The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show 12-04-17

Monday, December 4th

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It's time for the Wichita State shocker for me. Basketball coach TC. Actual presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. Let's go live to eighteen sports grill on the Alley at the corner of thirteenth in premature and with the voice of the soccer Mike Kennedy. Good evening have welcomed me into tonight's program. Brands that will actually have three coaches shows tonight for the last time this season or this part of the season anyway as we'll have Gregg Marshall coming up momentarily that Keith Adams. And we'll close it out tonight with the final Chris Plante show of the season as the soccer volleyball team wrapped up their season in the NCAA tournament. On Saturday night shocker men's basketball. At six had gone on your car struck a great question sitting down to join me. Wichita State coming off a really nice 6962. Win at Baylor on Saturday afternoon they will have two games this week at home on Tuesday night. Against a good South Dakota State team and then on the road Saturday afternoon. At Oklahoma State. The soccer's move up a couple of notches to number six in both polls this week the AP and the coaches poll number five CBS poll it. Top five in both of the major metrics that Ken Pomeroy and the ESPN BP i.s so. Still getting a lot of respect him even more so maybe after that win over Baylor coach. That you had a chance to probably look at some video analyze that will be it just your overall feeling of the Baylor wouldn't. Well I thought we played very well thought. And that's obviously a quality team and a quality program and to go with the ears now the 46 scheme nonconference win streak. Took up a good effort by our guys recovered tough shot it well we executed well against them changing defenses. Outrebounded them so in the end. It was agreed Saturday afternoon Texas. You know. One of the guys working the game was read Genesis and you'll remembers being the shooting guard on the front slanted can teams at Houston in the early eighties and he'd we talked to him before the game and he's done a number of Baylor gains of the last couple of years and he said. That's solid tends to really mess everyone up because it's not. It's not really the 131 do you think it is warts and other things and he says teams consistently have problems with itself really a tribute to the way your guys handled and actually they did little more switching and demand demand that runoff after. They typically yeah they did they change defense is pretty much throughout the game that I would say 75%. Zone. And you we we just do a better job getting the ball to the right areas of on time to the shooters and rhythm. And our big guys finish and so it was a physical game around that. There has been asking that's something that you've always prided yourself on your teams that are being taught to be in my hand themselves and it. A physical game and then was that aren't a good test of just seeing where this team is this year on a plane that. Kind of situation absolutely every every team answered you know earn their stripes in this this particular group to go on the road. Continue our winning ways on the roads and a a hallmark of our program for the last five or six years with the percentage. And I think it's number one in the country so. That was a tough that's not a lot of teams go in there and win bail ourselves. 46 teams non conference when streak. Snapped when something had to give our. Be in the best routine and in their streak so. The matter is they're street kids are gods really we're focused on finishing this this game and bring him back which time. It was a game where you had. A lead but not much of one for most of all of most of the second half that you guys had a good field throughout China continues. Play through it and not playing to protect any leads or that sort of thing you just keep running things in trying to keep score. Absolutely yeah we we kept. The foot on the pedal old time. We we in Africa. Rashard actually pitched it to the guys. The late timeout may be under the minute timeouts don't remove the word about the school or keep playing keep keep pressing keep pushing. Do we have the when we gave away its Notre Dame so they use these guys know what that feels like it certainly don't have a repeat. In any game like that you have to have some big play at various times a lot of guy hates that there were too but not particularly big shots. I'm trying to early in the second half they. Got it down to ethics to and it seemed to have some momentum in honor of the victory to get it back behind him and I have to tie it 62. Actually missed shots and you got the offensive rebound and there's a little corners ended up over the right corner nailed one from there that got you backing me. Yeah we. Basically tied it on us the second half we were we were anywhere from. The top two senate I think that was the largest lead channel me. It was somewhere between seven and two most of the second half. They kept making plays really offensive rebounded very very well before last we out rebound them like to. I liked our guys responded every time they need to be passed the places where does this mean we made a big play well when my favorite place was that. Fresher with Gerald Lewis and Rashard Kelly out front works half court line and Gerald flick it from. There whether players. Kelly actually due to the ground receive it in balance that with through their guys play you got it dribbled. More than half court. And off two feet finished. That got foul play those big play. Was this a significant game for virulent terms two beams of things that you wanna see him continue to do better defensively