Happy Birthday Casablanca

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 23rd

Casablanca premiered nationwide on this day in 1943.


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K I SS widget because number one news talk bad weather season. Depend on. 8:30 teams in the morning he's back into Ted Woodward. Kansas attempted security integrity of voter registration. Ends up with another state divulging confidential information. The interstate cross check system devised by Kansas is supposed to allow states to detect when people have registered to vote. In more than one state but now the Topeka capital journal newspapers found. That the names impartial Social Security numbers in nearly a thousand can't dozens were transmitted to elections officials in Florida using unsecured email. And intern Florida handed out without restriction that data to a person. Who requested them under an open records requests Florida has offered free fraud monitoring. And ID protection to those affected in Miami Evan brown Fox News. Analogous to forecast with K innocent staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan good morning the strong gusty wind we dealt with yesterday has died down and the clearing skies this morning we should be sunny today temperatures. In the upper thirties near forty by the time we had the lunch 46 later on today it's clear overnight down to 25 and then sunny and 54 on Wednesday and I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 23 degrees west wind at ten miles per hour. The family of Amanda fatally shot by police at the door of his home after a hoax emergency call has sued the city of Wichita. And the undetermined officers or unidentified officers involved it. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages related to the December 28 death of Andrew finch. The shooting drew national attention to the practice of swapping when someone. Makes up a false report to get emergency responders to descend on and addressed the wish our City Council will hold a workshop today and one of the topics Walid jobs for young people. Here Jeff Longwell tells K Unisys news. He knew used employment project that we've been focusing on and that's. You know giving me high school students an opportunity to experience work. All the more typical and today tomorrow or art schools students defiance from summer or an. Long Will commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Steve into the morning show here on K and assess. A former Kansas high school biology teacher has been sentenced to three years probation for having sex with a student. Before year old Gabriel Bauman of her view was sentenced Monday she will have to register as a sex offender for 25 years. Baumann was arrested in September after Hiawatha police investigative report made to the school district in mid June. At the time she talked anatomy and biology at Hiawatha high school. The Saint Joseph news press reports are criminal complaint indicated the student was sixteen or older and enrolled at the school. The victim and the victim's family asked that she received probation. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. So local schools are taking precaution this flu season. K is and you spoke with timber cast its coordinator for health services with UST 259 in Wichita. Number one and keep a child home from school sick and having any signs and symptoms. Something that's communicable especially something like the flu. UST 25 non policy is for a child to stay home if they have a fever of 100 point four or higher. And stay home until that fever has abated for at least 24 hours. Winter weather has prevented a group of Kansas students from returning home after an accident in Colorado the accident happened Sunday near Burlington on IE seventy. The bus the students were there writing instructed Jack knifed semi on the highway there were no serious injuries but several students were reported to have suffered bumps and bruises. The fifty students from churches in the Heston area. Had been attending the rocky mennonite show campus students are expected to be back home. Today five people missing after an explosion at an eastern Oklahoma drilling rig Monday morning Oklahoma emergency manager Kevin and low. Explorer ads and injuries. We have this sixteen votes. Who have been got awful the location Warner we have flown around. Let's listen Barnes. I am. Not sure exactly where he was kilometres flown by medical helicopter. And we have five still literally count towards us now. Well on his trip to Israel vice president Mike Pence and LC US embassy will be building to Jerusalem by next year. The vice president says it's important for the people of Israel to know that the United States stands with them. By making the embassy move by setting a hard deadline on it and president trump wanted to make it clear that. He met woody said simply meant and we're gonna follow through and can strengthen the relationship that we have with this wonderful ally. The vice president commented on Fox News at night when Shannon Bream at. President trump announced a late last year that the US will place its embassy in Jerusalem angering many including the people Palestine. Taylor as an excuse time now 834 Stephen dead in the morning and day it is time for a tainted views of blurred Ted Woodward that. To the tour today in the lower esteem we avenue project the man who brought us The Lord of the Rings movies in the hot moving on to the project. Director Peter Jackson known for bringing to life the war over a ring. And will be making in World War I documentary. Transforming grainy black and white footage from the London Imperial War Museum into 3-D color of Jackson sang old war footage looks jumpy and scratchy and blocks a lot of viewers from connecting with a vents on screen but that he got unbelievable results using cutting edge digital technology paired with archival audio the movie among dozens of art works commissioned by British cultural bodies to mark 100 years since the end of the war which started in 1914. Lillian blue Fox News. The academy making some changes don't wanna have that big the mistake this happened at the Oscars are last year. Like you guys won best picture not just. Not a joke I'm afraid they ran the wrong. I Oscars major best picture flub led to several changes. To the process this year price Waterhouse Cooper revealed six new reforms according to the Associated Press they added a third balloting partner who will sit with Oscar