Happy Birthday to Cornflakes

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, March 7th

Dr. John Kellogg served the first bowl at his sanitarium on this day in 1894.


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832 was Steven says in the morning. Here on Wednesday march 7. Fires breaking out across Kansas yesterday a wildfire in Sedgwick county was near lake captain several barns and cars went up in flames. Fire reported by a woman she was driving by ASN news spoke with Nikki Haile she was driving down 231. West and she saw smoke. I turned. Left to come up here to see where it was sad and by the time it turned around and sorry went through the whole field and give me exact address and ran across the street I knew I told us like it's going over the road. Yeah that fired did cross over to 31 she says she went to several houses try to help whoever she could find make sure they get out of harm's way fire crews stayed in the area. Around late afternoon for much of yesterday there were monitoring hot spots making sure there was no flare up again. President is ignoring Republican lawmakers urging him not to impose stiff tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. During a joint press conference president trump defended his planned imposition of punitive tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. And downplayed the possibility of a trade war. When wind down by 30040000060. Billion a hundred billion. The trade war hurts them doesn't hurt us that terrorists will likely be challenged both in court and at the World Trade Organization. Which requires that members treat all other members equally on trade. At the White House Jon Decker Fox News. A dog was found abused and people for the ethical treatment of animals is offering a reward last week in oak lawn. A passer by discovered a brown and white Jack Parson Russell Terrier mix by erode. The dog's eyes have been super glued shut its tongue had been super glued to the outside of its mouth. The dog was not able to see eat nor drink. The dogs currently being cared for by a veterinarian. Peta is offering a 5000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators. An out of control Chinese space station expected to crash to earth in a matter of weeks. We don't know where it will land. China reportedly lost control of its space led young gun one in 2016. The European Space Agency now predicting -- 191000. Pound level come to earth sometime in late march to early April. Much of an expected to burn up in the atmosphere but it is possible that it. Or large pieces of it could hit land somewhere in the US Europe New Zealand or Australia. And Aerospace Corp. says there may be the toxic chemical hydrazine on board the spacecraft. Which could survive reentry. There advising at this thing lands in your yard don't go near it till NATO Fox News. On nonsense word coined in a well known cartoons and added to the dictionary. Crypt and currency and Mae and explain our just you of over 800 words Miriam Webster had added to its dictionary man explained defined as explaining something to a woman in a condescending way which assumes she is no knowledge about the topic crypto currency any form of currency that exists digitally also added. Nonsense word in big hit a made up term from a twenty year old Simpson's episode which debuted in 1996. The dictionary defines in begin adds to make it bigger or more expansive and notes its usage is informal and humorous Merriam Webster editor said in his statement in new words our terms people are likely to encounter I'm Christine good when Fox News. Now let's take a look at the weather forecast here on Wednesday meteorologist Dan Holliday I damn well good morning you may wanna grab the code on the way out the door this morning we'll have a gradual warmup today with a high 52. The winds from the northwest at about fifteen to twenty miles per hour a much better situation than yesterday it's gonna be clear overnight are low in the low 20s56. Tomorrow we may hit seventy by Friday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan right now on Wichita we'll wind out of the northwest it is sunny 28 degrees a wind chill eighteen. Take NSA is news time is 836 that means it's time to blur that fine line between news and entertainment that's why it's called the blur. Jad chambers is our host today and we follow up on. The story we talked about yesterday on the blur some trouble ESP again that's right ESPN two Mel hill fire acted a former employee that's accusing the network of misogyny we get more from. Fox's Michelle pull Leno. Yes TN engine now hill are disputing a former anchors claims of misogyny and harassment. This past weekend legal analyst Adrian Lawrence filed a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit. According to the Connecticut law Tribune stating that the company's rife with misogyny. And it states ESPN's Chris Berman once left former host. Janelle hill threatening embrace surely disparaging voicemail they'll responded on Twitter saying the way this conflict has been characterized his dangerously inaccurate. ESPN states we conducted a thorough investigation of the claims agent martz surfaced ESPN and they are