Happy Birthday "Air Bud"

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, August 1st
The film featuring the basketball playing puppy hit theaters on this day 20 years ago.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. She's Macintosh Ted Woodward did. Authorities in Wilson county in north central Kansas have arrested four people in connection with the marijuana growing operation including the head of the county health agency. Saturday morning to Wilson county sheriff's department search and search warrants of. Homes near buffalo they located numerous jars containing what is believed to be marijuana. Plastic trash bags containing what is believed to be marijuana. Marijuana plants cache numerous weapons and ammo and gardening paraphernalia at both locations. Wilson county Health Department administrator Todd Durham and three others were arrested at the scene. Now the forecast with K and as a staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Good morning is a weak disturbances sliding across southern Kansas that may keep a few scattered showers going for awhile but most of those who wanna be pushing out of southeast Kansas. Cloudy with a high today 84 so maybe a little bit warmer than yesterday. Tonight's Lou 68 tomorrow should be clearing warmer and 88 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Ali now 69 degrees south wind at five miles per hour. A Kansas lawmakers seeking a report from legislative auditors on recent inmate disturbances at the State's maximum security prison in elder radio state senator Laura Kelly to peca said Monday she's concerned that the department of corrections. Is not being transparent enough. The department confirmed incidents involving inmates refusing to return to their cells on May eighth to June 24 and June 29. But it has said they were less serious than some employees and their union described them Kelly said she wants auditors to investigate and report on what actually happened. But department spokesman said they are being transparent. The committee that directs the auditors work will consider caller's request an October. If the review goes forward a report would be ready by early next year Dan O'Neill K and SS news. A deadly weekend on which of those streets three men died in three traffic accidents one Friday another Saturday and another on Sunday. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the first case happened to demand on a motorcycle. Was heading northbound on West Street south of central when he collided with a Dodge Charger. Friday night was the fatality accident three and a block of north West Street. In the victim in the case will be Joseph. The care a twenty year old male Wichita. Nineteen traffic deaths have now been recorded in Wichita this year. Data collected in the annual point in time homeless count shows chronic homelessness in Wichita dropped 42%. From 2015 to 2017. Mayor Jeff Longwell tells Kate and SS news. And it's. Shifted the focus of some of these. Groups who have been helping with bat an eye and spam on government is going to call that is that we want as a that one of them well that'll work. Longwell commented during Monday's that the mayor on the Stephen attention on tape and assess a lawsuit has been filed over the widespread power outage in north Carolina's outer banks. It could take days or weeks to repair an underground transmission line damaged by a construction crew last week. Tens of thousands of tourists have been forced to flee the area. Governor Roy Cooper toured the affected area Monday saying the local residents are resilient. I have no doubt that they will be back and inaction. It's what is that power's turned back home and they're going to be ready together they're going to be ready for people all over the world to come back. The Olympics are coming back to Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announced Monday the city will once again host. The summer games. It's funny 28 we're bringing their games back to LA one of the great capitals of this Olympic movement. A city that has always been a games changer. LA also hosted the 1932 in 1984 summer games. It SS news time 8357. And a entertainment news the blur with Ted Woodward this morning dead that. One over very talented. Actor has passed away. But yes Sam Shepard and Shepperd again. Commandos using great playwright as well Sam Shepard has passed away. We'll also talk about a popular TV show continuing and the new cast member for a long running ship. Guess theoretically over here and Sam shepherd in the Oscar nominated movie role for which he's best known playing legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager in 1980 three's the right stuff the actor died Thursday of mail us at age 73 according to a family spokesperson as much as he was a respected actors shepherd was also considered one of America's greatest living playwrights winning the Pulitzer Prize for drama and nominated for a twice more. Arrested Development we'll get a fifth season on Netflix starred Jason Bateman revealed the news on his Twitter production begins next week the new season premieres next year. Clr and is joining the cast of and CIS Los Angeles for the crime dramas upcoming ninth season the show lost series regular Miguel Pereira when he died unexpectedly last January launch character will reportedly help fill that can't