The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show 11-27-17

Monday, November 27th

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It's time for the Wichita State soccer men's basketball coach DC. Gregg Marshall presented by your hometown Chevy V. Now let's go live to eighteen sports grill on the Alley the corner of thirteenth in premature and with the voice of a shot here Mike Kennedy. Good evening welcome to eight chase our show with Rick Marshall left glad to have you witnessed this is the first time we've been here in four weeks notes good to have you back with this it will be and a little more. Regular scheduled for a while with coach Marshall from six to seven. On Monday night chuck had a lot of Monday night games and travel and I thought it starts by asking you know we talk to you after the the final game amounted to go looking forward. With the team is spending a couple of days and in doing the atmosphere to let go well. It did. On the last day we tried to pick him on the snorkeling slash will watching catamaran trip that. Unfortunately the high winds. Did not allow us to you know vote so. We had. Forty people. Signed up ready to take that picture. And we walked to the beach to get on the deal Richard sorry that she went so. We. We reduce pain you know you know that not only for a couple of days can be compressing it which can wounds after that. Tough loss against notre me. Flew back and read on Friday night and gotten. To Los Angeles. Ultimately Wichita late afternoon on Saturday. And yesterday was keeps us excuse me yes Sunday. Was a day of practice and catching up on actually so today. No excuses everybody I mean at least if I'm 54 years old and play the game that. I felt like complete games I'd have to fine we should be very well rested now. Preparation is done pursue them stated. That we get chance to play him. Tomorrow what lesson did you do any more basketball stuff after after wins here and we got enacted that Thursday was. They've spent a couple of guys tradition that once it didn't play a whole lot the traditional Thanksgiving Day. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner. And then on Friday it was just their own day after the than snorkeling was canceled they were just in now. Enjoying them then resort. That we had to go to the airport about 5 o'clock. 11 o'clock flight we get we get dinner with him you know getting that many people through two champions it is always a nightmare on commercials. I'm sure that somewhere in here you take a little time to look at some video and is it fair to say that's the kind of game that for a coach just. Stacey you're had a long time because you go over all the many different plays both ways it could return to one. No doubt and it live and I were talking. After the game and we can't remember when that's ever happened to head coach or even if it's an assistant coach for thirteen years so. And 33 years as one of the most disappointing losses in terms of just making. Mistakes after mistake in the last minute or so. They gave during the opportunity to win the game. And we certainly gave them the opportunity they seized the opportunity. Aggressive they're normally it's been unless it's doing that other teams but. This particular team. We just in a lot of ways we made some mistakes. And I there's things that I could have done differently. As terms calling plays or personnel wise and whatnot. We we can't go back and so now Heather are divided attention if I didn't already. In that every play throughout the course of the team as a potential game winner. And you know we we wrote hopefully can grow from this experience and and not have it happen again. What question I wanted to ask you about that game because if it seemed like. And I was on just curious how much once they went to zone how much would you looked at the film and so forth. Did you feel like your execution was pretty good you just missed some open shots and how much of that read at a news. Pointed it I think it was a lot of different things I think. We. We miss some open shots for shoes. We missed some opportunities to make simple passes. That would have led to easy baskets. And then we'd there were times we just didn't execute the play that was called or are briefed on offense wasn't executed very well. We we have a variety of things we try to do against zone. What is the ball screen office that was fairly effective Republican candidate. Shaq couple times in the little box maybe three or four times Connor was able to turn the corner to three times. Austin was able to turn the corners of Monty was able to turn the corner. That did there were other times where we were running a motion offense. And we just did not attack what used to be. We called the valley because that used to be or floor. It's no longer on our floor. We have a blank for maybe that's probably need to see something there because I can't say. Attack you'll dotted line to guess what they're not there where you are simple. We've got to put it acts in the middle of the lane toward the foul line. And and anything get the ball there either by the past with a dribble. End we you know we watch the video the last couple of days and it was not fun it was something we enjoy it and hopefully we can get better watching it and executing better. Turnovers missed shots lack of execution but it was to be sensitive to like we were losing guys like that