Happy Birthday Frankenstein

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 21st

The Universal Pictures adaptation hit theaters on this day in 1931.


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Hey Ed SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 8:30 Stevenson in the morning I'm Steve Macintosh. Authorities are investigating a threat found on that note posted in the girls' restroom at McPherson middle school. The note stated there would be a bomb threat at 1 o'clock tomorrow. And benefited from UST 418 and the experts and police are. Actively investigating the incident there will be additional police presence in and around the school throughout the day today in McPherson. Now the forecast with K UNICEF staff meteorologist damn holiday good morning Dan the good morning clouds of settled in across Wichita as a cold front makes its way through and with a clearing sky this afternoon if we can expect a windy day with a high 56. That's a little above normal for this time of year but it won't be by tonight. As high pressure builds and we dropped to 23 by tomorrow morning sunny and 48 for Wednesday are high temperature in the upper sixties on Thanksgiving. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays are almost a cloudy and 45 degrees. Wichita city manager says the city will likely cut back its use of candid camera security video for writing tickets for minor traffic violations in the. Old town area but Wichita eagle reports videotape that's were part of a pilot program that ended after about three weeks. City manager Robert Leighton says he'll meet with police chief Gordon Ramsay this week to discuss how to use the camera system going forward. The ticketing system has led to a firestorm of criticism. Seven camera network gives police observers nearly 100% video coverage of the old Towne bar and nightlife district. But Lleyton says the purpose is not to generate revenue but to help ensure public safety. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. Oh Wichita man was charged Monday with a drive by shooting that killed 51 year old Michael Nelson Wednesday morning in the 14100 block of diddley himself Wichita. Jeremy Honeycutt made his first appearance in Sedgwick county court he was charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon by a felon. Honeycutt bond. Was set at 150000. Dollars his preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 5. The Russian president has been talking with the Syrian leader. Russian state TV is saying that President Putin met with Syrian regime leader Bashar Al Asad in the Russian city of Sochi. The last time the two leaders that was in 2015. Shortly before Russia launched its military campaign in Syria to help bolster his sides forces. The talks come as Syria finds itself and borrowings with more than eleven million people described as refugees running from the violence. The United Nations sponsoring another round of peace talks next week. With some countries insisting that Asad leave power but it's doubtful that's going to happen since his military controls about half of Syria. Still NATO Fox News. The US is putting North Korea back on its terrorism blacklist president Donald Trump says the designation as a state sponsor of terror is long overdue. Promises a new wave of sanctions as part of a maximum pressure campaign. Over North Korea's development of nuclear weapons he says. The Treasury Department will begin rolling out the new sanctions today. Kansas attorney general Derek Schmidt and the Kansas public transit association. Have formed a new partnership to raise awareness and work to combat human trafficking in Kansas shall we. Parker a number of private sector groups to try to increase the number of eyes and ears were trained around the state to spot kids and others. We're trafficking victims and in need assistance drivers and public transit all over the state are with your partner patent numbers so. We're going to be training drivers or this partnership a bus driver of the transit drivers took a no what they're seeing them actually it and who DePaul and. Human trafficking is a criminal activity of holding another person for the purpose of exploitation. Through forced labor and or sex trafficking. The cost of protesting at the Kansas capital into peca is increasing sometimes substantially. Currently Kansas charges twenty dollars for any event at the capitol but beginning January 1 duel charged based on the size of the event and other factors the lowest price will be fifty dollars for events that required no setup or clean up. The Kansas City Star reports factors increasing the price will include if groups require a podium access to the public address system more tables and chairs Kansas department of administration spokesman John Milburn says the increase will help the state recover costs and incurs from providing space and clean up for protests Davis Hammett at a peak activist says the price for his group's event in January went from twenty dollars last year to 500 dollars this year. Kent is information network to brits Schweigert. Governor Mary Fallon we'll actually Oklahoma legislature to return to the State Capitol for a special session. To address the State's ongoing budget shortfalls that have jeopardized funding for state services. Collins spokesman says the governor is working to pin down potential dates and define the parameters of her special session call. That will determine what kind of bills lawmakers. Can consider. 