Happy Birthday to the Frisbee

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 23rd

The first of the Wham-O plastic toys began production on this day in 1957.


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I DN SS radio talk. Distinction which talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news today and assess the which talks number one. And weather station depend on its. Deported 6 o'clock this is the case and it's just going to compete in bed I keep Macintosh. Kagan has just breaking news a magnitude eight point two earthquake off Alaska's Kodiak Island of prompted a tsunami warning for a large swath of coastal Alaska and candidates British Columbia for the remainder of the US West Coast is under watch. Stronger earthquake which recorded about 175 miles southeast of Kodiak Island. Early this morning warnings from the National Weather Service sent to cell phones Alaska warned emergency alert tsunami danger on the coast go to high ground or moved inland. Kodiak officials warned residents to evacuate if they lived in low lying areas. People were afforded on social media that the quake was felt hundreds of miles away in Anchorage so far no reports that he. Big tsunami on the West Coast of the US and its eight point two earthquake in Alaska this morning. Police say a businessman under shot a robbery suspect Monday afternoon and southeast which adds up it happened it ponies or week and beauty supply. In the 17100 block of south hills side. Police have a suspect walked in and attempted to rob the business the store manager fired two rounds loading the suspect who was hospitalized in critical condition. Authorities say a Wichita police captain has been charged with battery and disorderly conduct after allegedly pushing a teenager referee during a youth basketball game. But Wichita eagle reports that the misdemeanor charge identify the captain has Kevin mirrors. Augusta city prosecutor Benjamin winters said in a statement Monday that the January 13 incident was investigated by the justice department of public safety. He says the investigation included numerous witness statements and video evidence. Which thoughtfully set and a news release Monday that mirrors remains on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings and an internal review. Dan O'Neill can SS news. It's by new Wichita school board members took the oath of office jet Monday night's board of education meeting since we're coming election commissioner Teva the layman administered the oath of office to kick off the first board meeting of 2018. Three of the members vin blankley Ron rules Ellison truly Hendrick took fields after winning their respective races in the November elections. Appointed members stand reach her and Ernestine Crable who replaced Jeff Davis and Barbara full respectively also took the ceremonial oath. In his closing remarks for president Stan Brody was optimistic in his priest of the new members. You know this is a group that understands what's going on the school's. And hopefully go to understand what's going aren't peca and I think we'll serve the district well him and I appreciate his being part of the team. Brody along with Cheryl Logan are the only two holdovers from last year's board. Phil pulled over and it can get assets news Wichita police report to restaurant robberies Sunday the around 10 AM police were called was subway. In the 300 block these phony UN employees and a man entered the store with a handgun and demanded money. That's suspect fled in an older gold or ten Ford Explorer. Later at Domino's Pizza in the 3900 block of west when it first was robbed. Stated that two unknown suspects and enter the business. One with armed with a great handgun. And they were demanding money. Money was taken by the suspects and they fled the store at that time. Of you joining Davidson's is of little injuries and either robbery. The government shutdown is over now Democrats and Republicans must find common ground on what to do with immigration reform. The brief government shutdown was solved when Democrats agreed to join with Republicans to vote to reopen it Florida democratic senator Bill Nelson says something was accomplished on immigration before this agreement they had no protection. Now we have path forward. And rich we can work a bipartisan solution it will take care of the dreamers if this victory to deal for it to become law the only buy in from the house in the White House house Republican whip Steve's police laid out his immigration priority. So I think there's you think you'll see me but. I'm. Amnesty. And security department won't. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News Bill Cosby takes center stage at a Philadelphia jazz club. His first public performance since becoming embroiled in a sex scandal the eighty year old reminiscent cracked jokes about his childhood honored old friends and cause we did sort of respond to a question about the scandal in which about sixty women accused him of drugging and molesting them. I. Joy you. My friends. Okay Bill Cosby finished evening by. Leading the band have preferring into a staff in place of a missing horn section and then taking a turn on the drive. Fox News it is refused time now 60. 