articles we've lost in the number of times. Usually first team all America that guy can't lose. You're gonna he's gonna score when you lose and we lost one but check out short left of the check out in Boston twice. He cut Heidi just when times were short on time. Ronald. And you know there in the out of bounds play we we blew that as well so. Just made some mistakes mentally and cost us. You know I had a sense knows interesting after the game connecting your post game news that the first thing that really struck you right after game. Was that your players reacted. The way that a coach would have all that they were. As disappointed as you would have thought they would be obviously. Feeling that a lot themselves showing all the characteristics that you believe in them that there they're hard workers Kearney to care about each other's it's. From that standpoint it was it was a good feeling she. Yeah I thought they reacted. Well the lot of guys who really disappointed and disheartened. And I thought we played very very hard. I thought we played very well for. 2525. Minutes maybe. If they they quickly believed. To just single digits and it was was a nine point game with sixteen minutes to play there was a three point game with two minutes to place it wasn't like. We blew this lead laying the lead was we we had that the better part early they had the better part towards his in this early second half and then it was back in court. For the last ten minutes it. We had three point lead that I mentioned it two minutes at nineteen sacks but ended up losing by one. We. I didn't think we're gonna go undefeated this year I've seen her schedule. Pretty confident when I could go undefeated there's going to be losses. That's one that with respect that I have to migrate that program. That's not a bad losses won't let hurt us whatsoever in fact we dropped two spots in the PP testified today. After losing. We're gonna have to wind currents and some big games down the road that was certainly a big game the market was a big game to. I thought that was a pretty good wins so. We've got we've got a chance for another chance is we can't have a chance the following weekend at Oklahoma State will have achieve the following week and it's Oklahoma so. They'll come fast and furious these must win games so. Hopefully we can win the majority of them. And we'll talk more about them as coach Marshall returned AJ sports grill the Alley the weekly Gregg Marshall show back on a week basis. I. 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Coach you made reference to something that I want to touch on right before the race is in saying it can't achieve it you'd expect to go undefeated and I think people need to look at the fact that this is. It really really good that is difficult schedule they're going to be lots more games like that close games it could go either way. One of the yet the benefits. To all of that however is. That account team that you definitely got their best shot in the way better than they did against anyone else to turn and it. Loses by 24 on the last day to shop and not in the past the situation you're in. That's one we'd be agonizing over the rest of the year oh boy how much does that hitters count you know lost to somebody like that you're you're a lot less. Dependent on those division results that you. Oh without a doubt now that game won't count it all workers it's non division one game either he really lost it will be thrown out so to their benefit but. Had we lost to cal was talk about that a meeting Q we were the country team we've. We came out like you we were the number one team in the country and we were gonna lose all year and we just had this when in the bag and I don't know how they got that in their minds but. That's how we approach the first half against Alan. Thank goodness we knew we had the pressure and we could we could. Look at long gate the team with. I think the second half against cal to collect and Howard fifteen minutes that. We wanted to make sure that there were a lot of possessions in that game and ultimately. Our depth and in it experience in press. One out in that game so. To gain that we didn't start out particularly well we thought we played very well you're Smart kid and again for the first twenty minutes we were excellent gets younger than him. Obviously didn't play as well in the second half but there were some good moments in the second half that's a good basketball team that's a at the top ten team down there and the pursuit in the country but as of today and they'll win a lot of games we've got a first team all American and Matt federal. Reminds me frequently. That. Yeah at the plate they don't steal an inbounds play badly and I he made it three plays like that in the game we had a open. Zach brown in transition in the first half. Landry didn't look up initially when he looked up there was closing in by the time he threw it federal caught up with brown. And stole the ball. Then he made a plea we're in the first half we were. Things going our way and there was a ball that bounced out Connor had it was going the other way but instead of catchy hit a useful. And and then security that he started to dribble the loose ball in his he started to dribble it. For relatives came in and it's sweetheart grapple with the other way never passed it made it three right in front of you. Which is a huge play. Now I don't know how