and so forth any the end. Total of six rebounds and it certainly felt like every one gotten really rip down. Well he's Americans still evolving as the players just barely in the second year now. But as junior college players it's that your last. We'll talk about how. Junior college players we have much better second year just like college players that know what to expect you know what college breeders' college basketball scenes how long it is. In this case generals liberty to rebound better. The crowd to enhance. You'd get your there's going to be by the time that people are trying to hit the ball from you it's a very physical game underneath that that's. And he's doing that better than he's also do fitness so big it was a good team for him to fit because they had civil big guys so. Therefore dad isn't here big man. Some generals have a big. He's you two. Guard those guys a little better than decent round of 6465. Undersized or. You're listening to shut her head coach Gregg Marshall is suckers coming up a big road win at Baylor ranked sixth in the nation this week it will continue our discussion. The patriots sports. Jays scored the only thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shocker coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free pizza day dining only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. It's its own reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be close out his son. I'm fine. 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And your host Steve strength chuck in men's basketball with two games this week one at home want on the road which would get to a little bit but. Going back to the discussion of the Baylor win on Saturday. Both Zach brown. And Landry Shanda had a head injury issues coming into the game Zach with a knee legroom with a ankle. Zach played with a brace on his eat just that make it I didn't appear to be any major effect on him but how did you feel like he. I thought I showed favored a little bit. He's definitely not 100% but he gave it ago it helps when the game. Lived we didn't seem to have any effects it was a veritable. Sprained ankles thank goodness. He just kept rolled up on the accident mystery to me so much we had them out to be a poll that guys can thank god in this industry. My blood can't they are fine fifth year senior guard showed in the first half that he is skilled tree tee he has all kinds of ways to get himself open and Landry was helped a couple of others have primary responsibility on him especially the second half I thought did a great job not even letting him get many shots. Simulated really defended well but it was a it was a team effort because. That they they do great stuff to get him looks like Romo staggered screens. Obviously false dreams but. Lately have been the primary. Responsibility for guarding him Austin guarded him a little bit. Sure ground garden some two bit he's a talented player I don't know what is averages mortgage problem closers that definitely wasn't over. End the one time he got an open three in the second half I guess us in my jail on the floor I don't know what happened here then ended up on the floor he got a wide open. Well he chased the wrong way that's something that we were teach some opportunities when they're coming off staggered screen she got called lock chase got to. Not hold them that you've got to be right. This in their footsteps and have very little separation that time as mom's account running the baseline. Towards our bitch. So much he started taking a shortcut. Short cut could be longer path to try to go over the top of the screens and all that that's leader did was simply move a little bit to the Norfolk. And so much eclipse them. There's a little collision but it I don't think it was definitely wasn't dirty play I don't think it was illegal screen. So much interest or chose the wrong path that he got one of the look. You mentioned that by the end of the game you ended up on top on the court fight to got off to a slow start there and I know that you and your coaching staff that really emphasizes it was a team you're gonna have to get a body on it really all that often. It took a little while but certainly you guys adjusted it and did a nice job on the boards after about the first or. And answers yet it was a we we we didn't quite make the emphasis a strong enough going into the game the first first media time out we were down they've they've got six offensive rebounds so. We had to remind them that first media time how the that was going to be an issue. They wanted to continue to participate in that particular game they needed to rest assured that optimal. And their coveted state team rebounding was lawless tool is seven feet and it kind of skinny it's long but not real powerful again. Clark freshman kid I was really impressed he's going to be as 69245. And a couple other 65 guys to 25 to 38 could. The body on her. I've I've coached gets a handful of war for kids from the south Sudan and I've never seen a real big hit they're tall but there's never pick. Another long and athletic and there's kids really good player I think you'll play the highest level. They do have some needy. Guy who's how vital it was really tough. Alas it. The freshmen Clark had a good ball game so they're they're. I don't know why they're so down his fortune numbers. We have one transfer sitting out. They did give jolly back user eight guys know the absence hurt would be nine and headquartered. The transfer from the sixties to do what they did with the other three scholarships so. But I don't afterward that I have to worry about my. And I and I got you know Richard. Ron Brown in him now more respect themselves we were hit eleven. And youth youth played it most of it the closer games you've