Grenade launcher left at a Tampa Florida Goodwill

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 1st
It was loaded... with a live grenade.

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Ninety sevenths 1540 okay ten ASEAN Stephenson mourning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward now 630. 63049. Degrees. Two people were injured after crash and east of Wichita Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of K 254 and web rose. Highway Patrol reports a car and truck collided the driver of the car hospitalized in critical condition. And a seven year old child was hospitalized in serious condition the driver of the other vehicle refused medical treatment. Federal investigators on the scene of a deadly train crash in Virginia about 200 congressional don't know Republicans were all that train heading to a policy retreat. Senator Republican Jeff flake says the crash brought back memories of another traumatic experience just reminded me of just six or so months ago. Thumb on the baseball field when house majority whip Steve still lease was shot during practice for a baseball game I thought after that time I never wanted to experience a day like this against a lease was not among the Republican lawmakers traveling to a policy retreat when the train struck a garbage truck and rural Virginia one person in the vehicle died the railroad crossing where the collision occurred is equipped with warning signs roadway gate arms flashing lights and a warning bell Steve Rappaport Fox News Kansas congressman Roger marshals on that train was his wife. Marshall tells king is in use he had other passengers who are doctors arrested helping the injured man who had been on the garbage truck. I don't fit in it could not find the Pall on the restart we we started EP OR retried chalk it you know we did everything you just. They've not been argued back. They were able to stabilize the other man who was taken to a hospital US senator Jerry Moran was in Wichita yesterday on a listening tour. Taking an SS news asked the Kansas Republican what kansans are concerned about. Cadillac the patient this year and a course which started out with a lot of interest in health care repeal those who support repeal it portable care act obamacare those who opposed it. They ensure that that actors. And more recently immigration. Has been the topic of conversation so there's been a after preset them but things that drive people to the town hall meeting that have strong opinion. Moran says he thinks president Trump's first state of the union speech was quote a good solid set of remarks you think you know all the symptoms of the flu to look out for. We have a mom's warned about one that often gets overlooked. At least 37 children are known to have died in the US from the flu nearly double what we saw last year. So owners Brody Willard of Blair Nebraska posted on social media that she's been on the lookout for signs of the disease in her some like fever and body aches. But then her son came home with hives on the back of his arm. She called the family pediatrician it would seem those type spoke for he tested the bowing down in positive for influenza B. Even though the child had no other symptoms Heinz dot org and other skin associated web sites confirm. Highs can be a symptom of the flu till NATO Fox News. A. Tennessee high school student. Suspended after posting an anti bullying video sixteen year old Lebanon Tennessee high school student Emily Gibson thought she was doing a good thing or posting this video criticizing the school for not stopping bullying. People can make a lot of others that get punished because there's not rumor well I think we can do about it and say today. Kids will be. This after a classmate committed suicide but the principal says the video was recorded in a classroom without the teacher's permission and slapped kicked send with a two days suspension for trying to incite violence the video now going viral Gary Baumgarten. Fox News don't look at the forecast with Kenneth says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan look good morning your colder weather pattern is settling into south central Kansas temperatures today near 37 was strong northeast winds during the afternoon and clear and much colder tonight double seventeen. And will be breezy tomorrow Friday site 42 back in the low fifties by Saturday and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Halladay. Now partly cloudy 29 degrees in north wind at nine miles per hour 634 we Stephen jedi hero Thursday morning. And I'm bringing my prayer prior coffee there's your mug right there yet and if you're not drinking prairie fire coffee abort your boss doesn't love you at this. You defied all kinds of treasury of the thrift store but someone decided to donate something to a goodwill store near Tampa Florida. That could have left a lasting impression a grenade launcher don't know loaded will live grenade and who. The weapon ended up with the other donated items at the thrift store Sunday employees contacted authorities. Deputies disposed of the active grenade and Hazmat blocker in the launcher restored in law enforcement agencies property room. It's not clear who donated the items but who in the heck has it. Owns a grenade launcher. With a live grenade this story we've heard before so grenades grenade launchers and being spent donated it. Probably wanna get rid of it need to know now who White House chief of staff John Kelly says a Los Angeles area high school teacher ought to go to hell. We're disparaging US military service members in classroom remarks. The retired marine general blasted Gregory cell seat oh yesterday in an interview on Fox News radio. In a video that's surfaced last week the teacher is heard B rating at teenage student. Who wore a Marine Corps sweatshirt saying military people were the lowest of our low. The teacher is now on leave and wanted to step in again if he's he's talked about military people who are not bright how bright is this guy. He doesn't understand the people. Take those comments and he'd probably take his job from and that's a ridiculous protect us. They talk about people are not Smart do it. Smartest people I know