many he sought. Quote that coach Brey said after the game we went to zone because we could not guard them in man to man and I think we're good defensive team that stages to come down hill to all the time they're articulate that. No moral victories here but that's a compliment in itself that is the coach the team of that caliber felt that. Well I mean that was pretty evident that we we that was the case but then going to zone was a great move by them and and it ended up helping them in the game but we contributed to that we need that you gotta give Notre Dame credit they played and well enough to win by one. But. We we didn't we do ourselves any favors we didn't make the plays that we need to do the winning plays it would win that game which he won more. And I think Bob mentioned not broadcast it in the video session that after. You told your team this is going to be that kind of game that took possession by possession game you have to be good on every single possession. And certainly that might be the best list that comes out of this game because they're going to be others as we've talked to them. All they've they've they've heard the last two days in videos so no there's no doubt that. Bill at least. Have pounded into their heads one more time hour hour. And and this time we lost you know you look he lost the game. I'm not taking care of those things but. Again in 33 years I hope it's another 33 cures before experience and another one like this so. I'll be long retired. Let me ask you just over the first five games how do you feel about the way the team this kind of developed and progressed and so forth in terms of where you know you're never guess where you wanted to be at any given point that make you where you thought they'd been through. That's unfair Monica I know I'm never satisfied that's. These guys are either they're doing okay. You we're not we're not as good as we think we are we're probably not as good as the polls say we are the that's the respect in our program hasn't. We'll have to continue to play well we're gonna have to win some of these schemes on the road it either against Baylor Oklahoma State. Oklahoma's tremendous young guard tree young who we've been seeing played you for a couple years it 43 the other night. So he's probably one and done guy that. It's it's amazing. The schedule that we put together and then. That's the that they got sick to my staff is. When we put the schedule together with college Charleston you can see in three games in Maui would you have taken for warmth through the first five games. Going hand in the answer my answer was yes. So unfortunately it was you could have easily been a five and oh start and maybe should have been but it's just that's what we are 41. And are you pleased with the fact that and let's face it you have not pet markets that don't feel pretty significant player and to. Have had the success you've had to play as well as you've had without him as. It is certainly true because guys stepping up and doing some things that you don't see him do. We'll not only that we don't have our top scorer and rebounder from last year but. Going into the season we didn't know if we're gonna have our starting point guard and in god that's being considered for the UN BA so. That's what we've decided for one would be good through the first five. We do have Landry I think he claimed he is now fully 100% but it it took this whole tournament to get it to that point. You know we he obviously played a lot of minutes against Notre Dame more than he has been. That more than he did against cal but I think it was accounting degrees in such foul trouble. But. We you know we've we've just got to play smarter we've got to execute better it's a long season I think it's what five and a half months or four and a half much something like that so. We've got a lot of time to get better and hopefully you know when we see teams like Notre Dame and then late march we're gonna be alone when when when those games. You're listening to Gregg Marshall on our weekly coach's show from AJ sports reality Ollie will continue his system. He as the cool. There are making you shiver even endorsed called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or installing new Linux system. 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We live at eight days sports grille at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green which road. But the fact that Marshall show that. We heard AJ sports Philip yelling. Where legal fees typically on Monday nights from six to seven every week next week shoppers will be in town for a Tuesday night meeting with South Dakota states will be accurate the same time. I mentioned Marcus McDuff is quickly moment ago it definite stand the food is often seems to be making it the proper progress to eventually place. The boot is off and he actually jobs go on the coal feel Cessna stadium field the other day. When we got back from Hawaii some that was the the day that he could get out of the boot and do some light jogging he's also done some swing effects work outs. Without any type of restrictions so. These are making progress and our goal is to have him back for conference play anything beyond that is bonus. CJ Kaiser is he now available to use music Kaiser's done what he needed to do with the university to be completely. Read ago so he's practiced. It keeps you and I just I didn't have the