played nine. Course CJ was available to play for a while and are you looking to if you can't maybe push that rotation do another guy or two a little more often. Those shoes and we'll hopefully history goes naturally to attend remarked as we got bees it's clear. That's a natural and then. You don't wanna play exceed jail wanna play has been obvious to pick the right spots that will lose games making sure they can play at this level. And and certainly. It was a great example of the schedule that you have that you kind of set up and at a course acquire part of what you became a member of the American conference that. Notre Dame Charleston. Our hat now now this game with Baylor at home mortgage can't it's it's. It's certainly. The fact that you're gonna get tested like you have a game to game in recent years and it's been great for your guys to see him start to rise to be done hopefully I'm glad you're doing them. The tournament. And please that you have such good time with them. Not just say it's what's there it's that's the warrior geysers start I think it is sad that it's going to be a challenge of. There's no nights off in this South Dakota team coming here tomorrow night they beat Iowa. They went to Ole miss and want. The just lost users state and I got to watch that game that was last night so I'm gonna watch that way tonight and tomorrow. But that would doesn't make any sense they lost and at the Pentagon actually in Sioux Falls so. Sioux Falls is close enough where we were completely opposite Tom so. They didn't shoot it well and mystery story obviously shot it very well and looking forward seeking help answers to do that because it's a good basketball team that much better than they were a year ago that there were pieces. Do route they don't rely quite as much room down even though he's a very very talented player another guy that. It probably played the highest level. But he's we have forty this year as opposed to 25 last year. You know and talking about the schedule. Had to be a little bit gratifying I would think you look at the American conference over the weekend Houston beats Arkansas I'd say you beat USC. Yeah. You see half with a win over Alabama. And obviously. Makes you scheduled your job tougher but it's proving to the conference that we all thought. What is more fun for you at this and all I want them to. We're entertaining for him to call them to get tips. Yeah its it's going to be there's no nights off it's it's just you have to play every night and you have to bring it. All right we will continue with coach Marshall for AJ sports facility our weekly grounded ice shelf which he. Is. They're cold they're making you shiver even endorsed called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or installing new Linux system heat your home now and pay overtime and with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for free in home estimate at 2657831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State she. Soccer basketball another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. 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He's Kellogg just ease the web -- object itself online order some of which you talk about forty sound which is the better way about. Really great Americans join me. Marshall show we'd Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and Greenwood road. But the fact that Gregg Marshall show for eight days or throw the Alley and along with the rankings and things like that come out on Monday we have the. Latest NCAA statistics to shocker is. Worthy leaders in the nation and rebound margin going into Saturday's game and although their margin was just plus two over Baylor. Still lead the nation in rebound margin at fifteen point nine per game on their opponents. Also seventh in the nation in field goal percentage defense alive or upon us to shoot just 361. On the year and I would guess if there's two statistics if you would be most. Willing most want to have a great number in her lead the nation in it would be those two. Those are the two that we've always. Part of our program that and the source of pride for me and our players our staff. And those two things travel. Rebounding and defense Trout and that's why we've been able to be as good as we have been on the road. Sometimes. Making shots. Doesn't travel quite as well. But certainly you if you you have you put yourself in the position to win games when you can take your limit them to want shot. It a couple of extra possessions on the opposite in the profits of rebounding. And definitively make every time every shot that they take are contested shot and not give up really easy looks. So I think it's been a little uncharacteristic. Although it's not that it's not a big number of that in turn over here about even with your opponents this year you're not averaging a lot of turnovers that. Any concerns about that period or it hasn't been the type of thing where where many turnovers that led to what you call atomic bomb type things here the points off turnover you're still ahead for the season by a couple of. Really I think that he this guys. In this last game. It was a three seniors Kelly. Browning and check it had turnovers. One of them was the first possession of the game. Shaq got it load sort of make a move there was some contact you with the dog down the ground. It was the the ball is actually awful Baylor and there was a foul but neither one of them called. And it's so that's a turnover. He's got to be strong with the ball we talked about that Rashard. Got a great offensive rebound and tried to make a play. Lately he. Turned it over. I was acts we've it is his. Ultimately the issue users have been well documents that do a better job the care of the ball I could do too much. Those guys they