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Steve & Ted
Friday, June 22nd
Basically, nothing fun is allowed. 

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In early season Morrissey backwards Ted Woodward and 730 now on the third day. The Texas secretary of State's office has issued a written instructions to county elections officials. Telling them to immediately implement a federal court ruling that struck down the State's proof of citizenship voter registration law. The State's two page directive was emailed Wednesday to local election officials. Wichita city staff recommending closing down LW clap golf course which by city manager Robert Leighton tells Qaeda send news. The recommendations that follows a recent analysis of all the public courses in the city. Claps since 2012 is lost 600000 dollars because of the magnitude is not something that we can do if we just do a little bit more in terms of marketing. And advertising we've we've tried that. It helped a little bit but it won't it can't turn the system around the way it is. For now this is just a recommendation from city staff and hasn't been for finalized the part borders having a special meeting Friday to discuss the closure about the final vote will have to come from the City Council. Marijuana will be legal nationwide in Canada starting October 17 in a move that should make it should take market share away from organized crime and protect the country's youth. Prime minister Justin Trudeau says the senate gave final passage of the bill to legalize Canada's Tuesday. Legislation that would make Canada only the second country in the world to make pot legal across the country. Trudeau says provincial and territorial governments need the time to prepare for retail sales apple continues to build content for its soon to debut streaming service. Apple is going into business with sesame workshop the company announcing it is given a multiple series order to the nonprofit organization including live action and animated series officially part of a slate of children's programming for Apple's upcoming streaming service the long running Sesame Street program is not part of the deal Sesame Street is on HBO with three runs airing on PBS stations last week apple announced a deal with Oprah to develop programming for the streaming service police careless Dara Fox News. Fake allegations have real consequences one college student found out the hard she never named suspects but claimed shoes grabbed from behind and raped while her attacker held her face and throat it allegedly happened is a Michigan woman walked to work car in the parking lot of delta college and the only issue their claims fell apart once investigators began questioning the 21 year old -- -- Cal's game now admits to making the whole story up a judge sentencing heard a 45 days in jail she'll be on probation for two years following the term shall also have to be tested for drugs and alcohol and get substance abuse counseling Kevin battled Fox News federal prosecutors say three Kansas men allegedly made counterfeit money. To buy Jordan brand athletics yours. US attorney Stephen McAllister said the news release that 21 year old Douglas blocker Tony two year old Cornelius Wilson and 22 year old trade on the Garrity all of Wichita. We're indicted Tuesday. They allegedly used a photocopy machine to make counterfeit money. Prosecutors allege blocker paid one person at a shopping center 480 dollars and state bills for four pairs of Jordan shoes. The indictment alleges all three men paid a second person 520 dollars and they bills for three additional pairs of shoes. The three are charged with counterfeiting and passing counterfeit currency. Blocker is charged with another count a passing counterfeit currency. Any web KN SS news. And all the forecast with K it is a stampede urologist damn holiday good morning Dana good morning summer has officially arrived in Wichita and temperatures actually go in reverse a bit today in fact he'll be running below normal for this time of year with strong northwest winds are high 85 he will be clear breezy and 62 overnight. And then sunny and not as windy tomorrow with a high 87 I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy 65 degrees would go to west wind at seven miles per hour. Only a rain and cooler temperatures across Kansas Wednesday which ties high yesterday 89 normal high 88. Rain recorded their Eisenhower airport I guess you could call it rained Ted tune of hundreds of an inch. I'm Gupta about the shoe tops of a net. 21. Hundreds of an inch and as you heard summer began at 507 central time this morning did. We can officially begin wearing our Bermuda shorts to work right first two and a half hours of summer have been sent how it all adapt to elect spraying them now. It's celebrating just a little bit off on naval calendar there on this date June 21 1953. And extremely dangerous severe thunderstorm. Tore through the Wichita metro area winds were measured and exactly 100 miles per hour when the anemometer. Broke out here. That's as that's pretty bad measures wind speeds got stuck right there at the mile and the hail was at least golf ball size is around nine million dollars damage resulted that was on this date in nineteen. 