opportunity to get him and against. Saturday. That was the day that he was. I think that scandal think it was Smart kid that we were when he was good to go so we're excited about him he's very good practice today. And there's a possibility that term. You know he can see some minutes in deference to some minutes tomorrow night. You know one of the guys that I wanted to talk about because he. He kind of been some attention for himself in Hawaii deservedly so there's the chance. That if you have one veteran but I think there was a decent possibility Rashard Kelly might have been determined MVP even knowing averaged about six points a game he really. Yet so many things for you kind of and junk yard dog with skills if you would totally play. It absolutely minimal minimal skills but lots of junkyard dog. That the put my favorite player of the season thus far if it's going to be hard to be. Which is double block against cal thought that was what delegate count that was there scheme changer. He would back him. Block the ball in the know what else is down from the court to retrieve the rebound kicked gets ball back also charges for example blocks of the game. He pursued the ball so well. Nobody Colson was a little bit much form that was it that's a tough matchup that's a tough matchup for anyone that's the first team treat seasonal American. That dynamic talent. But he still rebounded he passed it well and finished. Very strongly around the basket. And or the couple starts so. Now we'll see where we go from here that he's researching we're those guys see that he had Zach brown kind of epitomized. The program that we've established if you're in terms of toughness and not really caring about their individual stats that just really caring about what that the team wins or not. It's Rashard guy that you can use it as examples of players to look at how hard work in progress he's made things he's been able to did no doubt he does a great job of communicate he probably the most vocal player and practice and games. He he embraces the glue. Roll and who is the trademark green that's who he kind of let Pete loves dream on dream for the Golden State Warriors and because my doing the dirty work and his half minded. Tough physically. You know just. He he's good he's he's become more than three men because of our lack of three men with a decision to richer. Roger Brown. And Marcus picked up the being injured. It's been Zach brown and there are shark Kelly the three. So he's he's played his whole careers for me and kind of an undersized four. But he's developed the ability to bounce the ball to get in the gap's. Pretty good passer. I've allowed him which I think it's helped his confidence to rebound and push the fast break which I don't. Like a lot of treatment doing it he he is. He he's really enhanced his value with our team are developing those skills you mentioned and continuing. To play with this fervor. This tenacity witches. You know on the court. We were in Canada a year ago this past summer a couple of your coaches connections they thought at least the time. He's more than any player on the team mate he had the best understanding of everybody's rule where everybody was supposed to be on your presser here offense and so forth. And it seems like he's got so much better as a pastor is that part of it that knowledge of where everybody's supposed to be in his ability to anticipate. I think he does he you know he I think Shaq Morse also has that. Landry would be the third guy so yeah they do agree job. Knowing the system that we put folks are supposed to be Ian what the next play is it. That's that's that's why the value of having seniors is so important. And we had sixty years. Who seeks six seniors are gonna have to take some more responsibility that's one of the things I talked to the team about that you know. And he hated hearing this that kelp cock rock baker Fred at least they would have never allowed us to lose that game but somehow you got work. Allowed us to lose that game and oh man that rock that. They hated to hear that they. You know you have to tell him that and we'll we'll see how they respond this week. What is failing to mention Rashard is 63 in the nation in rebounding in the latest stats today eight point eight per game he is thirteenth in the nation in offensive rebounding averaging an even four offensive rebounds per game. That's the number that we we shoot we need a lot of attention yes I sure hope. You know look at these guys in practice nothing handler she's the ball well that we get in the games and that's what. That will work on them one with a bright lights will be on tomorrow sluggish we that are offensive rebound very welcomed we will make as many shots as we do practice today. I mean how many guys are get in the June and all that so this is part of coaching. Yes I think you mentioned earlier to don't want it to go back to produce about because the polls did come out today you were sixth in both major polls last week you dropped two spots here fives. In the CBS top 25. Ken Pomeroy your four ESPN BP I three and so obviously now those are. Those are numbers those are the metrics are based on numbers percentages things that the polls and so forth. Certainly that seemed to indicate that there was a lot of respect for the way both UN Notre Dame played they moved of course then it dropped very much and I think he gained some respect