can't be turned over that much they're not the primary ball handlers and other seniors. So the nine turnovers from the three of them this week too many. There was a play in the first half of those Kanaskie if you ever seen one like it I don't recall but I ever have Shaq made it jump hook that kind of bounced up Swanson was settling back into the net and look like Kelly was just. Going to get position for possible offensive rebound his hand got in the neck and he flipped the ball up out of that that nullified the dance. Yeah I've never seen that he actually was pushed from behind these opinions were he was pushed from behind to call them that. And the the past dozen counts that's another turnover by the way that was one of his turnovers are you yes you really can't find who. A lot of holes there he obviously didn't mean to do that. I've seen that happen one other time and it was one of one of my losses at home which was very reader at Winthrop University we. Leaking and losing double triple overtime but we rent a home run play and how to balance team was pressing us. It went down dump the ball so hard that he hit the bottom of the net and I get I guess we had new nets. And that the ball went to the bottom of the net shot right back up and never cleared the net. One it don't. And the ball in the basket did not kill and I'm. Everybody just went through everybody stopped. Except this one kid went over got the ball for their team and they end up winning the game. So yeah it. It's not a good omen opens things like that happen. We we talked about the toughness that you team displayed at you've been pleased that the fact that as you're getting into a schedule it's gonna result in closer games and and maybe some physical games and that your guys have been developed that maturity and mindset that. Things get chippy or there's a call it doesn't go your way they seemed is that really showed good composure at this point and and. Handle it well well we have to it's gonna happen it's part of the game. How how you deal with adversity and that's that's what we were I was talking about earlier. Kind of reference is. When the other team was scoring or getting an offensive rebound stick back and war. We would just come down and execute him just OK Nick's next really get to the next play the game has. Thousands and thousands of employees in in it and we can't let that one play that was disappointing her. Defined us. And certainly I would even say in the Notre Dame game I mean your execution wasn't what you wanted it to be but I never felt like. There was that look in anybody's time like it start to slip away around for a little panic here we don't quite know what's gonna happen and I thought you guys. Had composure even of that game and maybe just didn't do was get a job. Running things that we did in the interview with nineteen seconds ago were up three and equitable and just can't finish the game so. Nobody quickly came out cut that I guess we'll talk about there being game for infinity. But that Notre Dame game they cut the lead from 14109. Very quickly. With nineteen minutes ago the second half so what went. Yours we're up 25 points with four minutes ago that was a nine point game with nineteen Mexico. They continue to cut into it they got it down to three with nineteen seconds ago we used to excuse. You know extra. You mentioned Rashard Kelly we were talking about this situation to continue to keep playing it and keep going in and don't start. Getting sitting on the leader and those kind of things Kelly saying something that team and obviously. You want guys on your team leaders seniors that sort of thing that. Are not afraid to say something and no one has the right time for them to also insert something along with coaches did it kind of remind their teammate. To those he's Rashard Kelley's one of the best communicators and I've ever coached he really is always talk to tell the court he's always. I encouraging his teammates he's he's very positive. Communicators and it. Just really we we could use it several more like hip. I think people also issued no longer on the flight down in the things that fans don't get to see. An hour flight and and it was not an obligation that Landry shim that came up and sat down with Donnie Jones and watched video of Baylor the entire trip down just getting more familiar with and getting. Better out better informed more ready to do that he needed to do. The game came you have landry's one of those guys he I think he was three coach that's what he's expressed to me. Before he gets into this business he's got a lot of court time as a player. Coming up so he just he loves to watch trying to figure out how to be better and how have how he can do things more effectively against his opponent. That's that's what makes it's part of the reason why he's so good. And people have asked about markets we've talked a lot about Marcus about how he's progressing that you could tell watching over there that it's killing and they have to be on the sidelines and not playing but he's also a really positive force over there on the bench and always fired up and excited and in encouraging. Team absolutely for this could it was the first time because he's so positive so excitable also happens all the time happy go lucky got a great great. Just approach to life that. Two days. In during practice after the video we're talk we're doing the Baylor and South Dakota steady. That's a notice that he was like not his jovial was he normally is so. I went over it it should certainly get yours yours yes it is. And so he admitted that which I thought I thought it would deny that he is bothered him and he's just got to do a few more weeks. He's open he's working hard with his rehab and he had slipped one today I don't know what