Happy Birthday to the Bill of Rights

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 15th

Virginia ratified the Bill of rights on this day in 1791.


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97 and thirteen thirty K in in Spanish we are Stevens in the morning now. Six dead 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. And so far this morning as the traffic volumes kind of picking up a bit out there but. Right now announcing anything slowing anybody down gasoline prices. Still mostly around June 19 gallon although I'm seeing plus 218 just listen and listen to seventeen at people and left. Traffic update from Janus has radio on pit chief us. I used to go to the forecast funeral Friday morning with K and it says staff meteorologist. Dan the holidays good morning Dan reporting with the clearing sky to start today a chilly morning forest but we will be sunny and breezy this afternoon or high 52. Clear and 32 overnight tomorrow windy with a high near 68 and a good chance of rain by late Saturday night as the cold front moves. I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan Holliday now. We had a career day across Kansas Thursday Wichita outside temperature today was 51 degrees normal high for the date 43 last night. Noticed a few drops a few sprinkles. On the car windshield last night at last evening to about 7730. I was in west part of town had a few. I don't know there was moisture. Not much anyone much yeah not much but their advice. Today is Friday. December 15 when he seventeen right in a middle of the company's amber. We have how many days ten shopping days left till Christmas tends shopping days that are not yet gone. On this in 7091 the bill of rights the first ten amendments to the US constitution. Went into effect following ratification by Virginia so this is officially. Bill of rights day across the US today. A US representative from Ohio is complaining about the cleavage in congress. Democrat representative Marcy Kaptur has told members of her caucus that revealing clothes warm by staffers and some members of congress. Are an invitation for sexual harassment and says she's in a member this week with cleavage so deep it was down to the floor. Captors the longest serving member in the Ohio delegation. Remarks were first reported by Politico. After a private Democratic Caucus meeting Wednesday. After subsequently issued a statement saying under no circumstances. Is harassment of victim's fault. But what's he stepping down is it that doesn't necessarily match up with what she's saying now what she's saying if you've shell off. You know you might be inviting trouble. And it updates if she does it in the phrases it properly it doesn't sound. You know. Like he's been building any kind of bad activity you know hey sometimes. There are factors that go on to the states anyway. Too much cleavage on Capitol Hill and you know I am beginning to real prize twice but these guys. On on a guessing at night maybe if you. Gingrich some of these guys who would go back period intellect and ethnic. And oh. It's probably the money and that's the as far as getting elected again and again and again that's the beautiful people don't people who surround you'll all way around neo in Washington back. And everything to do with it all now it's it's probably the money. That'll keep beautiful people around you that you're really around you get money now nearly are. Oklahoma City native gala PV. We have the song yeah I want hippopotamus for Christmas sometime nationally and in Oklahoma City native gala peavy has welcomed another hippopotamus to the city's zoo. More than sixty years after her song about what you want for Christmas help the facility purchase its first. This is an Oklahoma City folks. The singer was on hand as he 26 year old pygmy hippopotamus. Francesca. Made her first Oklahoma public appearance since moving from San Diego Zoo. In 1953 the then ten year old he sang. Another place it kind of what a hypocrite I love this song it's it's just illegal song. But I'll. It led to a statewide fund drive at that time back in her 1950s. In which children donated dimes to purchase and bringing people to the zoo in the home city. Nagin then gala peavy in Oklahoma City. Is the woman behind there's tremendous. Mr. Stein don't actually I didn't I never heard this to about I don't know 510 years ago. Really examine ever heard an alignment and it is gate my knowledge that it felt like doubled slowing. It's so silly fun. Last night. My wife and I made it to the offense. As saint Elizabeth at Seton school at church where granddaughters Jocelyn and Mary performed in the Christmas concerts. Both of them had speaking parts. Narration parts singing parts and not the girls did very well. I don't know they like to get from the microphone on or it comes from. Gotta be coming from from Shellee somehow right should be your belt and that other person there it was you'd like Candice last night there. Butler community college sports. Voice Dennis Higgins was there hey Dennis and Dennis. He has a nephew who goes to school. Is it like a classmate with Mary and Jocelyn so a path that I see Dennis ever receive each we start talking about. My grand kids and his nephew at the schooler but nice evening this is that time the it would. So many schools and Indians over the doing Chris Christmas concerts and or holiday concert for Albert. Have real wanted to Habibie here a Catholic Church. It's Catholic school but I caught a holiday program. But it's a Christmas