our military people. And I guess I know you know some whizzes out there Maria don't know what they're doing really sharp people does that just ridiculous. I've got another look for you today Ted this is. And I am sorry I dyke can't go too far into it how leads compiled this but it's one of those things get off the web he's a scratch your head and say all. I gained eight food line up graphic created by a General Mills research group. Is based on recipe search data from popular sites. Most of the state dishes these are this most popular it's Super Bowl dishes Oca that. Most of the state dishes include typical watch party entertainers such as caiso cheese dip and buffalo chicken wings tell you love that caiso and a but let me share this with you somebody's invite you know big Super Bowl party with unlimited case of it went to that debt. And what's that web said he too would go to General Mills you can see it there if you're if you're curious about it. How the biggest one in Nebraska for Super Bowl hot wings. I would imagine that that's that's off color you know Oklahoma and get this now Oklahoma. Stuffed mushrooms and classy yeah. Yeah those people out there Oklahoma now and straight up too much you're not like stuffed mushrooms. I don't know Miro and I love but I wouldn't think oklahomans would go with I think they reduce up but to be something a little more basic. Here's what it really is is mind boggling for Kansas Lloyd reality up what is a favorite snack. On Super Bowl Sunday in Kansas. Chips assaults dill pickle soup. I don't even know what is I don't know anyone who knows what that is and yet General Mills Hussein and that's the congress that this is stupid the ideas that aren't yet sure where you because. Once again if you see anything on what that. Serve hey hey they like debt. Take it for what it is implicated say. Really and we believe that I don't what that's first question I'm asking is someone invites legal party on Sunday again need to don't think it'll be serving dill pickle suit. Andy you wanna get in touch with General Mills and say you people really have your heads that far up your hands that you don't know any better than that well they just fox you you mentioned in their company's name about eight and a round last minute matter take out what they want to date taking advantage of my good intentions here. Our belt bomb on their website I can't find this thing you can't iPad while yet so. Maybe being too complicated. Man. Or maybe somebody's trolling General Mills and that's not a real time. I'll look out on to you know look it's it's it's like they get a graphic. Key game gave Carolina credit anyway it's a big Mac you click on a day. Right I just set that Tom Loeffler of left for commodities is a huge fan of dope little super. The I don't think it's. I've got to makes me I don't know how I. But ruined my life Kevin didn't get until they didn't put the lord has plotted in the feeders they treated me good movie of the week. A case cattle could this week has been between one point 41 point six. In 200 dollar in the meat. We can't throw reported no big surprises just ripped through a total inventories up 1% over a year ago. Now all Cameron Pete Rose 7% lower due to an increase of 900 dealt and we had. From the year ago we know yesterday closed on the negative side. Yesterday includes Opel alive Gelb how important part of lower rent when he can no need to large dinners two dollars and twelve cents or 140 titles I've. April remote 65 cents or seventeen point five. After five straight sessions of trading higher in the record including teachers wouldn't he trade would include they didn't. Like a prison is that they applied despite the presence selling affirmed selling his continued overnight had moderate trading volume. With what they embody our great mentally complexes. George Casey wondered Nell six in the quarters cent lower at four dollars 615. It's corn build a penny at 360 and yet. Art so you can straighten seventy cents lower at 19883. Quarters it could grow more than 41 entirety by the fourteenth. It will go about coming up lower at thirteen 14160. More just continue to recruit locally hired they don't. 826 may have the most dollar index is excellent port 88 ninth. Mort says didn't he just 43 point 426092. He the commodity trading great marketing advisory codec that's a commodity on the program whereby you can 866 coup ten. Clear that is give bettors can uses anybody and I know Andy you're not familiar though with the dill pickles loop. Call on connect twelve general and General Mills purely knows what they're talking about. I'm going to stop giving them anymore published it if it's. You have a Super Bowl snacks favored I don't really I think the idea are you gonna watch Super Bowl unit to a party putting and if. I he had not a big Super Bowl watch duke IE you are so. Well Roy debated since Super Bowl smoke screen for watching commercials. I've moved to Rhode Super Bowl party in my life. And this year I think got a whole new year I was I admit they themselves. So you're not a big football fan. No way and I even became wrestled the ball spin for the taking a Mandarin and there's really. Yeah I think you're gonna that they a lot of people who feel that way splitting. And you've been to parties is there a favorites parties that you like is not I've been it. Couple Super Bowl pars not what I liked it's I like those little Sweeney's they have that Dick and yet no barbecue sauce in Santa. You have any mix Google I love those. But then just hammer makeup back to those in you can sit around watch turner classics that day. What are. I know you heard much of a football player at any do you like sports at all. Well I live code basketball and I like to a certain extent college football most of the protein diet no laws didn't use because it turned into a body movement. I just have lost interest bit. Now he's talking like beach volleyball allegiance to the bedrock. Not to understand the game Orlando and in fact. Thank you time 641 make it 642 now Stevenson coming up Doug grant. CA FP the money tractor on the way get Friday or even dead in the morning. On KN SS. Independence is rewarding but sometimes that means accepting the.