they had doing when things in this WiMax or what it. It's obviously non weight bearing that. He can run on the soft surface of assess the stadium and he can run in the water. And but that they don't want him jumping or doing increased stuff like that court so. Hopefully it'll be just a few more weeks he's radiant. Because it nice piece by the way. Or say you're six and one he just beat a top twenty team on the road and he hasn't played a second yes that's a real tribute to the death of this team and how these guys have pulled together and guys stepping up and and. Taking bigger roles so yeah he's he's going to be you. If if if he's in shape and I don't know how that works coming off his injury I've ever dealt with this one so. He's in his and it's going to be hard for him to. Be real sharp with everything that we're doing because he's watched but he's not participated in. We would hopefully he will be able to overcome all that it could be a tremendous addition when he built. Helping. You've seen a couple of zones for much of big game already a couple of times this year's one of his biggest race one of the things he can add that. Ability deflation or at the high post and into some of those weak spots in zones with his both length and skill seductive to take advantage of. Yeah he he's a multi dimensional player he can flash do those things he can play they can't shoot it he can rebound it. Guys expert A has asked me you know such as we say here he has game. There's very few holes of his game other than being a bigger stronger guy but he has developed upper body street. In the last couple years our program so hopefully. Give him eligible but not eligible for him healthy. And from that point forward figuring out where to insert him into the lineup. 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Welcome back to work Monday night coaching show. Gregg Marshall which doctors six and. Want ranked sixth in both major polls this week after their 6962. Minute trailer. On Saturday afternoon breaking mailers 46. Game. Home court winning steak and a shocker here now 68. And fourteen. On the road true road games in the last seven plus years. Cuts we had an opportunity the week that it all came down to talk about. Five of your six incoming recruits but you didn't have one signature let yet and I don't wanna ask you that Alex Lomax the very highly regarded point guard. From Memphis Alex Lomax is as a kid that soccer fans really enjoy he is he is. Personal he's a winner that's that's the word that you used to describe him what regardless of the team they use high school middle school. When he's on the team that team wins and that's that's what you want from your point guards democracies afraid of being believed or. Marcus. Malcolm Armstead or shall recommend or even a clever Hannah. Or to rate Murray bit and he's he's a guy that shot repairs were enjoyed strong she's tough he competes at the highest level. He he can drive it he can shoot the three he makes his free throws he makes big. Place he's a winner. We're real excited. Her colleagues that an unbelievable job we've we all went up here a couple of times but congress that took the leadoff man getting this kid to come out. From Memphis to join the which custody shocker basketball program was a coup he had a lot of big time schools recruiting him. So we're just excited. He has family here his folks it's around here. Two good enough about. Making that decision that choice. To join our program it can't we coach. As you just touched on a lot went into getting him to decide to come here and death. Are here rod ground not friends have played together. AAU ball or summer all or something and it was that a factor now. No there actually were two rival high schools actually UT it's not something that we had to overcome. And I hit what I ask you not run also he he you mutually made the decision for him to Richard this year as you touched on he's a guy that it could have helped especially some of the Major League games with. Marcus out at one thing that really impressed us we've watched him a couple of times. Before home games he's out here early before the team comes out Donnie Jones and whoever. Working on things and he put me at 45 minutes one night really hard work and you could tell he really wants. Well he's an athlete. He's he's hell like Zach brown. He's gonna have to become a Greek defender he's gonna have to use them that witnesses. He's gonna have to continue to develop his skills. But I think he I think he really wants it that's that's. Paramount he's got you don't want it because there's some work to be done. He's not ready to Sydney went down three spot. Help us win more than as background. Or. Markets we definitely becomes eligible so. We've we've made the decision to Richard he was supposed to be high school QQ but there's a rule he turned nineteen. And he could not play as a senior and obviously Tennessee so he was gonna have to prep school or. Go ahead reclassified as a good student and very conscientious young men so. And he he signed with this thinking that that was a good possibility that you would richer. And he what's he got here he solved it. How big strong and Smart these kids were the teams competing against that's solidified. His decision to Richard. I didn't even talked to one peaches who's kind of assumed that that was what he was gonna do. In so we get four more years of him he'll have a better understanding our system he's naturally strong. They're great body walking in the doors so it's just a matter now him how much how much more to he has toughness. And conversely as yard the guard is playing this year had and certainly don't know there was some feeling that. The benefit was ham would be even if he doesn't get a lot of actual game time that's