and recognition from. People and it's it's been mentioned several times to play this well that worked out. I don't know how many folks are breaking us based on what we will become leader of the year it. I hope it you know it's now clear that our guys worked very hard every day and if we get better as the season goes on and I think that's. Our postseason record the last 67 years is indicative of that but. But also. I know that. That's a good team that we play in you when you Khloe talked to me. Who played Michigan State duke members to cure that but we can't what somebody lost those games they didn't drop too far when you when you lose two really really good teams. It shouldn't penalize you should beat him. And and we've been on the other side of this for many many years now. When you lose to teams that are so good it really hurt you but when you lose some really good teams that almost helps you. You mentioned. You've kind of make that point two years guys you know you're not number one yet here not him and do you feel like that. Maybe that's just a natural thing when guys have seen their name in the polls of the team's name in the polls and those kinds of things and it's it's just. Easy to kind of let some of that creep in a little bit may be used the reminder once and a while there's. They'll play it work to do you have not read as a reminder be when we don't play as well as we could still win I don't like losing. I think I don't believe the hype. I'm the one that's in their tone of your daughter's good stop reading. Turn off your Twitter. You know just to get back in the gym and keep working and and they're doing that but not me it was hard to Hawaii and really was really we had very little gym time. Other than two days which we first got there before the tournament started. You have had throughout your career with throw up here. Your teams have always seem to get better. As the year goes along and and what's the key to that just that constant emphasis is always more you can do it there's always. More we could be there's it's there's always the opportunity to get better that that we're certainly not satisfied. Joan without a doubt just never being satisfied and fears a great motivate your paving to lose. Just the fact that. You know. B and always the underdog people thinking you're not very talking you down you don't deserve this you don't play it is difficult enough schedule here in the of this conference is. So we've always had to grind for what we've been able to achieve and we're gonna work every day if if if if you sign up for this program you're gonna you gonna work every single day. Except for your day off in your day off you do what you wanna do it. You know there's mandated days off but we're gonna work hard when we're that you we're gonna demand. Perfection. But we don't ever achieve that perfection but like we we've always said if you demand perfection oftentimes you can achieve excellence. And and there's also the culture and knowing what your culture is and bringing people in that you believe wolf pictured culture and your assistant coaches certainly know what it's like to play for you and play here at. And the players understand I don't Rashard mentioned on a post game interview and night that. The other coming to practice some days and you'll reminded that might just be the worst looking team in division one basketball today and they understand that that is. You just making them better and that that they need to listen learn and and get better team. You have you that you can't be really sensitive to play in this program that's one thing that's probably give it don't. You know it is just accept that you're going to be challenged him except that you're gonna. Hopefully get better during your tenure and and and and we strive to get better every day but. It's. You know you deal with seventeen to 23 year old guys in and it's it's not a perfect world and I'm not the perfect coach so we've got to. We've got to just. Do the best we can't every single day and some guys. Some days everyone brings it like but if the kitchen duty till the last couple days was really good because those video sessions worse where Steve they. They have little bike tools but. There's there's going to be days when when I walked Jim and Lincoln did you actually come home every night I was practice terrible. House tax on us pretty good house practice it was really good practice so if it goes the whole rainbow from. One into the other of the spectrum of how good the practices were and what what we get accomplished and who got better and iron. I've been out but I always let him know somehow some way. It during the course of the week every player that program will get. Some type of reminders that we watched and everything is being recorded and everything is being. There's there's stats that are going down but it's mostly in our minds what we feel loses this happening. And it. There's no way that they can slack off him and make it. Is one of the benefits being in year eleven here that you have developed that culture and so your players to burn around a little bit understand that and and pass it on and let the young guys. Somebody mentioned I didn't see it that that she had occasion to really get after as few hours at one of the reasons home games and you were. Having a pretty good talkative on the bench and checked kind of put his arm around him as if to say you know I've been here lots of confidence that that'll be fine because. Listen to it that yeah ahead because I know I want you know that the deal is. What I what I say to those guys after. I think you know given to a pretty good news. I think you're going to be a really good player I just don't know when. Now you have to decide where. Is it going to be now is it gonna be next year is it gonna be your junior year. You have to decide when you're gonna be a good player but the ability is in there now it's tough to beat and you. To bring that to the forefront. You're listening to soccer coach Gregg Marshall our weekly coach's show for AJ sports facility Alley shock resistant game to sleep and start talking about some of that picture. