point lead over western Kentucky and championship game they are eighty evidently RPI would. Let him kind of in the range. You out Oklahoma State told teams not apply if you look at the metrics. Ken Pomeroy PPI guess accurate. He'd be in the range of 114 to one point in time to Charleston and Florida gulf co giving her up like yeah and Afghanistan. They're rent free world in. Order basketball they run the scene author migrants with the Houston Rockets. There's no Paul is noting it's hard. But no more. I'm EJJ. And Bert. Bert. Hands on a low point guard who we we recruited altered when. They're tremendously that is the evo are now there are right. Blocks. He's a movement nation's leading up blocker. One. Well or at least 13 to gain so where are now. There's always been good players Marshall we are good little run here great orchestra that is Oregon was good before that. Marshall is it's close in Ohio. Kentucky and West Virginia and border of West Virginia. We're closely. Together. An obvious you know he's a southern West Virginia and Ohio Lowell that's. But we'll throw a few numbers as we come back a little deeper look at the thundering herd right after this immigrant party. 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Opinion should use the new local owners have all read it and news we should appear where the golf court implants aren't a new 24 hour fitness centers are closed 3999 Vermont 24 hour fitness or -- golf on Monday in Atlanta and Annie get your first month free I know shocking all right is the first alternate private event from fundraiser weddings there are after is ready to draw attention Hollywood as shoppers play and Jordan told her clothes today. Sauce I wanna talk. And yes you are listening to the Gregg marshall's son with Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown city dealers. We line that is sports really rallied at the corner thirteen gangrene that's road. Back to Gregg Marshall Charlotte to constant. Taking on Marshall in the first round of the NCAA tournament Friday in and the ego. That took off at. 12:30 central time let's get to that moment but. Played it BA arena on campus Andy date 121200. Meter reader with state has played here once the current players but soccer game there was any date in the 1011 he went on to in the NIT championship that year. Like San Diego a jima close games and at that time looked like it might be final four here online letter. They weren't lead yeah that group. People didn't realize that three narcotics law as we head at that time how good those keys were but. 88 was lost in the elite. They barely got to admit they lost UConn. Who also beat us and they went on to win the whole thing. She EU leaders at one point of buster your which George Rodriguez that about our industry tell college Iraq or. And they were too powerful Bruce preteens because it's a tough pre. Long way to go to the West Coast and LB 81030 AM gains on Friday out there let's leaving on Wednesday it's not funny at times to get acclimated with the time change. When you're the only one common practice tomorrow and normal day tomorrow class is what the in her words that were taken off they're pretty early on Wednesday afternoon get acclimated. To practice on Thursday. We're here and use or we won't kill you you know. You mentioned a couple of the Marshall there's not a boards and 63 junior who's in the nation in scoring 22 point six points per game. And sevens and at that point not so next to train young probably the best combo guard point in the country. He. Shoot it better than rob rate from Houston does it right quite it is harder athletically. But he's a moon will better shooters are quite as good driver. Very creative talents green ultimate green light. Terrible poll what she's over half court. This may not mean anything to anybody but as a college basketball during I was curious in your not his father is gay Elmore who was the time Southern Conference player of the year humor ID 87. Well over twenty points per game or not. Jaipur is a export junior averaged twenty and a half points per game. The two of them both averaged two and a half for more three point station 283. Games. There's also an old war on their roster and I'm guessing that's the younger brother the older brother who. This probably scholarship as well doesn't play very much at all but they probably people give scholarships to get the really good when he's worth that. They also have in nineteen. That ninth from Bosnia Herzegovina who leads the nation in blocked shots four point one per game may lead to make this team because of that. In block shots and he had fourteen double doubles and is a guy that. Typically you know we'll have a double double but 55%. In the field well. And then there's all there's always been a history of good players from Marshall the two years ago the top. Shot blocker in the in the day was a government aren't quite. Who had been recruited by Donnie jones' head code. To Marshall. And that he worked in years Marshall he ends or to the India leads in the shop at a bar he. Two or three years ago quarter two years ago he follows that up he leads in the recount. So here's this are probably making 25 billion a year now for the smartheat. He's one of the burdens and that athletes and it's true. In the NBA aren't quite. That Marshall reported a year ago. I know your complete focus right now on Marshall will with the potential to play West Virginia there's a unique team in the way they breath all the time and so forth. Do you try to work in a little preparation during the week just on your press offense and it isn't a positive. That they play the next game so that your players may have the chance to kind of round. Aren't in uniform and we did a lot of big twelve basketball here but. When we re. We saw it. The contrast between the two schools in West Virginia. Marshal all the court and there are three flowing your anger. Harlem Globetrotters passing you're leaving him three shots at their funerals are that defense and it is not. They're her bread and butter or people in the West Virginia and you've gotten polar opposite. They year they grow out of the opposite end if their heels. He's been create easy opportunities and profits don't take that there's a lot for our four feet caller pressed Virginia. Well it's always great to be where we are not years. And look forward to this weekend and a real rigorous 51 goals 68 of us to try and prevent you so. With regard that your road. I didn't and hopefully we can go. As far as we can. Marshall and attention to this great sadness of the NCAA tournament Friday at San Diego against arsenal don't want. Well thirty. This has been in the Wichita State soccer men's basketball coach decently. Muscle and Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown this yeah news.