53 early fifty's meet you know what else happened on the state does is 1788 New Hampshire. Became the ninth and last necessary state to ratify the constitution of the United States. Thereby making the got a document the law of the land. And it. Generating controversy and arguments to this day now and that's it's it's an interesting document because. It spells out everything well almost everything that as situations change. Then you have to cannery adjusted he would when that letter read what they mean but it was a res vote and we don't get an amendment going very which went via. What we have the equal rights amendment that was it's still out there us now and it's never been actively think in my lifetime I think there was an amendment for. Succession or something like the item on the presidents like there. I don't remember committee members of my nineteen billion after the to the constitution by the amendment is the way we change colors only been a couple dozen since coming out since via. It takes a nation started takes a lot of time it takes a lot of attention to it to change constitution in anyway. That's part of the geniuses they saw the change may be necessary and it. Gave everyone after them the ability to make those candies didn't want to make change real quick right night they wanted to be yet. A difficult process but they wanted to be pots and this is speaking of that this goes back to the founding fathers back in 1776. Which is. The title of a musical. Show going on and hear what stunner the next week the week after that Ted Woodward in the middle of and tell us about it you're going to be on the legacy. At the dates July 123 July 1 second and third. Center for the performing arts at denied he won 12 east central tentatively planned John Adams I'm playing John Adams. Pretty key role among our founding fathers. Interestingly on the musical tells about the process of writing the declaration of independence on about how that all came about I'd. Authorities say no this is our storage for today for you will folks out there who wonder about that in adults and setting an example for the kids right. Bush tea high school coach in New Mexico was booked on suspicion of aggravated battery for striking another coach with a vehicle during a dispute. State police say mark Martinez a coach at Robertson high school in Las Vegas to Mexico arrested Wednesday. For the may eleventh attack on the other coach whose identity has not been released. The victim and coaches for wrestling club that's allowed to use the school's facilities for practice. Police say the coaches had been up to fight. After the got into a dispute over text messages. Martinez accused the other coach of throwing a rocket is windshield. That's apparently liked it and I've offering and certainly glad our city league coaches don't. Be engaged in behavior like this. I have EPA not covered a lot of things you can see Weston shards yet you think a lot of city that you were seeming like who them. Oh OK here it is this is the big story today attendees of this past weekend's. Car free. Day. Festival in Vancouver British Columbia could choose from a standard fare burgers sandwiches ice cream OND 38 dollar. Bottle of un filtered hot dog water. The unusual beverage was billed as Tito compatible gluten free rich in sodium and shown to increase vitality and brain function. Of course such a miraculous beverage commands a hefty price 38 dollars for bottle or Father's Day special too but the models for 75 bucks. Sign age on the vendors white tent advertise the hot dog water as a creation of Allen A labs. But it was actually the brainchild of Douglas Evans hot dog water CEO and an artist who tells global news he created it as a stunt. Paris hospital. In its urges. He calls it a commentary on product marketing and especially. Sort of health quackery product marketing. Tie an electric lights well done we saw of the design traits soft photo of it on the yeah on the Internet. Yeah really a product is that radiation that we obligated by Edmonds a media messed me. Hot dog war it was it was just a it was just a nice looking. Hi expensive bottle of water and there was indeed eight I'll talk to all loading and it in the water and day so it's not just the water there actually is get a hot dog to protein in there. So called the what do you it's what compatible. Quito which means one what does that ET oh compatible. I'm sure it's science on me about it. Chad's gonna look it up until what Quito means you're invincible I'm no ideal that must be something else it's gluten free. Richard sodium. Now while. Sizing up as the football game to a kid's ball games and he showed Janet diet he threw Ginny with him what. Our own. One of those low carb things maybe now. You can well other you know what it it would be low and cards I would guess kinda you know. And he's we should have a big have a doctor on the show to tell us what he told me now issued a pose that question to doctor signs on juice on Digg duked it would have no we had about a few of the time now yak and imagine asking doctor son Jake you today it's hot dog water is good for you and his a what kind of beverages or Quito compatible doctor Zito compatible. Well will do little research maybe we can kinda Tito yeah you that I don't care oh okay well white. Did you bring up that has not even me I thought you were used to termite Lott and Arnold doesn't mean it'll actually curious. You know what muses about the auction. Temperature that great quote. Journalism is about telling people that the lord Jefferson is dead without knowing who would portrait of you know that's accurate here it is and you get it's up to do out there you listeners. See we don't try to tell you how to think you just got to make your knowledge that somebody out there knows what Tito Hisham. I suppose. And even hot dog water it is a joke. Don't spend 38 but not open to jokes that they could be like by an artist not native Laura lock it's more of a artists last statement the be like that pat rocker as the mood or his version of sarcasm or irony. Perhaps. All right hot dog war. 742 seasons. On gay and assess the if it ever editor bill wanted to which the business journal also talk about the new air force tankers will be in what thoughts and that's all the way. Even deaths on K and assess.