slide the new season then CIA SL AD views October 1. I'm Christopher Watson. Hey Ted just a quick question about dissent shepherd you know obviously I did know is that talent annualized. He could do a lot of things. Was he not in baby boom with Diane and Keaton. Where she goes and she goes and he loses their job goes the country and she has. Should make him baby food river that there was anything that and cuper you're probably more familiar ultimately I think is good movie and and he was the the vets. Okay. Who. They edit the eighties and romance he was terrific. Very low keyed up management he usually give pretty good good actor you guys who know how to under and a guy could it was a very Taliban it. All right to other rights stuff yeah well it or lose the use of that man. HBO has. Dana throws material Libby floating around online has been a breach of the wall HBO confirms it was the target of cyber criminals. Who stole proprietary stuff. That was taken they're not saying Entertainment Weekly says it got an email from the half. Hackers offering up what might be the script to next week's game of throw. Along with actual upcoming episodes. Footballers and the show room 104 which debuts later this year HBO says it is working with the law enforcement. On this investigation. A documentary about Princess Diana on an icon coming next TV and the transformer spin off. There's an upcoming documentary on Princess Diana wrote to fall that's what her former Butler Saint Paul Burrell says the recordings of Diana talk about her failed marriage to Prince Charles. We traversed I am in her own words we're striving for meant to stave off I don't. So that's what it's almost like. Rating has gone up to that should be. They cannot be obsessed fans believe this happened the documentary airs Sunday in the UK and August 14 in the National Geographic. We get to spend a little more time together with Carol Burnett she is a new show on Netflix it's called a little help and we're told it'll feature candid and painfully honest conversations with real kids 48 year old about life's biggest issues Burnett by the way it's 84 the unscripted comedy will debut at twelve episodes season next year. And Paramount set a date for the first transformer spinoff film bumblebee December of next year and it'll go up against a compliment I'm Jason Nathanson. And only MTV's favorite is returning to the air. He is bringing back total request live the live video countdown show that made a star Carson Daly. Completely its trademark Times Square studios and TV president Chris McCarthy tells a New York Times it's part of the total revamp of programming at the music network other recent changes include incorporating TV into the MTV movie awards making acting categories gender neutral. And renaming the famous moon man award the moon person total request live will return in October Lynda Lopez ABC news. This is the anniversary of MTV birthday down 36 years ago and things right MTV came on an army air. Some of the funny last night let's build late night CBS's the late late show with James cordoned. State of cool. Toronto. Has determined that the tax revenues from the site of legalize marijuana has now exceeded half a billion dollars. Yeah so much extra money for marijuana they can now afford a country. King's court in the last night on CBS it was forty years ago today book came out called Elvis what happened. It was released to bookstores nationwide it was an expose a by two former bodyguards and they presented Elvis is an overweight recluse. Horse Elvis would pass away just two weeks later after the book came out. Wonder if people gave credence that book at all act. John had Elvis. And it was twenty years ago today that the movie air blood that came out in Wichita theaters. This year but now. That the dog buddy Golden Retriever plays basketball. Now. You did they made it for three million dollars a grossed 28 million the the dog play defense. I don't know. I didn't see any there Augmon and Michael Connelly Michael Jeter was in his pocket rim again. But he has since passed away as well. Area Mena. You know it's a dog plays basketball it did generate one sequel at the movie theaters and many direct to video sequels and a spin off film series. The plots are pretty much the same in each one but he learns totally different sport. Diego and then the spin offs and a focusing on buddies children. The bodies. Maybe an air bud the basketball playing dog. And came out in theaters twenty years ago today a novel big hits and I was scared me and a couple of guys and I team recalled and the dogs act. In practice for a that it it. That's innards yeah Mozilla aren't RTY are good friends at pizza at Johns in derby if they serve pizza. Yeah they also serve hot sandwiches sandwich first hole VAM it's all it's her keynote eat Turkey sandwich as any man holding. Regular old. Tasty stuff Alan's from horse I'm I'm in the category were I heartily endorsed the pizza I would take one of these guys. The only safe Getty odious sound. That's he's bred in the pizza are way does it for me right there on tape fifteen. You wanna tasty meal you sit down to 208 south Baltimore and enjoy peace and Johns and she's 842 Stephen did this. Stacy firm expanding into Wichita editor bill Roy that would just out of business journal and seated in the morning on Kate and yes yes.