still applies. As opposed to sitting and watching when you've got four of your 45 men walking out. The doors he uses here it hit the his. The necessity for him to be very good player next year. It's so great because of big guys that we have leaving a program by graduation. So we felt like we need to get him some game experience meant to be nice to have that. That this year you never know about that fit your kids to Perot they transfer. The day. Whatever the bottom line is different and you're gonna get through the years so. We decided to play here there's going to be some games and he was very good practice today there's going to be some teams where. He will help us win this year I believe that of course you know we we put a lot of in two this year we we. We got six seniors I mean that's we've had five a couple of ties with Iraq at six. So it's a big you know force making the transition to the new league and tremendous nonconference schedule. End. We think that he is going to help us win games this year and hopefully benefit from. Getting some minutes in other games. And hope hopefully we have some blowouts we used to have a lot of blowouts like it I can work these guys and it. And give him some minutes and coach of not just like the starters in the game but that hasn't happened so far we haven't had very little house so. Who's playing such good competition. They're through those those type games park. And you mentioned after the Savannah State game you pleased he got in for a few minutes of that one thing please use the only recently went and got the ball both Hansen and chose. Growth yet we're working on some different drills with him Jews. Rebound out of this period giving it would two hands keeping it high sticking it back in the square here or duck it. He's he's terminal he should he do fifteen foot jumper today in the practice. He was at times he had this seemingly. Mike down. Let's talk about South Dakota State products on it you you mentioned Mike Dunn might dumb as a 69 redshirt junior. Who in his first two collegiate seasons has scored well over thirteen hundred points I just saw this today. Since 1992. Only Stefan curry and Allen Iverson. Scored more in their first two division one seasons and Mike dom and he is slightly ahead of Doug McDermott those of the top four in the last 25 years in division one basketball. You could put the ball in the basket he could shoot it he. It for those few who everybody knows. Larry Bird that's that's over fifteen years old so. That's who I would call him Larry Bird he's not Larry Bird and we'll put that oversaw him but he has taxing scheme. Not a great athlete but he's got huge shoulders long arms. Shoots a three posts. Rebounds it. These are leading scorer and the leading rebounder they run offense through him with the storm the Balkans good pastor. Very very good player Tony junior. He had twenty points in the game here last year and and didn't really force things he losing fourteen efficient from the field. Whose best suited to may be guard him. A couple of guys obviously being like. I'm trying to think in the NBA who market plucked from the music and art. The that's. The guy ERT. Currently the Richard Kelly's here to get some time heat guard ponson Colson. Zach brown might get some time and he does it give up several inches. Some music scene today is the way they start it's going to be a difficult match for us. They've got a big guy and they got him. And so I don't see it if they don't start the big guy then they did the other McDonald goes to the five the other dues stretch for. Shaq can't guard stretched for so Shaq would have to guard this guy so we're we're going back and forth over my cute she actually have to guard there's guys with. And Victor Willis resume our guard Shaq guard I guarded and so yeah I don't know I don't know I hope it's going to be guard him by committee. And certainly this is a team they've lost two guys that they lost two starters from last year you played this team last year those were their other leading scores most of them had fifteen but they do have a a lot of guys that this is a veteran team and certainly have a handful of guys at least she's not quite last year. On this is a very very itself courtesy Jack rabbit you're gonna see. Size that witnesses street. Veterans I mean there there's juniors and seniors. So it's it's going to be we're gonna have to play well and we don't play well we come out flat. Which I don't anticipate because. Which we've try to be very honest whether teams that don't don't worry about the Baylor game that's over. Don't worry about what's coming up this coming Saturday we have a tough team Tuesday night. And I think that they will come out ready to defend. And rebound it. We think it scored its that's not their Forte last year they were strictly 131. This year there. The end of the defense team similar to what he sees northern Iowa. He hit it one time you could see four or five guys with at least to fortunately. This is a team I would say they shoot. A lot of threes but that's become a relative term after playing Savannah State which took 55 from beyond the arc but they do averaged 27. Three point attempts per game and they have several different guys on the team that are capable. Well you have to make those that they're gonna make some. You have to make them tough looks you have to make some tough attempts he can't he can't let it get defeats that if you play horse came with these guys are trouble. You have to you have to that's why defense as is his defense can't. It's hard to measure defense how much how important it is but it's very important to me so I want to make sure every one of those three pointers is contested. Then there's a hand in the face some remnants shooter and at least they get they can't just concentrate on the program. Listening to shut her head coach Gregg Marshall to soccer's a South Dakota State echo arena tomorrow night. And then on to Oklahoma State on Saturday we'll talk a little bit about that seemingly come back to wrap things. Another smile power. Or experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no Smart he got command and I can't believe this contract. 