Happy Birthday to the federal income tax

Steve & Ted
Thursday, July 12th
Hooray? The income tax was approved by congress on this day in 1909.

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97 and thirteen thirty he can finish asking the head of the morning Steve vacuums on Ted Woodward 76 degrees. About thirty states across the country saw gas prices go up in the past week but the national average stayed steady at two dollars and 86 cents a gallon. Kansas is it to 67. Jon Stewart was AAA says that between geopolitical and weather concerns there's a lot of uncertainty in the fuel markets right now. It's really hard to predict where the abstract and crown. Week two weeks sometimes even dated there's just so many factors out there where the oil market where OPEC where. You know the potential war and supply and distribution. Interruption. The Atlantic hurricane season and particularly any storms that affect the Gulf of Mexico can cause delays in the supply chain in August and September near Wichita. Prices went up to two dollars and 69 cents a gallon early this week. The University of Kansas has removed an altered US flag that was part of the public art display on the campus in Lawrence. A flag was removed from in front of the university's Spooner hall late Wednesday afternoon. Removal came less than an hour after Kansas governor Jeff collier said. The chancellor had promised to take down the art display. Call your hands secretary of state Chris called balk demanded the flag display be removed. Saying it was disrespectful to the country's military Kansas congressional candidates Steve Watkins first raised the issue Wednesday. But had not demanded that the flag be removed but display called on title playing number two went up on July 5. It's been moved to another location on campus Dan O'Neill KN OSS news. Congress is sending president trump a message about terrorists the senate overwhelmingly passing a non binding resolution 88 to eleven Wednesday. Designed to give congress more say about tariffs imposed in the name of national security. The measure winning unanimous support from Democrats and a vast number of Republicans. South got a Republican Mike Rouse who voted in favor of the measure tells Fox News it night. Congress wants to have a role in those discussions. If you're going to interpret all of these different terrorist as being critical and the national defense of our country. And Chavez criticized congressional effort arguing the measure would tie his hand to negotiate new trade deals. The senate vote comes just one day after the president's plan Steve you tariffs on China. In Washington John Lynch a Fox News the rhetoric ramping up as democratic leaders vow to fight president trump Supreme Court nominee several pub. Pins are singing the praises of Supreme Court nominee Bret cap and all I think as America gets to know him better through this process. People will be very. Press senator Rob Portman after a meet and greet with the judge Kevin also meeting with Lindsey Graham might creep O and Orrin hatch this is Democrats Europe for a consensus confirmation battle. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will fight this nomination tooth and nail several Democrats hitting the judge of whether he supports the retention of mandated coverage of preexisting conditions under Obama care. Tom Graham Fox News the mystery hacker has reportedly been trying to sell US military secrets on the dark web. Documents that could reveal weaknesses of the Pentagon's and Q nine reaper drone tank operations and information on how to reduce the capabilities of explosive devices. All reported by the Wall Street Journal to be up for sale online. Cyber security researchers say the information is stolen by an unidentified hacker. Details on the reaper drones were allegedly taken from an air force captain and selling for as little as 150. Dollars. So far there's no evidence that hackers tied to a foreign country or specifically trying to steal military documents. In Washington until NATO Fox News. Now the forecast with K and his his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning your air conditioner will likely be on a high again today as temperatures soar above average 98 with sunshine for the hi this afternoon it's it'll be clear and warm tonight 276. Upper nineties on Friday and 98 again on Saturday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now part. We cloudy self minted seven miles per hour 76 degrees and Steven Ted Ted Newton wins in south at seven for three hours now. What's up with that and yet and we've got wind it's beautiful summer morning via. Yesterday's high temperature 97 degrees in Wichita a normal high is an 82. And the record for that date yesterday 111. It back in the heat wave of 1980s. And so don't pattern here looks like it's putts to save for the next couple three days and in May be warming up above the Dalai. Today is July 12 on the state in 1951. The Kansas river valley flood. Reached a plateau in the Kansas BO show bear degree and emeritus senior rivers. Inundated most of northeast and east central Kansas. Primed to buy a record setting rainfall that swamped most of these areas in May and June. The flooding was escalated by an astonishing eight to sixteen inches rainfall between July 9 had also been raining all summer. The summer affinity Juan. The worst flood on record for the Kansas river its tributaries claimed 28 lives cause around a billion dollars in damage that was in nineteen new one. And I'll tell you. It was looking a little more detail on this and some of those rivers were were reaching four to nine feet above