entirely without merit we shall we know Fox News. So fighting going on it ESPN of course wherever Steven mackintosh is this morning. He must be really broken up over what happened last night on the bachelor that's probably why he's not here today of course the bachelor is is is over it's and it's after the roads on portion of it right bachelor fans sending tipsy solidarity to the contestants. After she was dumped on national television. That the fox is Kristen did when explaining. The latest bachelor. Forget ice cream bachelor nation is sending cold hard cash due back acute brain after Ari lined a junior proposed a car only to break things off so he could get back with runner up Lauren Burnham this didn't sit well with fans who took to Twitter to call the move a new low for the shell saying Becky Cain had a heart publicly stopped on to help relieve her heartache ladies are sending back the money on then motel to put it towards wine future vacations and rides upon off the engagement ring Ari gave our one woman telling Becky K to buy yourself something nice to help get over that steel Kreutz on an album man on Krista and good when Fox News. Burned in Al could insult to steal Kreutz on. Will cleared a contest for you Ted. Doctor John Kellogg first served corn flakes. At his sanitarium on this date back in 1897. So it's the birthday of the corn flake Larry you know. And American staple that's right now watch abuzz and it Tellme is synergy guess. Who is actually doing this Kellogg's corn flakes commercial Iran. Killer Randy cook are called leaks. Being home yeah. All of demonstration. She saw what look older Philippine. Please call the commitment and shoot. Now had to take your place among them kept. Well you you you recognized in a dominant voice and ready Jimmie during an idea chorus singing and joking and one Kellogg's corn flakes. If it but it an of course it's the birthday of the corn flakes that very first corn flake served on this day. At that doctor John Kellogg sanitary in the 1890s at that Greek aid I'm at I'm at the store last night and guess there's some cereal now they god it's. Lucky charms. Frosted flakes lucky charm and a hybrid between lucky charms and frosted flakes and kind of mock Hewlett yeah I saw that night but but but but but. But I don't know what my react I was immediately excited and then I was repulsed I couldn't I couldn't figure out how I felt about baton. The I think I want to do to be separate I don't want no I want the much together and on either. Honestly I haven't really liked this week cereal since I was a kid though. I've kind of that's kind of grown into. Just your average corn checks in order. Great nets can again I'm not really into the functional reasons gap certainly not animals big box yeah. The thought that today is the 62. Birthday of the actor Bryan Cranston. Course Princeton's. Defining year old Walter White on the hit AMC series breaking bad. I am not in danger Skyler. I am not the danger but I opens his story gets shot you think that means. I hear the one thing works. Walter White intend to see is yes pretty picture bring trance and 62 years old today four innings as wells a Golden Globe for that. I was also nominated for an Oscar for Trumba. Eddie was in the fox coming now and in the Malcolm in the Middle is where a lot of people recognize him first. Yeah little late into a brief role in a sign Phil is the dentist is a dentist him. You'll finish off with some jokes last night from god. And some of the noxious Jimmy Kimmel. Joked about customers complaining that they're Amazon echo. Is laughing at them randomly. Isn't a one story I assume you know elect says the which is the Syria of Amazon there's a strange thing happening with a Alexa and a strange thing is. Number of owners of Alexa have complained that she's laughing at them. And random. And anywhere near. Sometimes it happens just after take off my pants up. And if Seth Meyers and his show during his monologue joking about Arnold Schwarzenegger pronouncing it. He will be starring in a six. Terminator films. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he'll start a six terminator film what to begin production this fault in this one. Arnold goes back in time to stop them from making the fifth term. It herself. Low hanging fruit that was exactly that was very. Debt that's all we have this morning for the blur the border every morning of course is brought to us by pizza Johns in their say we love pizza Johns and yeah are proud sponsors of entertainment news every day right here on Stephen Teddy you know they'll get any size pizza you want. It will small medium large even the giant. You can build your own and they have any kind of keeps you on veggie lovers barbecued chicken supreme all meet special they'll get whatever you want on that pizza and get into your table quick. Andy's super tasty I loved it thin crust on it's just yes it really really good stuff. They're right there on K fifteen at 208 self Baltimore beat saint John's and it's. It is 843 we Stevens head on eight and SS. Something that went away in the 1970s. And baseballs coming back. I'm not sure it's for the better since it's 843 was even dead on tape and assess.