Happy Alabama Day

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 14th

It is also National Bouillabaisse day, so enjoy your fish broth.


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He's had been. I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country but I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. Thirty K and the answer as we are even in the morning now. 8:47. On the Thursday morning pretty big thing. Congress moving ahead with plans to overhaul the tax code that's it thank rubbed in east of Wichita line. Fifteen year old girl shot in north Wichita. Three big things Steven dip one K and SS. The gasoline prices up here in Wichita area this morning seem to be coming down a little bit lots of places that there's still 219 gallon. Spotted 2:18 this morning Douglas and cinecast. 217 so that at. Broadway in Kellogg so gasoline prices coming down and it's a little bit today traffic update from Kate and Texas radio and catch Jaber. Mostly cloudy and cooler today with a high of 49 degrees partly cloudy and cool tonight. Fueled it including six Friday sunny tomorrow's night 52. No mostly cloudy 37 degrees and got a north wind at ten miles per hour seemed to have more he gets a bad news coming from. Wichita City Hall where officials are working to Ruth really Wichita city hall of bed bugs. Which are you reporting that the bugs have been found in the building's fifth floor and houses. Some which is police officers including their public relations division public records and warrants. City spokesman event put himself in a statement that a treatment plan has been developed to get rid of the bugs. Says the goal is to provide a safe environment for employees and citizens the willingness bugs feed off human and animal blood. Ted Woodward you're going to the police and watched today is on the fifth floor that is on the fifth floor. I think and what's happened here on TV I'm suspecting it. Maybe one of the media people yes a year already blaming on the media's on the media are there every day now maybe the media people bringing into headlights as well and maybe some bubonic plague. And bed bugs I don't know I feel that I'm. Pretty hygienic I think you're too figured and clean is how Lily Wu from cake seems to be well groomed up and do invasive. Mean I believe the media briefing is I think we're free and clear OK things that the media this and I don't think it's our fault. The care about this stuff. I know I guess I have no proof like you know completely share. US consumers went on a shopping binge last month led by gains among on line retailers electron electronics firms and furniture stores Commerce Department says sales at retailers and restaurants jumped eight tenths percent in November from the previous month. After a 510% gain in October now those are good numbers and you a Gupta half percentage point. Consumers' willingness to splurge could give the economy a boost in the final three months of the year right here at christmastime have a pen. The number of Americans applied for unemployment benefits fell by 111000 last week to 225000. The lowest in nearly two months and another sign the US. The US workers are enjoying it stopped at a job stability. Overall one point 89 million Americans are collecting unemployment checks down more than 7% from a year earlier unemployment claims by the way. Our proxy for lay offs of this indicates stability that the not too many people work. You know throw folks up the door and airport Christmas that's a major stock indexes finished mostly higher yesterday it was small companies notching big gains. As lawmakers in the house and senate reached a deal on a sweeping tax reform package. The S&P 500 is the one point. The index closed at Malta at all time highs Monday and Tuesday the Dow gained over eighty. NASDAQ added thirteen points apparently small companies to Spain and investing and his commitment to next. Deal will be good for them tied to its 851. Now Stephen Ted in the morning Kansas congressman. Ron Estes sponsoring his security bill editor bill Roy and switched on business journal is with us to tell us all about it about a bill. Good morning Stephen Kenya a bill streamlining general aviation aircraft security procedures has passed the US House of Representatives the bill sponsored by fourth district congressman Ron Estes and authorizes the Transportation Security Administration. To update spreadsheets commercial charter operators use. Use off duty TSA personnel for their passengers screenings and the appointment of a full time person. To act as a liaison with general aviation. Which is kind of had a business association a new board of directors Ian more relevant trust bank is the new chairman Jim Dunning junior of dining & Associates CPAs. We'll service first vice chairman twenty people served on the we've aboard the entire list due board members on the what's obvious after a web site. And the Wichita business journal's career women program this year coming to a close many women who joined groups say they wanted to work network and take advantage of entering opportunities. Princeton children's center owner Regina Miller says she's coming away from the program with relationships the last a lifetime. Members are getting together in this evening for a mixture also a big day where handing out the best places to work awards at a luncheon. At the highest we'll have three overall winners will be be announcing the bear. And that will be announced and on the website tomorrow local breaking business news every day on can assassin with a top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. One can only assume that since we haven't been invited. Are companies like going to be honored today so accurate. Your company and I don't think was nominated together as and nominate yourself channeling that requires someone would have to maybe fill out some paperwork court usually like yeah. There's some initial information that we want and the these scores are chosen by employees employees take surveys. And the higher the score the higher you are being them on the top ten or top fifteen. Mostly I just assumed that it was Entercom radio number one Wichita business journal number two I only missed I assume is the third. Rattling out from the today is national Alabama day recognizing the heart of Dixie. The 22 state to join the union Alabama has played pivotal roles in US history. Scientific advancement and it's significant landscapes attract visitors from far and wide. To say nothing of the elections I hold on there that are very current interest in the news played very percent Y has now finally did that. And that Tony second guesses if they they became stuck it. Alabama and he did also national bullion based day. Saw it. Their food the French food inspires travel to France for a taste of the upside William bass is on the list of must have cuisine. Originating in the port city of march Seibu wheelbase is at stations do. This is that this is a big day for ten every time we get together and yet. Not saying anything about William basically am on no kids. He PG blatant it only comes once a year yeah that today I today. Now made using bony rockfish saffron. Fennel seed and orange zest sells a list. I'm just yet don't get me started on bony rock fish that McKiver Fries and I'm there that's a national we have Tuesday. Thank you bill eight good guy and Stevenson coming else. Data says here's a dying recoveries is moving ahead with a tax bills Stevens and a fun day in a sense.