program right yeah. Have got up that we get now I we've gets up and coming up next week and I'm. I'm kind of excited about making probably the week before Christmas. We're already gonna have Christmas Eve until Sunday night so Ted Knight will be on the airs like Friday next will be Christmas Eve for a night. And we're just. We're gonna plan to have some folks on the air with us we're scheduling some special guest coming in the in the 8 o'clock hour every morning. That 8 and each morning we're gonna talk to one of our one of our friends soup. You may know prop fairly prominent people are our guest Monday. Will be Wichita city manager Robert blatant. And you'll be on an 8 Tim this Monday morning now. What's we're gonna call this week is Christmas here he was Steven tit. Is about folks just. Sharing thoughts memories wishes. About Christmas. Everybody's just about everybody got a Christmas story is something that ought to say about Christmas every year and we're gonna get some prominent people a chance to do that. So we got. Ted Monday. Probably isn't going to be with us we're gonna imitations gone out several prominent people next year or next year next week public importance to be fought. To share some Christmas here are some Christmas memories tend shopping days till Christmas. And entered in here viewed your mental part about the intercom Christmas luncheon on this out one extravaganza that. Six coming up on 618 as Stephen did it to a new lead off sports this morning. Tim we've got I don't which keeps what. All this week in fact it's on Saturday night that yes got to pace and it's not Sunday it's Saturday have the chiefs. And the chargers drew the primetime Saturday slots so. They feature Saturday night for your Kansas City Chiefs in the Los Angeles Dodgers the two teams that are tied for first place atop the AFC west division. Last week first place was on the line for the chiefs. There we are again six days later first place on the line for the chiefs. Becomes chargers it Darryl had stadium night's game on Saturday night. And our buddy Mitch pulls this one the play by play call that game as pregame coverage begins at 6 o'clock tomorrow night. He will kick off at 730 that's right here on your home achieves 987. And thirteen thirty KN NSF's. Chiefs chargers tomorrow night two hours away from Douglas that your. That's right our weekly chat with Mitch previewing this game will be at 8:15 this morning some picture here for. Can't miss radio two hours from now weekly chat with Mitch right there at 8:15 central clock so it will be year reviewing another big one. As a chiefs try to stay in first place and keep that playoff spot with three weeks to go in the regular season. And we do have a big go to college basketball weekend after a week off for finals week out. All our men's basketball team here in the state are back at it tomorrow. And we'll start out on Wichita State shoppers are ranked number three in the nation and the SARS we'll take on 24 ranked Oklahoma. The sooners in the shock yours in that game is it in trust bank arena downtown Wichita. Tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. And missile it does is gonna be rocket tomorrow so now while an excel at that will be good one the shocks and Oklahoma. Mike Kennedy and Dave doll will be on the air with pregame coverage 2 o'clock in tip off at 3 o'clock to 103 point seven KE YM a enjoy Meehan Bob Lewis after the game we'll take your phone calls on the shocker locker room show will be broadcasting live between peak cities which taught when he first and rock. The shocker stick on the sooners agree David that would be I mean go to the game. And eggs absorb all except there and and in an admin in and what you guys do here he'll line yep that would be a fun day there under your plan yeah. At all go laid out right there. Kansas is ranked number twelve in the nation the jayhawks coming off back to back losses on the road at Nebraska tomorrow night facing an old conference spoke. 7 o'clock for K you basketball tomorrow night up in Lincoln. Live coverage of the jayhawks you can listen to on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. And tomorrow night Kansas State gets back at the wildcats are hosting Southeast Missouri State. We'll be in Manhattan that'll be a 7 o'clock tipoff tomorrow night that'll be televised on fox sports Kansas City. Soccer women. Hosting an invitational this weekend and head back to back home games ARCO Arena shocker ladies. Posting Chicago State at 7 o'clock tonight in an Al corn state at 6 o'clock tomorrow night shocker ladies have Coke arena for back to back games. And the Wichita thunder hockey team. Battling a three game losing streak and the influenza. Flu going around out there primed to its full strength but there's got some guys that are sick so. Little bit down for the count that they out and say you know sometimes when you're sick you wanna stick close to home. That is not happening this weekend the thunder has back to back road games at Idaho. Tonight and tomorrow night for the thunder trying to get through this by any stretch and I can get healthy as well. Don't forget to an end. The Kansas City Chiefs in the Los Angeles chargers battle for first place tomorrow night Saturday night right here on Kate in SS. That's sports and Stephen dead six to anyone now given here for Fox News commentator tot stars is going to be talking about a state lawmaker. In trouble for bill ringing me affordable rates Apple's. Stephens at the morning on faith and the answer.