Happy Birthday Betty White

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, January 17th

On the blur we celebrate the 96th birthday of Betty White.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just toss number one yeah. And weather station depend on. In the mornings keep Macintosh ten foot birdie full inspection plans for schools across Kansas today. After cancellations candidate for dangerously cold weather. For those schools spokeswoman Susan Huntsman tells. In assisting here's the bitter cold and dangerous wind chills with a reason to cancel classes. It would late afternoon and we have been kind of in communication throughout the day but currently at it like it. And you know look at what that poor Catholic but nothing changed you know you know how sometimes things change during the day you know that they're going to be dangerously. Cold wind channels and that was when we decided you know school because kids waiting for the basket blocking the school. Irons and says 161000 Wichita students ride a bus to school every day now the forecast with K innocent Steffi urologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning cold Arctic air still in place across south central Kansas but he gets a nudge his high pressure moves in from the west today sunny mid twenties a lunchtime 32 this afternoon with a win returning to the south. It'll be clear overnight gun to seventeen it's sunny and 46 for the high on Thursday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday helped partly cloudy three degrees south wind at seven miles per hour wind chill. Is nine to below. A man and his girlfriend both aged 21 victims of a carjacking in south of Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened early Tuesday outside a bar. Called the stop north of aryan Washington. They report that few unknown suspects. Approached the vehicle. And one of the suspects produced a handgun. Shot into the air and demanded the car. We'll victims as it exited the car and suspects then let in the vehicle. Do male suspects both wearing booties with black bandanna over their faces the stolen cars are great. Toyota sky on FRS. With a license tag 733 HEE why. City of Wichita has vision a request for proposal for the sale. And redevelopment of the downtown to pick a street firehouse. Located on south debate and your interest bank arena. The city is marketing the approximately 161000 square foot firehouse for redevelopment in an area considered a catalyst cipher downtown according to project downtown master plan for Wichita. The request for proposal is designed to encourage incorporating the two story building as an anchor for a multi purpose development. Which will expand on the success that in trust bank arena and the commerce arts district. Scott Rigby assistant city manager and development services director says it is an exciting time for downtown Wichita with numerous development projects rising up in the city score. And the property provides a unique opportunity for development teams to build upon those investments and excitement. Details of the request can be found on the city's website at Wichita dot gov Phil holed a brand Kagan SS news. There may not be enough Republican support for a measure to keep the federal government running past this coming Friday GOP leaders are pitching a short term funding bill. We keep the government going until February 16. But members of the conservative house freedom caucus say there needs to be a long term spending plan however caucus leader mark meadows says they're going to continue talking. Well I think no one wants to shut down I think newness. Myself included ones stationed down together. If there are not enough Republicans to pass the measure GOP leaders when asked for Democrats try to get enough backing to approve it. If that doesn't happen the federal government shuts down Friday night. Former White House strategist Steve Bannon was supposed to be talking behind closed doors to the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday but boxes Chad Durbin says. He didn't do much talking. Steve Bannon was brought up to talk about the Russian investigation. And things were going along rather swimmingly for the first hour and a half. And then in the words of us several sources things got squirrelly and that's why I talked to Mike Conway Republican of Texas. Who is a member of the intelligence can watch prompted that change probably I'm getting all the answers yeah. You want as a recipient of the mr. bandit try to propel passage. I think about how strange this is to have a witness there and suddenly they say wait a minute I can't answer things about the transition I've been told by the White House counsel that I can't answer about things that happened when I was on the White House staff. And then he clammed up and this is where one source said to me there's no such thing as a transition privilege. News has confirmed abandoned will return to speaker of the house Intel committee Thursday. With 31 house Republicans retiring this fall. Democrats growing more optimistic about their chances for a take over Democrats only need 25 new seats to win back the house and with a wave of GOP retirements top Democrats in California congressman tend to predict a quote. Basically blue wave coming in November. And it's GOP can't you get on key issues like immigration but Republican Dave Brad tells Fox News it night. You have to get our act together. I do we have tax write that's not enough that now dot got Republicans ran out at the base either the base is gonna come out excited. Whether gonna stay at home and we're gonna lose. Fifty the most recent Quinnipiac University survey gives Democrats a seventeen point advantage when it comes to party most Americans would like is he controlled congress some financial Fox News. 836 now Stevenson and Alan Kay and essayist and it's time for the quarter entertainment news with Ted Woodward and it would