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important. And invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver. And kids home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving and remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. But we're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnston. 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Why is my bag when we begin mornings and night right here on the listening to the Gregg Marshall show and we might Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth in Greenwood road. And that's our weekly get together with Gregg Marshall left Mike Kennedy coach Marshall along side Wichita State. Ford want on the very few season getting ready to play Savannah State. Tomorrow night at Charles cookery and then be on the road to Waco Texas on Saturday to take on Baylor. At 1 o'clock coaching at a question from someone who was in Hawaii at the night tournament wanted to know what you thought about shocker crowd at the end of the. Shocker crowd was the best crowd of any of the eight teams there including Sean about the local team. Shocker nation was loaned they were proud they were outstanding and I wanna convince them for. I've exceeded its gears and pick up right here at Wichita State's athletic director boat right actually ask the tournament people the question they said that with two ties Neitzel the most tickets at many schools there mark yet. Was second. Probably noted in third which tennis they really representing well that coming up the next couple years Nutley go to Charleston can't is that. But we go to Charleston classic next year and for those of you who are unfamiliar. With Charleston. I would suggest if you're. If your chocolate fan and you like basketball would you like fine cuisine that you like history. He like charm. That you go to Charleston I'm from South Carolina no I'm biased but I missed that. Eight years theaters assistant coach the college Charleston. Lynn actually has two degrees from the college Charles. But he's a week or two. Officially. You know live there part of the year that's that's that's our goal and our bucket list. I'm Sullivan's island is just beautiful we really like that Keiwan Ireland there's all kind of resorts there's great golf at that time of the year. There's unbelievable restaurants I can suggest me any of those two you. But it's going to be great tournament next year it will be young young team we're gonna need some support. It's a nice arena that they its recently built probably three or four years old. So it's it's in Brighton peninsula downtown Charleston there's. There's great bed practices. Breakfast and you can. Visit and stay. So I I would strongly suggest that tournament and then the following year between two home games in the we give them that Cancun deal. Which couple years ago we Warren when we beat two of the pole and so. And then the third year. I guess that will be this is 72 groups eighteen will be Charles thank you to be king committed 20/20 Warren will be back in the Bahamas. For that someone who's not. From Charleston I tell you really is great city to visit today as he said he yet history's great old houses that mansion to fort Sumpter and all of that stuff and it just really really neat cities. Highly recommend joining us next year. On Thanksgiving we will not be in the top ten next year because of us that there. Savannah State. Tomorrow night. Members the end BAC their coaches were brought taxes people don't know who was a guard at Georgetown those 8485. Teams played two straight national championship games. The guy who's actually. Left coaching for a little cut three years to practice law hasn't juris doctor some kind of an interesting guy you have any past history. You know other than knowing horse that part of the world. No but. I mean I admire. What he's doing obviously he's the best young man and his program. They play in theory that you rescued style tomorrow who will be one of the craziest most up and down. A Fe years that you've ever seen if you don't if you like grind it out half court basketball do not come tomorrow. Give your tickets to someone that likes a lot of points this is going to be more light. It's not going to be like a soccer game I don't know what sport we've scored this many points but this team shoots it within eleven seconds. They make. Two passes maximum sometimes zero passes and they come right that your mouth he shoot it. As of we've got to stay out of foul shall we can get back first we've got to stay out of foul trouble in the Vatican have to shots and rebound the business hopefully. In the press. Makes and misses you rarely see a team