835 now Stephen did in the morning on K unit says that means it's time for entertainment news of blurred Jad chambers and today. Talking about Della Reese. The late galleries now right kid that's right actress and singer Della Reese passed away she broke into the entertainment business as a singer in the sixties. Known for hits like don't you know but maybe she was also known for playing the role of test in touched by an Nigel. Him hard. Him loose to this week. His one news to. Fool. Prior to touch nineteen shall I Reese was featured as a guest in multiple television shows. There's also the first black woman to co host of the tonight show with Johnny Carson is a very good actress yes it's very good. And she died at her California home at the age of 86. Now a critically ace acclaimed show losing it's star again this is allegations of sexual misconduct. Here's Fox's Jacqueline Karl reporting. The star of Amazon's transparent Jeffrey temblor says he's choosing not to return to the show next season after two allegations of sexual harassment have been leveled against him. The actor tells deadline the transparent set has a quote. Politicized atmosphere making the gig no longer the job by signed up for four years ago. Making the claims are transparent actress Tracy is that. And to gamblers former assistant temblor denies the claims Jacqueline coral Bucs news. Thanks to everybody yet it's really well I think everybody. But the Forbes has just issued its list of the highest paid female musicians. And here's fox news's Michelle Leno with a report. Thanks TV formation tour beyoncé jump from number five last year to clinch the top spot in Forbes magazine's annual list of the highest paid female musicians. Her album and tour was the fuel that filled her 105. Million dollar tank. 29 year old Adele came in second with 69 million. Again thanks in part to her tour. Taylor Swift took him 44 million for third place Celine Dion return to her Las Vegas residency that put 42 million in her purse. And placed her fourth and Jennifer Lopez's biggest concert series helped her reach number five with 38 million show Leno fox names. This is Vegas series or lucrative yeah that's announcement that really helps out well happy birthday today Steve to. And Michael Strahan. The preakness 30 yeah 45 birthday today course he's all over the place now they fifteenth season for the fifteen seasons for the New York Giants. Won a Super Bowl with them back you know seven. Made the Pro Bowl seven times. And he was elected to the pro football hall of fame and Tony fourteen but in addition to football commentary. Since his retirement he's become a television. Personnel of a personality there notably for awhile there is co hosted live with Kelly and Michael. And I took over for Regis yesterday. The ass though. Those are very tough shoes for him to fill and he didn't vary poorly. The conference call rights act. It wasn't terrible. He wasn't Regis and unplugging Regis you know on the anybody was going to be currently he's on Good Morning America. In this clip from now live with Kelly and Michael straight and discusses his hall of fame weekend in production. Our world with confidence in place and he had drinks and we have friends over and she had movie you know food out in if I didn't make him yes we are still would have been dropped it yeah. Yeah. It's just the. Spent the time with his family and that. It a couple of drinks plastered to today. Michael Strahan celebrates his 45 birthday. We've also got a birthday for an eclectic singer Steve and eclectic singer yes probably one of your favorites all it. Answer take a listen. Is that weird L Yanukovich no that is not cleared out there. As this New York. Army York York. Bjork yes. Bjork is that's. 52 today. He came first recognized or fronting the Icelandic and sugar you expect eighties and early ninety's. Sandy. President of first solo career a wide variety of sounds and influences and she canceled approximately thirty million recordings worldwide. That. And as an actress she starred in the critically acclaimed film dancer in the dark. Force hit songs and notable works human behavior birthday with sugar cubes army of mes it's so so quiet. Excellent singer Bjork. York the York yeah Bjork I spell that. BJ a war game objects is Swedish okay your yap like if you or the exactly sure if you would want me to try and pronounce her given last name is. Bosh really good that that the has about fourteen letters an awful lot of accidents around those landslides. So. I activity triangular. Fair ego. Looked down here towards the bottom out. In parentheses. Did sugar cubes in parentheses is well known that all I see it oh yeah I'm gonna go it. Gluten most deplore. The man that he probably fairly close. The closest I could get was. Jordan wouldn't show here you don't it's it's pretty difficult for New York is good enough yet anyway happy birthday in order to New York. Out in theaters. On this stage Steve back in 1931 of course we're talking. About the universal monster movies are Dracula in gap tuchman Dracula little bit ago well out in theaters on this date in 1931. That's right the originals and the original. Universal Pictures. Frankenstein it's a lot. I know it. You like the. Yeah the universal if they did get it out who it nimble afterwards young Franklin. Right that your. The I suppose so but always I was the original yeah 1931. Universal Pictures Frankenstein. Yeah adaptation stars Colin fly. Andy and of course a career defining performance they're Boris Karloff as the most monster yes. The film was that at the library of congress' national film registry back in 1991 networks. I've watched old goose in a Universal Pictures monster films. It Frankenstein from a second favorite of the original. I think I liked the wolfman the best. But then. Frankenstein and then drag it. And I think maybe Dracula just suffered a little bit as it was it was first and are kind of figuring out. You're the formula yet again though anyway happy birthday to Frankenstein. Today and it's all we have for Butler Butler of course everything is brought to us by. Pizza Jones in there early that's right in the business since 1969. And they've got the pizzas small medium large and giant sized. Hot sandwiches. And hokey to Turkey a vegetable bogey. The salads spaghetti garlic bread cheese spread all good I make it myself on negative style yeah purveyors around meals and let's next. Pizza at Johns in derby 843 dollars even ten at Vanderbilt or the which does that detail all the way. Another big Boeing orders showed that it would just. That's coming up season 10 in the morning on Kate and then as stance.