5:5 minutes past 6 o'clock. Thirteen thirty day in his sense. Steve good morning now six and ten minutes. Perhaps 6 o'clock for the Tuesday morning. And currently in traffic things and moving along not seen any big slowdowns out there just yet this morning. Gasoline prices. They haven't changed the pits fifth. You know 35. I get to 35. Exactly overlook that peppered shoot 35 gallon on the gasoline prices this morning traffic updates from date and it's this radio. I'm Kent Jaber and now the forecast with kids this staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning guys and good morning we could have a few slick spots on sidewalks is. Morning otherwise temperatures warm well above freezing this afternoon near forty in new time 46 later on today. Clear tonight Carlos 25. And we're back in the mid fifties on Wednesday continuing to warm up by Thursday and Friday. And ten assists meteorologist Dan holidays and partly cloudy 25 degrees you get northwest wind. It's nineteen money for hours. Political cloudy windy Monday across south central Kansas which does high temperature yesterday. 42 degrees normal high is 43. Which fell recorded a wind gusts at fifty miles per hour. Snow depth buried in northwest Kansas both places to three inches but the good land area and right up there in the corner near Colorado. Nineteen inches of snow as soon as that of variation in how much snow we get up in the northwest part of the state figures in Wichita. And receive a few flakes I never saw he myself but I'm told there were a few flights. On this date January 23 1971 of the coldest temperature. Ever recorded in the US occurred when prospect creek Alaska. Located 18180. Miles north of Fairbanks. Tumbled into a thermal of this 28080. Below zero and I joked that it's an eighty yellow and green elements that poll you look. He even survived more than about eight seconds outside it's our right boot mine 612 Stephens yet and I don't imagine a lot of folks. Living now. I did it in my research this morning in my prep. I went to the National Weather Service. Website which I use every day and a terrific website at all underneath stuff and I've went to try to find day yesterday's. Date different from Wichita. And went there to handle signed said. The offices are closed for the shut down roller now but then when I called of the local National Weather Service office and then talked on the mean year old is out there he is. Or at all. And he gave me the information the old fashioned way over the phone now. That's old school an old school but that that the weather authorization. And I don't know they get paid that they will pay. They went that session down to last very long. The media decided they would work together somehow and come out of the the plant. On this date in 1957. Machines at the white camel toy company. Rolled out the first back to their aerodynamic plastic disks. Now known to millions of fans all over the world as. Relieved of his duties. That they birthday of trustees. I carry a big fan I mean. And I think what if you Cleveland up makes a good piece today you know if this light you can earth went out costs for what I did I just awesome little bit mine always go to an orchid. You know I see those guys in apart those guys can inflate it. They get things squarely up like. 150 yards it once and they're gonna bring. A can do dumb toy. I love the for is that it. Classic apple we agreed to Israel and I guess the volatile. I like that for about ten minutes and mastered how to do it that that's enough of that but the frisbee 1957. We know some people are left handed others are right headed but what about other species. Well not only do other creatures have preference for one side of the other but those preferences seem to be linked to gender for instance. A study from queens university in Belfast shows that female cats are more likely to be right Paul audit than males. Researchers looked at 44 cats and found there was a gender difference when it came to the animals using their right Paul or they'll. Study found the majority of the cats showed up Paul preference when you're reaching for food walking downstairs are stepping over objects. And at their preference of Paul was consistent. In most of their tasks. You still you have a cat and exhaustive study of forty forecasts of northern that'll allow right Paula left on a catch right. I'd you have acute yet a kid right part of what you anointed you don't even know care. I thought I don't think we kept asking and I thought it was interesting that at any rate. Hawaii governor David. Number that guy. He says he and his team took so long to post a message. To social media about the recent missile alert being a false alarm because. He didn't know his Twitter username and password. I can identify that governor told reporters he now has them in his cell phone. And he says he can now use social media without waiting for his staff. To show up. Hi tech. You know we know that we know that drill here that story a minute ago about bill Cosby show up in public now and the public in Philadelphia. An indictment eighty years old now he went to a jazz club and playgrounds. Somebody tried to ask him about the scandal with the money and I'm here to be with my friends at tutored all around. He's trying to come back you think he'll get himself team field. Can known now no. Short answer now. But he's apparently