Happy Birthday Big Bird

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 26th

Big Bird puppeteer Caroll Spinney turns 83 today. 


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Is this vision which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news take it as best we can toss number one you. And weather station depend on the in the morning feedback besides Ted Woodward of a couple from Lewis Fergie in northeast Kansas is celebrating fourth Christmas miracles. Caitlin and Josh Hartman are preparing to bring home. Four healthy babies from woodland park regional medical center next month. The Kansas City Star reports the three girls and one boy were born November 17 doctors say they are remarkably healthy or quadruple its. Now the forecast with pianist his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning you'll likely want the heaviest code you've got any heat on high on the drive into work this morning. Another blast of Arctic air is moved in and temperatures today will be in the mid teens by noontime with twenty later on this afternoon at the windchill near zero to five below it's cloudy and nine tonight tomorrow sunny and 24 I'm KM SS meteorologist and the holidays. Now partly cloudy thirteen degrees the wind chill is for the lol. How has Kansas and new open carry firearms law impact of law enforcement. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey tells Kate and assist. News we do know that we're seeing an increase and shootings we're seeing an increase of you know what we call point naming incidents on the roadways of road rage you know where a lot of people may be used to. Give someone a certain sign with with a hand gesture no we're seeing people are going on a gun and pointed at. So. It might be society's changing I don't know the answer. And he says he'd like to see some research on the impact of changes in firearms laws. Kansas city's secret Santa out is at it again this time focusing its annual good cheer on kansas' capital city if reporter for the Kansas City Star tagged along recently as secret Santa folic has long tradition of handing out 100 dollar bills to strangers in to pick the places where they're hurting and downtrodden gather including a shelter and it thrift store. Local police in Kansas attorney general Eric Schmidt accompanied the secret Santa Schmidt called it a heart warming experience. The secret senate tradition began years ago with a man named Larry Stewart. When Stewart was dying of cancer yes the current sensitive carry on the mission he has done so for eleven years. Is that Campbell can't SS news a white Christmas has made for dangerous conditions in parts of the rocky mountain news. Several inches of snow have triggered avalanche warnings in parts of Utah and Colorado. Forecasters say the dangers hiking the mountains of northern you talk and that goes for all of the Wasatch range including areas like Ogden Provo Salt Lake and Park City area mountainous. The Utah avalanche senator actor says conditions are especially dangerous because life can be triggered from some distance away. This type of snow is powdery it's wet and prone to give way. High avalanche danger through Tuesday morning was in place for parts of Colorado including Aspen and Vail and summit counties particularly above tree line level. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. North. Korea with a harsh response to the latest round United Nations sanctions UN Security Council voted to crank up sanctions on the row Communist regime is the first set of sanctions since North Korea's long range missile tests last month. Which flew higher and longer than any in its history. Pyongyang responded in a statement Sunday saying the vote was akin to war. What do we define that sanctions resolution quick duck by the United States and its followers as an act of war Carly and peace and Steve Phillips at the Pentagon with his Tom Watson. Fox News congress has little long to do list and get back to work in January. It will included funding the government picking daka. Auctions care program as a rundown. Just going to be eleven days when both the house and senate. Are in place and they really haven't Dallas the flow of the flames that were still erupting before Christmas time they haven't changed anything. And they really have less time these are the same intractable issues that have to fund the government they have to figure out a longer term spending plan. For the Pentagon they also have to address something could CSR has cost sharing reductions. These are these health care payments which president trop canceled in October for the pour. Republicans will only have a one seat majority in the senate. After Alabama Democrat Doug Jones is sworn in. Kansas Atlanta undergoes CPR training graduate high school starting next ball the large journal world reports the state board of education. Approve the new requirement earlier this month. They insist it is time now eight. 