producers in the show's control room. But the celebrity president or any stage manager will confirm that they've been given the crackdown flip. All three balloting partners will intentional rehearsals and practice final change PWC partners are prohibited from using cellphones or social media during the show nominations for the ninetieth annual Academy Awards will be announced Tuesday shelf Leno Fox News. So its rules that. To lick their imminent jail cell phones distracted presenting and a clear and Jane Fonda V Megyn Kelly. Egging Kelly took on Jane Fonda who has been fixated on an exchange. Bet she has while promoting a movie on Kelly's NBC show Fonda called Kelly's questioning about her aging plastic surgery a weird thing to bring up at the wrong place. Ron time. Kelly cited examples of fondness speaking about a plastic surgery to many media outlets here I had plastic surgery and live there have been very public about what I have to admit that Kelly then said she doesn't US and on what is and is not appropriate this is a woman whose name is synonymous without H. Look at her treatment of our military during the Vietnam War. Many of our better. The show Leno Fox News. Yeah Neil Diamond. Retiring musical icon will not be hitting the road any more on doctor's orders. You could still hear Tom Bard juke boxes and karaoke wherever you go out for a good time but you won't hear live from Neil Diamond anymore. The singer of sweet Caroline announced his retirement from touring after being diagnosed of Parkinson's disease he says he plans to remain active in making music and other projects. And he thanked his fans for their devotion saying that this ride has been. Payment date from Fox News. Still singing is not going on the road anymore he's already canceling the third leg of his current diamonds fiftieth anniversary tour. Which was scheduled to hit Australia and New Zealand in March and doctors' advice. Let's take a look at a closer look at that what's going on men in the Sundance. I'm actually working with an update on the Sundance independent film festival in park city Utah moviegoers are lining up to check out the next in must see films as director of programming Trevor dropped notes those distributors are looking for the next big hit. Most films come to Sundance looking for their distribution so they launched here. An invite Robert Redford's Sundance focuses on movies outside the studio Sistani and boasts a big track record really. Of course all that award season attention on India is also helps this part of the industry like last year's Oscar winner moonlight and spotlight the year before. These films they don't have the kind of marketing. Power that the studio films have to get attention so if you wards can help bring attention to these independent films I think that's vital to their for the success theatrically yeah. Ashley mark and Fox News this chick in the late night guys late night was Seth Meyers on NBC. Amazon is over its first cashier was convenient store in Seattle but they've charted at one up by CVS stores apparently have no employees at all. Well. Else. Now the that if Conan O'Brien on TV in China big news China has banned hip hop from Chinese television. Now. Yeah which is bad news for China's biggest hip hop star the notorious MSG. I notorious MS yeah. Conan last Nye County here. We all know what Steve Macintosh thing last night thought right there watching the bachelor on ABC yeah last night. The 36 year old bachelor our Eli indict junior. Starting to fall for that hold on what could be broiling between them. And we did all I am. Pounding. This phone Zach I want you usually see me single engine. We have been in my town yeah you know because you haven't known cars are massive and only gets neighbor's yeah. Okay. The attorney general. I am core. Tony Taylor. So we only know. Sick but she didn't want to be looking at through the lens over a rise up and yeah. I don't either group within it that that deafening silence after she says I'm Tony Taylor he discussed neat. How many seamless bush. I think he thought to me than the older and vigilance OK go back and Ari on the that is an area. And Steve it came out in Wichita movie theaters 75 years ago on this day little movie known as Casablanca are. As a blanket crude crackling dialogue from. I've often speculated on why you don't return to America and you've come to the church funds. Given up for the Senate's plan. I'd like to think particularly the man it's sort of meant to get. A combination of all three from what in heaven's name brought to become a black. My health and I can't cast black for the waters. The waters reporters we're in the desert. Elements and wrong. Comforting yes B cell line either tolerant of this club drastic script right now then of course it all led up to that huge. Big romantic ending out of the year. Or have any idea what you have to look forward to your statement. I'm chance about it and we both want to have a concentration camp has actually. I'm favorite to Strasser would insist they're saying this on the to make them go on saying it because it. Indianapolis and I got a job to do too well I'm going you can follow what I've got to do you can't be any problem. No I'm not good at being noble who didn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of greens in this. Someday you'll understand that. Looking at UK. Let me very nervous wreck your thoughts are about red knights come invites. I thought the great thing about that movie is just follow what's going actors and great narrator here's a script to sue was superb again the direction is fantastic that you music's greats is just there's just one of those fantastic little movie so I'm no gonna being noble to head with The New Yorker could. It was one of the few and that didn't give it a great rebuild new Yorker rated it as pretty tolerable. Mean OK saying that it wasn't quite as good as Bogart's last movie across the Pacific. And really I think get a new Yorker missed on the data that was a stinker weather and a test of like it came out in which Tom movie theaters 75. Years ago on this day the environment and reasonable are brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns in Jeremy right there on tape fifteen at 208 south Baltimore. Get yourself tasty pizza pizza John can kill Jason down there and Steve did sit I need 43 now. Editor bill Roy coming up which is tough business journal construction plan that would stifle facilities. Stevens the morning on K and a sense.