that presses on misses but they won't press them miss so it's going to be. In the hundreds. I don't had pats locker room will be real excited because of what one team for sure it was 400 points tomorrow and so puts us. Savannah stadium makes eleven seconds last year led the nation by averaging twelve seconds for position they yet they take. Roughly forty take. Forty threes a game last year it was 41 he shoots 39 point something. What you want a team like that you mention getting back is that that you do get back at him build out for all those threes we hadn't well. You just have to know that that that are there emphasis is in transition. And you know we loved offensive rebound we're still gonna offensive rebounds because they're gonna allow use some offensive rebounds because they're gonna leak out to go the other way so it's. It's give and take you know it's. What's best effort for you but. It's going to be an exciting game there's been a lot of points is going to be can happen mapped key players correction play a lot of players. But did they after the press that fall back into that zone so a lot of zone practice tomorrow. And and hopefully we can win that what I wanted to do was first ball make sure when it comes out of a game healthy. And then gets better rooms and in this help your skill. Her style. And isn't the type of game where you have to maybe cost you guys a little bit that lets not get too carried away with not quick he can get shots let's make sure we we make. The number of passes to get a good one and. We need. That's. That's the key when you have so many guys on our team that. Can't score I'd like to score everyone likes to score and you're like to see their name you know headlines and all that. The key is to make sure we get the best shot that we can get. And that's that's what that's where our program is right now it's a work in progress we. We still have we're feeling each other out. You know when to when he's gonna pass to me when am I gonna cut in try to get a pass from view and in all that bit. We're doing a pretty good job with it it's not it's certainly not perfect it is not exactly where we wanna be bit. Maybe this game will help him in that regard. This the team also that's played sixteen different guys in here and if he'd ever played at least five games to make kind of split at the minute so. The exception of Dexter McClanahan appears to be pretty good player is this team that you prepare as much for the system is as such as guarding him because it. Anybody that has the ball is that that's the guy with the threat. He have the born here of your threat because you'd. Right fit right you. And try to get to the room or they're gonna shoot you back so even there there were shooter they're biggest guy is gonna shoot threes. In transition if you don't guard. It's it's an interest in team but. When they play against teams in their lead in in all of that they do quite well and and I hope that they have a great year obviously there are schedule. I think that they're moving to division to next year I think they've they've experimented with this division on it just. For whatever reason it was perfect for them so you dropped him to these two next year but their division one team this year and it's. It's obviously game that we need to win. And hopefully we can we can improved. In this exercise. They are a member of the NB AC knew it she whose teams like north Carolina central North Carolina AT&T'S teams which testing has played north Carolina central have a pretty darn good team in the league to play very good and they'll move the athletes optimize the last year and a all right we'll continue with coach Gregg Marshall our weekly show for AJ. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe things can grant from. 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Unleash your potential with a career at Cox Communications. Cox Communications is now hiring for account service and technical support call center represented at that our call center in Wichita apply online at jobs dot Cox dot com with keyword Wichita customer service as a Cox calls center employee you'll be enhancing the lives of our customers and your career and exciting ways prepaid plus benefits including free Internet that's jobs dot Cox dot com with keyword Wichita customer service Cox is an equal opportunity employer. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two to fall camp. Happening right here on KM you're sending to the Greg my. She'll show we'd Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eighteen sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green which road. Welcome back to our coaching show it's Greg marshals coming up at the top of the hour with a tech coach Keith Adams. With Steve strain in these women. At two games at home this week within three days they play Wednesday night. At 7 o'clock against the world valley rival Missouri State and then Friday at noon. Is these schoolhouse rocks with shots game against western Illinois so. If you don't mind your ears being definite by you read a full of elementary school kids came out there for that one but debt. Shocker men's basketball team with tomorrow right here that we talked about against Savannah State and then at Baylor. On Saturday coach certainly I don't wanna get ahead of ourselves on is that your focus is on Savannah State Department Baylor. What are those programs