back in public and comfortable enough to go out and do things. Yep yep the snowstorm yesterday in the northeast northwest part of the state well. They have found that right this bro to pretty much open up their understands more like it that would not a big. In one of those store where you just stops and starts dumping on everybody stays there for days after an excellent got out of here or in which is good part. But. An interest in stormont again yesterday afternoon that I did. I didn't think it was going around I got up yesterday for an it was okay. That that northwest and it was it was pretty windy windy thing and it was you I you know he's questioning most of the way. And but yet it ambulance stopping either and it's dark in the clouds it was not a joyous in Libya but you know. Nobody but it may not even those girls were hiding January. Deal with a move on an accident this girl riding up McGee's first of the east. The east zone currently there are always there always there they're reliable Mickey's. Six it up on 618 Stevens edit. On K Unisys is a hidden bring your leadoff Schwartzman Ted Woodward and debt that Kansas State but the basketball men's basketball thing. Really these guys are playing pretty good ball right now I think has very good at Kansas State. Men's basketball. Picking up the win on the road last night visiting the last place team in conference Baylor eight state wins it in 1983. Leading wire to wire and nicely for K state now fifteen and five on the season. Wildcats won for their last five another huge night Ford junior Berry brown. 34 points last night for the wildcats including a perfect twelve for twelve with the free throw line out. And with that win the state is now tied for second place in the Big 12 Conference is the game and a half behind Kansas. The wildcats continue to get the job done speaking in Kansas. Jayhawks had a huge game tonight fifth ranked Kansas visiting eleventh ranked Oklahoma. EU of course on top the big twelve standings Oklahoma tied for fourth place. Jayhawks have won seven straight road conference games. And yet Oklahoma is favored by appointment half in Norman tonight. Vegas folks know something we don't know yeah. They know I'm nowadays they usually know. Surprise me that the EU was an underdog going in Norman tonight. Live pregame coverage of the jayhawks begins at 4:30 PM the game will tip off at 6 o'clock. And that is on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. The EU has won ten straight road game. And yet there underdog tonight we'll see how things go should be a fun game listen to a live on KFH speaking of those college basketball rankings coming out. On new the associated press and of the coaches polls Kansas moving up five spots in both polls up to number five in the nation now in both. Soccer's after back to back losses last week plummet out of the top ten soccer's dropped twelve spots in the coaches poll ten spots in the AP poll. Soccer is now ranked sixteenth and seventeenth in the two polls. Kansas State garnering votes putting K state. In in fact among the top thirty in both gators in the eight people this week. And after last night's win state only garnering more that will along the way. Little NBA basketball last night the Memphis Grizzlies at home beat visiting Philadelphia 105101. Three jayhawks coming off the bench for the grizzlies Mario Chalmers seventeen points wing seldom with seven points Ben Matt Moore got a few minutes in. Memphis. Terrible start but they are coming on May have won four of their last five a trying to make a run for the playoffs. Coupled birthdays today to pass along to you. It's a guy that played for the Wichita air Rosen baseball Kurt bock bock book I. What he ended up with a long Major League career kind of a journeyman a lot of great hitter they're pretty good LaBelle and although he had did he was one of the stars of the 1984. World Series for the San Diego Padres. Had a big apply have occurred McLaughlin he was a guy that would manage to get under the skin of Dodgers manager Tommy LaSorda yes I will certainly for that's the sort is pretty jovial guy most of the time it's for some reason he incurred the block what had some sort of feud going on. If the famous tape that's not a lot of famous profanity laced rants by Tommie Liddell sort of not Kirk bell buckle up that bit and adding he could be at. Water pick element out somebody asked if he was if he had Dodgers pitchers throwing it hurt a lot on purpose and that set off tonic it up. Now I sit the limousine to take a guy out of the locker says there's some classic lines of that on it if you and you can find it in your hands around a profanity. And a big birthday from my family on my nephew low Gammon is fifteen it today. Elements of both Canada and on the freshman team Kate and not our own boys' basketball. And as. Fantastic sports fan a good kid print and on tape at a birthday to Logan today I know is could you takes after his grandmother. Yes in that regard there's good genes that are. That's sports. League gold at a pat you know the guys he's a good kid is good good way to go what yes that's its debt. Six funny dude are you ready for Fox News dump later on stars. On the shut down there's Democrats were on the wrong side of the issue. Even though the market on tape and assess.