get to know charges coming out against a Kevin Spacey who writes it yeah I'm this time it involves racism. Person working security on the set of Netflix is house of cards says its former star Kevin Spacey would refuse to acknowledge the black team members. And made racist remarks according to the Daily Mail Earl blew the head of VIP protection service and it navy veteran said Stacy was over her by some of his employees. Telling a member of his personal security team I don't want an end word watching my trailer. Stacy was accused earlier this year sexual misconduct more than a dozen people and has since been dropped by Netflix as wells number of other productions including all the money in the world. Which is in theaters now Michelle Toledo Fox News. The new show on fox is take a look at. Before Fox's new competition show americorps road to stardom has quite the star is leading the way which judges Sean comes DJ Khaled Nagin trainer and record executive Charlie walk plot as with most Fergie they're all enjoying watching the hopeful artists find their path. Feel the intensity because the stakes. The stakes are so so high and we feel like I'm announce what Americans when we take it very very seriously these kids have they're given their heart and soul this someone's gonna win. It's almost no lose. Each week to top four singers are challenged by a new performer threatening their spot onstage trainer says she gets nervous for all of that. As a panelist on look at them like I can't imagine being in that position. And then I try to imagine as an artist forever and that's tough. Locke says there's one call at the end of this. The goal of the show ready to take someone. Not just when I spoke to work with us to immediately get put into the marketplace and a global scale yeah. Ashley mark and Fox News. A former president the focus of a new fox dot. Scandalous that certainly documentary series chronicling the impeachment of President Bill Clinton during the 1990s who debuts Sunday. January 21 on the Fox News Channel this series also happens to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the. Why did not have sexual relations with a former. These allegations are false the Clinton team to debut of scandalous will be narrated by actor Bruce McGill. It features interviews with more than 45 people who were involved on both sides. Of the Clinton investigation and subsequent. Impeachment trial scandalous airs Sunday at 8 PM Easter the shelf Leno Fox News. Let's say you look at what's going on in the world of music. He may have heard about a new movie titled proud Mary started to rush you. Fogarty is not pleased about all this and released a lengthy statement saying in part no one ever asked me about using my song was way or even about the meaning of proud Mary the production company Screen Gems which is under Sony Pictures as it was fully clear for the rights to use the song and release a statement saying they would love mr. poverty to come see the film no word on if Fogerty well take them up on that Laura Ingle Fox News. Women. And they use that in the news that without his performance and I would. How is Eden now the copyright two Google that going to be interesting. An interview with a tennis champ gets crashed would you describe your game as a silky is we're. Surprise visit from Ron Burgundy at the Australian Open after tennis star Roger Federer is first round victory comedian actor Will Ferrell crashed a post match interview. To grill the athlete is famous character or had some tough questions. Rumor in the men's locker room that you love coming to play down here in Melbourne and your secret to fitness as you only law that needs. Is that true that is untrue. Cheryl joked one that's what the national food of Australia and didn't true anchorman fashion ended the interview by saying stick blasted out. The Australian opens Colette and hits online I'm Christine good when Fox News. When it comes to the movies Saudi Arabia making change Saudi Arabia undergoing reform and deciding to roll back a banned from the 1980s. On movie theaters. The computers aren't set up yet they're expected to open in March but for now they're putting together makeshift theaters complete with red carpet some popcorn. The first one opening up this week at a cultural center in Jeddah the first feature presentation. The amount G movies. It's. Easy. Saudi officials expect opened 300 cinemas over the next twelve years until NATO Fox News. Those are saudis discovered potted buttered popcorn that's it. During wide open now and in on them. You birthdays today to finish up with former FCC chairman Newton minnow is 92 today. These are on the man who once referred to television as a vast waste land that. Knew it meant a stellar bill I'll 92 OK of course and they named the minnow on Gilligan's Island afternoon it was a little. Yeah there there. Happy birthday to actor James Earl Jones. 87. Today ought to voiceless. They didn't much yeah. Nor destiny and lives with ease. It's. True. So old little theater and. Angels know of yours are accurate I against now tell me that every day. James Earl Jones is 87 today and a and a happy birthday to actress Betty White who is nine he's six today. Let's get old but he likes the golden girl G. Branches than picking me lately I haven't noticed. How the must you police decent cheerful you. And he headed Mary Poppins not com. Let me know if you noticed anything. Great timing great venue all I have that it is 96 today haven't heard that there entertainment news in the blur brought to you Larry good friends at pizza Johns in dirty. Located right here on tape fifty units in 08 south Baltimore Monday through Saturday 11 AM 10 PM. Pat yourself tasty meat supply it pizza John Bender and it is 843 Stephen did. Even here. Which is not business journal update within your bill Lloyd's new order for a local school building feels about that all the way. Stephen dead on case and it.