that you have gotten beat applying it in the last couple years along with Oklahoma Oklahoma State really nice. Issues it is Scott who's a good guy we've scrimmage before. The in the pre season. So he's got a great team he's not he's not afraid of his job he's he's done wonderful things there they weren't there all the time in the term it. Making the as far as the elite eight. So he he you know he won't he just want to play good teams in the big challenge his team and try to get better. We're looking forward this opportunity here and we can watch Saturday but I want to mention. The women's volleyball team having an opportunity to. Host a regional that is huge. Opportunity. I will be in town but no later than. My family's gonna try to make it we we have an opportunity. To. Play now to get to the sweet sixteen Inco Korea so we host Radford on Friday night. And then hopefully we win and who play the winner of mystery. Can't just you know that's going to be a bitter volleyball match. So. It just support the ladies and an end and keep that. I just outposts disheartened when I read that they lost by one point missed shot. If you're going on recently that would six but they're right there in that first win yesterday yeah he's great race with a one in six they're running in either. Played really good teams. Hand you know go support her if that game or if you don't like kids buzzing like bees to get to a the next team. And support her because she's a dual degree program its its 100%. It. Since cuts that you that we want to keep mentioning tickets are available now to shock the ticket office for the moment vote regional and and again you never know how to committees that look at it that. Good to got a great turnout is certainly not gonna hurt when it comes to. Consideration for future old preacher region using that you need the NCAA likes money today seemed to us that the we will we'll have a good crowd there there's without a doubt we'll have a great crowd for the shop for the shoppers. To an excuse to succeed in concrete and notes can happen. You mention that you have had the opportunity is scheduled Taylor recently and so on haven't played it in the season you feel like give us your sense of familiarity. We're in the same pre season except tournament last year. In the Bahamas and they were tremendous. To get young man's name that they had that he went he went to the NBA. Pablo he was true. And this and they have other guys having a column canoes. They have arms and hands and paying down below there needs they're 62611. They've blocked shots they don't get everything in there. They had do's and we're gonna have to contend with another zone. And they're gonna spread out cover the entire court and we're gonna try to Dyson. Part of on the other hand it just just be a little tougher. And you know we've talked about the schedule let me that's a great match you've got teams coming up with people like South Dakota State Florida Gulf Coast besides the autumn. News of the Oklahoma State and so forth you got your best tennis I have been also a chance to really develop and find out Rio. You look at Florida Gulf Coast they're record with South Dakota State just agree to some type of term. Tournament beat some people I mean these are good teams and these are teams that we'll probably wouldn't leave their favorite to win their league be in the future. We're playing in the big poker arena in the next couple weeks including. The games to two on the road one at home. Against. The big twelve so. The schedules incredible. I hope people realize that people understand that at that come out. I just can't jewelry. The quality of competition because the shocker is gonna compete at these other teams are gonna compete and they've got tremendous players. Guy's gonna seed playing the NBA for years and it's just going to be great competition head to head. Coach great to see you shall not be that nobody takes a loss partnered that you do but obviously there's a lot of basketball said to be played Connecticut the end of the cart world. I salute you try to get better every day. I think she's not your coach Gregg Marshall again we are here Monday nights from six just after it. This case for a trio at the Alley. Get just a quick reminder of what's coming up men's basketball tomorrow night against an estate tip off at 7 o'clock. Wednesday night 7 o'clock soccer women's basketball against Missouri State. Friday at noon shocker women's basketball against western Illinois 6 o'clock PM Kansas and misery in the NCAA volleyball tournament 8 o'clock. Wichita State and Redford in the volleyball tournament. Men's basketball is 1 o'clock tip off Saturday afternoon from Waco. And you could hear hear NC reverend it's going to be a them where. And Saturday nights if Wichita State is still playing the championship game of this regional in the second round matchup winner's bracket. Will be at 7 o'clock so a lot going on. If your track and field fan they have their first indoor event Thursday and Friday they're multi event at the basket center noon both days it's free so. Lot going on it thank you all for your support of shocker athletics coming up next Keith Adams ST straight talk soccer women's basketball and for our listeners. From AT thirty. Chris Plante with the the weekly volatile shows so thank you all again will look. Keep going here tonight we'll see you next Monday for coach marsh.