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We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green which road. But the fact of the great Marshall show Wichita State. Ready to host South Dakota State tomorrow night cookery today game gets underway at 7 o'clock our broadcast begins at six. On what those three point seven we are here. Typically every Monday night from six to seven with this coach's show he gave me a hard time earlier votes on these games are exciting and fun for me. You actually had a chance to enjoy yourself a little bit hearing me close exciting event that you didn't have to have the stress of coaching and you'd assembly wrong a lot of the volleyball match on Saturday night after we got that from what. Yeah I think it was that was tremendous seasons for the which dusty shocker women's volleyball team. To win twenty games and road when it's new improved conference. To go and receive a whole mood. Match or two matches actually to do it for the right through the sweet sixteen so we retired we were excited. We were happy and we started talk what's what's there. Our game was over. We realized we were gonna get back about 5 o'clock 530 something like that just just in time take your stuff home change or clothes. Beat the dog let him now and then come back to the game and I ask Brian home greener side if there's any chance it. We can't sit somewhere and reserve sections than that because we had 72. Plus took me 200 plus people. At the matches. And I've never seen a volleyball match with that much electricity that much energy. And our girls worked so hard so well coached. Limbo does a wonderful job with this that I'm I'm going to me it. This would have been the best Saturday. When you come I mean. Two programs and if they could go on to the sweet sixteen in Coca arena and we were just coming back offer a winning on the road can disagree Baylor team what do Saturday for. For shocker athletics but. Missouri Missouri. Have a great team. So many athletes that come matches of me if there was a couple girls jumped from the back line to us despite the ball is just amazing. But how about a hand for those shocked about. And they're inaugural season of American athletic conference so. I know it in the that's that's just. Warren maybe three years and they've had since I've been here and it's a beautiful sport to watch it really years. In terms of that's their plan that he had time to change clothes feet to that client goes straight there and six it's will forces what do you think that America that. Let's talk about and obviously your focus is pretty much entirely on South Dakota State coming up on Saturday afternoon at Oklahoma State that's been one of those programs you've been able to get to play here in the area home at home the big twelve opponent and then. Certainly gave that. There is paid back or whatever from last year that was not one of the best performances have these moments of last that's. Louis not that was that was one of the rare times where I just went out that arena shaking my head what about what witness what just happened what just transpired we were not. We were not ready for referred for Oklahoma State last year that falls on me. We will be ready this year can't guarantee a win obviously they're very good program. Proud heritage. At their place. New coat it's seen a lot of the same players a couple of seniors graduated one with the pros you want Evans but. That are that are really good so that will be another challenge similar to the Baylor game. And even more than a lot of coaches. Have I I would save more of a sense of the history of the game and some of the traditions of the game what was Gallagher hall it was a show place than it was built or renovated at a Gallagher either read it you look forward to it. To playing in venues like that and you did that a lot. And you were went up as I had to do a lot of Winthrop because we were we had to go get. Paid to play those games I've never been done on the on this from the campus up and down to Carson creek and play golf couple times. Which is where the Oklahoma State men's and women's golf team practice and play but I've never been to. On the campus of Oklahoma State's I'm looking forward to seeing it just do more familiar with that the the region and obviously the game is not going to be fun but we've got to we've got to do when you're compete and try to. Try to do you did this past Saturday. Coach thank you will see the second trip Marshall looked exhausted at South Dakota State tomorrow night at Charles North Korea get sister my game gets underway at 7 o'clock. And that Saturday afternoon at Stillwater 3 o'clock news tip time against Oklahoma State. And the shocker is with finals week coming implement having week between games the Oklahoma State game Stillwater in the old U game. At Entrust. The following Saturday that an exciting time of the year thanks to all of you who joined us again coming up next keep that Adams. Talking shocker women's basketball they haven't even Missouri State this week and get back home against him Casey. And then coming up from eight to 830 our final Chris Plante show of the year as we recap a sensational. Shocker volleyball season again Wichita State's men's basketball six and one. And sixth in both polls this week. We'll see you tomorrow night at cookery and Steve strain on next to keep that.