Happy Anniversary Steve and Shelly

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 18th
They were married on this date 48 years ago.

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Carlos ST thank you so often referred to. Partly cloudy 77 degrees. The remnants of hurricane help battle wildfires in the west. The moisture from her came by this curb wildfires burning in Colorado and Wyoming a wildfire in southwestern Colorado has burned more than fifty square miles since June 1. But local emergency management officials say the amount of rain that came in was the perfect amount to help fire brokers. But there's concern the rain could trigger flash floods in the areas that have already burned. In Wyoming prior murders were able to get more of a handle on a fire burning near the Colorado State line. Because of the extra moisture. Rob Dawson Fox News. As a Latino population grows in southwest Kansas its residents are beginning to talk with a new actions even those who do not speak Spanish. K state said in a news release the researchers part of its chances speaks project which is docked in any language change because of rapidly changing demographics. They are calling this new way of speaking a liberal accents or liberal sound. Liberalism Seward county population 25000. About 59% of the town's population was Hispanic or Latino in 2010 according to the US census. A couple of decades ago it was about 20% Latino. The changes happening in and liberal are similar to how the Minnesota accent developed through northern European immigration to the region. The changes are more prominent and youths. Ronnie Price K and SS news the Justice Department's inspector general will testify in the house and senate this week. Following his long awaited report on the Hillary Clinton email probe. And the focus of that report may soon follow in the witness chair. Michael Horowitz will detail his findings before lawmakers his bombshell report found that former FBI director James Cooley was in subordinates in his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. But at the same time was not politically biased during that process. While congress hopes for more clarity there the Washington Post reports FBI agent Peter struck. Who was singled out in the IG report for his anti trump tweets would also be willing to testify without immunity and without taking the fifth. And he struck appearance has yet to be schedule colonel Scott Fox News. So a seven time jeopardy winner faces sentencing for cyber crimes 48 year old Stephanie Josh of tecumseh Michigan. Pleading guilty in this week to a charge of unauthorized computer access. And horny twelve her winning streak on TV's jeopardy set a record for female contestant. But when she said hedge July 20 she could get a prison sentence of up to five years. The jeopardy winner taught history of the small Michigan college she was able to sneak into the email accounts of other professors. Administrators and even students during a four day period last year the college reset everyone's passwords. And the signed everyone the same temporary password. Just logged into other people's email accounts without permission. She was fired Debbie Hadley Fox News. Despite smaller wheat crops on farmers are seeing higher profit yields Kansas farmers are harvesting a smaller winter wheat crop amid an ongoing drought. But the size of the crop is offset by some higher quality wheat and rising prices. Yields are down but test weights are mostly good cars are also seeing higher protein levels in many loads which leads to higher prices. Kansas is the nation's leading wheat producer even with the crop forecast be Nam 19% from last year. Amy what Kate and SS news. The oak leaf it's might has returned to Kansas. It is still relatively new test here Kansas State University horticulture at the biologists Raymond Floyd. It was introduced in 209. And then we've had really three dead years where 2014. 20152016. True west today. There really isn't any disease danger from the oak leaf it's from might. As it don't transmit such things but it will bite anyone and so on. Entomologists suggest to wearing long sleeves and gloves if you have to handle or rake the leaves. Now what the forecast with KSS staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning it's gonna be another hot humid day in Wichita but temperatures start to trend down a bit as a frontal boundary moves are way by mid week. The hi this afternoon 93. Tonight's closed 75. And a few storms possible on Tuesday with a high 91 with. A much better chance of rain on Wednesday and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy 77 degrees at a south wind at ten miles per hour at the oak leaf which might yes. I had Nancy got into some of that as I can be. Those bikes can be pretty bad can leave a pretty terrible rash on yet of the biggest thing is so many of them fall when they come off of those treason and those that. And those leaves that you get bit a lot. When you when you get it you get covered in this trashed it can be very that. And you're 23 year old Wal-Mart shoppers accused of making fraudulent returns of more than a thousand of the chain's stores across country. Thomas fried cater. Was arrested Wednesday officials said he made one point three million dollars worth of fraudulent returns at Wal-Mart stores and suspicion rove in the food maker. Attended to return a computer at a Wal-Mart in Yuma Arizona. The star reported it appeared he had taken parts of the machine before making the return. Yuma police department said it found for digger had committed similar fraudulent returns. At more than a thousand wal mart's over eighteen months. Now he thought he had a good thing only it is limited for awhile so I finally got him somebody who is of the head to heads up into adamant that royalist. And now he is in trouble big trouble with the ball. And in germ that intern and a New York City courthouse brought a fake grenade to work as a joke gift. And wound up setting the building and getting the building evacuated. Your police department said the 22 year old man was entering the queens courthouse Yediot but he triggered alarms and a security screening. Officers searched the man and discovered what appear to be an inert grenade and gift box. Intended to give to someone in the courthouse. NYPD later described it as a novelty gift saying it may have been an attempted frank. Building was evacuated for round two hours. To the bomb squad gave the all clear. Court spokesman told the daily news and get was not a wise move. Yeah obviously. How can you not be aware of active people are. Really sensitive about always viewed these guys and get these dumbing it down just an idiot not to. And he's not even for Florida usually have something report