the Wednesday. Organized feet above the east Obama yeah blogs that that was in the northeast part of the boy stayed there 1951. The big call it river flood they call on this date in 1909. US House of Representatives joined the senate in passing the sixteenth amendment to the US constitution. Allowing for a federal income tax they submitted to the states it was declared ratified. In February of 1913 so it took four years. To get the states ratified and income tax. And before that I guess repaid with how to get states to sign. He's an animal Cameron you know I'm Donald. A little study but not blood that might reduce the burden on states of having to pay the federal government and a now. You gotta pay the freak I guess and it debts set out how we get along without the income tax out of league survive before nineteen on. At a federal government get money to spend we didn't have as many people so it was easier I guess it. Three art at that point it had been one. Fifty years between the minutes of the constitution. And after the civil war would have been a letter from to fourteenth and fifteenth and then we probably went fifty years before there was another change from Kent in great it was the income tax income to. Which we celebrate today cards. Three Arkansas girl celebrating a curious to know I don't party in American you could feel so American when you pay your income you know. At three Arkansas or girls have been arrested on child endangerment charges after a mother says she saw us I don't pay much and they take it out of my check. I have no choice now. Which what supports your point. You make it sound like it's something I enjoy doing aren't bad I don't even do it and take it away from me or even get it I'm encouraging you not to be depressed about. Because what's your huge salary your taxes are so. You know I was told by very it's a burden and that is why I'm told by one of my bosses several years ago you know I'd give your rays but it would just being had to pay more taxes well. You should go to Africa obviously can you please reduce my wages so it won't pay as much. Right. I think that's another thing it's voluntarily being done for me already Florida even after request to talk about the Arkansas girls and if you wanna. Our aid the three Arkansas girls arrested on child endangerment charges that's a good story about the says she saw us that yet photos of them using a stun gun near her one year old daughter. An arrest reports as a girl's record the crying child while they zapped the stun gun in her direction. At Conway Arkansas a reports as a girls whose names and ages were not released did not use aside and go on the maybe one of them show the baby and made her cry but this city. Three girls misbehaving. In Arkansas. Capital misbehave in Arkansas did. Well today is an ice age it's just one of those round numbers like to celebrate today is. Stephen Ted show number 5205200. Shows other little milestone for us back in 1998. And we had a if you were listing a few minutes ago we had dipped. A doctor Jim Barnett on Republican candidate for governor the end of we're going to be. Getting some other candidates on the air here retort be pre between now in the primary August 7. And the doctor Jim was too did you hear to answer that talking about the fact that he. When he was doing his residency or something here in 1978. Which I listen listen to me on the radio. But that. And it yet gambit. I don't know on a film there are many good and trying to be elected but I was listening kneel on the radio Linton you were in their crib there. With your bottle and a little being here right right away at it and bring it broke what you have one of those pacifiers. I don't think anybody in my Bailey did if we did there were four boys if we did we it was passed from one guide to the next Hampshire I don't think so no outside on my thing about baby pictures I don't. I don't remember CN I'm gonna go out to not suck my thumb I don't remember this but I am a rebuttal limits say that I did not Shelley and I did not do that. With our children nine or had any idea Brothers and sisters them because they're basic yet get section over bike when you do that that this. So don't know I'd gotten that we're talking about the big key the pacifier today. We were we were Bieber and anti dinky are out Austin grownup now I don't think we have room here and one day. My mother my late mother used to tell the story however that. Might might inform brother Jerry who's my younger brother. She said she heard him crying and if you go and look and what was going on and and age convenient excuse in his crib everything I'm standing there next to him you know on an. Leachman. She never took about three times she finally caught me like him his bottle. And drink in his bottle while while she was looking. Area dear wow yeah stealing. Milk from my Brothers what is boy that's of Freudian we could go where there's something Freudian about a Dilfer debt yeah if you know my brother Jerry dismissed may explain on his behalf or on a sibling. Weird stuff that you have not probably 23 years old if you don't read too much into it. And I think we should duck doctor Freud. 5200 Stephen. 5200 of Buell look. We're going to be an air pro on here about and Tony more here yeah I'll take us into the about the year Tony 380 that'll be it good sounding show that seven now. Seven would've been working on and you know. The Kellogg and and overrode but it yes there 740s this now Stevens said. Editor bill it would stop business journal coming up new construction in east Wichita Diego that's coming up seat instead the morning on an essence.