35 Stephen Ted in the morning that he did sniper. Entertainment news here on Tuesday morning with jetBlue ever recall at the players and thank you Steve handle one of the actresses from the sound of music has passed away. Heather Menzies Europe may not be a familiar name but you may remember that character she pulling. The second oldest on top Louisiana and the Oscar winning musical. The sound of music meant easier died at the age of 68 according to her son Ryan told him he. She died on December 24 one month after receiving a diagnosis. Of terminal brain cancer she struggled. As an actress actors have a music appearing in shows like track mid 1967 and Logan's run in the mid seventies she married actor producer Robert Urich who started dance Hannah in the hit TV show Vegas Europe died in 2002. Michelle Toledo Fox News. Let's take a close up look at the new movie the greatest showman. Zack Ephron and then day enjoying Hugh Jackman in the original movie musical all the greatest showman both had to act sing and do aerial stunts I didn't never touched studied art form alliances and something new. To me com. And so and so's area where I told them it must've been a lot of elements to think about all this singing and swinging actually like that as a film title that I still out there. Well yeah I mean there are numerous times were. He gets lost in the scene like you're emotionally like I have to sing I forgot about that or. Because you're seeing in the mold in into whatever then you forget to lose count of where you are in the dance Zach put it this flag. Are they right what does Tom Cruise is joining musical vote either. Do you Wallace. Along with a big performance says there's a message of acceptance in the film. And I hope that. That I people who see this movie somewhere with a new confidence and there aren't aren't afraid to share that with the world. Actually divorced and Fox News. Internet look at what's going on in the music news. On the show Leno this circus is the place for fine for kids to the company that owns the rights to the now defunct ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus. He's not happy with one Kid Rock musician has been using the phrase the greatest show on earth. To promote his arena tour which begins next month the match cause the lawsuit. To come flying my command on a trapeze. Feld entertainment this kid rock and tour promoter live nation and no right to use the name and his dealings out infringes upon. And dilute the trademark Mariah Carey who's looking to erase the memory of her performance in Times Square last year from our minds. He's doing it. All over again hopefully this time without the technical glitches and her reaction to that Kerry has signed on to perform on Dick Clark's New Year's rocky. Ryan Seacrest. This will be one year after the controversy of the botched performance in which carried in full diva mode stop singing was visibly flustered. That's fox rocks on fox. Hear that Steve Dick Clark's New Year's rock and he was five days away little excited can't play him. Sixteen years ago on this day in a year 1957. Elvis Presley got a temporary draft deferments. So he could finish the movie king creole. Of course Elvis did finish the movie and you get drafted if he didn't get a draft deferments but sixty years ago today. That the finish up his movies. Let's take a look at something at debuted fifty years ago on this night. Fifty years ago tonight on boxing day in Great Britain. The debut in block in light of the magical mystery tour on BBC one. The idea. What would happen if The Beatles loaded up a bus. Full of people need drove around. The like button. Who. The hell the answer to that is basically nothing nothing happens they filmed ten hours of footage. In an they edited it down to 52 minutes and even men. At 52 minutes. At its except for the music it's it's pretty painful it was not received well by the public it was not received well by the critics. Here's a little bit of magical mystery tour that debuted at. Fifty years ago tonight. Guaranteed him. I feel things that added something new lows down on its magical mystery tour. Good music on this soundtrack with the the movie itself was scared and hungry enough. It debuted on boxing day fifty years ago tonight in black and white in beautiful black and life. On the BBC. And we finish up with a big birthday literally. Happy birthday to actor Carroll steady. Harold spending is the human being that is inside the big bird cost him. And doing that for more than fifty years being murdered Carroll spent he's 84. Years old today Sidney street course. Even made the big screen during a Muppet movie. I'll I'll say I'm on my way to do thank the city and try to break into public television. It's a big bird carols candy. Think Byrd is 84. Years old today happy birthday to Carol so many. Entertainment news in the blur for this boxing day India and its. Brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns in their fate. They all want to go to defeated Johns and have them box you have a pizza. But on boxing day that being kind of box I'd like to get to that idea oh my gosh that they didn't have a great carry out business. The jot down his phone number 78820117882011. These carry out number they do great carry out business there's well and it's whatever pizza you want hot sandwiches salads beginning whatever you want they'll get it for yet it's super tasty. It's right there on day fifteen to 08 south Baltimore. John then birdied 841 Stevens and keep it for the this is what happens journal morning state local manufacturing firm is expanding. That's coming up stated that the morning on day and assess.