in Fargo. A woman inner China intertwined with a twelve foot bottle of alcohol 11 place. In the eighteenth annual Hampton beach master sand sculpting classic in New Hampshire. Able Waterman of price of Prince Edward Island Canada says his sculpture. Which also included devil on the backside end is titled temptation man represents the vices and life fancy yet know kitten. This panel on titles that not just your normal law you know castle now. Actually getting the Medicare prizes totaling 151000 dollars were awarded Saturday capping off three days of work involving 200 tons of sand prize money on. When you're a kid and you what did the beach did you do any sand. We. Not. Not my Forte and join a beaches and and first beach I may put sand in a bucket when he turned the military side and county at this beautiful little dome. Alison I guess that's more like a jello mold it happened to actually have little watering there again Soledad yeah this is accepting something it. Remember the first to beach ever went to I can remember him as sandy beach was down south Wichita. Never been that been down there make it's it's I think it's close but now the the fence and neat thing was they had eight I don't know apply there boxing ring that that was only still to went up into the water. Over the top of the water and you can get there I guess people get up there and box and they had one of those what they call those lines. If on zip line where he did go out there and all of them along that. Sand sandy beach was that south which starting tells senators and that'll say it but it was big in those days and them. All I can remember his endless endlessly replaying. Well letters in the sand by Pat Noonan on the piano and endlessly in the art today is gonna. And two yes. It's sandy beach then go to the disputed the ocean east York is pretty much the same thing only with pretty your water unseen hand that like to say. You make it's and Kelsey you think in the bucket of sand and turn it over there is. Beautiful that's done now all I got boundary created them and on money that I couldn't scope than in politics today is the eighteenth of June and a it's written on the inside this ring. The eighteenth of June. 1970 as the day I got married. My wife and I are celebrating our 48 the wedding and say hey. Congratulations. But to put on FaceBook this morning already had a number of Cummins. Telling me how lucky. I am. Announcing that you can't say that and on the end of what was gonna ride on the ship in. Chile's really fortune she has such a fine husband in order to put that I'd never see that I didn't see that. Always it never even heard that now. I never have either a congratulations cutesy kids aren't in to begin anniversary today so about that. She especially since the super six gold tour card. Play eighteen golds of golf and each of the six areas golf courses for only 49 bucks. At just over eight dollars for round by about cherry oaks cottonwood deals. Wellington Heston prairie trails. And gastric. I guess to comfort of the Adidas is dead and that is a super deal is go to Wichita perch dot com right there on our web it's easy enough in assists radio topic dot com which Toppert dot com. If you just go to Q and all sorts. It's a golf to have variant expense ever thought that his time here at fantastic deal 638 now Stephen did time McCain in essence commodities commodities update. We've mr. Tom Loeffler of what for commodities according Tom. Good morning skiing and riding somewhere like Tampa general context had a long history of the past three trading session. The new label really bad and close to the upside triple digit gains were price blows my just technical buying helped push the market higher as some cash cattle trader wanted to win twelve north episode part 113 and that looks like the boy that you are doing the right for the last week. On the closed Friday August live cattle up two dollars and nine cents higher at 177. Disputed settle for another thirty cents higher at one point 797. July load up and then that England have beaten. But I didn't like corn soybean contract mid contract closed. Symbol quarantine and women we have some of this contract. There was no place when you were talking rumored that the Clinton tips from China India I intend. In the Greenstock complaining reports from the US TA. And we saw last week like infinite greed and nineteen cents for the Riverside and brought denying Clinton and the record a lot of time period for the week couldn't overnight but mostly on the big east side like some people have them sent to promote it by twelve and three quarters percent according to him to include that 379 and three quarters of them being that the court of opinion nine billion recorders. Like crude oil trading putting them does blow to people were 79. August 03 and half dollar size 12182. Dollar bill if McCain seventeen and to a group went slower tune 767. The two of the Belgian. And until the dollar index. Seems simple and important truth. Into the bedrooms and 288 points lower rating at 2400921. But by the Detroit right marketing advisor contact center commodities on the program. I've written by using until 6 PM ten top. We got up to Friday afternoon there was it's Saturday again I want. Maybe it's Friday afternoon anyway I gotta mow my grass and I taiba mowing dirt. We need some rain really bad deal now. When you're damn I hope what they're probably just hear the beginning of the week turns to Lou it looks like they've backed off quite as much of a promise we will. Worthy there fortunately got a lot of different. All the radar showing almost nothing also. And actually going to be drive for a couple days here. We will keep things cardinal put Republican construe. Had an absolute right Michelle and I are celebrating a fortieth wedding anniversary today and how should public and you get the same thing I do and every mention that somebody. They say summing up boy you sure are lucky that your wife Mary do you know the delta if they give you that. And a high easier to do that did you hear you and are couple of up to me. Will be priced packages will be great catches in the in the in the guy worldly enough their it will always looking for a guy would meet be a couple of super guys. I can argue that the city. And yet I I don't and with the recognition that we still well great right our product but no. I just spent I think switches and deceit struggling was this. I have been around them otherwise we're pretty certain where does not make it so only. That's something the wise always drawn out you know the and I just saw that style left for the Kansas commodities update coming up Don Brandt CFB the bunny tracker what do you know about Social Security. That's all the way Stevens in the morning on K in a sense.